The 15 Best Cars Seen On "Fast And Loud" And The 10 Worst

Rawlings hasn’t always been successful, often going on road trips all over the US to check out potential money makers.

Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman along with a few other members make up what we know as the Gas Monkey Garage. According to Entrepreneur, Fast N’ Loud is an international hit, broadcasted in over 200 countries!

The hit show is currently on their fourteenth season, in addition, Gas Monkey also has its own tequila, energy drink, and even a bar and grill. Rawlings hasn’t always been successful, he said at one point he was so broke that he was sleeping on his sister’s couch because he couldn’t afford to pay rent.

The Gas Monkey Garage, which is based out of Dallas, Texas is known for taking run-down cars and bringing them back to life. The whole idea behind Fast N’ Loud is to see how much money they can profit by flipping cars. Often going on road trips all over the US to check out potential money makers. Rawlings says they answer every single inquiry they receive about a vehicle.

A lot of the cars make it to the famous car auction, Barrett-Jackson. Most of the builds are old all-US cars, but they are known to come out of their comfort zone.

Since the beginning of the show, Kaufman and Rawlings have since gone their separate ways as far as business, but Rawlings is still the star of Fast N’ Loud, along with a few new members to the team.

Here are 15 of the best builds seen on Fast N’ Loud and 10 of the worst.

25 Best: 1992 Ford Dually

Via Motortrendonedemand.com

The boys at Gas Monkey Garage can’t take the credit for the next build as it is a legend in the mini-truck scene. The iconic truck that is nicknamed “Krew Kut” has been featured on magazines and was crowned Truckin’ magazine’s “Top 10 Trucks of All Time.”

After living up to titles like that, the boys at Gas Monkey Garage were happy to give credit where it was due and not do a whole lot to change the character of this legend and rather just bring it back to life.

24 Best: 1962 Ford Galaxie

Via Gasmonkey garage.com

This 1962 Ford Galaxie needed so much work that it took up two episodes of “Fast’ N’ Loud” to turn this into the resto-mod they envisioned. According to Classis Cars, under the hood of the Galaxie is a 390cu V8 paired with an automatic transmission for cruising.

Almost every component on the Galaxie was upgraded including the brake, exhaust, and fuel system. In addition, the whole interior including the soft top was completely restored back to its original condition.

23 Best: 1968 Corvette

Via dumplingskiwifruitkupukupupomelo.pw

This 1968 Chevy Corvette is something that any true car enthusiast would love to have in their collection as it is the full sized version of one of the original “Hot Wheels” cars that came out in 1968.

According to Barrett-Jackson, the car was commissioned by Mattel to be an exact replica of the Corvette by upgrading almost every single component on the vehicle, but surprisingly the 427 engine is the original. The Corvette was eventually sold at the famous auction for $132,000.

22 Worst: 1967 Camaro

Via Discovery.com

Most of the things that come out of the Gas Monkey Garage are awesome, but this next build is questionable. According to Barrett Jackson, the Frankenstein 1967 Camaro is lifted on a Chevy blazer chassis to allow enough room for its 44-inch tires.

The Camaro would give a Jeep a run for its money on the trail with the upgraded axel, gears and lockers. Luckily someone loved this lifted Camaro enough to purchase it for $58,300.

21 Best: F-100

Via Dreamtrucks.com

Sometimes the Gas Monkey Garage creates something so amazing that even they aren’t able to part ways with the build. When the boys built a Ford F-100 that they nicknamed “Frankenstein,” painter KC Mathieu couldn’t pass it up and ended up buying the truck for himself.

According to Speed Society, Frankenstein is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 Coyote with a Roush supercharger for some extra added power. The truck is painted a shade of green similar to Frankenstein’s skin tone, hence the name.

20 Best: 1972 De Tomaso Pantera

Via Motortrendondemand.com

Jay Leno has a Pantera in his collection and thinks it is one of the most undervalued cars of the 70s. The boys at Fast N' Loud decided to go green when they got their hands on a 1972 De Tomaso Pantera.

According to Driving Line, the Pantera’s power-train was swapped out with a 2013 3.5-liter EcoBoost, the same one that is found in the F-150 EcoBoost. The Pantera was lucky enough to be tuned by Adam Browne and he managed to get 500 lb/ft of torque out of the EcoBoost engine.

19 Best: 1963 Econoline

Via Imgur.com

The boys at Gas Monkey Garage teamed up with Mattel to make another awesome full-sized version car. The Econoline was built to perfection with the massive 700 hp engine being showcased out of the back out the bed, being named the Hipo Hauler.

Mattel then made the Hipo Hauler into a limited batch of 12,000 replica versions that were only available for purchase to Red Line Club (RLC) members only. The RLC is a paid membership club that gives access to exclusively made collectible Hot Wheels.

18 Best: 1955 Chevy 210

Via Pinterest.com

This 1955 Chevy 210 Custom Hardtop was featured on Fast N’ Loud when the Gas Monkey Garage built it a few years back. The 210 got brought back to life with a whole lot of technological upgrades. The suspension got a complete overhaul, upgrading to fully adjustable coilovers and a 5-link rear axle setup.

Under the hood, it received a 327ci V8 paired with a four-speed transmission that came out of an old Corvette. The Chevy 210 ended up selling for $55,000 at Barrett Jackson.

17 Best: 1955 Nomad

ia Motortrendondemand.com

This 1955 Nomad was a special project as it was a vehicle personally built for NASCAR legend, Dale Ernhart Jr.

According to Barrett Jackson, under the hood of the Nomad is a 350ci ZZ4 engine. The car is car painted “Diet Mountain Dew Green” due to that being his sponsor for his racecar at the time. Everything on the car was upgraded, along with a full custom suspension. The car was eventually sold at the famous auction for $126,500.

16 Worst: Ferrari F40

Via noticias.autocosmos.com.mx

If it’s one thing that the boys at Gas Monkey Garage love doing, it is fixing up totaled supercars. According to Motor Authority, the 1991 Ferrari F40 was crashed back in 2011 with only 7,148 original miles on it.

Considering the frame was bent, the boys were able to score the wrecked stallion for $400,000. While the car was rebuilt to drive faster and straighter than before it was crashed, who’s to say that it really does? Luckily, they found a buyer, and the Ferrari was sold for $742,500 at Barrett-Jackson.

15 Worst: 1968 Shelby Mustang

Via Pinterest.com

The boys at Gas Monkey Garage had a hand in helping to create a Thomas Crown Mustang replica after the movie was remade in the late 90s.

Believe it or not, this car was built on the very first season on Fast N' Loud. According to Motor Trend, Richard Rawlings liked the build so much that he actually kept the Mustang for himself. The Mustang was lifted with bigger wheels and fog lights. While the build was definitely unique, it was just wrong to do that to a vintage Shelby Mustang.

14 Best: 1965 C10

Via Motor1.com

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is an annual race that is held in Pikes Peak, Colorado. According to Motor 1, Pikes Peak is one of the most extreme races, with over 150 turns and almost 5,000 feet in elevation change.

This 1965 C10 is what Richard Rawlings used to race to the top of the peak. The car was built in the Gas Monkey Garage but was a project that Rawlings was working on in his spare time, as if he ever has any.

13 Worst: 1968 Volkswagen

Via Pinterest.com

The one great thing about the Volkswagen bus was how big and roomy it was, but after the Gas Monkey Garage got a hold of it, the outcome was much shorter.

According to Barrett-Jackson, the 1986 Volkswagen bus that they nicknamed the Shorty Bus was sold for $38,500, which may have been a good deal if you could drive and enjoy this little minibus, but you can’t. The auction listing states that this car should be for display purposes only.

12 Best: KITT

Via Discovery.com

On a fun episode of Fast N’ Loud, Richard Rawlings' old friend brings him an offer as a challenge. Rawlings was challenged to recreate the famous “Knight Rider” Trans Am for his friends 40th birthday.

In addition, the car must be done in time for the 40th birthday bash and must include the HOFF himself, or Rawlings has to give his friend KITT for free. The Gas Monkey Garage came through in the end, as did the HOFF and Rawlings scored the $200,000 he was promised.

11 Best: 1971 Scat Pack

Via Topsimage.com

The Gas Monkey Garage got crafty when they decided that they wanted to give a 1971 Scat Pack an upgraded power-train. According to their official website, the boys got the power plant out of the 2015 Scat Pack and did everything necessary to make it work in the vintage version.

After the car was built, Havoline ended up purchasing it from the Gas Monkey Garage and gave it away as a prize in a contest they were holding. Talk about a grand prize!

10 Worst: 1976 G10 Van

via Dream Trucks

The boys at Gas Monkey Garage nicknamed this project the Creeper Van, and it couldn’t have been a more appropriate name. The 1976 G10 van was transformed to be the ultimate man cave on wheels.

According to Discovery, the van was found on the side of the road for sale for just $300. The Van was used to promote the Gas Monkey Garage’s cinnamon flavored tequila, which was kind of a match made in heaven as they are both pretty bad. Can’t win them all!

9 Worst: 1978 Cutlass

Via Motortrendondemand.com

According to Motor1, the Cutlass was transformed into a traditional low rider, fitted with both a hydraulic setup and a set of custom coil overs to be extra low. The car itself wasn’t done bad, but the paint job completely ruined the whole look of the car.

Apparently, we are not the only people that think that this Cutlass is bad as there were no interested buyers when the car was shown off at the Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill.

8 Worst: 2005 Ford GT

Via Motortrendondemand.com

It’s hard to believe that someone would pay a quarter million dollars on a Ford GT that was almost totaled in an accident, but according to Barrett-Jackson, the boys at Gas Monkey Garage made it happen.

The Ford GT was resurrected after it had serious front-end damage, getting all its damaged goods replaced and getting some additional upgrades as well. At the end of the day, the Ford GT would still be tainted with an accident.

7 Best: 1934 Ford Five Window

Via Pinterest.com

According to Hot Rod, the boys at Gas Monkey Garage purchased the Five Window from only its second owner. The car went into storage in 1964 and remained there until they purchased it and brought it back to the garage to be resurrected.

Now under the hood is a 331 Hemi, but the car was retrieved in such good condition that a lot of the original car’s components were salvaged. Believe or not, the coupe rides on the original frame and the front wishbone.

6 Best: Woodill Wildfire

Via dmax.de

The Woodill what? The Woodill Wildfire may be a car that you have never even heard of before. According to Motor Trend, the Woodill Wildfire was a sports car that could be purchased or as a kit that one would have to assemble themselves.

The boys at Gas Money Garage had to be sure to handle this vehicle with care as it was the first car to receive a full fiberglass body, that was not only very fragile but very flammable.

5 Worst: 1959 Rambler

Via car-from-the-uk.com

This 1959 Rambler Cross Country Wagon had some serious potential, but I personally feel that this build fell a little short as far as what Gas Monkey Garage is capable of doing.

According to Hooniverse, under the hood, everything was upgraded along with some added air ride. While Patena is really trendy among old rat rod cars, this Patena should have been painted over as it is just bad looking. The only thing worse than the exterior is the interior which was reupholstered with a white and baby blue floral theme.

4 Best: 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429

Via Mustangsdaily.com

The 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 is sometimes referred to as the holy grail of Mustangs, and for a good reason too. According to Top Speed, Ford only produced 1358 Boss 29’s in 1969 and 1970, only true enthusiasts would be able to spot one with the naked eye as the front end was modified to accommodate the massive engine.

Unfortunately, according to Gas Monkey Garage’s Twitter, the Boss 429 only sold for $160,000 at Barrett-Jackson, which was less than they were hoping to get for it.

3 Best: 1959 F-100

Via Motortrendondemand.com

The boys at the Gas Monkey Garage had some fun when they got to design a promotional vehicle for the Shiner Bock Brewing Company. According to their official website, a 1969 F-100 was used to start the build with the highlight of the truck being the custom paint job.

Brian Bass was brought in to hand paint the Shiner Bock logo on the side of the truck while adding some flare with some custom pin-striping. We hope the Gas Monkeys were rewarded with a few cold ones for a job well done!

2 Worst: 1970 Datsun 280Z

Via Twitter.com

The boys at Gas Monkey Garage stepped out of their comfort zones and decided to take a crack at building a JDM. According to Gas Monkey Garage, The 280Z was a steal for just $8,000.

Under the hood was an SR20 engine was good for 400 hp and was eventually on display at SEMA. Unfortunately, the 280Z did not have a happy ending as it ended up being a total loss when the car hauler it was being transported on went up in flames.

1 Worst: 1950 Oldsmobile 88 Futuramic Custom Coupe

Via Pinterest.com

Up next is another build that was less than par from what we expect from the Gas Monkey Garage, it is a 1950 Oldsmobile 88 Futuramic Custom Coupe.

Powered by a 350 V8 and 700R4 transmission, the Oldsmobile kept its original patina paint job. According to Barrett-Jackson, the car was only sold for $30,800. Considering it was only the second thing built on Fast N’ Loud, maybe they just needed to get their creative juices flowing.

Sources - Gas monkey garage, Discovery, Motortrend, Hooniverse, Classiccars.com & Barrett-Jackson

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