Check Out The Suzuki Jimny Black Bison Edition

Wald International has made the 2019 Suzuki Jimny into a wannabe G 63 thanks to their new Black Bison Edition body conversion.

Check Out The Suzuki Jimny Black Bison Edition

The 2019 Suzuki Jimny is getting the mean treatment with the Wald International Black Bison Edition.

We love the Suzuki Jimny and think that its only flaw is that it’s not sold anywhere in North America. Getting one of these cheap and capable off-roaders requires it to be shipped freight all the way across the Pacific, which is a little more effort than seems reasonable for a mid-$20,000-ish SUV.

But what if the Jimny didn’t look like a cheap and fun toy car? What if it looked like a mean machine, like a Mercedes-AMG G 63 crossed with a Ram 1500 and a Dodge Challenger?

That’s what Wald International has done on their Black Bison Edition Suzuki Jimny. What was once a slim and trim toy car is now a big, bulky, and downright menacing vehicle that will chew up rocks and spit them out its exhaust.

The first thing you notice about the Black Bison Edition is the fenders. Riveted on like a North American pickup, they not only add many inches to the Jimny’s stance, they also wrap around the new front and rear bumpers to make it look even bigger.


However, you’ll note that Walk is trying very hard to make the Jimny into something that it most definitely is not by “borrowing” looks from other cars. The aforementioned G 63 has its LED-embedded front bumper and Mercedes thin-slatted grille stolen, while the new custom hood harkens to the many dual-nostrilled muscle cars of America’s past (and in the new Challenger, present).

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Even the logo borrows from Lamborghini in both shape and portrayal of a big charging bison instead of a bull.

Moving up the body, we have a new set of LEDs on the roof, a new spoiler just on top of the rear tailgate, and big, chunky off-road tires that seem to scrape the wheel wells even at their newly enlarged size.

We expect all these new additions will do nothing to keep the Jimny around 2,500 lbs, and will likely tax the 100 horsepower 1.5-L engine. But it’s a small price to pay to have the baddest Jimny on the block. Now if only they sold them in America… Ah well.

(Source: Motor1)


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