10 Cool Facts About Genesis Motors

Cars! The metal horses that gotta go fast and gotta go far. They are super-duper important to our lives, more so than, let’s say, the latest iPhone or MCU movie. However, it’s not enough for a percent...

Complete Guide to Lexus' Car Lineup

Lexus is Toyota’s luxury division. Formed in 1989, it was a response to both Honda and Nissans’ entry into the luxury car market. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most successful luxury m...

10 Best & Worst Luxury Car Instrument Clusters

Not everyone may think about them, but an instrument cluster can make or break a car's interior. If it's nice, it can add another layer of luxury to an interior. If it isn't, a luxury interior can end up looking like something out of a 90s econobox.

10 Best Bentley Models, Ranked

Many automotive manufacturers have a rich history in both racing and general car production. However, very few have one quite like Bentley's. They have partaken in all things motorsports at the beginn...

Ranked: 10 Cheapest Luxury Electric Cars

As we all know, electric cars are all the rage at the moment and are certainly the future when it comes to the motoring world, with companies doing everything they can to get on board with being more eco-friendly to save the environment.

The 10 Most Reliable Luxury Hatchbacks

From premium manufacturers to more affordable ones, we all want to look cool in our cars: let’s be honest. Whether your version of cool means luxury and sporty appeal or perhaps practicality and relia...

10 Most Amazing Jaguars Ever Made, Ranked

Jaguar, founded in 1922 in Blackpool, United Kingdom, is one of the most classic and sought after car manufacturers in the world. Jaguar's cars are known for their world-class luxury, exceptional driv...

The 10 Most Reliable Luxury Hybrids

Over the past few years, hybrid cars have become increasingly popular. From the go-to school drop-off car to family SUVs and supercars, the hybrid game has come a very long way.

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