The 20 Coolest Private Garages Hiding Underneath People’s Homes

It’s one thing to have luxury cars, another thing entirely to have a luxurious garage to store them in. Having a personal garage to store one's cars in is serious business. It doesn’t just protect the cars but can also lend insight into the owner and their style. A samurai sword looks cool, but it’s missing something without a proper sheath.

Car owners with money have proven they’re willing to spend as much money (or sometimes even more) on garages as they are on the cars that go in them. It goes without saying, these are some expensive cars. The garages alone are enough to incite awe though.

Many of these garages are not only private but reside hidden underground. They’re like real-life Batcaves that even Bruce Wayne would be envious of. Employing state-of-the-art technology, owners have access to their concealed cars at a moment’s notice. Plus, they provide owners with the perfect retreat for when they want some time alone.

These garages not only attract envy but show what new and innovative ways owners are using to store their precious vehicles. Even securely locked-down museums should take pointers on how private estates are handling the preservation of its cars.

Gathered here is a compilation of hidden garages underground that are hard to believe exist today. Some of them use complex elevators, others take advantage of the unique landscape to carve out a space below the surface for their treasures, while all of them show off the lengths of lavishness one goes to in order to keep cars safe.

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20 Tunnel System

via nengen.club

It may not give the most comprehensive view of the garage below ground, but it shows how complex they can become. It’s one thing to carve out a ramp that descends into an underground garage; it’s another thing entirely to employ lifts that move cars from the depths to the surface.

It’s clear—from the mechanisms pictured here—that it’s all possible by hydraulic lifts. Seen here is a luxury car from Mercedes-Benz, one of the finest automakers in the world. There’s even some nice wooden paneling in the background, suggesting it took a lot of work (and money) to make this underground garage a reality.

19 Jordan Spieth’s Mansion

via Dallas Morning News Sports

Professional golfer Jordan Spieth didn’t cut corners when it came to his mansion or the garage underneath. According to the Dallas News, the garage is able to house 12 cars in all. This angle gives a glimpse of the hidden garage below the property, with a pickup and SUV visible.

Even the garage looks well-lit and maintained. If looking straight on at the house, the garage wouldn't be as clearly seen, making it hidden and out of reach. Spieth ended up paying $7.1 million for the property back in 2016. In all, the main house spans a whopping 10,000 square feet.

18 Porsche Cradle

via Stylish Eve

It doesn’t get classier than an elevator that rises up out of the ground to reveal a Porsche Carrera. Most drivers in urban settings have parked their cars underground in public parking garage. It’s usually a stressful experience finding the car, contending with other drivers and having to pay a fee.

This underground parking experience is in a whole different ballpark. A space in the ground that’s the perfect shape for a car rises up out of a stone path to reveal a sports car. This is a lot cooler than a bookcase that splits in half to reveal a lavish entertainment system.

17 Hidden Garage Driveway

via Pinterest

There’s a clear focus in this photo, but before we get into it, let’s take in the surroundings. At first glance, it looks as if the property is still in the past, with an older style of architecture and, possibly, farmland. It’s the perfect mixture of rustic with the state-of-the-art garage that’s underneath the property.

A long bar of lawn raises up to reveal a narrow ramp slithering down into the earth below. One can only imagine the cars down below, along with how many are able to fit. One Pinterest user suggests it’s cheaper to go this route than with a lift.

16 European Estate

via Bustler

Even in the darkness of night, this photo perfectly captures both the mansion above the surface and its hidden lair of cars underneath. On the right side, according to Bustler, is an 8,000 square foot pond. The ramp descends right down the middle of the pond to an underground parking garage. This is where the estate’s vehicles reside, along with any that belong to its guests.

The firm HOSPER is behind the project, which rests close to Amsterdam. It’s a blending of two worlds: an older European style with a state-of-the-art parking garage that’s easily accessible but hidden below the ground.

15 Bowdon Property

via How To Spend It Financial Times

This photo provides a glimpse into a basement garage that’s more akin to a hotel lobby. The site How To Spend It reports that the property resides in Bowdon, a suburb of Manchester. Not only is the underground space ideal for parking luxury cars, but the entire house is full of state-of-the-art technology.

One of the cars here is a McLaren 650S, which the owner loves to display on a 360-degree rotating stage. He also has a Bentley Bentayga and Aston Martin Vanquish, according to the same source. It’s fitting these cars should get a garage that can match their luxury and value.

14 Disguised Parking Space

via edmolift.com

Several companies offer to install car lifts on properties for those who are able to afford it. Edmolift provided this service for a property in England, according to the company’s website. Part of what can make it costly is that it’s unique to every property. The site notes that this particular build is a single scissor lift table. Here it’s lifted about halfway to the top.

In other photos, it shows the top of the lift blended perfectly with the rest of flooring around it. There is, however, a square-like shape of the outline where the lift actually ascends.

13 Beverly Hills Mansion

via Pinterest

Beverly Hills has a reputation for its sunshine, wealth and lavish properties. This photo proves that all three are still thriving in the Los Angeles community today. According to Business Insider, this property went on sale for $85 million. Before jumping to any conclusions about its worth, consider that it has eight bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. Not enough?

Then there's also a wine cellar and movie theater. Still not sufficient? In that case, it comes with an underground garage. Sold! As one can see, the driveway splits off into upper and lower paths, with the latter leading to a garage James Bond and Q would be proud of.

12 Chalet

via decoholic.org

Everyone wants to be James Bond, but few get to live like it. Few can argue this estate doesn’t live up to that aspiration. For one, it’s located in south-eastern France, as per Decoholic, surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Second, it’s a roomy and comfortable Chalet with a wine cellar, lavish decorations, and indoor pool.

Best of all though is the enormous garage. What makes it stand out are the wooden walls and photos of legendary racers and actors. The same source notes that the garage is able to accommodate any kind of car, whether it be a 4x4 or even a limousine.

11 22-Car Garage

via Realtor.com

For many, this garage would be nice enough to live out of. The site Realtor reports that it’s in Lake Arrowhead, California, and is worth $13.9 million. The house is 16,000 square feet and has a garage that’s half the size. That’s enough to fit, what the same source confirms, 22 cars.

We don’t know anyone that has 22 cars, but we’re sure they’re out there. A car collector built it, which explains why there’s so much real estate for parking cars. There’s even a work area portioned off in the garage where one can perform repairs or tune up vehicles.

10 Contemporary Pad

via Pinterest

Homes like this exist around the world and it’s hard to believe. Underneath this modern mansion is an underground floor where the owner can store their fleet of cars. Other photos even reveal a series of colorful motorcycles. According to the site Airows, it's located in Ecuador.

The firm responsible for making it a dream home is Diego Guayasamin Arquitectos. The garage floor looks as well-lit as the entire grounds, whether it’s the multiple steps leading up to the house or the outside patio. This is the way to store cars in style while living in one of the coolest houses.

9 Villa

via Luxurydefined.christiesrealestate.com

Like stockpiles of valuable jewels, many wealthy owners keep their car collection underground. According to Christie’s International Real Estate, this underground showroom is part of an estate in Vienna. There’re a total of eight cars in all, from luxury sedans to what appear to be race cars.

It looks to be a lot more than a simple showroom though with bookcases on the wall and chandeliers. There’s also a piano and pieces of artwork hung up, having more in common with a secluded man cave. Those with keen eyes will even spot the corner of a pool table on the right side of the frame.

8 Private Parking

via Pinterest

This gives an idea of how far deep this underground parking area goes below a property. There’s little information about this estate, but one Pinterest user appears to indicate it's in the Netherlands. An eye-catching tile design paves the ramp leading down into the garage.

At the top of the path is a black gate, which is a recognizable symbol of private estates. The garage itself is bare and doesn’t have too much occupying its space. There’s a luxury car and what appears to be a minivan parked, but this angle makes the garage look otherwise empty, leaving plenty of room for more vehicles.

7  Grass Lift

via YouTube user Aodysseoskarvounas

Unless you’re a kid, elevators aren’t that exciting. The more elevators we ride, the older it gets. People can’t say the same about this one, however. It’s unlike most elevators out there because it carries something unique: a car. Not only that, but it comes out of the ground—from out of a patch of green lawn, to be exact.

A short clip of the car rising out of the ground—on what is more than likely a hydraulic lift—is on YouTube by user Aodysseoskarvounas. It takes a couple of minutes for the car to emerge, which only adds to the suspense. We bet it never gets old pushing the button to summon the car.

6 Spacious Garage

via HGTV

Often, it’s the simplest designed garages that stand out the most. This one may not boast lots of artwork or a wine cellar, but it serves as a roomy place to store cars underneath the property. The stone paving is eye-catching, and the entire floor is well-lit. Three cars occupy the garage with plenty of room for more. From left to right there’s a sedan and two SUVs.

The entrance is wide open and appears to have a slight ramp on the left that leads to the street. Tall fencing is visible outside surrounding the property’s perimeter as a layer of protection.

5 Underground Garage For Race Cars

via pixshark.com

Here’s a garage that does more than store cars. It also seconds as a man cave with a particular focus on racing. At least eight cars are visible, all ranging from stylish sports cars to performance ones. The walls show a deep affinity for racing. Racing jumpsuits hang from up high surrounded by small framed photos.

There’s even a drawing that shows the course of a race track. All the cars look like they’re in pristine condition, which makes one wonder whether they’re ever taken out for a spin. They all sit on a floor that echoes racing culture with checkered print in black and white.

4 Private Car Lift

via seesinc.com

How one parks and stores their car shows the extent of love they have for automobiles. It doesn’t matter if they have the money or not. They may park it in a dumpy garage but cover it up with a tarp. On the other side of the spectrum, those who can afford it go to great lengths to preserve their automobiles.

This photo shows a lift that’s located in a garage. It’s not as cool as a car coming out of someone’s front lawn, but it’s a smart way to use the space (should anyone want to fit more cars in the garage).

3 Modern Sanctuary

via homedit.com

This house looks like something out of a dystopian movie. The architecture is pale white, rigid and there’s something ominous about its appearance. The best part about it though is the underground garage underneath. Surrounded by trees and foliage, this house looks like the perfect sanctuary to store luxury cars hidden from the public. The only thing missing is a gate that prevents anyone from pulling up.

It’s common for private garages to have robust security that keeps trespassers out, but this one lacks any of those features. At least it’s more isolated on its own and not surrounded by other buildings.

2 Prestigious Garage

via Pinterest

It’s hard to imagine owning an underground garage like this, let alone driving through one. One would be lucky to even know a friend who owns a garage like this. The only oddity is there’s only one car and a lot of room. The architecture along the wall on the left side of the garage looks medieval.

There’s even an elaborate symbol made out of stones on the floor that adds character to the surroundings; not to mention the elaborate lighting. It’s a garage fit for a king that feels like the catacombs of an ancient castle that’s hidden deep underground.

1 Tennis Court Passage

via Motor1

Imagine there’s a mansion. It has all the intrigues common among mansions. That means it has gardens, a tennis court, a wine cellar, an enormous pool, beautiful architecture and more. It’s enough to impress guests at the sheer wealth and opulence of a property with so many features.

Now imagine that a section of the tennis court lifts up—it’s wide enough for a car to drive through and reveals a whole underground garage. According to Motor1, the garage houses an Aston Martin, a Maserati, and a Mercedes. Although the garage isn’t pictured here, it can’t get better than the entrance itself.

Sources: Pinterest, Business Insider, Pinterest, Motor1 & Airows

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