10 Things You Didn't Know A Motorcycle Could Do

From the unique and dangerous "stoppie" to lane-splitting and riding on water, there are lots of curious things motorcycles can do.

Motorcycles have a reputation for being the coolest and most dangerous set of wheels you could hit the tarmac with. However, there's more to hogs and bikes than just wearing leather jackets and being in a fraternity of other riders. There's a number of awesome things you could do on a motorcycle or with a motorcycle.

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This particular mode of transportation is versatile, customizable, and requires skill to operate. This, combined with the biker culture that we see so much on television and in movies, gives motorcycles an air of mystique. So without further ado, let's shed some light on what exactly these two-wheeled vehicles are capable of.

10 Motorcycles Can Reach High Speeds VERY Quickly

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People often covet sports cars and their ability to go from “0 to 60” in short spans of time. It's a point of pride for both the manufacturer and the owner of the car. Advertisements make sure that you know what the car is able to do and those who own the car never hesitate to mention this statistic.

While not all motorcycles are built for speed, most of them can out-speed an average car due to their lighter weight. With less steel, plastic, and rubber to haul around, a bike is capable of accelerating rather quickly. Only the fastest of cars can compare to the acceleration of a motorcycle. This adds to the appeal for some riders.

9 The Unique "Stoppie"

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Most people have heard about a trick known as a wheelie. A wheelie is a trick where someone on a bike (motorized or not) balances on the back wheel, either in motion or stationary. This trick is fairly easy to pull off as long as you have the balance to stay upright.

A stoppie is similar, but instead of balancing on the back wheel, the rider balances on the front wheel. It gets this name from coming to a quick and sudden stop with the bike’s front brakes, sending the motorcycle forward. This maneuver is particularly dangerous because the rider could easily be flung off the bike or be flipped. Despite that, this trick is one of the unique things that one can do on a motorcycle.

8 Incredible Gas Mileage

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Many times when we hear and see a loud car, we often assume that the vehicle gets terrible gas mileage. So, it's only natural that when we hear a motorcycle go by, with their rumbling, roaring engines we would make the same deduction.

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In addition, because motorcycles are obviously smaller than cars, they have smaller gas tanks. Still, it surprises most to find out that motorcycles have the best gas mileage a vehicle can have. That small tank goes a long way, with some models getting 60-miles per gallon. This is nearly twice the mileage of most cars and 10 miles better than the best hybrid cars.

7 Anything Can Be Made Into a Motorcycle

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One thing that shouldn’t be underestimated is human ingenuity and creativity. We display this in so many ways: art, architecture, food, and our endless ideas for inventions to make life easier. Another method we use to express this can be in how we construct our vehicles. Motorcycles are an excellent outlet for this.

With only two wheels and a small engine, there's plenty of creative room to make whatever the heart desires. Many unique designs have resulted, such as replicas of bikes from popular culture, making vehicles out of scraps and odd and ends, and things that are out of this world. A good example of this would be a motorcycle created by TOTO, a Japanese company, that created a vehicle featuring an actual toilet for the seat and a fitting fuel system.

6 Fuel Innovations

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Due to the fact that motorcycles are so customizable, you can create your ride to run on what you need it to. This could be standard gasoline or alternative fuels. One could also build a larger tank into your motorcycle to hold more of your fuel of choice. But perhaps the most interesting thing is similar to how you can build a motorcycle to look however you please.

There is plenty of room, if you have the know-how, to experiment with different types of potential fuels. Once again, the toilet motorcycle created by the Japan-based company, TOTO, was purposely crafted to run on livestock feces. 

5 Squeeze Into A Parking Space (Technically)

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Motorcycles, as a rule of thumb, are much smaller than cars. Not all motorcycles are as compact as they could be, as some customized vehicles are slightly bulkier. However, for the most part, a base model motorcycle is long and notably narrow.

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As such, several of these vehicles can fit into a surprisingly small space. A standard parking spot for a car can comfortably fit eight average-sized motorcycles! The size of these vehicles means they can be parked and stored in far more ways than cars and thus, are more space efficient.

4 Motorcycles Of All Sizes Can Function

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As previously stated, the simplistic nature of the nuts and bolts of a motorcycle makes it extremely customizable. While they can be made out of a bevy of materials and made to look like just about anything, they can also be various sizes.

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The smallest working motorcycle has the nickname “Smalltoe” and was built by a man in Sweden. It weighs a meager 2 pounds and is two and a half inches long, yet it still has enough power to carry a grown adult! In contrast, the title for the largest motorcycle goes to the Regio Design XXL Chopper, coming in at over 16-feet tall and 33-feet long.

3 Bikers Can Legally Lane Split

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In certain states across the country, most famously California, motorcycles are allowed to perform a maneuver known as “lane-splitting.” This simply entails a rider traveling between cars and between the lanes of travel on the road. Some would argue that it could be slightly safer than traveling in the lanes, where they could be rear-ended or sideswiped as someone barges into the lane.

However, a similar stance is taken against lane-splitting as some contend that it poses just as many dangers as it does benefits. Car drivers are notorious for simply not seeing motorcycles, completely oblivious to the fact there's a bike passing by them.

2 Motorcycles Can (Sometimes, In Some Places) Run Red Lights

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Another privilege motorcyclists have would be the legal ability to run red lights. In places where it is legal, bikers can ride straight through a light that has just turned red. The reason for this exception is for the safety of bikers. As previously stated, car drivers tend to develop a blind spot for motorcycles.

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It's a rather unique phenomenon that takes place on the road and makes things extremely dangerous for bikers. Allowing motorcycles to run red lights, in theory, is supposed to help keep them safe by keeping them moving. This would help prevent them from being rear-ended, or side-swiped as everyone comes to a stop at the intersection.

1 Take a Ride On the Water

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Last but certainly not least, there is something that small, fast motorcycles can accomplish that is pretty incredible. If you have a bike that is fast and light enough, it is potentially possible for you to ride the motorcycle across a body of water.

A clip of this originally being done was featured in a viral video and naturally, it seemed too incredible to be true. However, the famous Mythbusters showed that it could be done. One of the hosts of the show tried the stunt himself, and after a few attempts, was able to ride 300 feet across the water.

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