20 Wraps And Paint Jobs People Actually Did To Their Cars

Custom wraps have been one of the newest trends in the tuner scene.

Custom paint jobs can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on what the paint is made out of, or the amount of detail that was put into a design. Recently, new ways of changing the color of a vehicle have been developed, like applying a vinyl wrap or having a peel-able paint sprayed over the existing paint. These techniques have made changing the color of a vehicle easier, faster, and more affordable.

Vinyl wrapping is essentially like a shrink wrap that is applied to a vehicle and can be installed by a professional in a fraction of the time that a new paint job would, with a lot less prep work involved. According to 3m’s website, they offer vinyl wraps in 100s of existing colors in addition to having the ability to completely customize anything a customer wants as far as color texture and finish.

Custom wraps have been one of the newest trends in the tuner scene. A vinyl wrap can be easily customized, with the ability to turn any image into a design and then wrapping your car in it. Peel-able paints are another way to change the color of a vehicle, where a special paint is sprayed over the vehicle’s existing paint, in which it can be peeled off when no longer wanted.

Here are 20 examples of the most unique wraps and paints jobs.

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20 As Slow As A Turtle

Via Pinterest.com

This custom Volkswagen Beatle is just all around weird. I can imagine the kind of looks the driver gets when cruising around town in this. The mastermind behind this has gone above and beyond to make this look like a life-like turtle, for who knows what reason. But is it a turtle or is it a tortoise? According to National Geographic, all turtles, tortoises, and terrapins can be classified as a turtle, as it is the umbrella turn used to describe all 200 species under the testudines group. A tortoise is basically just a turtle that can’t go in the water and are easy to tell apart by looking at their feet.

19 Pika Pika

Via Japantrends.com

Pikachu is one of the most well-known Pokémon characters, ever. Where did these little guys even come from? According to Britannica, Pokémon was introduced to the world back in 1995 from its home country, Japan. Pokémon can be played both as a video game and a card game. It is a role-playing game, in which the player builds a team to battle against other player’s teams. The craze eventually died out, but Pokémon recently got popular again after a game called “Pokémon Go” was developed, which was an interactive game that used live locations to make a more live gaming experience.

18 Fast and Loud

Via Pinterest.com

This low rider is something that you would normally see out on the west coast, where the low rider culture was born. But believe it or not this car is on display in Japan. Just like the U.S has adopted the JDM culture, Japan has adopted the low rider culture. According to CNN, lowriding was made popular all the way back in the 40s, when modifying cars to be lowriders along and flashy paint jobs were first born. The extravagant heavy flake paint job shown here is a very signature look in the lowriding scene that Japan has now adopted and have now put their own spin on.

17 Fast Fries

Via Motor1.com

Who doesn’t love French fries? According to National Geographic, many argue that the French Fry is not actually French. Some argue that the fry was actually in discovered in Belgium by U.S soldiers during WWI. They accidentally named them French Fries, due to the fact that most people in Belgium speak French. Others argue that they did originate in France as a street food, some even say they got their start in Spain. There is one thing we can all agree on, that they’re delicious.

16 Purrrrfect

Via 4tuning.ro

Animal prints are one of those things that just don’t seem to go out of style. Here is a Lamborghini that has been completely wrapped in leopard print. Some car cultures are known for being flashy when it comes to their modifications, not caring what others think, and this Lamborghini proves that they are not afraid to do so. According to The Drive, while some people would think this is wrong to do to a car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, this is a common practice in Japan where they are constantly pushing the envelope with their car modification.

15 Breakfast Anyone?

Via FESPA.com

This guy is clearly a breakfast guy. According to GQ, this British artist’s name is Philip Colbert, and this is his custom fried egg BMW 7 series. Not really sure what the inspiration was behind the theme of his ensemble, besides the fact that he said that fried eggs make him laugh. Vinyl wraps have come such a long way in the past few years, people can have virtually any print made into a wrap that they can then have their car wrapped in. The film can be removed just as easily as it was applied, and is much more affordable than a paint job.

14 Sharpie Doodle

Via Topsimages.com

This artist has taken doodling to a whole other level and created a custom one-off paint job. According to Prestige Imports, the Lamborghini is owned by Brett David, who wanted to create a car that has never been done before, which is hard to do in the automotive industry. David contracted Miami street artist, Jona Cerwinske to make the Lambo into a rolling piece of art. David gave Cerwinske permission to doddle all over his Lamborghini, literally. The mural took Cerwinske two weeks to complete and was done completely freehand by only using a sharpie marker. How many sharpies do you think were used?

13 Bad Cat

Via Pinterest.com

This custom paint job is pretty awful, and it would be interesting to know the backstory as to how this came to be. This poor vintage Jaguar has had been ruined by this real-life jaguar paint job. The paws on the side make absolutely no sense, especially in relation to the size of the face of this cat. According to National Geographic, the Jaguar is indigenous to Central and South America and was very relevant in their history. Jaguar comes from the Tupian word “yaguara” which is translated to “beast of prey”.

12  Lightning McQueen

Via Pinterest.com

The owner of this Maserati had it wrapped to make it look identical to “Lightning McQueen” from the hit movie “Cars.” According to Disney, Cars was a Pixar film that came out back in 2006 with additional two sequels. The characters in the film are played by a cast of talking cars, like a tow truck cleverly named “Tow-Mater.” Cars is a heartwarming family movie, with a good lesson to be learned about how life shouldn’t be all about winning and materialistic items. According to MSN, Cars was a hit in the theater, but made an even bigger profit on merchandise, selling over ten million dollar’s worth worldwide!

11 Kids Dream Car

Via Pinterest.com

Matchbox or Hot Wheels are often a kid’s first car, as they are just toys, and you can buy them practically everywhere. Some are collectors’ items that have been sold for thousands of dollars. According to Road and Track, Bruce Pascal has one of the biggest Hot Wheels collections out there, which includes 175 prototypes and is the owner of one of the rarest Hot Wheels. Pascal is the proud owner of a hot pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb Rear-Loader, which is said to worth up to 150K! According to Motor1, another prototype has recently resurfaced, this one being dark red and is said to be just as valuable.

10  Mystery Machine

Via Pinterest.com

The mystery machine was the vehicle for Scooby-Doo and his crime-solving team, a popular cartoon that has been remade into modern movies. The original Mystery Machine was a van that had a psychedelic paint job, as Scooby Doo originally premiered all the way back in the 70s. Every episode basically ended the same, with the team unveiling the bad guy at the end, and it not being who they presumed it to be. According to Jalopnik, they argue that the Mystery Machine is not a Volkswagen Microbus like most people may think, they go into extensive detail defending their answer, which mostly due to shape and location of the doors.

9 Rolling Canvas

Via Publicdelivery.org

This like a few other cars on this list is actually considered a piece of artwork. According to Hemmings, Keith Haring is the mastermind behind this rolling piece of art. Haring was known for using unconventional items as his canvas. It wasn’t until 1983 that Haring started to use cars as his new medium. Haring has completely painted five different vehicles, with the Buick being one of the more famously known of the bunch. It wasn’t until just recently that all five of them were on display together after a collector donated the Range Rover to the Petersen museum.

8 Star Wars For Life

Via Reddit.com

Star Wars fanatics are not hard to come by in this world. Conventions are held all over the world, where fans come together to share their passion for the movies. The owner of this Del Sol has gone through a lot of work to make this Honda look like an X-Wing Starfighter, which was featured in quite a few of the Star War movies. According to the Star Wars official website, the X-Wing Starfighter “is a versatile Rebel Alliance starfighter that balances speed with firepower” and is armed with both laser cannons and torpedo launchers. The X-Wing Starfighter is what Luke used to bring about the end of the Death Star.

7 Street Art

Via Gizmodo.com.au

Graffiti is a now considered to be artwork, but it wasn’t always that way. According to PBS, artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey helped shape the world of street art into what it is today. Fairey is most famously known for his pop art of former President Obama, or his street art brand “OBEY” which helped shed some light on something that was once seen as a crime or vandalizing. This car is an example of street art that is often seen spray painted onto train cars, which is where it all began. Street artists often have a signature name or symbol that they leave behind to mark that they were there.

6 A Piece Of Her Heart

Via Imgur.com

Janis Joplin is known for her raspy voice and her amazing lyrics, but did you know that she was a car enthusiast as well? According to CNN, Joplin bought herself the Porsche 356 back in 1968, when her career was in its prime. She commissioned to have a custom mural painted on the Porsche, featuring birds, mushrooms, and skulls. The Porsche was sold a few years back, breaking the record at RM Sotheby's auction for the most expensive Porsche 356 ever sold. While they were only expecting to get 600k for the 356, Joplin’s Porsche was sold for incredible 1.76 million dollars!

5  Jeep "Wrangloneer"

Via Pinterest.com

This Jeep Wrangler has been wrapped to try and look like the iconic Wagoneer, but it seemed to miss the mark just a touch. Rumor has it that a new Wagoneer is in the works, but the classic will be hard to top. According to All Par, the first Jeep Wagoneer made its debut all the way back in 1963, launching with an engine they called the “Tornado.” The 3.6-liter engine was good for 140 hp and 210 lb/ft of torque. The Wagoneer was eventually retired in 1991 after almost three decades and was replaced by the Grand Cherokee, that is still going strong today.

4 Little Tikes

Via Pinterest.com

This Smart Car has been wrapped to look exactly like Playskool’s car that was a part of many children’s childhoods. According to Little Tikes' official website, the car that many of us had the pleasure of having as our first car, is called the “Cozy Coupe Car.” The Cozy Coupe hit toy store shelves all the way back in 1979 and kept the same design for two decades. The Cozy Coupe now has a whole new look, keeping the same color scheme, but is now a lot safer for the child behind the wheel, and luckily remained to be foot-powered, Fred Flintstone style.

3  Jurassic Wagon

Via Stillunfold.com

The original Jurassic Park made its debut on the big screen all the way back in 1993. The movie features Ford Explorers that are self-driven, making this wagon is just an excuse for a replica. The Explorers were a major part of the movie and have inspired many Jurassic Park enthusiasts to build their own. According to My Classic Garage, there is even one that has already been built up for sale. The 1993 Ford Explorer has been built to look exactly like the ones featured in the movie, minus the awesome glass roof. The replica is listed with 101,072 miles on it and the asking price is $8,900.

2 Not A Beautiful Disaster

Via Sub5zero.com

The owner of this car had the right idea of trying to make something different and unique, but the execution seemed to be a bit off. There is no arguing that this Honda isn’t unique, but we’re not sure if that is a good thing or not. Random car parts have been painted and added to the exterior of this hot mess. Although this car has been marked with the number 006, it doesn’t appear to be a race car of any sort. The roof has been rigged with an assortment of different horns. According to the New York Times, you can now receive a $350 ticket in NYC if you get caught using your horn in a non-emergency situation.

1  Taxi!

Via Twitter.com

This Lamborghini has been wrapped to look exactly like a New York City Taxi. According to Time Magazine, the first taxi was actually electric, making its debut to the NYC streets all the way back in 1897. Taxis didn’t get their signature yellow color until 1967 when a law was passed requiring them to be yellow in an effort to make them more recognizable. The infamous checkered pattern that is showcased on this Lamborghini was seen on taxis from the mid-50s until the early 80s. The newest style of taxi cab is the Nissan NV200, which was designed to be a taxi, it features special seats that reduce both odors and germs and has a less aggressive horn.

Sources: National Geographic, NY Times, Motor1, The Drive

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