The 25 Common Cars Of The 90s That Today's Teenagers Are Snatching Up

The fun of driving was really perfected during the nineties.

Car generations come and go, there are always new and improved advancements that make the vehicles better then the previous models were. Not to mention that the nineties were a special time for the automotive industry, where there were a lot of new advancements and popular vehicle models which defined the new millennium including the Cadillac Escalade which remains popular to this day as a luxury SUV choice.

Because the nineties were such a standout time for the automotive industry, the current crop of teenagers are taking a liking to the various cars and SUV models that made the era one of the most popular. This massive burst in popularity has recently come full circle, bringing many of the most notable cars from the nineties back from the dead.

From notable cars like the Ford Mustang 5.0 to the rare Lexus SC400, there were some really good cars that were made during this period of time and they will continue to be popular choices on the used car market for anyone who wants a great car even to this day. Teenagers love cars that are cool and can go fast, and there is no doubt that the nineties had some of the most legendary sports cars to come across the market.

The fun of driving was really perfected during the nineties. This is what made the decade one of the most memorable for the automotive industry in general.

25 Ford Mustang 5.0

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Who hasn’t seen the Ford Mustang 5.0 at least once in life? This larger than life sports car is one of the best-used muscle cars that you can buy. With a powerful 5.0L V8 engine and a lightweight design, the 5.0 Mustang has become one of the hottest used cars on the market.

There were multiple variations of this historic Mustang model during its run, and the rarest of those is the Cobra model which has also skyrocketed in value. If there is a teenager around, there is a good chance that a 5.0 Ford Mustang is going to be following, and that's okay by us.

24 Ford F-150 Lightning

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The original muscle truck was the Ford F-150 Lightning, which was released in 1992 and featured one of the fastest setups on a production truck. The Ford F-150 Lightning was also the truck that forced GM to release the 454 SS, another exceptional muscle truck from this decade as well.

The lightning was sold in two generations during the nineties and the truck is not only fast but also quite attractive looking as well. This makes it a desirable option on the market.

23 Camaro Z28

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During the nineties, the Camaro brand went through a transformation and became a modern looking muscle car, and thus the Z28 model was the top-notch Camaro that you could buy. This model featured a lot of notable things, but the main improvement was the addition of the Corvette-derived LT1 engine and then the later LS1 engine which remains a popular aftermarket engine to this day.

The Camaro Z28 was fast, loud, and mean which made consumers very happy. Did we mention the Camaro Z28 came with the legendary T-Tops as well?

22 Firebird Formula

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Another impressive muscle car from the nineties was the Firebird Formula, which is the one of a kind package that comes from the Firebird model. The Formula combined a much more aggressive stance and appearance package, which made one of a kind impression on consumers to this day.

The Formula was the same as the Camaro in most aspects except for the interior differences such as the red panel, and the exterior was much more refined with a set of pop-up headlights along with a more aggressive wing.

21 Eagle Talon

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The corporate clone of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, the Eagle Talon was also a lesser known but still popular sports car of the nineties. Recently the Eagle Talon has found a new crowd of enthusiasts thanks to the AWD and the factory turbo.

The Eagle Talon had many unique talents, including the one of a kind wing that was separate from the Eclipse. The Talon is a bit rarer than the Eclipse, and if you can find one in good condition you are in for one of the best sports cars of the nineties.

20 Ford Mustang GT

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The nineties Mustang was revolutionary, in many aspects creating a whole new customer base for Ford with the more modern Mustang model. The GT convertible has also exploded in popularity, with used car prices raising according to KBB.

The Mustang GT although not featuring the bulletproof 5.0L V8, is still a fast performing muscle car. With the stylistic cues to match, you can’t go wrong with this one of a kind piece of automotive history from one of the most historic decades in the automotive industry.

19 Chevrolet Impala SS

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One of the most legendary vehicles of the nineties is the Chevrolet Impala SS, which is known for being one of the most unique and fast performance cars of the decade. Especially in all black trim, the Impala SS is an intimidating vehicle.

With the one of a kind vehicle increasing in popularity, the teenagers have been drooling over this car for years and with a huge interior, there is no reason not to want this one of a kind muscle sedan. The Chevrolet Impala SS is also a collectible, which means that the car will increase in value.

18  Lexus SC400

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When Lexus burst onto the scene in the early nineties, their cars were built with a good deal of precision and dedication. This is what has made the Lexus car brand such a great brand.

The Lexus SC400 is a great model that was made to introduce the brand to an actual grand touring car. This is a one of a kind vehicle that has started to expand in popularity because of the powerful V8 and the compatibility in parts with the Toyota Supra.

17 Lexus SC300

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Another model variation of the SC400 with the exception being a V6 instead of the V8 engine. The SC300 also lacked the rear spoiler which gave the larger 400 a more aggressive look.

The Lexus SC300 has also been expanding in popularity because of the one of a kind V6 engine that can be turbocharged pretty easily. The driving characteristics that give the SC300 a performance factor that is not generally seen on a sports car from this decade, especially not in this affordable of a price range.

16 Cavalier Convertible

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Another popular car from the nineties is the Chevrolet Cavalier convertible, and while it is not a popular car by any means it is an affordable convertible that teenagers can buy and look semi-cool in.

The Chevrolet Cavalier convertible also came in a Z24 trim package which added a level of sportiness to the car. With the standard four-cylinder engine the Cavalier is one of the more gas efficient cars of the nineties and remains a popular choice for many young folks who want a well-priced convertible.

15 Sunfire Convertible

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Similar to the Chevrolet Cavalier, the Sunfire Convertible was another sporty version of the car that Pontiac offered as an alternative. The Sunfire Convertible had a red dashboard that made the car look one of a kind, and with the exterior styling and pop up headlights the Sunfire was a much sportier version of the vehicle.

The Pontiac Sunfire and Sunfire Convertible are increasing in popularity as a used car for most teenagers - if you can find one in clean condition, this is a really great value for a compact car with style.

14 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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The nineties were a great time for the Mitsubishi Eclipse, which went from a relatively unknown compact sports car to one of the best compact sports cars that you can buy.

Known for an AWD suspension and one of a kind transmission, the Mitsubishi Eclipse is a winning combination of style and comfort coupled with a factory Turbo. The Mitsubishi Eclipse has always been a popular car among teenagers, but recently the nineties variation of the car has also been increasingly popular with the young crowd.

13  Toyota Celica

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The Toyota Celica has always been one of the more popular sports cars on the market, and this has remained so into the new millennium. The Toyota Celica was known for having a peppy engine and a stylish exterior which made the car a popular choice for young people who want a gas efficient and fun to drive car.

The Toyota Celica was a great sports car during the nineties in many aspects, and the Celica has remained a popular used sports car to this day, offering a fun and affordable ride to many young people.

12 Toyota Camry 2-door

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One of the more unique cars during the nineties was the Toyota Camry 2-door, which combined a level of sportiness to an otherwise ordinary family sedan. The Toyota Camry 2-door has increased in popularity due to the sporty looking exterior and a large number of aftermarket accessories that can be purchased to make the coupe look even sportier.

Prices on the Toyota Camry 2-Door have been dropping on the used car market, and many of the young folks are snapping these up due to their reliability and one of a kind styling.

11 Ford Bronco

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Another one of a kind car of the nineties that became legendary after the O.J. Simpson trial is the Ford Bronco. The Ford Bronco has been increasing in value as of recently due to a number of factors, the main draw to teenagers is the removable roof and ease of modification which makes the Bronco one of the easiest vehicles to add a lift kit.

The Ford Bronco is also notable for having a nice large interior, and a full 4WD drivetrain with an electronic push-button - this has made the SUV popular.

10 Dodge Durango 5.9 R/T

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Recently increasing in popularity, the Dodge Durango 5.9 R/T was a limited production model that ran for a few years and added some serious style and speed to the standard Durango model.

Although the SUV was never a real muscle car by any means, with the 5.9 R/T package the Durango is a one of a kind combination of style and substance. It includes factory chrome wheels and a more aggressive stance, the paint jobs were custom as well coming in black and navy blue.

9 Ford Thunderbird

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One of the more unique rides of the decade was the Ford Thunderbird, which was known as a powerful 2-door coupe that included the same V8 engine that you’ll find in a Ford Mustang.

The Ford Thunderbird was a combination of style and luxury and remained a popular fixture in the Ford lineup for some time. The resale prices on the Ford Thunderbird have been decreasing and if you can get a Thunderbird S/C, you are in for a real treat in terms of style.

8 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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Known as the 2-door Chevrolet Lumina of the nineties, the Chevrolet Monte Carlo has been increasing in popularity among the younger customer base and there is a good reason behind that.

The 2-door coupe came equipped with a powerful V6 and a luxurious interior, and this has made the affordable 2-door coupe quite popular with the teenage demographic. It also has a low resale value and the general availability of the car on the open market makes it easily accessible to teens who are on a budget.

7 Lincoln Navigator

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The original big US luxury SUV was the Lincoln Navigator, and this big bold SUV has been increasing in popularity recently. What makes the original Lincoln Navigator so great is the fact that it is based on the Ford Expedition at the time, and with a powerful Intech V8 and a one of a kind style, there is no reason not to check out this big and bold SUV.

The Lincoln Navigator also has a low resale value which has made the car accessible. This is a one of a kind vehicle that is both comfortable and cheap.

6 Cadillac Escalade

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After the Lincoln Navigator hit the scene, GM was in a scramble to get their own luxury SUV to the market and thus the original Cadillac Escalade was born. The first generation Cadillac Escalade was known as a distinct value over many of the other models on the market at the time.

If the Escalade looks familiar that is because it is a Chevrolet Tahoe with extra body cladding. The Cadillac Escalade came with many unique features and the resale value is quite affordable for the kind of luxury that you’ll get.

5 Mercedes-Benz SL500

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When it comes to the Mercedes-Benz SL500, there was no other 2-door sports coupe that could compete in terms of performance and luxury.

The SL500 has found a large following on the used car market. The ride has interesting features such as an electronic convertible top and a sports shift transmission. Not to mention the stylish exterior that ran for an entire decade and made it one of the most memorable cars of a generation in terms of style and luxury, even to this day.

4 Ford Escort ZX2

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One of the more affordable examples of a compact car was the Ford Escort ZX2, which was actually a sports model of the Ford Escort compact car. The Ford Escort ZX2 was unique looking with a sporty engine and a lightweight design, which is what made the car a decent seller for Ford and one of the more unique cars around during the nineties.

The Ford Escort ZX2 has gained a cult following during its time - although the car is out of production, the resale value on the used car market is quite affordable for teenagers to snatch these up.

3 Ford Explorer

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One of the most well known and hottest selling vehicles of the nineties was the Ford Explorer, which sold millions of vehicles during its ten year run in the nineties.

Recently, the Ford Explorer has increased in terms of popularity and sales on the used car market. Teenagers love these older models because of the powerful V8 engine and a variation of a two-door and a four-door design. This makes the Explorer a great recreational rig which you can take off-road or drive to college.

2 Suzuki X-90

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Suzuki was one of the rarer brands of the nineties which was mostly known for their Samurai sports utility vehicle. However, there was another Suzuki model that was increasing in popularity as well and that is the Suzuki X-90.

What made the Suzuki X-90 unique was the Targa top and the two-door coupe design. This made the X-90 a much greater option and one of the most unique two-door SUV models that you can get on the used car market.

1 Daewoo Lanos

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When the Daewoo brand came to the US market, the car was quite unique in that it was advertised by word of mouth by college students, this created a brand that wasn’t really well known at the time.

The Daewoo brand never survived past the new millennium, but the compact Daewoo Lanos has become a popular little compact car that teenagers are snatching up. The affordable price and the lightweight and gas efficient design makes for an excellent first car.

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