10 Reasons Why The Tesla Model S Is The Best Road Trip Car

The Tesla Model S is a great piece of car engineering and is probably the best automobile for road trips. Here's 10 reasons why!

Elon Musk is many things; a scientist, a theorist and a risk-taker. The man might even possibly be the godfather of automotive engineering. When it comes to Musk’s Tesla brand, his cars are superior in appearance and mechanical bits in comparison to today’s vehicles. Musk’s cars have sunroofs that give the driver Star Trek vibes, can reach speeds in just seconds, use the highest level of technology, and now are great for long-distance drives.

Specifically, the Tesla Model S made it possible for drivers not to fret over driving cross-country on a low tank of gas. This car was made to go the distance, literally. Here are 10 reasons why the Tesla Model S makes the best road trip car ever!

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10 Great For All Weather Conditions

Road-trips don’t come naturally to most drivers. Several concerns come to our attention, like constantly checking the gas gauge on our dashboard or losing the GPS signal after driving for long periods of time. Hence the phrase “range anxiety”, the stress of getting stuck in uncharted territory. Additionally, unfavorable weather conditions can easily make a road trip all the more daunting. Luckily, the Tesla Model S eliminated those fears.

Pretty much everything Tesla does is state-of-the-art, top-notch cool! According to Tesla’s site, this car’s powertrain makes driving through a snow blizzard feel like a breeze through the use of its “Dual-Motor-All-Wheel Drive, versatile air suspension and insane acceleration.” In other words, the Model S can adapt to anything mother nature throws at us!

9 A Network Of Charging Stations

Driving a traditional car has many downsides in comparison to an EV. One common annoyance is having to refill the gas tank every other day. A single refill takes only minutes, which makes sense for a driver who’s eager to get back on the open road. However, for the driver who is concerned about the environment and the contributing effects gas levels have on air pollution, an electric car is a better option.

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The refill or rather, the recharge time may take longer than five minutes but there’s real benefits to driving a car without an engine. An EV typically takes 8 hours to recharge but the Tesla Model S takes as little as 30 minutes for an energy boost. Not only that but drivers have a global network of 13,000 charge stations for them to choose from. Even better, the charge can last up to 370 miles from any destination point.

8 Helps Drivers Save Money

Not only is this car great on mileage but it also saves the drivers loads of money. The nuance of owning a car that runs strictly on gasoline is how much money they waste on refills. Scheduled oil checks also are a constant problem that pop up every 3 months. EV owners don’t have those issues.

In fact, studies show that EV drivers spend roughly about $500 to charge their cars within a single year, which is half of what most car owners pay. A Tesla Model S with a battery capacity of “60kWh, with a range of 208 miles, takes just $9.80 to charge.” The charge will last a while before the car runs low on juice again. However, a car with a gas-guzzling engine will require the driver to make frequent stops along the road-trip, putting a damper on the experience and our expenses. Overall, the Tesla Model S gets us from point A to B without a sweat!

7 Offers Plenty Of Cargo Space

When it comes to a car with a wealth of options and a charge that last for miles, a driver is bound to expect the best. The Tesla Model S, like all Tesla vehicles, has all the perks a car owner could ever want. It’s environmentally friendly, all-electric, fast and comes with the coolest features ever seen in a vehicle. The door handles extract themselves as the driver approaches the car. That’s awesome! The Model S is unlike any other Tesla and has a lot more to offer.

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For instance, the cargo space is roomy enough to fit camping supplies for four people. Just check out this proud Tesla driver’s story on his family road-trip and how he was able to fit everyone’s camping equipment inside. Not only does the hatch let up in the back but there’s cargo space in the front as well. This car is just too good to be true!

6 Has An Overnight Hotel Right In The Trunk

Not only is Tesla’s cargo space huge but it’s big enough to fit two people inside. A few years back, customers had the opportunity to rent a Model S and sleep in it during their road trip as well. All participants were to fold down the back seats, toss in an 8-inch air mattress and their overnight hotel room was ready for use. The only drawback was the lack of a concierge service.

Thankfully the Tesla Hotel came with a climate-controlled A/C system and mood music that could even put a crying baby to sleep. There weren’t even customer complaints of battery power loss when leaving the systems running all night, either. Who needs a sleeping bag and a tent when all they need is their Tesla Model S?

5 The Navigation System Remains Functional During Our Entire Trip

Having any type of car can have its drawbacks but the Tesla Model S seems too good to be true. So far, it adapts to all weather conditions, takes 30 minutes to charge and has plenty of cargo space, even for a human body. The built-in software is even a plus! Like all Tesla vehicles, everything is digital and can be handled at just the tip of our fingers. Most advanced cars claim to have a functioning center console system but half of them stop working during a cross- country trip.

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Getting lost on a sketchy road at night is not a fun experience at all. It helps to know that our car has our back!

4 Built-In Tools To Assist With Travel Planning

When it comes to the Tesla Model S, it is the most dependable electric car around. With state-of-the-art technology, there’s little worry that this car won’t get out us to our destination, no matter how long the trip. For drivers who are last-minute planners or are planning their first road trip ever, they should take advantage of the Model S’s Go Anywhere tool.

While the Google Maps app on the navigation system will show our route, it isn’t as advanced as the Go Anywhere tool. It not only tells us how many city stops to make are but also, how long before our next charge. Just select the car’s configuration, plug in our start and end destinations, and the app does the rest. This tool is not only available in the car’s system but also online. It’s that simple!

3 Our Electronics Stay Charged

Speaking of Tesla’s out-of-this-world technology, its software system is great at charging our electronics. The car already comes with its very own built-in 4G LTE, meaning that drivers can use it as their personal mobile hotspot when the time comes. This feature is especially helpful when our cell phones run out of juice or lose a signal when checking our emails.

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It’s also great for keeping our laptops charged when trying to complete a business proposal while on our camping trip. Rather than stopping by a local Panera Bread or using the charge plugs at a Holiday Inn, the Tesla Model S meets all our electronic needs on the open road.

2 Superior Cruise Control

Another bonus about driving this car on the open road is the highly advanced autopilot system. While most new cars are equipped with this feature, none compare to the Tesla Model S’s easy handling style of driving.

This London native rented a Model S and for the most part, he was pleased by the vehicle's adaptability, especially on those country roads. During his trip from the town of Brixton to the Wild Boar in Windermere, he decided to try out the autopilot feature and noted that it “worked well on the motorways, letting him take in the lovely landscapes of midlands and all of Northern England.” That’s the beauty of driving the Model S long-distance, drivers can enjoy the scenery of new and old places that they never noticed before!

1 Have Some Spare Time To Go Sight-Seeing

The Tesla Model S does the majority of the driving while the driver enjoys the view from outside. Given its autopilot feature and ability to cover a lot of ground without even breaking down once, the Model S can take drivers to any destination they’d like. Let’s say along the drive from Cleveland to Texas the driver decides to go sight-seeing. Unless driving is just a pain for us, there’s really no need to rush.

Part of a road trip is enjoying the journey there. Ever wondered where the Dinosaurs died? Take a drive to Jordan, Montana and let’s discover our inner archaeologist by visiting the Garfield County Museum. When taking a road trip in the Model S, there’s no telling where drivers will end up along the way. That might seem scary at first, but the beauty of a cross-country drive is expecting the unexpected.

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