5 SUVs That Cost A Fortune (& 5 You Can Buy Pre-Owned For Under 10k)

SUVs are a very desirable type of vehicle for many people, and here are the most expensive ones you can find alongside ones that are under 10k.

Some people like small fast cars, others like big slow trucks, and for those who can't decide, there's a combination that's right in the middle: the SUV. SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, which typically means a four- to six-seat on- and off-road vehicle. SUVs are made for all types of terrain, and all types of uses; they are essentially all-in-one vehicles. While most high-end sports cars are known for being in the range of $100K to $4M, it's uncommon for an SUV to be in that price range.

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Although uncommon, there are several high-end SUVs that cost astronomical amounts and are equipped with more technology than an iPhone. Here are some of them, as well as some that are surprisingly under 10k.

10 Cost A Fortune: Karlmann King

Custom cars are extremely expensive and popular. Most custom cars are a compilation of random parts by high-school and college students to fix whatever part is broken, rarely are their TVs or air purifiers being added.

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The Karlmann King is a $2M custom SUV which includes TVs, coffee makers, tables, refrigerators, air purifiers, personal safes, neon lights, ps4 and phone projection systems. At 13,000 lbs. with bulletproof armor and a top speed of 87 mph, this is more of a luxury tank than a custom SUV. With only 12 produced, this may be the hardest vehicle to find, while the most worth your money.

9 Under 10K: GMC Envoy

The GMC Envoy has many options and is a luxury SUV with a lot of features. First produced in 2001, they have been reliable and are now on the market for under 10k. With built-in DVD players, individual air and heat, six-disc CD players, Bose speakers, and options for 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder engines, these cars are packed with features. From 2001-2005 about 500,000 were produced, which means many are still on the road today or in a car lot now. Starting at about $3K for good condition and maxing out at about $7K, you'll have some room in the budget for some upgrades after your purchase.

8 Cost A Fortune: Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet

Mercedes is known for its quality. The G 650 Landaulet is the epitome of that, with options for 4x4 or the more expensive 6x6, this SUV will get you from A to B in style. At $500K USD there's plenty of luxury to go around, from the diamond-stitched leather seating to the backseat TVs and air conditioning, as well as the completely convertible roof. The interior is beautiful, and to compliment that, Mercedes stuffed a V-12 Twin Turbocharged engine under the hood with a nice 621 horsepower. You're limited to 112 mph, although Mercedes reported the top speed was 150 mph.

7 Under 10K: Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runners have been reliable SUVs since the 1980s and have options for 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder engines, which gives you some choice when you're looking. With up to five-passenger seating and plenty of cargo space, including roof racks, the 4Runner is great for daily activities or long adventures. Many have been produced and sold, and are offered for somewhere in the $2K-$10K range. With a 20-mpg fuel rating, 4Runners are somewhat economic, saving you a bit. Having the 4-wheel drive and a very basic build makes them great for hiking or camping and saves you from having to clean nooks and crannies that are unreachable.

6 Cost A Fortune: Rolls Royce Cullinan

With extensive testing done in the Scottish Highlands, Arabian Desert, United States, and Austrian Mountains, the Rolls Royce Cullinan is one of the most stylish and functional SUVs on the market. With a custom aluminum space frame and air-ride suspension that uses self-leveling technology, as well as data from a camera, the Cullinan can traverse any terrain with the highest level of technology. This SUV was made for the offroader, from the leather seats and cocktail table that pops up at the touch of a button to the leather interior and built-in backseat TVs and 563 horsepower V12 engine, there's not a place that the Cullinan wouldn't fit in, especially with the $300K price point.

5 Under 10K: 2008 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a popular car that has been around since 1997. The 2008 model has a 166-hp 4-cylinder engine, with a 23 average mpg. With full leather interior, radio, heat and air conditioning, and a fold-down rear seating the CR-V is the whole package. It has enough seats to take friends or family to a party, or with the fold-down second-row seating, bring the party to your friends or family. The roof racks and rear door make road trips easy. You’ll be able to haul five people and also have an easy to open rear door for convenience. Starting at around $7K, the price is great.

4 Cost A Fortune: Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography Long Wheelbase

The Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography Long Wheelbase has a 557 horsepower supercharged V8 engine with a top speed of 130 mph. There's no problem moving the 7,055-pound vehicle. With built-in rear entertainment screens, luxury leather seating, and front and back individual seat controlled air conditioning, there's no shortage of comfort. The built-in touch-screen console makes operation very smooth and the console area of the vehicle is uncluttered. At $209K this luxury vehicle has no problem transporting you in luxury. If this isn't good enough, you can customize your own on the Land Rover website to be exactly how you want it.

3 Under 10K: 2008 Toyota Rav-4

Going places with friends and family is fun, and getting there and back is half of the excitement. With seven seats and 22 mpg, the 2008 Toyota RAV-4 is the perfect SUV for those fun trips out. With a surround speaker system and large 7-inch door speakers, the RAV-4 doesn't fall short of getting you there in a good mood. With a 166 horsepower V6, there's no shortage of performance. This SUV is great for trips to the city or trips to the hiking trails. All of the seats fold down, so when you need some extra storage space it is there to utilize. Starting at around $5k this SUV is a very comprehensive deal.

2 Cost A Fortune: Porsche Cayenne Turbo

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo comes with 335 horsepower and boasts a top speed of 152 mph. With a luxurious leather interior and seating, and a touch screen console, this SUV is perfect for on and off the track. Not only is it powerful, but there's also a hybrid option, meaning that all of the luxurious sportiness can be good for the environment as well.

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Starting at $126K the Porsche Cayenne Turbo is quite an expense, although the safety of the Porsche 4D Chassis Controller may be worth it. The controller centers the vehicle and optimizes the vehicle for any driving condition or roadway.

1 Under 10K: 2009 Subaru Forester

Subaru is a great brand and the Forester is a great model of vehicle. For road trips or for daily driving, this five-seater SUV is reliable and has everything you need to get you where you need to go for an affordable price. The 2009 model of Subaru Forester has five sets and 170 horsepower with a 24 mpg average. It also has some new bells and whistles including ABS braking and all-wheel drive. Front and back seats both fold down to create plenty of cargo space or space to even camp in. The price range starts at $5k for this all in one vehicle.

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