A-List Rides: The 25 Coolest Cars In Hollywood

Hollywood, California: The home of the celebrity. Not just one, either, but almost all of them, actors and performers alike, along with directors, producers, and studios. Hollywood is an iconic place in the US, perhaps one of the most famous areas of the world. With good reason, too, where Superstars and famous people live their lives, go to their movie sets and studios, to work, to perform, to play their current roles in blockbuster movie hits.

Celebrities are famous for many reasons, usually, it has to do with having starring roles in blockbuster movies or fictional TV shows, but sometimes, like in the case of the Kardashians, from reality TV and the extreme dramatization of their own lives. A number of wildly successful musicians live in the area as well. There's just about one thing all of these actors, actresses, and performers have in common. And what is that?

Wealth. With great fame comes great wealth, and many luxurious things with it. One of the biggest statements of wealth almost every celebrity indulges in once they are famous is a fancy car or many fancy cars. A-listers in Hollywood can't just be seen in any old car, they need the fanciest, the fastest, and the most expensive. A famous person must show off their status to live in Hollywood. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the craziest and coolest (and most expensive) cars in all of Hollywood, and the celebrities who drive them around.

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25 Steven Tyler's Hennessey Venom GT Spyder

via motortrend.com

Steven Tyler, whose claim to fame comes from the wildly popular and successful band Aerosmith, has managed to stay relevant over the years despite the fact that his band has been well past its prime for decades.

His wealth, of course, has lasted for just as long, and he recently acquired one of the coolest custom cars made, a Hennessey Venom GT, which is essentially a Lotus Exige shell with a thousand horsepower engine inside of it, giving it a phenomenal power to weight ratio, and, well, everything else is phenomenal too. Good choice, Steven.

24 50 Cent's Chrome Lamborghini Aventador

via wallpaperbrowse.com

50 Cent is known for his wildly successful rapping career, that and the fact that he's been shot nine times and lived to tell the story. While that has been over fifteen years ago now, 50 cent is still found in Hollywood.

He can sometimes be spotted around town driving this beast: a custom neon yellow and chrome Lamborghini Aventador Spyder, a truly stunning beast of a car that looks about as sick as it can get. That growling V12 under the hood sounds amazing, too, even at low speeds, hinting and sputtering, threatening everyone within earshot with 730 horsepower lurking, ready at any moment.

23 Floyd Mayweather's Bugatti Veyron

via dailybuzz.ch

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the most famous and well-known boxers of this generation, and he is most assuredly one of the wealthiest people in Hollywood. He is, as a matter of fact, the highest paid athlete in the world, and according to Investopedia, has a net worth of almost a billion dollars. That's a lot of money, almost too much to even comprehend.

Naturally, then, he can be seen driving around with any number of various hypercars, like this one, his all-white Bugatti Veyron convertible. In this photo, according to daily buzz.ch, he is just pulling into the gym.

22 Jay-Z's Pagani Zonda

via pinterest.com

The Pagani Zonda is a truly incredible machine, the kind of supercar that pushes the edge of the envelope of what's even possible to do with a car, upon breaking the rules of physics. With a 6 liter Mercedes V12 power plant pushing out almost 800 horsepower and an incredibly light body, this car is lightning fast.

Jay Z, known as one of the most accomplished rappers of all time, owns a Pagani Zonda, showing that while he may not ever use this on a race track, he at least knows how to pick a great car, and not just an overly luxurious status symbol to prove a point.

21 Dan Bilzerian's 6X6 AMG G63

via autoevolution.com

Dan Bilzerian is a mega-rich internet superstar who has made his money primarily as a poker player. He has, in more recent times, become a social media superstar due to his status and wealth, which, of course, only increases upon his fame and fortune. His luxurious lifestyle draws millions of people to engage with his posts online.

One example of this outrageous and lavish lifestyle is his decision to buy one of these: a truly titan AMG G63 that's been heavily modified into a 6x6 off-road behemoth. This really is a car catered to those with too much money to spend.

20 Floyd Mayweather's Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

via thedrive.com

The Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita is one of the most expensive supercars ever built, and it's also one of the most advanced. With a diamond filled fiber weave comprising the entire body, there is no paint on this car, because that is the color of the special material that Koenigsegg designed themselves, just for the car.

Floyd Mayweather bought this car for somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 million, chump change to the highest paid athlete right now, as well as merely the sixth athlete to earn over $1 billion, according to Forbes. He recently sold his Koenigsegg, for less than half he bought it for.

19 Snoop Dogg's 1967 Pontiac Parisienne

via superfly-autos.com

Snoop Dogg is perhaps the most iconic rapper in current times, a household name known by virtually every person across most parts of the globe. He's endured quite a long career, too, filled with successes and fame left and right.

His car choice embodies his genuine lifestyle, too, with one of his most prize possessions: a baller 1967 Pontiac Parisienne, decked out to the nines with pin striping, upholstery, and the works. The yellow convertible must be an awesome time to cruise down the wide California Streets in the evening sunshine, or in the lights of the city at night.

18 Jay Leno's McLaren P1

via motorauthority.com

Most people are well aware that Jay Leno has a thing for cars, a big thing, really, considering he has one of the biggest car collections around. We shied away from adding to many of his cars to this lineup for the sake of variety, but his collection is truly magnanimous.

It includes this car, too, one of the fastest hybrids ever to see the face of the Earth: the McLaren P1, a hybrid supercar capable of reaching sixty in just barely over two seconds, and a phenomenal power output of 903 horsepower. Talk about insane.

17 Manny Pacquiao's Ferrari 458 Italia

via pinterest.com

Manny Pacquiao is a renown boxer, who in fairly recent times went head to head against Floyd Mayweather in a fight that earned them both an insane sum of money. Pacquiao lost that fight, but he is an inordinately talented fighter, so he has a lot of money at his disposal.

This is one of the cars he decided to spend some of that money on: the Ferrari 458 Italia. This car is a quintessential Ferrari, and one of their all around better supercars in recent times. The Italia is a 570 horsepower V8 and some wheels, with nothing but Italian perfection in between.

16 Shaq's Vaydor

via blog.dupontregistry.com

Shaq is quite the dynamic personality, especially considering his massive height and success in the sports world. One of the things that he truly has a passion for is cars and his car collection. His collection is a bit different than most, though, considering many of the cars he owns have to be customized to his rather tall size of just over seven feet.

The Vaydor is a fairly new supercar that is desirable due to the fact that it is one of the most customizable supercars anyone can buy. Shaq had his customized for his body, even with bigger gas and brake pedals for his huge shoe size.

15 Tom Cruise's Bugatti Veyron

via nbcwashington.com

Tom Cruise is most assuredly one of the more interesting and unique celebrities to live their extravagant life in the ritzy city of Hollywood, and his choice in cars reflects that, always wanting the fastest and the craziest. Which, a Bugatti Veyron fits the bill.

Perhaps the most obvious thing Tom Cruise is known for is doing all of his own stunts. As he's made that his habit, he's learned a lot of skills in the process. His driving skills are extraordinary as well, due to this, so it wouldn't come as a surprise to find out that he has driven this machine like it's supposed to be: very fast.

14 Beyonce's 1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

via pinterest.com

Beyonce, married to Jay-Z, is one classy lady, who has found superstardom due to her own successful music career. Her career has been a long one, too, truth be told, and over all those years of phenomenal success, she has amassed for herself quite a lot of money.

Which, as we can see, has led to her purchasing a very expensive car. Not just any expensive car, either, no typical supercars or brand new extreme luxury nonsense. This girl has gone retro, and bought for herself an incredible 1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Talk about a wise investment.

13 David Beckham's Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

via pinterest.com

David Beckham is one of the various athletes that we've featured in this list, athletes who have found major success in their field (no pun intended) and decided to use some of that success to acquire fancy cars. This is most assuredly no exception, because David Beckham is often seen driving the streets with his two sons in his favorite car: a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead.

There really can't be anything quite like driving one of the world's most finely crafted machines with the top down on a perfect sunny afternoon. Well played, David Beckham, and good car choice.

12 Jay Leno's Mercedes SLR McLaren

via cnbc.com

This is one of only two cars we are featuring of Jay Leno's, because if we didn't hold back at all, the entire list could be only his. Yes, it's a well known fact that Jay Leno loves cars, and he has a truly incredible car collection, a warehouse full of collector cars worth millions of dollars.

So, we'll just feature this one: his Mercedes SLR McLaren, an inordinately expensive car that really only has such a big price tag because it is Mercedes, and McLaren, so it goes fast. It may not warrant the extravagant $300,000+ price tag, but it's a pretty sweet car nonetheless.

11 Jay-Z's Maybach Exelero

via youtube.com

The Maybach Exelero is a one off car made by the luxury company, and it is one fascinating and interesting car. It has been featured in Jay Z's music video "Lost One," with good reason.

The car is really a unique symbol, exuding opulence and class, wealth and riches. The Exelero is technically a two seater coupe, but it is about as long as a school bus, seemingly. It makes sense, considering that if you're paying night $8 million for a luxury car, you want to be completely encased and surrounded in fuzzy opulence and luxuriousness.

10 Jerry Seinfeld's Porsche 959

via sndfilms.com

It's not very well known that Jerry Seinfeld is an avid collector of Porsche models. In recent years, he has been known for his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but before that, it was relatively under wraps that Jerry loved cars. A lot, in fact, and his Porsche collection is quite impressive.

There's a lot of good cars in it, too, and the ultra rare Porsche 959 is one of them. It is based off of an originally non road legal Group B rally car, hosting an incredible sequential twin-turbocharged flat six engine, a truly unique gearbox with a sixth gear especially for off-road, and a body made of Kevlar and aluminum.

9 Justin Bieber's Chrome Fisker Karma

via nydailynews.com

Justin Bieber is known for getting quite a large number of speeding tickets in this very chrome clad car. It's understandable, too, considering how cool of a ride it is that he has, an extraordinarily fast EV sports luxury car.

The Fisker Karma is a luxury car with over 400 horsepower, a total varying range of 300 miles, and it's wildly popular amongst almost all celebrities. According to fiskerbuzz.com, celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher, Joe Jonas, and Cee Lo Green, just to name a few, own one. It's not only one of the more powerful EV's out there, but also one of the trendiest.

8 Kim Kardashian's Ferrari F430

via topspeed.com

If there was anyone who perhaps would never really utilize a Ferrari in all the ways that it could be, and all the ways it should be appreciated, that person might just be Kim Kardashian, who's claim to fame comes from, well, being herself.

Her success as a celebrity has been quite a long and fascinating journey, marrying to a few celebrities before finally settling down with her current family and children. It might be safe to say that no one besides Kim K would be talking on their cell phone nonchalantly while driving a supercar.

7 Lady Gaga's Audi R8 GT

via dsadventuregear.blogspot.com

The Audi R8 is one of the coolest and well designed supercars out there, and it's on the lower end of the price range, too. Relatively speaking, of course, as it still is a luxury supercar.

Lady Gaga, known for her groundbreaking musical career and more recently for her great acting skills in movies, owns the GT version of the Audi R8, which makes it just a little bit better in a number of ways, with a lighter curb weight, 560 horses, up from before, along with more torque. This is German engineering at its finest, and shows that Lady Gaga has some serious taste in cars.

6 Lil Wayne's Aston Martin Vanquish

via forums.vwvortex.com

Lil Wayne continues to have a seriously successful career as a rapper and musician over the years, and he made sure that his lifestyle has reflected it, in music videos and personal life choices. One of his decisions as a wealthy and successful young rapper was to buy, rather surprisingly, an Aston Martin Vanquish.

The Vanquish is a pretty sweet car, all things considered, and it hails from Great Britain. It carries perhaps the most prestige within its badge than any other car brand, with good reason, and to buy an Aston Martin at a cheap price isn't really a thing. Good choice on the part of Lil Wayne, good taste.

5 Nicholas Cage's Ferrari Enzo

via royalfashionist.com

Nicholas Cage at one time in his acting career had won awards for his skills and ability as an actor, but in more recent years is known for his featuring in a truly phenomenal amount of films, films that are not exactly good, really, not at all. Second rate low budget films that are borderline comical. Except for his most recent film, Mandy, which garnered a large amount of acclaim.

His car of choice: A Ferrari Enzo. According to royalfashionist.com, "With F1 technology, the Enzo Ferrari is a 12 cylinder mid-engine berlinetta named after the company's founder."

4 Patrick Dempsey's 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE

via tonystake.com

Many people, especially women, will recognize Patrick Dempsey for his various roles in movies and TV shows, namely the hugely successful Grey's Anatomy. But, what many might not know about him is that he is an avid car person, and more than that a successful driver, too, having taken part in a number of races.

He collects cars, too, like the beautiful 1969 Mercedes 280 SE he's leaning on in this picture, impeccably restored and maintained, spotless. He really is a car guy, too, not just a man worried about appearances. He has passions, and the ability to follow through with them.

3 Jerry Seinfeld's 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder

via epictimes.com

Epictimes.com tells us little more about this photo: "Jerry Seinfeld poses with his 1955 Porsche Spyder, on display at the Porsche exhibit at the Los Angeles Auto Show, where Porsche celebrated the worldwide debut of the new 2009 Boxster and Cayman at a press conference Wednesday afternoon."

Jerry is well known for his show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, but his extensive collection of Porsche's has been a little less well known until fairly recently. He is an avid collector, and this is for sure one of his coolest cars in his collection, a retro rare Porsche from 1955.

2 Samuel L. Jackson's Maybach S

via youtube.com

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most prolific actors of our time, and that's not in a bad way at all, considering he is a pretty amazing actor and has played some of the most lovable roles in all of Hollywood over the span of his career. And he isn't finished, yet, either, with plenty of upcoming roles in movies.

His car of choice: a Mercedes Maybach S, fully customized for his tastes, complete with a mini fridge for champagne and a solar roof so the AC can run while the engine is off. It's the finer things in life, right?

1  Ice T's Nissan GTR

via nsxprime.com

Ice T is a phenomenally successful rapper who, in all reality, has lost almost all of his relevancy. It has just been a little bit too long since his major blowup and success story, and no one talks about him much anymore, not many still listen to him, he might as well be retired.

That's saying nothing of his talent and success, though, or his car choice: a Nissan GTR. These cars are pretty sweet supercars from Japan, with engines assembled in hermetically sealed rooms, tires filled with nitrogen, and many other things to make a fast, fine tuned machine.

Sources: World Lifestyle, Motor Trend & Daily Buzz

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