Muscle Cars

10 Most Disappointing Muscle Cars Of The Decade

Powerful, high-speed, high-performance-these are just some of the adjectives often associated with muscle cars. While the meaning of the term "muscle car" is subjective, there are cars whose status as an automotive tour de force is just questionable.

10 Muscle Cars Favored By Street Racers

Contrary to what media like The Fast & Furious and Need for Speed may lead you to believe about street racing, the reality is that it's a popular (And legal) form of racing (At least if you're tal...

10 Most Unreliable Muscle Cars Of The 90s

The automotive industry has seen a huge change in the way cars are manufactured. Right from the early 1980s, major overhauls have been done either on the engine, bodywork or style. The ‘80s were a gre...

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