That's A Boat, Right? No, It's A Lexus...Boat! Lexus Debuts LY 650 Luxury Motor Yacht

The end result, according to Lexus, "is an experience that transcends luxury." And if the pictures are to be believed, I agree.

Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of the Toyota Motor Corporation, has been in operation since 1989 offering a range of premium sedans, SUVs, and sports cars in North America and across the globe. They are renowned for an uncompromising level of detail, opulence, and reliability meeting and surpassing competing products from the world's top automobile manufacturers. Their most recent effort, however, takes the luxury marquee into entirely new ground ... er, make that water!


Introducing Lexus' first foray into the world of luxury yachts - the LY 650 Luxury Motor Yacht. Through a partnership with Marquis Yachts, Lexus seeks to deliver an innovative and bold design that highlights the craftsmanship and vision of the Lexus and Marquis Yachts nameplates. It seems that Lexus is positioning the LY 650 to be on the water what the LS 500 is on the land. And if Lexus design and Marquis Yacht quality is any indication, it seems they'll accomplish just that.

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The hull is made of a combination of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GFRP) known for its strength and lightweight. It also affords designers the ability to use open, light, and airy spaces consistent with the Japanese design philosophy of omotenashi, or welcoming guests into your home. With active stabilization, automated bridge controls, raked windshields, canopies, and luxury appointments for which Lexus is known, she's as smart and tough as she is beautiful.

Both Lexus and Marquis craftsmen share a similar commitment to detail incorporating such design features as custom interior and exterior paint, stainless steel fittings, custom wood trim, hand sewn fabrics and custom selected furniture. Indeed, the level of detail is striking. The space on the forward deck pictured below is gorgeous!


While you might be expecting some exotic Lexus engine under the hood - I know I was - there is no reason for disappointment without one. Outfitting the LY 650 are a pair of turbocharged Volvo diesel engines with a combined 1,800 hp. Optional motors crank out over 2,700 hp. The engine selection is a wise choice. With a dry weight of 73,500 lbs and a draft of almost 6 feet, the LY 650 needs a robust, reliable, and efficient powerplant to meet its performance profile. Volvo has been making marine engines for years and there's no need to reinvent the wheel.


The end result, according to Lexus, "is an experience that transcends luxury." And if the pictures are to be believed, I agree. Stay tuned because she's going to be hitting the road high-seas soon. Buckle up.

(via Lexus Yachts)

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