10 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Ferrari

Since the creation of the first automobile, it was inevitable that the product would become wildly popular. Some managed to build an empire, while others faded away from existence as time went on. However, few could do it quite like the Italian supercar company, Ferrari.

Of all the vehicle manufacturers out there, Ferrari is one of the most recognizable and desirable of them all. Although they may be popular, there are a few hidden treasures in Ferrari's history that the casual observer may not recognize. To help bring some of them to light, here are ten surprising facts you may not know about Ferrari...

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10 Enzo Ferrari Lost His Son

Unfortunately, money can't buy everything you need. Although Enzo Ferrari was successful in both racing and automotive production, he still suffered with his terminally ill son, Dino. Eventually, Enzo would tragically lose him.

The death was due to muscular dystrophy, which had gotten worse over several years. The death really shook the Ferrari founder at the time, but he was determined to honor his son's memory. To do this, he named a series of his vehicles as "Dino." Even though some weren't considered 'real Ferraris,' they were some outstanding cars.

9 Began In Motor Sports

Although you may know Ferrari for their stunning sports cars both past and present, you may not be aware of how influential motor sports was in the inception of Ferrari. After all, the company began as just Scuderia Ferrari, with a sole purpose of winning races.

What stirred Ferrari's founder, Enzo Ferrari, more than anything was racing. He truly loved the cars, the competition, and the feeling of winning. Luckily for Enzo, he was very good at winning. So good, actually, that he ended up producing his own line of cars (With help from Alfa Romeo) to race with. These became what would be considered the first real Ferraris ever made.

8 They're One Of The Most Successful Racing Teams Ever

As stated above, Ferrari has a deep and rich heritage in motor sports of nearly all categories. With this intense focus on racing and development, it's no wonder that the Italian giant is one of the most successful teams in racing.

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In Formula One, arguably their most dedicated series, Ferrari has scored more than any other team overall. With the change of rules over the years, however, Ferrari has seen themselves fall down the grid and struggle more often. Hopefully they can remedy their issues in F1, but at least their other series (Like the WEC, IMSA, and so on) appear to be yielding promising results thus far.

7 Earn Millions Through Branding

When you think about sources of income for automotive manufacturers, what usually comes to mind? You would be correct, in most circumstances, that a majority comes from vehicle production, sales, and a small bit of branding. Ferrari, on the other hand, makes a good bit of dough with its world-renowned brand.

This is very shocking news to many, especially when you consider that their cars are incredibly expensive and that they literally spend no money on advertising. So how do they make so much off of their brand? Recognition. Ferrari, like Coca-Cola, is known around the world and associated with luxury, speed, and success.

With that context, it makes sense that Ferrari earns a lot from branding. Basically, who doesn't want a Ferrari badge on their backpack, shirt, shoes, or anything else?

6 Ferrari Began Just After WWII

Enzo Ferrari had been racing for a good bit before the second World War broke out in the '30s. However, with the entire planet in conflict and Italy's involvement with the Axis powers, Enzo found it difficult to race, let alone manufacturer vehicles for the public.

After the end of the war, Enzo was finally able to get to work on his cars. As such, a few models were delayed and, inevitably, ended up coming out in 1947. This particular car was (Officially) Enzo's first: The 125 S.

5 Ferrari Has Its Own Amusement Park

Sure, places like Universal and Disney Land are great, but for a car enthusiast, it can feel a little stale at times. These parks are, usually, designed for children and not always what everyone's looking for when they think of a "good time." Fortunately for car enthusiasts, there's the perfect place for you: Ferrari World.

This may sound like a joke, but it's deadly serious; Ferrari does, in fact, have an Amusement park. And, where else would they put it but in the opulent and high-status location of Dubai? If you love Ferraris and enjoy thrill-seeking, look no further than Ferrari World. Make sure to try out their roll-coaster too, the fastest in the world.

4 Cars Used To Be Made By Hand

Before the modern day, a lot of carmakers had to build their vehicles meticulously. Without the aid of current technology and easier equipment, this slowed the process down severely, including those of Ferrari's. Unlike other businesses, though, Ferrari was much slower to adapt.

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Until the mid-'80s, Ferrari would continue building their vehicles by hand. The last of their standard models to remain that way was the Ferrari 512 BBi, with the F40 also being handmade. This pattern would continue even further until the creation of the Testarossa and 308 series, both of which were mass produced with more machinery than human touch.

3 Fiat Is A Big Part Of Ferrari

For a company as large, successful, and popular as Ferrari, you may be inclined to believe that they are on their own. More clearly, meaning in terms of business operations and ownership. Like nearly every other supercar manufacturer, though, Ferrari is owned by a bigger and more powerful corporation. This time, it's Fiat.

Since Ferrari's early beginnings in motor sports, Fiat has been there. Nowadays, Ferrari is still in the same partnership. The only real caveat being Ferrari's involvement in racing, while Fiat focuses more on their road cars.

2 The Logo Is A Reference To A WWI Pilot

One of the most recognizable brands in the world is Ferrari's famous "Prancing Horse." The symbol has become famous due to its association with the Ferrari brand, but it had its beginnings before sitting on the sides of multi-million dollar cars.

Long before Enzo was racing, a famous Italian ace named Francesco Baracca was souring through the sky, destroying enemies left and right. He was incredibly daring and very skilled, making himself a legend in the Italian Air Force. Apparently, Enzo liked his personal horse emblem on his plane, so he used it himself.

1 Ferrari Caused The Creation Of Lamborghini

For thousands of automotive aficionados, they consider Lamborghini to be Ferrari's direct rival. Even though brands like Porsche, Audi, and Aston Martin exist, few have the shared location, history, hatred for each other that Ferrari and Lamborghini share. Ironically enough, if it weren't for Enzo Ferrari, Lamborghini wouldn't even exist today.

The reason Lamborghini is more than just a tractor company is due to Enzo Ferrari. After receiving a new Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini was displeased with its quality. To illustrate his displeasure, he wrote a letter to Enzo Ferrari who, in response, told him to screw himself.

This altercation was enough to incite Lamborghini to action. If someone like Enzo could make a great car, then why couldn't he? So, he set off on his journey to both beat Ferrari and be a huge pain in their back-side.

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