Tesla Once Again Adjusts Lineup, Removes Standard Range Model S & X

Tesla is tweaking its lineup once again by removing the standard range trims of the Model S and X.

Model S

Tesla is once again adjusting their lineup to remove the Standard Range trims of the Model S sedan and Model X luxury SUV.

After removing the slightly confusing numbered naming scheme from the previous generation of Tesla’s lineup, Tesla is once again switching things up. This time, instead of renaming things again, they’re just getting rid of some of the cheaper models from their luxury electric vehicles.

The standard range Model S is no more. Instead, the lowest you can go is the Long Range trim, which is perhaps a deliberate marketing ploy to suggest that these cars have extreme ranges. Ditto on the Model X--no more shall there be a Standard Range trim, and instead, the Long Range will take over as the base option.

"To make purchasing our vehicles even simpler, we are standardizing our global vehicle lineup and streamlining the number of trim packages offered for Model S, Model X and Model 3," Tesla said in a statement. "We are also adjusting our pricing in order to continue to improve affordability for customers."

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The cheapest Model S now runs $79,990, while the cheapest Model X costs $84,990. That represents an increase of $5,000 for the Model S and $4,000 for the Model X, but also a 100-mile range increase for the Model S and a roughly 90-mile increase in range for the Model X.

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The Model S Performance now costs $99,990, while the Model X Performance costs $104,990. Both include Ludicrous mode as a standard feature.

Meanwhile, the Model 3 now starts at the Standard Range Plus option online, which is RWD-only and has a range of 240 miles. However, the cheapest, $35,000 Standard Range trim is still around--you just have to call Tesla directly to request it, according to Autoblog.

However, given the direction Tesla is going, it seems likely that option won't stick around for very long.

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