The Cast Of Fast & Furious Would Rather We Didn't See These 20 Photos

The Fast and the Furious franchise has become one of the most successful in the entire movie industry. These movies have been going for the past eighteen years. The first one was released in 2001 to great success with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker starring in the Fast and the Furious. A sequel of 2 Fast 2 Furious would have Tyrese replace Diesel as the second star alongside Walker. Tokyo Drift was the third movie that saw the franchise slow down and take a break before revamping with Fast and Furious. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson joining the cast for Fast Five added new excitement to the franchise to get it back as a top asset in the movie industry.

Fast and Furious 6, Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious each found massive success to show just how much people enjoy the movies from this franchise. There are more movies coming to give fans more action from the top films when it comes to cars. Each member of the cast is valued, but there are many things that the cast would want to be hidden from the average viewers.

It ranges from stories about their relationships behind the scenes to the production of the movies to many interesting footnotes about their past. We will look at all these things that the Fast and the Furious actors and actresses would not want out there. These are twenty pictures that the cast of Fast and the Furious would rather us not see.

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20 Casual lunch

via: screenrant.com

Celebrities are usually viewed as having glamorous lives in every way imaginable. The belief is that most sets will provide the biggest stars with incredible food and comfortable eating environments. It is more casual at the Furious movie sets as seen with the picture here of actors eating together.

Many of the major stars are spotted sitting together on steps eating a quick meal out of Styrofoam containers. This is not the lifestyle associated with Hollywood. Most actors would not want a visual like this out there. It could set a precedent that leads to other studios cutting down on the catering.

19 Better days

via: chicagotribune.com

The drama between The Rock and Tyrese is the biggest story behind the scenes in the Fast and the Furious world. Tyrese was the first of the cast to publicly express his frustration for Rock trying to take over the franchise despite being the last major addition of the family.

Rock would spar with Tyrese on social media in a feud that ended with Tyrese crying in a video on his Instagram page. This picture shows a time when the two were still on the same page. The two will likely work together again, but don’t expect them to share another fist bump like the one in this photo.

18 Intricate set-up for car crashes

via: youtube.com

The car crashes to go down in the Fast and the Furious franchise have become a consistent part of the movies. Each film features the various members of the cast showcasing incredible driving skills of the action going down often in their cars.

The filming is done so intricately that it looks as if these cars are actually on the road crashing into each other. However, most take part in a set up like the visual shown here. Everything is put in place to look good without the risk of danger involved. Some of the cars aren’t even whole as seen in this and the next picture.

17 Stunt doubles

via: pinterest.com

Every actor and actress will try to look as good as possible when it comes to the action in their movies. The Fast and the Furious movies happen to feature a cast of athletic stars that would want fans to believe they do most of their own stunts.

However, the Hollywood stars have their own stunt doubles to replace them and film the toughest scenes that involve potential risk of injury. This picture shows the stunt doubles posing with Furious stars The Rock and Vin Diesel. Both actors have reputations for their tough, but they even decide to use stunt doubles.

16 Eva Mendes almost ending popular couple

via: pinterest.com

The couple of Brian O’Connor and Mia Toretto had arguably the most important relationship in the franchise of Fast and the Furious. Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster had great chemistry together that would find a happy ending in the films before Walker passed away.

However, the plan was to have Eva Mendes replace Brewster with the character of Monica Fuentes. Producers hoped the new romance of Fuentes and O’Connor could have been the story moving forward. Luckily, Brewster returned in later movies to rekindle the romance that fans most found compelling. Most fans like to forget about the Fuentes character even if Mendes did the best in such a tough role.

15 Even more camera modifications

via: hollywood.com

This is another picture of an interesting car modification that allows the studio to get the most of their filming. The image features someone riding on the top of the car with both the camera angle and the positive of having such an angle with a moving car.

Fast and the Furious scenes need visuals from just about every possible angle given the variety of car moments in each film. Many decisions go into putting together such a great movie, including the camera work of unusual angles to showcase the story being told. The actors likely would not want fans seeing just how much effort goes into making them look cool.

14 Not Jason Statham's first car movie franchise

via Prestige

One actor in the Fast and the Furious films that has a past in another successful movie franchise featuring driving is Jason Statham. The lead role in The Transporter films featured Statham playing a mercenary transporter that drives important things to their destination.

Most fans were surprised to see Statham get a role in the Fast and the Furious franchise, but his action movies resume certainly added to the movies. Statham is as successful as anyone else in the films and even has a part in the upcoming Hobbs and Shaw spin-off film. The Transporter is in his past and he hopes to get it a distant memory for fans as well.

13 Before she was Wonder Woman

via: fromthegrapevine.com

Many fans forget that Gal Gadot has appeared in a couple of films in the Fast and the Furious franchise. Hollywood viewed Wonder Woman as the coming out party for Gadot. The fourth movie in the franchise Fast and Furious would introduce Gadot in her first-ever film appearance.

Gadot appeared in the role of Gisele Yashar and would be involved in the following three Furious films as well. Her character would end before she moved onto bigger things in the Wonder Woman role. The other actors will likely want it forgotten that Gadot was a part of the franchise since her recent success shows she is a great lead star. Furious fans missed out on her having a bigger role.

12 Rock preparing for stunts

via: quirkybyte.com

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is used to physical action after the origin of his career as an entertainer when wrestling for WWE. The action roles for Rock is where he butters his bread as one of the top actors in the movie business.

Rock does have his own stunt double as seen in a prior picture, but he still takes part in a few difficult scenes that show him in action. This image shows the awkward nature of trying to get back on top of a car before a scene. The lack of doors on the side is another glimpse into the behind-the-scenes nature that actors don’t want fans to easily see.

11 Art of the green screen

via: pinterest.com

The green screen is an important part of the filming process for most movies and television shows. Many scenes will feature the character in a location that the studio is unable to get to or create. The green screen in the background allows the actors to play out the scene as if they were there.

Fast and the Furious films feature many car scenes on the road that don’t take place on the road. This picture shows a car suspended in the air in a tricky predicament. Instead of hanging over a cliff or someone where a deep fall, it is the green screen showcasing the background for more convenience.

10 Tyrese’s music

via: nydailynews.com

The presentation of Tyrese playing a tough character is the opposite of his sensitive songwriting for his R&B career. Tyrese would not want to shy away from his music since he still releases the occasional album, but there is a good chance his castmates want this chapter of his career in the past.

Tyrese tried to make his name in music before he received relevant acting roles to get his movie career going in a positive direction. 2 Fast 2 Furious was a breakout role for Tyrese that showed a major film franchise would invest in him becoming a part of the movie.

9 Rock and Vin’s awkward tension

via: abc.com

The Rock and Vin Diesel are arguably the two biggest stars in the Fast and the Furious franchise. No one could have predicted these two could have issues behind the scenes. There was a war of words with both guys clearly having problems working together. The potential of Rock surpassing Vin as the face of the franchise played a huge role.

This picture shows the two not looking extremely comfortable together. The issues between the two reached a level of where news websites were speculating if they were having a match at WWE WrestleMania. It remains to be seen if they work together on a future Furious film, but there will likely be more tension.

8 One musician turned actor didn’t work out

via: netflix.com

The Fast and the Furious franchise has one of the best track records with taking chances of musicians turned actors. Ludacris and Tyrese are pivotal parts of the franchise, but there was one less successful experiment involved.

Bow Wow was involved in the third installment of the franchise known as Tokyo Drift. The hope was that it would help progress his acting career, but it instead ended up being the least successful in the franchise. Bow Wow’s acting career never took off and everyone on the current Furious cast hopes no one remembers his role. It is proof that the casting of the franchise has made its fair share of mistakes as well.

7 Character ages in one scene

via: geektyrant.com

Actor Lucas Black played the lead character Sean in the experimental Tokyo Drift film. The continuity is meant to see this film take place at the same time as the Furious 7 movie released a decade later. One scene from Tokyo Drift is meant to be followed in Furious 7 to put it all together.

However, the aging process clearly shows an older Sean than Tokyo Drift fans remember. It makes complete sense since most of us look older than we did a decade ago. This is one of the biggest continuity errors in the film that everyone involved with the franchise wants forgotten.

6 Disappointing rapper was part of 2 Fast 2 Furious

via: twitter.com

One Easter egg that most fans forget about 2 Fast 2 Furious is that it included a rising sensation in the hip hop world. MC Jin developed momentum for winning the weekly Freestyle Friday rap battle on BET’s 106 and Park. It led to him getting a studio contract and more roles coming his way.

Jin would appear in 2 Fast 2 Furious in the role of Jimmy. This was a smaller role, but it was meant to showcase his rising star as everyone assumed the movie would find more success than it did. Jin’s role gave him no buzz and his rap career would not pan out as well as most hoped for.

5 Green screen driving

via: fxguide.com

The green screen has already been discussed as a big part of the filming process for the Fast and the Furious franchise. It goes even deeper than the average person would expect. This picture shows that sometimes the cars aren’t even completely real for every scene.

Vin Diesel is shown here with the movie tricks that help get to the end game of a visually impressive movie. An actor like Diesel would clearly be embarrassed about viewers spotting such a photograph of him not even being in a real car like portrayed in the movies. Hollywood magic truly can give us countless possibilities.

4 Interesting camera placement

via: pinterest.com

The picture here from the set shows many of the cars are not what they look like in the movies. This one features a camera over the front of the car. It helps the studio film scenes that get a perfect visual of the actors in the driver and passenger seats.

The movie industry features many little tricks like this with car scenes in general. Fast and the Furious movies need it more than most considering the number of scenes with driving involved. Many scenes feature the cars transitioning to add a camera to get the best footage for important scenes.

3 The Rock’s past acting life

via: badsoundingsentences.com

The Rock is currently one of the biggest stars in the acting industry with many hit roles coming his way. Almost every movie starring Rock in recent years turned into an automatic hit in the box office. However, this wasn’t always the case as Rock struggled to find successful roles in his early career.

Rock likely is not fond of photos that show some of his forgettable and embarrassing roles. Tooth Fairy is arguably the most embarrassing skeleton in the closet of The Rock. This photo is a footnote that he hopes fans forget since he would become arguably the coolest actor in the world thanks to the Furious films.

2 Vin’s past acting life

via: sky.com

Vin Diesel can’t make fun of The Rock for his embarrassing roles since he has a few of those in his career. The roles for Diesel have been more interesting with hits like Guardians of the Galaxy and the XXX action movie franchise.

One movie that Diesel does not want photos out there reminding us of is his lead role in The Pacifier. This was a family film meant to showcase the depth of Vin being able to act in different genres. The movie was viewed as a huge flop and Diesel’s career started to decline until he returned to the Furious films.

1 Hobbs and Shaw

via: screenrant.com

The upcoming Hobbs and Shaw movie is a polarizing one in the Fast and the Furious franchise. Tyrese and Vin Diesel have both publicly expressed their frustration with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The studio prioritizing this spin-off film for Rock and Jason Statham upset a lot of the cast.

Another major actor will join Rock and Statham as Idris Elba will be a huge part of the movie. The other actors on the cast would be unhappy to see just how much importance is placed on the upcoming film. Hobbs and Shaw finding success in the box office could hurt the others if fans want more of this combination without the usual suspects involved.

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