Right After The Model Y Reveal, Tesla Teasing New Electric Pickup Truck

Right After The Model Y Reveal, Tesla Teasing New Electric Pickup Truck

Tesla revealed a new teaser of their upcoming electric pickup during the Model Y reveal, and nobody caught it.

We are definitely not blaming any of the assembled journalists from missing this one, as firstly their attention was mostly spent on the brand new Model Y sitting center stage, and secondly, the teaser was only there for a few seconds. And it was also hardly even recognizable as a vehicle and not just another weird neon light from the ending of Blade Runner.

The reason for that is because Elon decided to play the end credits of Blade Runner on the screen behind the Model Y at the end of his presentation. Naturally, nobody saw it, so after a bit of a back-and-forth with some trolls on Twitter, Musk just posted a picture for everyone to peruse at their leisure.

What we see is not a whole lot. Musk describes the upcoming pickup as a “cyberpunk trunk” and has quoted Blade Runner as inspiration (hence the Blade Runner theme during the Model Y reveal), but we’re not entirely clear as to what angle we’re looking at this pickup truck from. Or even if it is a pickup.


We could be looking at this from the front, in which case the nose of this pickup is strangely boxy and yet angles down on either side. Or we could be looking at the pickup’s bed and the Tesla “T” logo is on some sort of bed cover. Or we could be looking at a super close-up view of a side mirror. It’s impossible to tell.

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What seems clear is that this looks nothing like the Tesla pickup concept photos which were revealed back in 2017. While that pickup had a strangely futuristic look worthy of any cyberpunk drama, it had rounder curves than the hard lines of today’s teaser image.

Currently, rumors surrounding the Tesla pickup state it’ll have seating for six, a range of 400-500 mile, and some sort of magic load-leveling suspension. We’ll have to wait till later this year to find out more when Tesla performs their second big reveal.

(Source: Autoblog)


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