Tesla Will Release Modern Video Game In Upcoming Update To Vehicle Fleet

Tesla Video Game

Tesla might release a new video game for its Model S, Model X, and Model 3 infotainment system.

So this is not exactly something that we cover much since video games aren’t exactly a relevant feature on vehicles, but Teslas come with built-in video games. If you click on the Easter egg basket icon, there’s a button called “TeslAtari” that allows you to play old Atari games like Asteroids or Lunar Lander on the big Tesla touchscreen.

You can ONLY play games while in Park, so don’t think this is something that drivers can while away the time with if their car is using Autopilot.

However, now we’re being told that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has bigger plans for his fleet’s infotainment. Not satisfied with retro games, Musk is apparently looking at porting over a modern classic to a Tesla touchscreen near you.

The game is called Cuphead, and Musk is apparently a big fan. Originally released in 2017 for Windows PC and Xbox One, the game quickly garnered a ton of awards for its soundtrack and unique 1930s-style animation. It’s also sadistically difficult but comes with easy-mode for novice players.

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Musk tweeted out last month that there were plans to increase Tesla’s gaming presence by porting the Unity engine, which would allow multiple other games than just Cuphead to run on Tesla vehicles.

"Cuphead, we've got working," Musk said during the most recent episode of Ride the Lightning, a weekly Tesla podcast. "[The developers] have been helping us make it work. It's a cool game. It's insanely difficult. It's sadistically difficult. It's a twisted plot. It's dark. It looks like some cute little Disney thing and you're like, 'This plot is very dark',"

Players won’t be able to use the car’s touch controls to play Cuphead, however. A USB game controller will be needed to play. We also don’t know when Cuphead will release for Tesla, but we do know that Musk has got the actual game’s developers working on the issue, according to an interview with IGN.

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