The 10 Sickest Toyota Sports Cars Of All Time (And 10 That Missed The Mark Completely)

When it comes to well-known car brands that have made their mark on the world, Toyota is among the first that come to mind. The brand found success in the automotive business with two models that have become some of the longest-running nameplates in the world: the Corolla and the Land Cruiser. Both vehicles are synonymous with some of the highest quality and reliability around, which has made the vehicles propel Toyota into a legendary reputation. With that being said, the brand is also far more than just an economy car maker, offering a selection of sports cars that has evolved over the past fifty years. From racing in the F1 circuit to making a name for itself in other aspects of the performance community, the company has managed to create some of the most iconic sports cars around.

The Toyota Supra, for instance, is one of the most highly regarded vehicles around, and this is just one of the many iconic sports cars that have found their way onto a Toyota showroom. The brand knows how to create a winning combination of build quality and speed, and this has been shown in many of their most iconic vehicles. Taking a look back at the impressive resume of sports cars there have been some blunders, but for the most part, the brand has managed to continually evolve and create one of a kind sports cars that are in touch with the driver's passions and needs on the road.

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20 The Real Deal: Toyota S800

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Known for being one of the best pure sports cars in the world, the Toyota S800 is a blend of pure ingenuity and style that has made the car one of the most notable models to come out of a Toyota production line. The naturally aspirated engine was one of the best at the time, and the overall design of the car is among the best to have been put into a Toyota sports car from the initial design elements to the one of a kind interior that was driver oriented. Overall, the Toyota S800 is perhaps one of the best sports cars ever created. (Motor Trend)

19 The Real Deal: Toyota 86

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Another notable sports car to be designed by Toyota was one of a kind 86, which propelled the company into the spotlight as a sports car builder. Using many unique aspects that made the car a blast to drive the Toyota 86 was a serious blend of passion and performance. Finding an original Toyota 86 is not an easy task as these cars are very coveted by their owners, not to mention the fact that the values have been skyrocketing on these cars in recent years due to newfound popularity on the drifting circuit since its inception. (Motor Trend)

18 The Real Deal: Toyota Soarer Turbo

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Known as the SC300 on domestic soil, the Toyota Soarer Turbo was everything that made the Toyota Supra a special car. It was wrapped up, however, in a more luxurious package which made for a one of a kind driving experience. The Toyota Soarer Turbo had many advantages over its domestic Lexus cousins, the first of which was the fact that the car had a much more unique style to it as well as added features that were designed for the race track, as opposed to the standard car which made its way domestically on the luxury car market. (Motor Trend)

17 The Real Deal: Toyota Celica AWD Turbos

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During the '90s, there were quite a few sports cars that were flooding the market from different automakers, and Toyota is not one to be left out of the race, so the company introduced the Toyota Celica AWD Turbo. This one of a kind sports car took the ordinary lightweight design of the Celica and added some pizzazz to it. The Toyota Celica AWD Turbos are known for their off the line performance, as well as the same amount of economy that made the car a stellar choice for budget-minded consumers who were looking for an inexpensive and fun to drive a car. (Motor Week)

16 The Real Deal: Toyota 2000GT

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Here we have a pretty unique looking sports car and one that has made Toyota synonymous with touring overseas. The Toyota 2000GT has a look to it that is hard to be replicated, and the car has been a staple of design for decades when it comes to how Toyota is designing their future sports cars. The Toyota 2000GT was notable for its beautiful flush headlights and signature design which is almost reminiscent of the Nissan Z. Overall, the Toyota 2000GT is a one of a kind vehicle that is known for a style of sportiness and design that has not been matched by another sports car. (Motor Week)

15 The Real Deal: Toyota MR2

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Known by some in the automotive press as the Toyota Ferrari, the mid-engined Toyota MR2 was a design marvel that featured a one of a kind look that is still iconic today. While the two-seat roadster was not particularly fast by any means, the car built on a lightweight design which made it very pleasurable to drive. The Toyota MR2 is known for being used as a kit-car on the aftermarket, as well as making its way into the drifting circuit thanks to the lightweight and innovative design that has made the car unique and a truly viable choice. (Motor Week)

14 The Real Deal: Toyota GT-One

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Contrary to a lot of beliefs, Toyota is actually quite a well-known automaker in the racing circuits, from the F1 world to the NASCAR circuit. Thus, the Toyota GT-One is actually one of the fastest and most accomplished race cars in the world. Known for its low to the ground design and beautiful looks, the Toyota GT-One is a far cry from the Prius that you see in line at Starbucks every day. The Toyota GT-One is perhaps one of the best race cars that have ever been designed, rivaling those of Honda as well such as the S2000 and the very rare Honda Beat. (Motor Week)

13 The Real Deal: Toyota Sprinter Trueno and Corolla Levin (AE86)

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A car that has been featured in hundreds of automotive video games, publications, and just about everywhere else, the AE86 is a one of a kind car that has made its mark on the performance community. The AE86 was notable for its hatchback design which incorporated a roomy interior and driver-centric items, giving the car a race inspired feeling but still keeping close to the Toyota design standards. The AE86 was also available in an automatic, which many drivers took advantage of when they decided to purchase this one of a kind foreign sports car from Toyota. (Motor Trend)

12 The Real Deal: Toyota Supra Turbo

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The Toyota Supra Turbo is without a doubt one of the most influential sports cars that ever hit the scene and for more than one reason. The very first boils down to the absolutely beautiful design, which has remained timeless up to this point. Then, you have the one of a kind powerplant which is perhaps the fastest engine to ever get crammed into a production Toyota. Overall the Toyota Supra Turbo has made its mark on the automotive industry, and there are very few cars that can actually compete with this monster sports car thanks to its immensely powerful engine. (Motor Trend)

11 The Real Deal: Lexus LFA

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The Lexus LFA was designed to be the best pure sports car on the market, and with a unique design and a one of a kind powerplant, there are very few that can match this one. There were very few Lexus LFA models that were put into production, and the car is very much a design marvel which is what has made it such a unique choice for automotive consumers. The Lexus LFA was produced in very limited quantities, and this has made the car both extremely expensive and elite. Even Paris Hilton owns one, paying a pretty penny for her lease. (Motor Trend)

10 Missed The Mark: 2000 Toyota Celica

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When the 2000 model year came around the Toyota Celica was redesigned from the ground up, but the car was universally panned by the automotive press for a bland design that really didn’t offer anything special. Although the styling was a unique look for Toyota which was trying to appeal to young Gen X buyers at the time, unfortunately, the Celica was bland when it came to interior features and a lackluster engine didn’t help. The 2000 Toyota Celica is one that will probably be remembered as a blip in the memory of consumers as a failed attempt at a sports car. (Motor Trend)

9 Missed The Mark: 2004 Toyota MR2 Spyder

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When it came to the final generation of the Toyota MR2 Spyder the model was very awkward looking in terms of styling, as well as lacking any real performance. Where the vehicle was lacking in performance, it was also lacking in a unique style. Plus, with the high price tag, the newer MR2 Spyder quickly became a memory of the 2000s. Toyota really didn’t advertise the car which also didn't help things out, and in the long run, the MR2 in its final form was never really a volume seller for the company, even with the fancy looks. (Motor Trend)

8 Missed The Mark: Toyota Paseo

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We don’t know what Toyota was thinking during the '90s, but some of the models that came out were straight duds. The Toyota Paseo was one of these weird models that never really fit into a certain bracket for the company, and with an awkward styling and even weaker powerplant, the car just lacked all around in terms of performance. The tiny little car got a facelift later in the decade which helped the appearance a little bit, but for the most part, consumers were not going for the bubbly little car that resembled a Del-Sol that mated with a Corolla. (Motor Trend)

7 Missed The Mark: 2012 Scion TC

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Scion was a revolutionary brand for the Toyota corporation when it hit the market, and this was partly due to the fact that the cars were both trendy and affordable. When the second generation Scion TC hit the market, the car was utterly unimaginative, featured a bland design, and lacked any real performance to make the car special. Although this is one of the reasons behind the demise of the Scion brand, this was definitely not one of Toyotas strongest sports car offerings, and Toyota got out of the sports car market for a little bit of time after this-this car. (Motor Trend)

6 Missed The Mark: Toyota Celica GT-Four

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The Toyota sports cars during the '90s were either great or either bland, and the Toyota Celica GT-Four was a car that really missed the mark. Based on the newer generation of Celica that came in the later part of the '90s, the Toyota Celica GT-Four was a poorly executed sports car that could have been great. The problem was that the Toyota Celica GT-Four was overshadowed by the much more powerful Supra, as well as by the fact that the sports car market had all but dried up in favor of the massive SUV models that Detroit was pumping out by the millions to satisfy consumer demand. (Motor Week)

5 Missed The Mark: Lexus SC300

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When the Lexus brand was introduced to the automotive market, Toyota was on a mission to take on BMW and the other German automakers, with the SC300 being the entry-level touring sports car. Although the model shared the same V6 engine that was found in the Supra, the car had a more bland styling that really didn’t reflect the power that was behind it. The SC300 was also missing the spoiler and sports effects that the larger SC400 offered, which made a lot of consumers just spring for the bigger model to get the added perks of the upgraded model. (Motor Trend)

4 Missed The Mark: 2001 Lexus IS300

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The Lexus lineup of the early 2000s was a transitional one, and when it comes to a car that was more misunderstood than anything, the 2001 Lexus IS300 comes to mind. The model was unique for its youthful appearance and lack of any major luxury features, which made the car appear like a pure sports sedan. The problem was that the Acura Integra already had a loyal following in this marketplace, and Lexus was way late to the game with the IS300, not to mention the traditional Lexus clientele was looking for something that was a little more luxurious and smooth riding as opposed to being sporty. (Motor Trend)

3 Missed The Mark: 2020 Toyota Supra

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When Toyota unveiled the new 2020 Supra, the automotive press was a little stunned by the cars BMW looking appearance, and the lack of any real sportiness to compete with the original model that has become legendary. The new 2020 Toyota Supra missed most of the aspects that made the car unique and instead Toyota blessed their loyal fan-base with a car that just isn’t up to par. For the high price tag of the 2020 Toyota Supra, you could buy one of the excellent '90s models with low mileage and a powerful Twin-Turbo engine that is both fun to drive and reliable. (Motor Trend)

2 Missed The Mark: Toyota Corolla T-Sport Compressor

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Another rare vehicle that made its way around the international circuit is the Toyota Corolla T-Sport Compressor, a car that's renowned for rally racing as well as the turner crowd who has taken to modifying these sporty hatchbacks. There were many aspects of the Toyota Corolla T-Sport Compressor that the company missed on such as the bland interior and the awkward looking exterior, but the car has still gained a loyal following over the years for having a unique style and a signature power plant which makes for a rewarding driving experience as well as fun at the track. (Motor Trend)

1 Missed The Mark: 2005 Scion TC

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When the original Scion TC was released it was an attempt to grow the Scion brand past just being known for the boxy Scion XB model. The original Scion TC managed to sell quite well for the brand, but the car was still a pale comparison to the Toyota sports cars of the past. The main issue for the original TC was the lack of a turbocharged engine, and this gave the car a lackluster amount of performance when compared to other sports cars that were on the market at the time such as the Ford Mustang and the Mitsubishi Eclipse. (Motor Trend)

Sources: Motor Trend, Motor Week

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