Tesla Finally Hits Model 3 Production Goal... Kind Of

Tesla Finally Hits Model 3 Production Goal

Electric carmaker Tesla has finally reached its goal of making 5,000 Model 3s in a single week.

Well, almost.

According to sources speaking to Reuters, the 5,000th Model 3 rolled off the assembly line and passed final quality checks Sunday morning at 5 a.m. That’s just before the third shift ends for the next day, and several hours after Musk’s self-imposed deadline of 5,000 cars produced per week by the end of June.

But despite breaking that promise on a technicality, Musk sent an email to Tesla employees on Sunday afternoon declaring that they’d made their target. “I think we just became a real car company,” Musk wrote.

In addition to stating the 5,000th Model 3 had been created, Musk also said that 7,000 Model S luxury sedans and Model X SUVs were also made in the same week.

Tesla’s Fremont California factory was said to have erupted in “mass celebration" after the last Model 3 passed its final checks. “All hands” were “on deck” in order to create more Model 3s in a single week than had ever been done before, with technicians and engineers working round-the-clock shifts in order to get it done.


At least one Tesla worker even posted an image to their Instagram account showing a 5,000th Model 3 placard being signed by all their co-workers on the assembly line.

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Musk has yet to publicly announce the success of their Model 3 manufacturing upswing, instead, he tweeted that the company had made “7,000 cars” in 7 days on his latest post to social media Sunday.

Tesla had long since struggled with manufacturing the Model 3, a cheap, high-volume sedan, in numbers that could even approach demand. Problems with manufacturing and quality produced bottlenecks that continually stymied Musk’s expectations for the Model 3 numbers per week.

Customers waiting for over year for their Model 3 have since begun canceling their orders in the face of such delays. Tesla is relying on strong Model 3 sales in order to fund their growth into China as well as expansion on their battery-producing Gigafactory.

Now that Tesla has finally delivered their 5,000th Model 3, the question turns to whether or not the carmaker can maintain that pace and fulfill Model 3 orders faster than they can be canceled.


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