Teslas Will Get A New Racing Game That Uses The Car’s Actual Steering Wheel

It seems obvious, but Tesla will be the first carmaker to install a racing game on the vehicle's software and use the actual steering wheel to play.

Tesla Game

Elon Musk revealed that Teslas will get a new racing game that uses the car’s own steering wheel.

E3 just wrapped up, which is a gaming trade show that normally doesn’t have a whole lot to do with cars outside of the occasional racing game. Racing games aren’t really in vogue with the gaming community, so we don’t have a whole lot to report there.

But we do have one interesting tidbit that popped up thanks to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Musk sat down at E3’s Coliseum Panel along with Bethesda CEO Todd Howard to discuss a number of topics. One of them just happened to be about video games and what Tesla plans to do with their highly digital vehicles.

We already know that Teslas have an assortment of old Atari games and will be getting a trimmed-down version of Cuphead, a more modern artistic shooter. But Musk also revealed a new game will head to Tesla and will even use some of the car’s hardware.

It’s called Beach Buggy Racing 2, which is a mobile game originally released in 2018. It’s pretty simple, but the amazing thing is how you control your digital car. The Tesla’s own steering wheel is used to steer the buggy in-game.

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Musk revealed the novel concept with a brief teaser video during his panel at E3. "I mean, if you have a racing game, and you have a steering wheel,” he said while waving his hands after the end of the trailer. “It's sitting right there."

He went on to explain that while the steering wheel will be used to control the virtual car, the brake and throttle pedals will not. Those are wired into the function of the Tesla and can’t be re-assigned for a game. However, Musk did mention that the steering wheel’s scroll wheel could be used for the throttle, while the driver would tap the touch screen for the various powerups used in-game.

We’ve got no time frame on when these games will release, but we suspect it’ll be sooner rather than later.

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