20Installing A Roll Cage in A Regular Car

Via wild rides race cars

It’s absolutely meaningless to have it installed in an everyday regular car.

No doubt, it’s absolutely weird to see a roll cage installed in a regular everyday car. Basically, you find a roll cage in racing vehicles – for obvious safety reasons. A roll cage is basically a physical fortification of a car’s cabin that secures the driver from any sort of

crash. It also keeps the car body from crumbling in cases of crashes or roll-overs.

Even though you want to have the feeling of a street racer probably because your car is super-fast, it won’t matter at all. You’d never be able to drive as fast as you want, like the guys on a race track – unless you want to grab a speeding ticket from the cops.

Thus, it’s wise to avoid this mod even if it’s legal, as it will totally erase your comfort and make driving difficult for you.

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