10 Things That Are Unique About Tesla Interiors

There’s a lot to be said about Tesla, all its models, and of course, Elon Musk. There are diehard fans of the brand out there, even if it technically hasn’t made any profit yet. There are also the diehard trollers who turn everything about the brand into a meme. Of course, Tesla is still a pretty new automobile brand out there though the technology it brings to the table is downright futuristic.

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While the cars run beautifully and look very attractive on the outside, the interiors are key to making Tesla stand apart from the crowd. Here are 10 amazing innovations of Tesla interiors that most buyers cannot resist.

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10 A Touchscreen That Makes Tesla Model S Go Sonic

Tesla's Model S boasts a Ludicrous Mode that is bizarre. It's almost akin to the speeds of the space-age cars shown in sci-fi flicks. When the car is put in this mode, it draws additional power from the batteries and the car achieves a 0-60 sprint in just 3 seconds.

Its Tesla’s P85D workhorse that’s makes this mind-blowing amount of power possible and turn a perfectly normal car into Sonic’s automobile avatar. It does so with just the touch of an option, not even a button, on the touchscreen available right next to the driver.

9 Tesla’s Keep Climate On Feature May Be A Godsend

Keeping children or pets in parked cars on hot summer days is pretty sad even if it’s just for a few minutes. Leaving them in idling cars pose other dangers. Tesla has an answer to that with its "Keep Climate On" feature that helps the car maintain a comfortable interior temperature even after the ignition has been turned off.

Another feature is the "Dog Mode" that not only maintains the inside temperature but also displays a message on the display screen, telling passersby that the dog or pet is comfortable inside the car and that there’s no need for a rescue.

8 Model 3's Very Spartan Dashboard

Enter the Tesla Model 3 and there are a few moments of complete panic stemming from who moved my cheese. Why, because the dashboard is probably as spartan as the first cars in automobile history were.

According to Business Insider, it’s an expanse of dashboard plastic with only a steering wheel and a 15-inch touch screen in the center, which is on a floating mount. There is no instrument cluster, at all. For everything, the driver will have to peek at the display screen, be it speed, or temperature or battery power left. Honestly, the Tesla 3 is radically different from its predecessor models (the S and X).

7 The Model X Boasts Very Clean Interior Air

Tesla’s mid-size crossover, the Model X can filter out most of the adverse chemicals in the air, at least on the inside of the car. According to Tesla, the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filtration system is part of Tesla’s Bioweapon Defense Mode and just one more instance to show how advanced Tesla cars are in comparison with the competition.

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Frankly, most of us don’t think too much about the air we breathe. But having a car that takes care of you and your lungs is a definite thumbs-up. The same has been introduced in Model S as well.

6 Tesla’s Infotainment System Is Very Kid-Friendly

Tesla loves to surprise its buyers with something new all the time. When the 8.1 firmware update of its infotainment system was rolled out, it came with a lovely easter egg. According to Teslerati, this meant that any Tesla owner could update their display screen and turn it into a sketchpad by tapping the T in the center of the screen three times.

The screen then showed two options to choose from – one being “No, the world is not ready for my art yet” and the other saying “Yes, I’m an artist”. The second option then turned the screen into an awesome sketchpad to draw and doodle on.

5 The Model 3’s Controls Are All On The Touchscreen

Honestly, there cannot be a car with more minimalistic interiors than Tesla's Model 3. The dashboard is devoid of any buttons, knobs, or switches. It’s like a vast expanse of empty design and lacks even a steering console. The steering wheel, if you can call it that, is all there is to the car since everything else is on the 15-inch display screen.

Two columnar stalks and two trackballs on the steering wheel are all you get in the name of physical controls. Other legalities include a hazard flasher, as well as window and door buttons. The Model 3 just antiquated every other car by stuffing everything else on a 15-inch touchscreen.

4 The Glass Roof Of The Model 3 Is Orange For A Reason

While from the inside the glass roof of the Model 3 looks normal, albeit breathtaking, it has an orange tint on the exterior. This rainbow glass lets in more sunlight, and had this been ordinary glass, would have let in more heat as well. But nothing is ordinary about Tesla, is it?

According to Jalopnik, this special glass has a layer inside designed to reflect UV and other heated rays away from the car, leaving the interior cooler. This helps conserve battery and the electric range since less air conditioning is needed to cool the car.

3 The Largest Touch Screen

Not to be left behind, the Model S boasts of having the largest touch screen to be ever put in a car, at a whopping 17-inch. Frankly, it’s more like having a laptop mounted on the dashboard, than a usual touchscreen tablet. While the Model S isn’t as spartan as the Model 3 and does have a few physical controls on the steering wheel console, the behemoth screen is a vision to behold.

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Despite its giant size, it isn’t all that distracting for the driver. The screen displays frequently used controls at all times, so it’s just the matter of a quick touch of the screen to access the function you need.

2 The Tesla Roadster Lacks A Steering Wheel

No, not what you think. This does not mean the Roadster, touted to return to the Tesla lineup in 2020, has gone ahead of the Model 3 and taken out the steering wheel controls. In actuality, the steering wheel is not a wheel in this car and is more reminiscent of airplane yoke.

With the kind of speeds the Roadster reaches, 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds, it may as well fly. So the yoke looks far more at home than a traditional steering wheel. Oh, and the doors of this one open with a finger down swipe on the three slanted, parallel lights on the B-pillar.

1 Model 3 Has More Hidden Surprises

Sit inside the Model 3 and for a moment, you’d think they forgot to put the air vents in the car, but the cool interiors contradict this thought. The air vents are hidden, in line with the wooden panel on the dashboard.

The entire feel is sleek and undeniably zen. It works like a soundless air conditioning system that gives all the cool minus the sight and the sound. In case you want to charge your phones, there are inbuilt docks on the center stack. Very efficient and user-friendly at the same time.

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