15 Facts About Stone Cold Steve Austin And His Sick Rides

It was at Wrestlemania 19 that Stone Cold Steve Austin had his last wrestling match. He faced The Rock in a bout that rivaled some of his greatest matches throughout his career and almost lived up to what many consider his greatest match ever, against Bret “The Hitman” Hart at Wrestlemania 13.

Steve Austin battled injuries, fatigue, personal issues, and pretty much a bunch of other issues that would have caused superstars of this era to have called it quits. Yet, Steve never gave up and as a result, he entertained millions of fans, dawned a new era and then proceeded to carry the entire company on his huge, muscled shoulders.

What was it exactly? Many people have brought up that question but at the end of the day, Austin just clicked with audiences. If it wasn’t the Attitude Era he started or the multi-layered persona he created, then it was the countless exciting memories on WWE’s main episodic television show, Raw—specifically, the many documented moments concerning the vehicles he’d commandeer and wreak oh-so-beautiful havoc with.

And there it is, the reason for joining together here today: the vehicles and Austin’s legacy, of course. So, join us as we take a look at the mammoth vehicles Steve Austin made famous on Raw and also take a peek at his personal collection of cars and trucks. You may all be surprised at what the man drives and be hit with a tad of nostalgia as we look back on some great memories.

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Well, as far as excitement goes, during the Attitude Era, no one was more exciting to watch than Stone Cold Steve Austin and he proved it time and time again. The memories just pile up when fans like us look back and one, in particular, is the infamous brew truck incident. So, there they all are Vince McMahon and the members of his evil soon-to-be-called corporation, celebrating themselves and their dastardly acts, when none other than Steve Austin himself drives to the ring in the huge truck. Now if the driving of a vehicle down the ramp wasn't enough, the man proceeded to douse the men in the ring with the actual contents from the truck! Now, how's that for sticking it to the boss?


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Now, speaking of his personal car collection, one need only to follow the man on his social media accounts, as he isn't opposed to showing his fans his cars and trucks—a definite treat for any Steve Austin fan and gearhead. He posted this picture with a beautiful tagline worthy of a novel: "Every car has a story behind it. And this one is no exception.” The post made many envious of the car and a tad curious as to what the actual "story" behind this beauty actually is. What we do know is that Steve had the car restored and was moving it back from Texas to California. Everybody's gotta have a classic Camaro in their car collection and Steve's got that covered.


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It was, perhaps, fate that would have had Steve Austin face The Rock in his final wrestling match before retirement, as the two had an incredible feud dating back to the late nineties. All the memories are entertaining and the two provided wrestling fans with epic moments. From having a brawl on top of a bridge to incredible no-holds-barred matches throughout the entire stadium floor, perhaps a moment above all else stands out for us. We can think back to when Steve, inside a mammoth Monster Truck, proceeded to destroy The Rock's "Brand New" Lincoln on live TV! Now, Steve appreciates a great car as much as the next guy but if you were an enemy, then he wasn't opposed to using your car as the perfect way to get back at you.


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Indeed, Steve is definitely a fan of powerful trucks and muscle cars but perhaps every vehicular enthusiast knows the pros of owning a really incredible luxury sports car. Seen here in his McLaren 720S, The Texas Rattlesnake's all smiles and gives us the thumbs up from the driver's seat. He went to his trusted social media to share the moment with his fans and many watched on with their mouths agape as we marveled at not only the car in question but Steve's awesome taste in vehicles. He was quoted as posting: "... and I only went 50mph on the mean streets of Los Angeles.” And, if he was indeed driving that slow, we're sure he had his reasons.


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Well, as was to be expected, Steve turned his charm to the big screen and put out quite a few films and his roles, like his wrestling career, were well above par. He had audiences understanding that there was a new big dog on the cinematic plain. He released film after film, including The Longest Yard, The Condemned, The Expendables, The Package, and Recoil. Recoil in particular was especially memorable to gearheads in general, as the character Steve played drove a gorgeous Plymouth 1968 GTX. In addition to his film roles, he has also hosted TV shows including Broken Skull Challenge and Redneck Island, and we can't forget to mention The Steve Austin Podcast.


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The Ford Bronco went into production way back in 1965 and has become quite the classic truck. For years, however, admirers would have to rely on older models if they wanted to add this truck to their collection, as production ended in 1996, over twenty years ago. But recently, Ford and the Bronco made headlines as they planned on making a huge return to the market in 2020. We know Steve loves the Bronco, as he has the vehicle in his collection and we wonder if he's got his sights set on one of the new ones when they are released? Only time will tell and if he does acquire one, we're sure he'll share the image with us, his loyal fans.


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Well, as we've proven over and over again here today, Steve's definitely an aficionado of anything on wheels. He once claimed: "If it's got wheels, I can drive it," and we surely won't doubt him, as he's proven so time and time again. But he also hasn't shied away from destroying beautiful cars in order to make that all important point! Case in point: when he poured pounds and pounds of concrete into his McMahon's classic Corvette! The incident left many wondering just how he could have found the courage to destroy a classic? But we'll take the time to remind you that the event in question was scripted and we're sure, as the cement came rolling down that mechanical arm, a small side of Steve cringed at what he was about to do...even if the car did belong to his evil boss.


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The forklift...man does that bring back memories. Outside of books and film, wrestling was all yours truly had to fight off the realities of this harsh world and no other superstar was capable of taking me away like Steve Austin. I will forever be grateful and as I look back on all these memories, a feeling of nostalgia and melancholia fill me to my core. I miss those times, for sure, as all fans do. Steve drove a forklift for his cash before he entered the ring and he was required to do so on camera a few times and how can we forget when he drove a SkyTrak Orange forklift into the parking lot in hot pursuit of his nemesis, Triple H, and lifted his car (with him inside!) up into the sky before..well, we're sure you all remember how this one went.


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The two names that scream power in the automotive industry are most definitely Ford and Dodge. Those engines are built tough and built to last. The two companies brought us countless powerhouse vehicles, specifically the Mustang and the F-Series from Ford and the Charger and Challenger from Dodge. These and these alone are some of the most respected vehicles in the industry, but we beg you to never forget that Dodge also put out a truck that could rival the Ford trucks any day of the week: The Ramcharger. And seeing that this is a post from none other than Steve Austin, we very well know that he's way ahead of the game, as always. The man knows his trucks.


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What led to his early retirement has been well documented over the years and has become part of the professional wrestling legacy that he and other superstars have left behind. But what he went through specifically throughout his storied past as a pro wrestler and a man makes him undoubtedly the greatest of all time, hands down. There aren’t many that would challenge that statement and even the WWE chairman, Vince McMahon himself, has boldly stated just that in countless interviews. Essentially, the business and the success it enjoys today have him to thank, as he took the reins from Hulk Hogan and went further than Hulkamania ever did, and further than any other superstar would ever go in the future. And that's...Well, we're sure you know the rest.


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And the hits just keep coming. In this "Greatest Hits" of the wrestling industry, how could we not have brought up yet another of the more entertaining moments in the history of Raw? The infamous Zamboni fiasco, as we're sure McMahon remembers it, had jaws dropping all over the world and it had its part in changing the landscape of the wrestling industry. Many have credited DX as the birth of the Attitude Era and we'd have to strongly disagree because Steve had attitude way before then, while Hunter was still running around as the "Conneticut Blueblood" and Shawn Michaels was dancing in front of a mirror. The Zamboni incident promised us that more was yet to come and as we heard him utter the words: "I ain't through with ya, Vince! I ain't through with ya ... not just by a long shot," we knew that there was so much more to come, and boy, was there.


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And really, what kind of individual who knows his way around a powerful engine and has a plethora of powerful trucks would have such an extensive collection without owning a Jeep? Not old Stone Cold, that's for sure. He's the proud owner of the powerful Wrangler 4X4 pictured here and we love him all the more for it. Being a proud Jeep 4X4 owner myself, I'd like to think that we have an affinity of sorts. And yes, my boyish admiration of him comes out here and I don't care. It's pretty cool driving around in a similar truck to the ones Steve drives. And if you see me driving down that country road blasting his entrance music, try not to judge me too harshly...he is a hero, after all.


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And speaking of country roads, Steve's no stranger to the terrain, as he was born and raised in Texas and currently divides his time with homes in California and Texas. Broken Skull Ranch was a dream of his for a while and it came to fruition for him and we couldn't be happier for him, as no one deserved the success he achieved more. And it's on that ranch that Steve can be seen driving around on a bunch of ATVs he owns. He also was the spokesman for the 2018 Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXR ATV pictured above, and really, who else could they have gotten to do it better? Now, the parallels can be drawn easily, as he's a big tough man and proves it, as does the ATV.


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And, of course, the fun didn't stop there, as there were a few more memories that we couldn't exactly share, as this is a family publication. We're sure you understand. He even once rode the Undertaker's bike for a while and that, too, was a great memory—or rather, the aftermath was. But no matter the event or memory, Steve was there for all of us wrestling fans and he accomplished what no other superstar was able to do. And it's our job, his loyal fans, to make sure no one ever forgets that. In the meantime, we anxiously await any project he'll throw our way, and to jack a line from the man himself: "That's the bottom line, because Stone Cold and his loyal fans, say so."


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But Steve was much more than the antics he unleashed in the ring. Before he was Stone Cold Steve Austin, he was Stunning Steve Austin back in WCW and the memories he collected there would garner him the respect of wrestlers and fans everywhere. Some stand-out memories include an incredible match with Ricky The Dragon Steamboat and, of course, all those epic matches with his then tag partner, the late, great Brian Pillman. It was in these matches that Steve proved to one and all that he too was a wrestling tactician and one to be admired. After he was unjustly fired by WCW, he tried his hand in ECW and the call finally came from WWE (WWF at the time), a call Steve had been waiting to hear. And in time, Steve would have a destined appointment, not only with a razor and shaving cream, but with the best in the business.

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