The Fresco Motors Reverie Electric Sedan Hopes To Give Tesla A Run For Its Money

Norway, which purchases more EVs per capita than any other country in the world, will now have its very own electric car.

Fresco Motors, an EV startup based in Norway, has launched a new electric sedan which it hopes will rival the Tesla Model S and Model 3. Norway, which purchases more EVs per capita than any other country in the world, will now have its very own electric car: The Reverie.

The Fresco Reverie, which will feature an AC induction motor and a 4-speed automatic gearbox with overdrive, is expected to go from 0 to 62 mph in just 2 seconds and achieve a top speed of 186 mph. The EV will also include state of the art features, such as portable batteries. The electric sedan will measure 189.4 inches long, 87.8 inches wide, and 55.1 inches tall.

“It’s common amongst owners of vehicles with internal combustion engines to have jerrycans. Why shouldn’t owners of electric vehicles have the same?” the company says, adding that the Reverie will come with a wireless charging pad.

The car’s modular battery reduces service time and if a module suffers damage, it is not necessary to replace the entire battery, which weighs approximately 1,100 lbs, the company says.

Currently, Norway’s fleet of electric vehicles is the largest per capita in the world. In March 2014, the country became the first country where one out of every 100 cars on the road was an EV. By 2018, 10 percent of all cars were electric. Currently, the Norwegian plug-in car segment market share is 49.1 percent. The best-selling passenger car model in 2018 was the Nissan Leaf, which marked the first time an all-electric car topped annual sales of the passenger car segment in any country.

Aside from Tesla, Fresco Motors will also compete with Nissan as well as the upcoming VW ID.3. Until now, Norway has never had a major automaker. That is expected to change with the expansion of Fresco Motors. According to CEO Espen Kvalvik, given their research, EV buyers in Norway would prefer a local brand. So far more than 70 Norwegians have reserved the car without even seeing it.

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The demand is not surprising given that last year the European Federation for Transport and Environment found that EV adoption is being hindered by an inadequate supply of electric cars to meet the existing level of demand.

Although Fresco has not announced pricing or even a timeline for the availability of its electric sedan, it started taking reservations this week.

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