The 10 Best Looking Ladies In Racing (And The 10 Best Looking Dudes)

Without a doubt, auto racing is one of the most demanding sports around today. Having a fast car is clearly not enough. You need to be able to drive your car to utmost perfection across every race track during every race of the season. And while a lot of race car drivers clearly have the skill do so, there are some who also look incredible behind the wheel. In fact, you can’t tell anymore if they are more famous for their looks or their driving once they are off the track.

Sure, you don’t really get to see much of their faces when they’re driving around the race track. Once the helmet is off though, you would soon realize that there are a number of male and female drivers around the race circuit today who are breathtakingly gorgeous.

Some of them have been racing for years. In fact, they have an impressive number of racing wins and championship wins to prove it. On the other hand, there are also those who are still rather new to the sport. Nonetheless, they are already showing a great deal of promise when it comes to the possibility of a lengthy and successful career.

Curious to find out more about these gorgeous race car drivers? Here are some of the best looking female and male drivers that you can catch on the track today:

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20 Brittany Force

via autoweek.com

Brittany Force is a proud member of the John Force Racing team at the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). The daughter of legendary NHRA driver John Force, Force is among the top drag racers today.

Force is a Top Fuel racer. That means she drives one the fastest vehicles ever made, a dragster powered by an engine with 10,000 horsepower. When it comes to this category, Force has had eight career wins as well as 18 career final rounds.

Just last year, Force won her first ever Top Fuel championships. To do so, she raced to four race victories and even set the national speed record during an event in Topeka. So far, she has set a career best speed of 333.66 mph. At the same time, Force also managed to capture three Wallys during the Countdown to the Championship in 2017.

Earlier this season, Force suffered a horrific crash during the elimination rounds at the Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals. Once she was released from the hospital, Force wasted no time getting back to form. True enough, it wasn’t long before she captured her first win of the season at the NHRA Spring Nationals in Baytown, according to motorsport.com.

19 Christian Klein

via pitpass.com

Christian Klein is one man who has always known he wanted to be behind the wheel of a race car, ever since his father took him to watch a Go-Kart race. Born in 1983 in Hohenems, Austria, Klein started karting when he was 13 years old, according to motorsport.com. He won kart races in Austria and Switzerland. He was also named a Suisse champion during his first year.

In 1999, Klein made a successful move to the Formula BMW ADAC Junior Cup. Here, he won four races and even finished fourth in the series. Following this impressive result, he found himself moving to the main Formula BMW ADAC Championship the following year. Driving for Team Rosberg, he managed to rank third in the rookie standings and tenth in the overall driver standings. Through the years, Klein remained impressive on the track. Because of this, he earned a spot in the German Formula Renault in 2002.

It wasn’t long before Klein entered the world of Formula One, driving for teams such as the Jaguar Formula One team, Red Bull Racing, Honda Racing, BMW Sauber and the HRT team. Today, he is driving in the European Le Mans Series (ELMS).

18 Claire Jedrek

via ozy.com

Claire Jedrek’s road to auto racing is quite interesting. This good-looking petite woman first started out as a model. In fact, she was reportedly once a suitcase girl for the show “Deal or No Deal.”

After that, Jedrek went on to become a presenter and host for sports and sports-related events. According to her LinkedIn profile, she has been involved in various events such as the Singapore Karting Championship, the TYE 2nd SEA Swimming Championship, Red Bull’s X Fighter’s Exhibition Tour, 8th ASEAN Para Games 2015 Media Launch, F1 McLaren Singapore Garden Party and more.

Today, Jedrek is known as Singapore’s race queen, and for good reason. According to a report from Ozy, she managed to place eight at the Malaysian Super Series during her rookie year. Back in 2015, she also managed to achieve a second-place podium finish during the support race to the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Aside from being a professional race car driver, Jedrek is also the owner of The Karting Arena in Singapore. It’s a 500-meter long karting circuit that features several tight corners, long sweepers, hairpins and more. Check this place out and you might just catch Jedrek in action on the track.

17 Ryan Blaney

via ryanblaney.com

Although still in his early 20’s, Ryan Blaney is already showing that he’s got driving skills that can bring wins and championships. Born in 1983, Blaney happens to be a third-generation race car driver who is currently competing in NASCAR for Team Penske.

The son of Sprint Cup Series driver Dave Blaney, Blaney got his racing career started when he was just a young boy. At age nine, he had already won his first race when he participated in quarter midget racing. Following a string of victories, he moved on to Legend cars at age 12 and went on to win the Lowe’s Motor Speedway Young Lion’s Winter Heat Point Championship soon after.

When he was 14, Blaney went on to debut in later model racing at the Orange County Speedway. The following year, he also competed in the South Super Late Model Series and won the Rookie of the Year award, according to motorsport.com.

Blaney soon found himself entering the world of NASCAR and competed in the NASCAR Nationwide Series races. During his race debut, he managed to qualify in the top ten and even finished seventh in the race. Today, Blaney is still driving in NASCAR.

16 Courtney Force

via networthpost.org

Just like her sister Britney, Courtney is one of the most recognizable faces in the NHRA today. The youngest of the famous Force sisters, Force specializes in Funny Car drag racing where she sometimes races against her father, John.

Force made her NHRA debut back in 2012. During the said season, she proudly raced to her very first career victory during an event in Seattle. During her rookie season too, Force also became the recipient of the Auto Club Road to the Future Award, according to NHRA records.

The following year, Force wasted no time earning more wins. She scored two more victories during four of her final round appearances. Around this time, Force made it clear to everyone that she was an unstoppable force. The following year, in 2014, she went on to race towards four more victories. In addition, she also successfully passed her sister Ashley’s record for the winningest female Funny Car driver.

During the 2017 season, Force managed to finish third in the standings. She qualified in the number one spot seven times and reached five final rounds. In addition, she also qualified for the Countdown to the Championship for a sixth straight season.

15 Kasey Kahne

via myfox8.com

Kasey Kenneth Kahne is best known as a NASCAR driver who is out to make an impact in the races. Born in 1980, Kahne started his racing career when he drove open wheel spring cars at age 17. Soon after in 2001, he made his way to Pennsylvania to the United States Auto Club (USAC) racing series and won the season opener at the Williams Grove Speedway.

Perhaps because of his immediate success, Kahne got the attention of Steve Lewis who always employed several other future NASCAR drivers. Without wasting time, Kahne showed that bringing him to NASCAR was a good decision. According to motorsport.com, he was named Rookie of the Year during his first ever year on the circuit.

Over the years, he managed to win several races and in 2005, he achieved the first Sprint Cup victory of his career. The following year, he went on to win more races including the Golden Corral 500 race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway that was delayed by rain. To date, he also achieved 18 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Wins.

Today, Kahne continues to drive in NASCAR. He joined the Leavine Family Racing team for the 2018 season.

14 Leah Pritchett

via officialize.com

Leah Pritchett is another gorgeous drag race driver that you can currently watch on the NHRA. A California native, this professional driver holds various NHRA competition licenses, including Funny Car, Top Fuel, Factory Stock, Pro Mod and Special Fuel or Nostalgia Funny Car.

Having started drag racing back in 1996 when she was only eight years old, Pritchett went on to become the NHRA Jr. Dragster National Champion just two years later. Her winning ways kept continuing soon after. According to her official website, Pritchett also became the Division 7 Jr. Dragster Series Champion from 1999 to 2001. At the same time, she also took the NHRA Division 7 regional Jr. Dragster championship back in 2002. From 1997 to 2005, Pritchett earned 37 career NHRA Jr. Dragster titles in just eight years.

Back in 2007, Pritchett also became the first woman to ever run a five-second elapsed time in Nostalgia Funny Car. And two years after that, she set the world record for being the fastest Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car, impressively breaking through the 250-mph barrier.

In 2017, Pritchett finished fifth in the NHRA Mellow Yellow World Championship. She is a member of the Don Schumacher Racing team.

13 Andreas Mikkelsen

via redbull.com

Early on, you could say that Oslo native Andreas Mikkelsen did not really think about becoming a professional race car driver. After all, what he wanted to become was a professional skier. In fact, he was called up to join the Norwegian junior team when he was just 12 years old. However, fate intervened and a knee injury brought an end to any future Mikkelsen had in skiing.

Because of this, Mikkelsen decided to make a move to rallying when he was 16 years old. For this, he decided to move to Great Britain in 2006. Back then, his goal was to be able to take a driving test when he turned 17. Fortunately for him, he was given his license just a few days before his 17th birthday, according to a Red Bull website.

With a license secured, Mikkelsen signed up for the Quinton Stages Rally and became the youngest winner in the history of the British Rally. Soon after, he made his racing debut in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). Here, he managed to finish in the top 10 at three of eight of world championship events. Recently, he placed third in the WRC Rally Sweden.

12 Madalena Antas

via pinterest.com

Madalena Antas is a Portuguese beauty who enjoys driving at top speed through rough terrain despite hot temperatures and dust. After all, rally driving is in Antas’s blood. Her late mother, Teresa Cupertino De Miranda, had competed in rally raid events and the Dakar rally in the past. However, as Black Rabbit reports, Teresa failed to finish the Paris-Le Cap Dakar rally.

Determined to achieve better results in her career, Antas joined as many events as possible. She enjoyed competing in various rally raid events where she would drive all-terrain trucks across the course through unforgiving conditions. It wasn’t long before her efforts paid off. Antas won two female titles in the National Off-Road Championship.

And then in 2007, she decided to join the Lisboa-Dakar rally. At that time, she knew there was a lot of pressure for her to perform well. “Portuguese people love mechanical sports and are therefore extremely demanding with regard to their representatives. I’m continually being approached by the national media, who all speak to me about possible targets or even stage victories on home soil during the first two stages,” she was quoted saying. Today, you can find Antas in the rally circuit.

11 Hayden Paddon

via wrc.com

Hayden Paddon is a young professional rally driver and undoubtedly, a true pride of his native country, New Zealand. For Paddon, racing certainly runs in the family. In fact, his father Chris entered the world of motorsport at age 22.

Soon as he was old enough, Paddon would accompany his father to various rally events. The next thing he knew, Paddon was driving himself. At the age of six, he started driving go-karts.

After some time, he started driving bigger karts and achieved pretty impressive results in the national and regional races. In fact, he managed to become the South Canterbury Champion as well as a runner-up in the South Island Championships for two straight years.

In 2006, Paddon started competing in the New Zealand Rally Championship, according to motorsport.com. That year, he won both Rookie and Junior titles. The following year, he made his debut in the WRC and competed in the Production World Rally Championship (PWRC) category.

Later in 2010, Paddon managed to win the PWRC category of Rally New Zealand and finished 14th overall. Several years later in 2014, Paddon achieved his first ever stage win at the WRC during Rally Catalunya, according to motorsport.com.

10 Maryeve Dufault

via pinterest.com

Maryeve Dufault is a Canadian racing driver with a strong passion for performance and speed. Born in Quebec, Dufault has always known that she wanted to race because her father was a motorcycle racer himself. And so, when she was only four years old, Dufault started riding motocross bikes, according to Men Stuff. Not long after, she also started riding snowmobiles.

Clearly, Dufault enjoyed traveling at high speeds. When she turned eight, she moved to go-kart racing. Soon, the Quebec native found herself driving formula cars in various competitions, one of which was Formula BMW USA.

Throughout her career, Dufault showed a clear determination to go further with racing. In fact, all the money she would make in modeling gigs, she spent on her race cars. “I wasn’t buying myself clothes. I was buying tires. I am a racer who uses modeling jobs to pay my bills,” Dufault said in an interview.

In 2011, Dufault started to race in the Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA) series, according to the New York Post. During her debut season, she managed to land a top 10 spot. She also entered the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) series.

9 Dani Sordo

via periodismodelmotor.com

Daniel “Dani” Sordo Castillo is a successful rally driver that hails from Cantabria, Spain. Sordo began his motocross career when he was only 12 years old. According to motorsport.com, he first drove at the Rally Catalunya WRC event back in 2003 and managed to finish in 18th place overall. That year, he also managed to win the Spanish Junior championship.

Meanwhile, in 2004, Sordo also went on to win the Spanish Junior Championship title while continuously gaining more experience as he drove in various WRC races. These included events in Spain, Germany, France, and Argentina. The following year in 2005, Sordo decided to commit to a full season of driving in the Junior World Rally Championship. It wasn’t long before he secured wins in various events, including in Spain, Germany, Finland in Sardinia. Because of this, he also achieved the junior world title.

Over the years, Sordo has achieved several podium finishes. To date, he has achieved as many as 150 stage wins, 38 podium finishes, and one rally win. Today, Sordo continues to compete in the WRC for the Hyundai Motorsport team. His upcoming race is the Vodafone Rally of Portugal, which takes place on May 17.

8 Vicky Piria

via twitter.com

Vittoria “Vicky” Piria is a talented driver who was born in 1993 to a British mother and an Italian father. It seems she knew early on that she wanted to go racing.

According to her Facebook page, it was her older brother Joey who had introduced her karting back in 2003. Together, they went to a small track located on the outskirts of Milan. The moment Piria climbed inside a kart, she knew she loved the sport despite various wrong turns and spinouts.

That same year, she also got to meet the owners of the PRK Team. It is from them that she learned kart driving. Soon, it became clear that she had talent. The following year, Piria made her race debut in the Minikart 60 Class. Here, she managed to win as many as five races while also scoring three second-place finishes and two third-place finishes. Because of this, she was named the Regional Umbria Champion.

Years later in 2008, Piria was given the opportunity to start driving single seater race cars. Since then, she has competed in the Formula 2000 Light, Formula Abarth, Formula Abarth Italian Series, Pro Mazda Championship, Euroformula Open and the GP3 Series.

7 Nico Hulkenberg

via youtube.com

Even today, many experts consider Nico Hulkenberg to be a “world champion in waiting.” After all, this talented German driver had managed to win every category that he ever competed in prior to entering Formula One Racing.

Born in 1987, Hulkenberg made his karting debut back at the young age of 10. Several years later, he became the German Junior Karting Champion in 2002. Moreover, he also managed to achieve the German Kart Championship in 2003, according to motorsport.com.

In 2009, Hulkenberg was declared the champion of the highly competitive GP2 series. He managed to win this championship during his rookie season. This is something that only Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg had achieved, according to Formula One. Meanwhile, Hulkenberg turned heads once more in 2015 when he won the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans during his first ever attempt in the said event.

With all of these wins and championship titles, Hulkenberg soon found himself making his way to Formula One racing. He made his Formula One debut during the 2010 season for the Williams team. Later on, he moved to the Force India team and eventually made his way to his current team, Renault Sport.

6 Inessa Tushkanova

via autosprint.corrieredellosport.it

Inessa Tushkanova is one race car driver who also happens to have a very successful modeling career. In fact, according to a report from Jalopnik, Tushkanova has even posed for Playboy magazine.

Born in Ukraine back in 1987, Tushkanova quickly gathered attention as a successful model. According to the Michael Allenova website, Tushkanova was featured in the covers of various Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Russian Playboy issues. When asked why she posed for Playboy during an interview, she replied, "Nobody likes women in racing sport, which is traditionally dominated by men, because it's easier for us to attract sponsors. This magazine is prestigious enough and helps with PR.” In 2014, Tushkanova also impressed audiences when she joined the Miss Russian Miami pageant, so much so that she was named “Miss Russian Radio” during the event.

As for racing, Tushkanova started competing in 2006. Soon after, she decided to move to Moscow to score better racing opportunities. That same year, she got the bronze prize during the Club Rally Cup. Just two years later in 2008, she also got the Capital Cup. Throughout her career, she has also been the recipient of a Master of Sports award in auto racing.

5 Marcus Ericsson

via flickr.com

Just like a lot of professional car drivers before him, Marcus Ericsson started his racing career when he competed in karting. During the said races, Ericsson managed to win several trophies. Later on, in 2006, Ericsson got to meet compatriot and former Indy 500 winner Kenny Brack. Brack, along with Swedish racer Eje Elgh decided to help Ericsson transition to single seater cars. As a result, Ericsson found himself in the Formula BMW UK. During his rookie year, the Swedish driver managed to win seven races, earning him the British Formula BMW Title.

The following year, Ericsson graduated to the more advanced British Formula Three. Here, he managed to finish fifth in the championship standings. In 2009, he decided to switch to the Japanese series of F3 and immediately secured five race wins. The reward for his impressive work was a Brawn GP Formula One test in Jerez, Spain that same year.

The move to Formula One proved to be tough for Ericsson. His highest race finish has been eighth place after competing in 80 grand prix races. The highest grid position he has achieved is ninth place. Today, Ericsson is driving for the Sauber Formula One team.

4 Shannon McIntosh

via shannonmcintosh.com

Shannon McIntosh has been racing for quite a long time already, despite her relatively young age. Born in 1989, McIntosh says she started racing when she was only five years old. No one in her family had ever raced professionally, but her father was a huge fan.

According to McIntosh, she came from a modest upbringing with her family doing what they can to support her. “Although we were just a modest blue-collar family, my parents and younger sister made huge sacrifices so that we could spend our weekends at the race track for over 10 years. We did this quite successfully until our finances were exhausted,” she explained on her website.

The sacrifices proved to be worth it. McIntosh won the first ever race she entered. And when she turned 11, the Ohio native went from racing against kids to racing against adults. “I have always wanted to push myself beyond so that I am competing against the best,” McIntosh remarked during an interview with Heavy Metal Affliction.

McIntosh raced midget cars before moving on to formula cars. Over the years, she has raced at the Indy USF2000 Championship Series as well as the ARCA Racing Series.

3 Carlo Sainz Jr.

via taddlr.com

The son of former double World Rally Champion, Carlos Sainz Jr. certainly has a lot to live up to as he continues to pursue a career as a Formula One racing driver. Born in Madrid, Spain in 1994, Sainz started his career in karting when he was just seven years old. However, it would be three years later before Sainz would enter some serious competitions.

During the next few years, Sainz proved himself to be a good kart racer. He even managed to win both the Monaco Kart Cup and the Western European region of the KF3 series. When he graduated from kart racing at age 15, Sainz was invited to join Red Bull’s very own junior team.

Under the guidance of Dr. Helmut Marko, Sainz managed to place fourth in the European Formula BME championship. Soon after, he also achieved race victory in Macau during a race in the Asian-Pacific series.

Sainz also competed in Formula Renault 2.0, Northern European Cup, GP3 Series and the Formula Renault 3.5 World Series before eventually making his way to Formula One racing. Today, he is driving for the Renault Formula One team after being loaned by Red Bull Racing.

2 Carmen Jorda

via formula1.com

If you have been following Formula One over the years, then you would definitely recognize the form and face of Carmen Jorda.

Born in Spain, Jorda served as a development driver for the Lotus Formula One team in 2015. She also remained with the said team in 2016 even after the team was bought out and renamed the Renault Sport Formula One Team.

Recently, Jorda was blasted for comments she had made with regard to women and auto racing. When asked about whether a Formula E car would be easier to drive for women, she answered, “It's a less physical car than in Formula One because of the downforce and because of the power steering as well. So yes, for sure. The challenge that we women have in Formula Two and Formula One is a physical issue and I think in Formula E, we won't have it.”

Jorda has since tried to clarify her statement. According to a report from ESPN, the Spanish driver recently remarked that she was only giving her “personal opinion.” “I never intended to discourage other women from competing at the pinnacle of our sport, or say that they physically cannot,” Jorda further explained.

1 Stoffel Vandoorne

via siena.rosselcdn.net

Born in Belgium back in 1992, it’s safe to say that Stoffel Vandoorne has been quite impressive from the beginning. He started with karting when he was only six years old and managed to achieve his first championship victories in the national karting series soon after. Moreover, he also managed to finish runner-up during the KF2 World Cup back in 2009.

In 2010, Vandoorne decided to make a switch to single seater cars. This proved to be a good move after he won the F4 Eurocup Series during his first attempt at the event. Overall, he scored six victories, earning him the championship title.

The following year, Vandoorne moved to Formula Renault and managed to win the 2.0 Euro series just a year later. He then moved on the 3.5 series and achieved four wins, making him vice-champion. Around this time, he also joined the McLaren Young Driver program. Soon, McLaren decided to sign him as a reserve driver in Formula One.

Vandoorne made his race debut in Formula One when the McLaren team called him to step in for an injured Fernando Alonso back in 2006. Today, he continues to drive for the McLaren team alongside Alonso.

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