Sweden's 'Speed Weekend On Ice' Is A Bizarre Escapade Of Chaos

Video of Sweeden's 'Speed Weekend On Ice' surfaced, and it's one of the craziest motorfests we've seen.

Sweden's 'Speed Weekend On Ice' Is A Bizarre Escapade Of Chaos

Sweeden’s Speed Weekend On Ice is the most bizarre, snow-covered motorfest you never knew existed.

In the icy wilds of the Arctic North, a group of crazy Swedes channel their inner Viking battle frenzy and direct it at creating automotive insanity. Hosted by Landracing.se, a group of Swedish motor enthusiasts possessing an unhealthy obsession with speed, “Speed Weekend On Ice” is an annual event where like-minded individuals bring their feats of engineering brilliance and then destroy them on the ice.

Race Track
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To paint the scene, imagine a frozen lake in the middle of the Swedish Northland, Now, imagine a Volvo P1800 monster truck mounted with a snow plow that has carved out two drag strips shaped like a V (because having them parallel to each other would be a recipe for disaster when you’re racing on ice) as well as a giant oval for a drift track.

Now imagine a demolition derby in that most of the cars are old junkers that have been given cheap modifications to make them unreasonably fast, but also relatively easy to repair when they inevitably hit a bump in the ice or plow into a snow drift. David witnessed many a broken axle, locked transmission, and even a shattered differential.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then videos are worth their weight in more digital characters than can be calculated. So he took a few Instagram vids to allow the world to witness the madness that is Speed Weekend On Ice.

#speedweekend was madness.

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For the drift track, David pointed out that drifting on a frozen lake not only is significantly easier than drifting on pavement but also safer since the track itself is lined with snow. Crashing isn’t nearly as terrifying as on a California racetrack, so drifters can hone their skills without fear or, you know, dying.


As if the drifting wasn’t insane enough, the drag tracks featured all manny of over-powered tuner cars, but also rocket cars.

An unsuccessful world ice-speed record at #speedweekend.

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A deafeningly loud "pulse-jet scooter" ripping down the ice.

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There were also hovercrafts, land-boats, and even a propeller-driven scooter.

If you’re even in Sweden at the end of February, this weekend speed extravaganza sure seems like a lot of fun. Just remember to channel your inner Viking and you’ll be fine.


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