Then Vs Now: 15 Historic Race Tracks We Chose To Forget About

Ranging from F1 tracks around the world to NASCAR, each of these has a special place in history that most will not have known in their lifetime.

Racing in all forms has been one of the longest standing sports in the history of the world. Starting from various styles in ancient times to the modern Motorsports that we know of today. There have been hundreds if not thousands of race tracks around the world that have been abandoned.

Some of these are more modern tracks which closed due to circumstances that are known and unknown. But most of these 15 race tracks around the world have been abandoned for one reason or another. Whether it has been for financial reasons or even safety, these tracks have been around, and now they are left abandoned.

Ranging from F1 tracks around the world to NASCAR, circuit tracks and ovals, each of these has a special place in history that most will not have known in their lifetime. Some of these might be driven by every day, and likewise, some are now a tourist destination for some to experience the abandoned race tracks around the world.

Each of these 15 race tracks are some of the most famous abandoned race tracks around the world, with each of them giving a different look into an era of racing that we might not have been able to see. We start this journey with tracks around the USA and move to France, Spain, Germany, Japan, and even Italy.

15 Beach Haven Speedway


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The Beach Haven Speedway is one of those dirt tracks that have been abandoned in the USA. Where circle track racing is one of the most popular styles of racing in the States, it is also one that has seen many ups and downs.

As you can see, this track is one that had many glory days as well as many track days that span decades. Beginning in the 60s and 70s, this is one style of racing that Beach Haven Speedway has seen for many years, even until its close.

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14 Windy Hollow Drag Strip

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This track was once one of the best drag racing destinations in Kentucky to get drag racing done. Not only has it been host to many different series, but it also is one of the places where grudge racing came and went until its closure.

Even with the remains of this track, you can see that the track prep is still alive and strong. However, I wouldn't want to be the one to make a pass down this surface as its mostly overgrown and I'm sure not safe for grip.

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13 Brooklands Circuit

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Heading back to another historic track, this time in the UK, the Brooklands circuit is one of those that was closed due to safety.

With many of these tracks, safety was a huge issue, especially due to the corners with banks and overall uneven surface that the racers would encounter. Much like the other tracks on this list, Brooklands was closed due to accidents that were happening too frequently for those in charge. Unfortunately, this left the Brooklands Circuit in the dust, letting nature take over this once great track.

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12 Texas World Speedway

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Once again, we are back in the US, this time with Texas World Speedway. This track wasn't just an oval track however, this was an entire racing complex to where racing enthusiasts could enjoy the circuit track as well.

Unfortunately, Texas World Speedway met its end during the 2000s when financial backing slowed and the number of events being held at the track started to slow. This led for nature to slowly take over the track, as it was officially closed for business at that point as well.

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11 Phoenix Trotting Park

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Now, this is the only track that isn't necessarily for Motorsports, this one was historically used for horse racing, and then dog racing. This complex is one of the biggest marvels of engineering during its time.

Unfortunately, due to financial issues Phoenix Trotting Park was closed and is still currently awaiting its doom with nature slowly taking over and making its presence known. Not to mention, there are plans for demolishing the once great track as well.

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10 Keimola Motor Stadium

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Once one of the most prominent racing places in Finland, the Keimola Motor Stadium has met its maker due to nature taking over the great track. This was once one of the best tracks on the entire planet for F1 racing.

Unfortunately, even as you can see by this photo, the track is slowly getting taken over by the supernatural forces of nature. Not to mention this track was once home to some of the best racing in the entire world, the signature complex slowly has met its demise over the past few decades.

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9 Reims-Gueux Circuit

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Now an extremely popular tourist destination, the Reims-Gueux Circuit was once home to some of the most competitive racing in the world. Like most of the other tracks, this once glorious racing track has been abandoned for a number of years.

Despite being used for certain events now, the track has long been abandoned. You might have seen the track on many different channels, even The Grand Tour and other shows like it, this has been one of the most historic race tracks on the planet.

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8 I70 Speedway

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The I-70 Speedway is another one of the NASCAR racing tracks that was abandoned by the series over the years. This one was home to the Winston cup during the time that the NASCAR series was running that cup.

Unfortunately, since the number of tracks is cycled so frequently by the NASCAR series, this one was left in the dust. Unfortunately, now it can still be found right off of the I 70 freeway, but nature has since taken over due to the abandonment of the track through the years.

Via After Racing News

7 Valencia Street Circuit

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Once one of the most sought after stops of the F1 circuit in Europe, the Valencia street circuit is situated in the middle of Spain in one of the tourist destinations that many people put on their list to visit.

Unfortunately, in the last few years, this stop has been permanently removed from the circuit. Due to financial struggles and not coming to a solid agreement, the Valencia street circuit is no more. But it still ends up being one of the best places to visit while in the amazing city of Valencia.

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6 Fuji Speedway NASCAR Track

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Because of the rising popularity of NASCAR and oval style races, in Japan, they decided to create their own stop on the circuit as well. Unfortunately, it proved to be a very difficult task to draw the same numbers, and the popularity also declined as well.

This track was once home to the signature banks that you see on many of the NASCAR tracks on the series, but since has been taken over by nature as well. Unfortunately, this will be another one of the tracks that slowly is fully taken over by nature, to never be used by racing again.

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5 Hockenheimring

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Often overshadowed by its big brother the Nurburgring, the Hockenheimring has been one of the most famous tracks in Germany. Not only was this used as an F1 destination, but it was enjoyed by many car enthusiasts alike.

The old version of the track can be seen overtaken by nature, far from its former glory of a race track that is one of the best in the world. Unfortunately, there are very few chances to see this track, as they have redone the majority of it for a newer version of the circuit.

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4 North Wilkesboro Speedway

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Carrying along the trend of abandoned NASCAR tracks around the US is the North Wilkesboro Speedway. This was, as you can see below an extremely popular destination for NASCAR style racing. Not only was it one of the best stops, but it was extremely competitive as well.

Nature often runs its course, however, which is the case with the track here as well. You can see that the former destination is no longer able to be raced on at all. During the cycle of many different tracks, the North Wilkesboro Speedway was cut as well.

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3 Rouen Les Essarts

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Another track that we can now see is far abandoned is the Rouen les Essarts. This is one that was once used for a variety of racing spanning F1 and even circuit racing in many different classes.

This track was one destination that as a racing driver, you wanted to ensure you were going to win. Especially in cup racing, this stop in France was one that you wanted to make sure you were on the podium for winning. Unfortunately, nature is the only winner here as the track is no longer open for any sort of racing.

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2 Autodromo De Sitges

Via Sitges

Another one of the most historic tracks in the world is the Autodromo De Sitges. This one has been host to racing for over a century and has seen many different styles of racing through its time as a racing track.

However, this has been one that hasn't been open for racing for many years. Unfortunately even with these historic tracks, most of which like the Autodromo De Sitges has been taken over by nature permanently. But they still live in spirit as a tourist destination in most cases.

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1 Autodromo Nazionale Monza

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By far the most famous of the tracks on our list today is the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. This has been a track that was featured in many different productions, from Top Gear to Gymkhana. This track features some of the highest and steepest banks in the entire world.

Not only has this been abandoned for many years, but it was also deemed dangerous when it was open due to the nature of the banks. Unfortunately, this track won't be seeing any racing events at any time in the future, unless you get private access.

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