The 10 Longest-Lasting (And 10 Shortest-Lasting) Pickup Trucks

Below are our picks for 10 of the longest lasting and 10 of the shortest lasting pickups.

Pickup trucks are almost a household staple for most homes in the US. Even in other countries, pickup trucks are preferred because of their reliability, and they tend to go above and beyond and the extra mile. Few vehicles are actually capable of going the extra distance and reading more than 300,000 miles on their odometers without giving their owners a headache or spending too much time at the mechanic’s shop. Usually, the older a vehicle gets, the harder it becomes to maintain. This is not the case for all vehicles as some pickups have stood the test of time.

While some of the vehicles on the list have all time reliability, some of the trucks on the list should not be purchased used because they don’t go the extra mile. Some models of these pickup trucks were actually better than others. If you are going to get a vehicle that lasts long; both its body and engine should be considered as car owners tend to spend a lot to keep their cars looking good and functional. Below are our picks for 10 of the longest lasting and 10 of the shortest lasting pickups.

20 Longest: Toyota Tacoma

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Toyota is known to be one of the best vehicle manufacturers. Consumers like their vehicles because they last long, are low maintenance, and they maintain their resale values in different markets.

The Tacoma is one of their best pickups and it has two advantages in terms of its construction.

The vehicle’s body is made from hot-stamped ultra-high strength steel and a frame that is high strength. The Tacoma does well off-road and also in terms of racing. It is a definite family pickup with its large cabin and comfortable seats. It’s 4-wheel drive train and TRD suspension are some of its popular features.

19 Longest: Toyota Tundra


It should be of no surprise to you that another of Toyota’s pickup makes the list of long-lasting pickup trucks. The 2017 version of the Tundra started the year off as the No. 1 in Light Duty Pickup and has an award-winning foundation. The best thing about the Tundra is that Toyota improves its design and performance year after year. Thus, some versions of the Tundra have 310-381 hp engines and can pull as much as 10,500 lbs. The newer versions have modern features such as ventilated seats, daytime running lights and an infotainment system. Some models though, have uncomfortable seats.

18 Longest: Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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The Chevy Silverado is one of the most dependable full-sized pickups. When you want a long-lasting vehicle, you are obviously going to want a vehicle that is dependable both on and off-road.

Most of the Silverado’s body is made from high-strength steel and it has superior strength. The cargo bed is also made of steel.

The Silverado comes with a V8 285-420 hp engine, outstanding towing capacity, roomy and upscale cabin and a standard Teen Driver feature. The vehicle is available in both rear-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive vehicle. The van seats 3-6 persons with its roomy cabin space.

17 Longest: Chevrolet Colorado

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The Colorado is a big truck that lasts long, definitely worth its $36,000 price tag if you get it brand new. Critics have rated successive versions of the vehicle highly with more than 8 points out of 10. The vehicles cost of ownership is low, and its performance and safety are high. Though it is not as big as the Silverado, it has some rugged truck features. It is outfitted with Duralife brake rotors that last double the time of normal rotors. Models are equipped with 181-308 hp engines, V6 engines, 8-speed automatic transmissions and there us a Teen Driver feature to restrict the driving speed and music levels of your teenager.

16 Longest: Ford F-150

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A list of long-lasting pickups would be incomplete without any pickup trucks manufactured by Ford. Ford Motors produce several pickup trucks including mid-sized, full-sized and heavy duties.

There is a reason why their F-150 is popular and it has a lot to do with the fact that it is a rugged vehicle that goes the extra mile.

The F-150 is made from military grade aluminum and has been tested in off-road races. The newer vans have triple the amount of high-strength steel which more than likely increases the van’s safety as well as its longevity. Ford also boasts that their F-150 is America’s best full-sized pickup.

15 Longest: Nissan Titan


Nissan vehicles are known to most as being durable and for having a good resale value. Their vehicles are also known for their low maintenance costs and ruggedness. The Titan, like its namesake, is supersized and its 2017 version has been labeled as “America’s Best Truck Warranty.” This does not mean that warranty makes the truck long-lasting, despite surpassing the coverage offered by its competitors. This truck is a rugged, supersized full-sized pickup truck that is available as a 2-door truck or 4-door truck. It has only been in production since 2003 but its reputation proceeds it well.

14 Longest: Nissan Frontier

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Another Nissan pickup to make the list is the Frontier. The Frontier is Nissan’s midsized pickup that has been on the market since 1997. In some markets, the Frontier is marketed as the Nissan Navara.

Even if you have an earlier model of this van, this van is rugged, can travel the distance and can be used for years with little or no major maintenance costs.

The vehicles perform well with their 152 to 261 hp, 4-cylinder V6 engines. The seats in early models of these trucks are not too comfortable for long distances, but now Nissan has made some improvements to the comfort level of the truck

13 Longest: Ram 1500


Well, surprise! You probably didn’t expect to see a Dodge vehicle on this list, but the Ram 1500 is actually one of the most durable and long-lasting trucks on the market. The Ram 1500 has been labeled as one of “America’s long-lasting pickups.” The new models of the van have undergone performance testing in a variety of conditions including double off-set potholes and frame twisting. So, the newer models may be more suitable for roads that are not well paved or maintained. The older vehicles can also withstand difficult terrains and take its owner on off-road adventures. The Ram 1500 definitely raises the bar on ruggedness.

12 Longest: GMC Sierra

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GM likes to share a lot of their vehicle’s hardware irrespective of what name the fall under. The Sierra and Silverado share a lot of similar features especially in terms of the hardware.

It isn’t a bad decision by Gm because the Sierra has a fully-boxed frame, with main rails and some of the body is made of high-strength steel.

Its base is augmented with Duralife brake rotors and if you are getting a new model, you can purchase the truck with upgrade rear axles and 2-stage semi-elliptical multi-leaf springs. Under load, this van performs well. This van is also good for off-roading.

11 Longest: GMC Canyon

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The GMC Canyon is another full-sized pickup truck to make the list. This truck can definitely give its owners 300,000 miles on the odometer. Apart from its endurance levels, modern versions of the truck borrow some of the technology from bigger pickups for optimum performance. Critics have rated GMC’s Canyon with more than 8 points out of 10 for the past couple of years in terms of its performance, interior and operation costs. The van is an excellent off-roader and has 181-308hp. It can seat 2-5 people (somewhat comfortably) depending on the model you get. It is available for purchase in rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

10 Shortest: Ford Explorer Sport Trac

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A lot of persons may be wondering why the Ford Explorer is on the list. Well, the Ford Explorer Sports Trac is actually a pickup truck and not an SUV. Luckily for us, Ford no longer makes the Explorer Sports Trac and the pickup only stated on the market for four years. The van is not too reliable despite having a V8 engine with ample power and a tow rating of 7,160 pounds. You should not go out of your way to get this used, even if it’s cheap because it isn’t one of the best on the market. However, if you do decide to get it, the 2010 model has a trailer sway control.

9 Shortest: Suzuki Equator


Suzuki attempted to compete with Nissan in the pickup truck market by introducing their Equator, which looked like a disguised version of the Nissan Frontier. The Equator isn’t the most reliable vehicle on the market especially now since Suzuki has been out of the United States auto market since 2012.

This is not a vehicle that you would want to have for an indefinite period of time.

Getting replacement parts for the vehicles will be hard and finding a mechanic to service the truck may be a bit difficult. Since this van is a copy of the Frontier, it is most likely going to have the truck’s strengths and weaknesses.

8 Shortest: Hummer H2 SUT

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It turns out that Hummer makes pickup trucks as well. Its size and weight keep it from being rated by the EPA for fuel economy. In this day and age, the last thing we want is a vehicle that is not fuel efficient. Apart from its lack of fuel efficiency, the cabin is a bit cramped and its cargo box is small for its class. Handling the trucks is also a bit difficult. It may not be the most reliable truck on the market, but off-road, the Hummer H2 is almost unstoppable. The production of this vehicle was limited, so getting your hands on this will be a bit tough and not to mention expensive.

7 Shortest: Mazda B-Series


Mazda pickups are not known to be in the top 10 of anything, so you shouldn’t be too surprised that their B series pickup makes the list of the shortest lasting pickups. The BT-50 is a compact/midsize pickup truck that has been in production since 2006. The problem with the B-Series Mazda vans is that it places utilitarian function above all else. This van comes with no frills, bells, and whistles and its design is usually very dated. In terms of longevity, it is related a bit to the Ford Ranger. 20,000 BT-50 pickups were recalled because of safety issues, and some are still being sold to customers.

6 Shortest: Dodge Ram Daytona


Dodge does not always make vehicles that last as long as their classic muscle cars. The Ram Daytona is probably one of the most vehicles that Dodge has in its history, maybe it has something to do with their desire to have one up on their competitors Ford.

This pickup is actually good looking and could probably win a race against other trucks in its class.

The issue with this vehicle that makes it short-lived is its inability to haul anything. That’s the reason why people buy pickups right? Dodge included a rear-spoiler on this truck, making the bed useless.

5 Shortest: Chevrolet SSR


Like Dodge, Chevrolet has also made some questionable and not sustainable vehicles. Many will not know how to categorize this vehicle, but it has a bed so by all means, it is a truck. It looked more like a car than a truck because it is a hardtop convertible. The truck has a V8 engine. One perk of this truck is that you can take the top off and catch some wind. The truck though only has two doors and is not something you would want to haul your family in. The performance of this truck was lacking for a vehicle that has a 5.3-6-liter V8 engine and got to 60 mph from 0 in 7.7 seconds.

4 Shortest: Lincoln Blackwood


Not everything Lincoln makes would rival its famed Navigator or have the same standard. The Blackwood is just one of their vehicles that failed to make the mark. What’s worst is that this vehicle was heavily priced and intended to be a luxury pickup truck?

We have no issues with luxury pickup trucks, but when buying a truck, customers get the truck for the bed.

If we want a trunk we’re better off purchasing a car or an SUV. While it may be decent to drive, it doesn’t bring any real value to the customers if it can’t function as a truck should, and customers would sell them off quickly.

3 Shortest: Mercedes-Benz X-Class

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Yes, Mercedes-Benz produces pickup trucks, and we have an issue with it. So, if you thought Mercedes-Benz were producers of cars and SUVs, you are highly mistaken. This pickup truck is ridiculously expensive and may not be worth the money you’re going to spend especially when there are way better trucks on the market. But, the German manufacturers did put a lot of effort into the ride that seems like a rebadged Nissan pickup thanks to their partnership with Nissan. The issue is that it has a Nissan built turbodiesel four-cylinder engine that isn’t that powerful. This truck definitely isn’t a best seller and for the price, you won’t want to go off-road with it.

2 Shortest: Chevrolet Avalanche


Chevrolet it seems has not made the best pickups that we know. The Avalanche is one of those failed products that they have but it is gone from the world now. However, it is still available used, and the unsuspecting may go out of their way to purchase this vehicle.

The truck had some of the lowest towing figures.

Models of this vehicle had problems with the paint, speedometer, and transmission. The vehicle has excessive engine oil consumption. All in all, the truck is branded as being a terrible one. The last thing any driver would want is to be pulled over for unintentional speeding.

1 Shortest: Honda Ridgeline

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Maybe now, the Honda Ridgeline is a good pickup truck, but the models before were not trucks that you should expect to be long-lasting. And yes, Honda does manufacture trucks, but their worst years with this brand was between 2006 and 2008. The issues ranged from peeling paint, rusting, non-functional air conditioner and a 4-cylinder engine that released blue puffs of smoke from the vehicle’s exhaust. Eventually, you would be forced to swap out the 3.5-liter V6 engine which does not come cheap. We still have to decide how we feel about the resurrected version of the Ridgeline, but Honda is sure to have learned.

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