The 18 Most Embarrassing Car Selfies Ever Snapped

Get behind the wheel, get those phones out, and start snapping some ridiculous car selfies that could rival these embarrassing snaps.

It should come as no surprise to people that with all of the selfies out there, there are quite a few mixed in that were either taken outside of cars or even while driving. In addition to that, it really should not surprise anyone that there are some pretty ridiculous and embarrassing car selfies out there too. A lot of people try to hide their embarrassing moments when it comes to cars (we think that's because car culture is such a serious deal) but that doesn't mean that we haven't found some pretty ridiculous photos for everyone to enjoy.

From people being towed to getting pulled over by the cops and from creepy faces to cookie faces...and dog faces...there are just really some strange and embarrassing selfies out there when it comes to driver and their passengers. In some cases, the driver is hanging out the window or doorway (where there is no door at all) taking the photo.

But why are we telling you all about it here in the intro? That is just a silly thing to do. So, get behind the wheel, get those phones out, and start snapping some ridiculous car selfies that could rival these embarrassing snaps.

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18 Yup, Two Tickets...Don't Tell Mom


Here's the thing, this seems to be like a pretty interesting father...for a couple of reasons. First of all, he's in the driver's seat and he's taking a selfie. But what is it that he's taking a selfie of? It looks like he may have been given two tickets. For what? Who knows? But by the look on his face, he seems pretty guilty about something and we're pretty sure that taking a selfie of that isn't going to help with the conversation he's going to have to have with his wife when he gets back with the kids.

17 A Happy Accident


Alright, if there were a bunch of other people around in a muddy track and there were a number of cars smashed up, we might consider that this photo would make a whole lot more sense and the smile on the guy's face would be right. A smash-up derby would make sense. But this guy is smiling way too much standing next to his completely battered car. We don't think that's something to be proud of or happy about. We'd be embarrassed for both having such a sad-looking car as well as having that car completely battered.

16 Goldilocks & The Three Bears


This is something that we are pretty sure the driver would not find at all embarrassing but...well, let's be honest here, there is something truly ridiculous about this photo. We all know what happened to Goldilocks when she came face to face with the three bears. And we all know what would have happened in real life as well. Now, this won't end the same way with stuffies, but she is totally blocking her rearview and that still could end things pretty badly.

15 Just A Little Neglect


This is just sad. We are not entirely sure what that rusty junker car is sitting there on cinder blocks in this guy's backyard but I think that showing it off is a bit embarrassing for this guy. Even if it's not actually his own backyard or car, this photo certainly makes it seem that way and all we can think of here is that he is guilty of some severe neglect and should be wearing a look of deep sadness and shame rather than this self-dignified look of defiance. That rooster probably takes better care of that car than this guy.

14 Time For The Polka


We are certainly curious about this selfie snap for sure. Is the guy in the foreground taking the photo with the couple on the background with that polka dot SUV? We sincerely hope not. But, the fact that he thought the car was even worth appearing in a photo, let alone a photo with his own face in it, is pretty ridiculous. Not to mention entirely embarrassing. Not just for the couple who owns the car in the first place, but the fact that this guy decided he needed to take a selfie with it.

13 Could You Put The Phone Down Please?


What must be going through someone's mind when they have already been pulled over by the cops (likely for being on their phone in the first place) and then they hold it up to take a selfie with the cop right at the window? Sure, that takes a certain amount of courage (or stupidity) but we are pretty sure that cop is not thrilled and how embarrassing is it to take an awkward-smiling selfie showing proof of being caught by the fuzz? The cop looks like he's about to reach in and take the phone from this kid.

12 Breakdown


Well, we cannot deny that this isn't an average car selfie, that's for sure. There is something about this one that is less embarrassing for the guy who is taking the selfie than the guy who is working on his car while this drag queen runs up and takes the photo in the first place. If we were stuck on the side of the road, unable to move out of the way, we're pretty sure that we would be embarrassed that someone, drag queen or not, was taking selfies with our stranded cars and selves.

11 Dog-Headed Driver


Realistically, this photo is probably more embarrassing for the dog than the ridiculous people in the car, to begin with. There is something about this shot that is actually pretty hilarious. It does sort of look like that this dog's head is the head of the driver and that is amusing but given the fact that this guy is driving and also has his phone out like a moron does not really allow for the cuteness of the dog to overtake the embarrassing and ridiculous nature of this photo. It's too bad that people have to mess with good animal photos.

10 The Cookie Monster


Oh, those jam-filled cookies that have faces cut out of them. Sticky and somewhat of a pain, we think. There is one thing that must be said for the girl in the driver's seat here. At least there is pretty well no way for people to truly identify her from this photo alone. Thankfully, for her, no one can see her face nor her plates so no one will know who it was that ended up the model for this ridiculous photo. In that sense, we guess it can't be embarrassing but if we knew who she was...that would be a different story, for sure.

9 The Incredible Driving Dog


Alright, this is a cute photo, for sure. We cannot really deny that much at all. That dog is sat nice and upright and looks like he has a pretty good handle on driving this car. However, why might this be embarrassing? I think it has to do with the fact that these guys are actually driving down the road with a dog at the wheel. Readers might be able to notice that the actual driver of the car has not one single hand on the wheel. That is mildly unsettling, to say the least. And the dog probably drives better than him.

8 Tow Truck Tales


In spite of what anyone else might think here, we are pretty sure that this guy is a little too amused by the fact that his car is up on the flatbed of a tow truck. I mean, he certainly does not look all that upset about it. We are just baffled because, let's be honest, who really wants to advertise the fact that they had to tow out their car unless they are just getting some proof together for an insurance claim? And if that's the case, the photo wouldn't come from the back window of the tow truck...

7 The Crazy Eyes!


Alright, we are reasonably sure that this guy is about to take a ride in or just came back from a ride in a pretty vintage truck but we are not entirely sure that this excuses the crazy eyes he's giving his phone camera. We totally get wanting to look cool or excited after hopping behind the wheel of a cool vintage piece of machinery but those eyes just say "creep" way more than they say "this is so awesome." He sort of looks like he's not even sure how he got in the truck in the first place.

6 Proud To Be Pulled Over


Alright, we get that sometimes it is fun to stick it to the man and get the cops a bit riled about some nutty driving. How else would street racing truly exist? But having that smug look on one's face when having been caught and pulled over by the fuzz is a little ridiculous. First of all, they got the guy. Second of all, they got the guy. We wouldn't be proud of being pulled over. We'd be embarrassed that they actually caught us. He should have a look of sadness, not of satisfaction.

5 No Door...?


Alright, there are a couple of things that make this selfie a bit strange and a bit embarrassing. First of all, it's a bit ridiculous for this guy to be sticking his hear out of the car, while driving, to take a selfie. That may not be the safest thing to do in the world. In addition to that, readers may notice that this guy actually has no door. That isn't a sliding van door that has been opened up, there is actually just no door. So he is sticking his head out of a moving vehicle that has no door. We would certainly be embarrassed to bring attention to that.

4 Gran & Gramps Out For A Ride


I get it. There is nothing wrong with being totally comfortable with one's grandparents and even being proud of them. Loving and appreciating family is important. But we have to admit here that there is just no way that granny and gramps here are at all impressed with their grandson taking a selfie of them while he's driving them home or to their next appointment. Granny looks especially unimpressed and disinterested. That is the embarrassing part of this selfie.

3 Corden Covered Up


Alright, this is technically a selfie, even though neither of these people is actually holding on to a camera. This is part of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke where there is a dash cam setup to film him and his guest. So, he is taking footage of himself. That makes it a selfie. Who does he have with him? Lady Gaga. And why is this embarrassing? Well, James Corden embarrasses himself on his show every episode (on purpose) but here neither he nor Gaga are even looking at the road

2 Cruising Selfie


Alright, it's bad enough that this guy is showing off the fact that he's not even driving a very attractive car, to begin with but in addition to that, he is also taking a selfie out the driver's side window while he's driving down the road. Sure, he's in a tropical climate and good for him, but he's embarrassing himself by showing off that sad car and his lack of care when it comes to sticking his arm out the window just to get a shot of himself cruising down an empty road.

1 Let's Take A Selfie!


Well, here is a rare selfie photo. It's a photo of someone taking a selfie rather than just the selfie photo itself. This is a very strange place to be found taking a selfie though. In the middle of traffic, some guy (who actually turned out to be a celebrity) just whips out his phone to some passenger and they share a moment while these lines of traffic wish they were moving? And in addition to that, there is someone further along the lineup taking a photo of these two taking a photo together? The whole situation is just silly.

Sources: Twitter, WFXL.com

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