These 24 Celebs Had No Business Modifying Their Cars Like This

Whoever said money can’t buy you love has obviously never been rich. Being rich certainly doesn’t buy taste or restraint either, but in the end, does it really matter? The answer would be a hard no as far as celebrities are concerned. Most can drop a couple million dollars on a car without giving it a second thought. We wish they would have given some thought to the modifications they added to their cars, but alas such thoughts are for naught. Loud, proud, and tacky seems to be the way of the world these days.

Why celebrities do this type of thing to their vehicles isn’t much of a mystery. Celebrities love to be noticed 24 hours a day, even if they say they don’t. There can be no better heightening of one’s ego than to be as garish as ever. Even bad publicity means free publicity and celebrities know all too well how to play the game. From the vilest wraps ever dreamed up to the ghastliest paint jobs a celebrity can imagine, if there’s money involved, someone will do the honors of putting a spotlight on bad taste. Just check out what we’ve found and judge for yourself.

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24 Color Me Pink - Nicki Minaj’s Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

via ytimg

Lamborghinis seem to be the supercar of choice amongst the eccentric these days, and Nicki Minaj’s ultra-pink Lamborghini takes center stage most likely wherever she decides to take it. The entertainer took her vehicle to the detailers known as Exotic Euro Cars, who applied the neon wrap to the car. The company goes on to mention that the car’s color was originally dark blue before they transformed it into the cotton candy spectacle you see before you. The finished effect, we have to admit, is indeed flawless, as the car looks like it was factory coated to pink perfection, including the matching wheels.

23 Said The Spyder To The Fly - Deadmau5’ Ferrari 458 Spyder

via drive-a-ferrari

One would think that if you bought and paid for a car with your own money that you could do whatever you pleased with it. Apparently, that isn’t so if you own a Ferrari. The carmaker actually sent out a cease and desist letter to performer Deadmau5 after the music maker had his Ferrari 458 Spyder decorated in a Nyan cat wrap as a tribute. Lamborghini seemed to be focused on the wrap’s same Ferrari-branded text which replaced “Ferrari” with “Purrari”. Deadmau5 never did explain his eventual removal of the car’s wrap before he sold it, but it did make for an interesting news story.

22 Not Cleared For Takeoff - Chris Brown’s P51 Lamborghini Gallardo

via kinja

Chris Brown’s cars are as controversial as the hitmaker himself. Check out this Gallardo wrap job. Customizer Sean Burnley of Georgia is the man who talked Chris into committing to the WWII fighter aircraft theme for the supercar. The attention to detail on the design is interesting, from the aged and distressed look down to the types of seams and fasteners that were included into the wrap’s design. Even the “aircraft” number has a purpose, spelling out “CHRISB” using a dial-pad. In the end, the wrap would probably look better on a trash dumpster than a Lamborghini, but wraps are made for the person, not necessarily the car.

21 Beaten With An Uber-Ugly Bat - Will.i.am’s DeLorean

via superfly-autos

Some car customizations are better left to the experts. Then again, maybe not. West Coast Customs has the honor—or the blame, according to some critics—of totally transforming this DeLorean for entertainer Will.i.am. The singer asked the company to reimagine what the car would look like in the year 2020. That $900,000 vision is what you see before you. This is no mere wrap of the original DeLorean or a weird body-kit; the car was widened 6 inches and totally rebuilt. Actually, the only original DeLorean parts left are the door hinges. Strange that a classic car was sacrificed in order to create an interpretation of a classic car, isn’t it?

20 Oh, For The Love Of Barney - Darren McFadden’s Buick Centurion

via celebritycarz

From 1971-1973, Buick sold a car model called the Centurion. It was supposed to be a sporty, full-size take situated to replace the aging Buick Wildcat. Enter the ever-eccentric Darren McFadden. The former football running back loves his customized cars, especially his colorful take on the Centurion. The purple and neon green beast is what happens when you probably want to reap the rewards of your career and show your fans what you can do with a lot of money. This convertible will definitely never be the same again after its transformation, and it’s most likely hoping for an AI upgrade so that it can develop enough sentience to drive itself off the nearest cliff.

19 Please Make It Uglier – Sonny & Cher’s 1966 Mustangs

via jalopnik

A Mustang hasn’t been properly dissed unless it’s a Sonny & Cher Mustang. The 1960s and 70s mega-superstar duo had "his and her" personal Mustangs that were customized for them by George Barrett, who was known as the King of Kustomizers. The twin Mustangs were most likely donated by Ford, but then again, who would’ve missed out on a PR opportunity like this? Sonny’s 225-hp car was done in a rather Brady Bunch-style brown with a macabre leopard print theme, while Cher’s was outfitted in a bizarre pink and white scheme, befitting such a superstar diva. Both cars are still around, often touring the country at various events.

18 Note To Self: Buy WD40 - Austin Mahone’s Rusted BMW i8

via vossenwheels

The only thing that seems to be missing from Austin Mahone’s i8 is a few barnacles. The rust-inspired wrap isn’t something that most people would think about wrapping around their nearly $150,000 car, but hey, not everyone has Mahone’s sense of taste, do they? Car customizer Metrowrapz designed the wrap for this i8 and we think it’ll never be the same again. Check out the gold-colored Vossen wheels that adorn this hybrid vehicle. The car will certainly draw stares at the charging station and maybe even on the highway, as the max speed in all-electric mode only allows the car to get to 75 mph.

17 Where Did I Park? - Josh Gordon’s Porsche Panamera

via kinja

Camouflage wraps have been around for a while now, and while they look great on a HUMVEE, they don’t look better on much else. Enter this Panamera, belonging to Josh Gordon. Nauseating is one word for it. We’re certain the (currently suspended) Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots wide receiver was attempting to make a statement with this car, but much like the Dead Sea Scrolls, no one can really make hide nor hair of it. The orange-hued wheels only tend to further distract people, most likely blurring their vision and potentially burning holes into the retinas of onlookers who stare at it for too long.

16 Body Slam It - Hulk Hogan’s SRT Viper

via flickr

Hulk Hogan’s Hulkster SRT Viper is one loud and proud beast. The car sports the wrestler’s iconic colors of red and yellow and was probably more than enough to startle children and adults alike whenever it went rolling down the streets. How someone as large as Hogan appears to be actually wedged himself into the car remains a mystery. The colors go together nicely, but just not with the car. The “Hulkster” emblem plastered on the front hood is a sure giveaway that the car is actually his. Currently, the vehicle is mercifully installed in Hogan’s Beach Shop in Orlando.

15 The Wrath Of Kylie - Kylie Jenner’s Rolls-Royce Wraith

via celebritycarsblog

Putting stripes down the hood of your Rolls-Royce Wraith might seem a sensible thing to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s a smart thing to do. Even billionaires like Kylie Jenner make the occasional faux pas of thinking that additions on something which needs nothing are a good idea. Anyone who knows anything about the Wraith is already more than aware of the car’s 205 mph top speed. Why further advertise it with a set of power stripes? Especially when said black stripes are applied to a deep wine-red vehicle. It simply makes the car look dull and unnecessarily cluttered. That’s a shame.

14 Wrap It With Reynold’s - Justin Bieber’s Fisker Karma

via motor1

Cheap, tacky, and tasteless are the words we hear and read about most often whenever the subject of Bieber’s Fisker Karma is brought up. The $100,000-plus car was wrapped in what appears to be Reynold’s Wrap at Bieber’s request back in 2012. The effect is about the same as a cola can you see lying next to a street gutter. No one really takes more than one look at it while passing by because most people would probably consider it to be nothing but trash. At least the Karma wears the wrap well, as the car could wear trash and still manage to look good.

13 Oh My Gold - Flo Rida’s Gold Bugatti Veyron

via wrapchannel

The more something is considered exotic, rare, and expensive, the more people are hellbent on sullying it. Case in point: Flo Rida’s gold Bugatti Veyron. It’s not that the current car isn’t beautiful; it is. Well, it is if the Motion Picture Academy were looking to replace the Oscar trophy. No one can really blame Florida’s Metro Wrapz for taking the money for providing this service to the entertainer. To wrap an entire morbidly expensive and already extremely rare supercar in shiny gold is the same thing as dipping the world’s largest, most flawless and priceless diamond in the purest platinum. Who would be able to see the absolute beauty that lies underneath?

12 Thou Shalt Not Pass - Snookie’s Cadillac Escalade

via pinimg

We’re not sure if much can be said for the massacre that is Snookie’s Cadillac Escalade. The Jersey Shore reality TV star certainly has the right (and money) to buy whatever she pleases. But to thrust upon the general populace this pink-accented horror that would be an otherwise nice-looking 2011 Escalade should be considered an act of war. What turned out to be even more mind-bending was the fact that another human actually purchased Frankenstein’s illegitimate offspring when Snookie put it up for auction. It’s true. A USA Today article from 2013 mentioned that the vehicle sold for $77,510 on eBay.

11 Hurl It Off A Cliff - NIGO’s AMG Mercedes 300 SL

via kinja

It’s really hard to see something that’s considered to be a classic torn down and treated more or less like a child’s piece of clay. Fashion designer NIGO very nearly brought down the internet with his dizzyingly ugly version of the AMG Mercedes 300 SL. While researching this car we’ve come to one conclusion: no other human on Earth likes it. Swaddled within layer after endless layer of camouflaged paint—which was patterned after NIGO’s signature fashion line—the 300SL’s original 3.0-liter engine was replaced by AMG’s 6.0-liter V8. It’ll need that speed to get away from the laughs and gasps of horror it’s sure to receive from onlookers.

10 Could Be Worse - Lil Wayne’s Bugatti Veyron

via ppcorn

Owning something like a $2-million car must be special, indeed. Rapper Lil Wayne loves these cars, and it certainly shows. With over 1,200 horsepower blasting out like a supernova and the ability to launch from 0-60 in 2.4 seconds with its quad-turbo W12 engine, what’s not to love about the supercar? Well, the sheer tackiness of the exterior of Lil Wayne’s car, for starters. This particular Veyron’s appearance is actually great—for one of those spinning poles you see at a lot of barber shops. Other than that, there are no other stones to throw. The Veyron is a pure beast if it needs to be, having nothing to prove to anyone, ugly or not.

9 Pink Is The Word - Katy Price’s Pink Range Rover

via thesun

The rich sure do love their pink cars. Katy Price is no different. The reality star and model-entertainer wasted no time in purchasing her pink Range Rover and touring about town in London. It’s really hard to miss something like a pink Rover. Perhaps pink isn’t the Rover’s color, after all, because it seemed to have had nothing but bad luck, what with reportedly being towed away because its owner didn’t have a driver’s license. Oh, and also having been crashed through a bush on the way to striking another car. Perhaps the vehicle is simply depressed and attempting to self-harm? Hopefully, someone can put it out of its misery.

8 What Is It? - Marshawn Lynch’s Jeep Wrangler

via motor1

We’re not sure if Marshawn Lynch’s Wrangler is the ultimate expression of a “Beast Jeep” but it sure makes up for it in pure tackiness. It immediately reminds us of a beefed-up Barbie Jeep (Suzuki Swift) that’s been locked up and jacked up on steroids for months on end. The Wrangler is, in reality, just one of 24 limited-edition “Beast Mode” Wranglers. It looks way too pretty to take it much farther than one’s local gym, though we’re sure someone has probably jumped the odd curb or speed bump in the thing by accident. We do wonder if the green headlight treatment is actually usable or not on real roads.

7 24 Karat Disaster - Tyga’s Gold Audi R8

via yandex

We bet that if you could launch Tyga’s Audi A8 into orbit, it could probably outshine the Sun. Why anyone would want their car to remind people of looking at an office doorknob is beyond us, but hey, it ain’t our money. As far as we’ve researched, this is a custom-built Audi that’s believed to be the only one like it in the United States, according to Car Buzz. This car isn’t worried about power, with at least a 4.2-liter V8 pumping out around 420 horsepower at a moment’s notice. The car’s interior is a rather bland brown, at least when compared to the exterior. It’s like turning one of Dorothy’s Red-Ruby slippers inside out.

6 Drive Where It’s Darkest - Yo Gotti’s Bentley Continental GT

via dubmagazine

Looking like something that you might see a teenager renting for prom night, this rather garish looking Bentley Continental GT belonging to rapper Yo Gotti is, indeed, quite a sight. The theme for this Barbie-like car is probably "Tacky Wrap" and to see it at night is an adventure altogether. The front of the body kit appears to have enough lighting to power up an aging nuclear reactor if it had to. As for the rest of the kit, it gives off the undeniable sense of tackiness, like most Camaros you see these days. The Bentley is more than powerful enough to hold it’s own against nearly anything, as long as bits of the body kit don’t fly off.

5 It’s Fabulous - Liberace’s Bradley GT

via 95octane

It would be safe to assume that the Bradley GT was the ultimate custom for a car in the 1960s and 1970s. The GT was nothing more than a kit car—basically, a body that could be fitted over anything the size of a VW Beetle. The body kits could be customized nearly any way you could imagine, which is why they were popular back in the day. Given how extravagant the entertainer Liberace was, there wasn’t much surprise when he received his custom, gold-flecked Bradley GT. The piano player was known to drive the car around Palm Springs, where he lived. The GT can be found in Liberace’s museum, if you want to take a better look sometime.

4 Take It Higher - Drake’s Buick Skylark Convertible

via imcdb

In his video titled "Worst Behavior", singer Drake featured one of the worst renditions of a Buick Skylark known to man. The off-white color of the car looked okay, but it was the terrible, eye-numbing wheels that were attached to the jacked-up car that drew the most stares and laughter. The light turquoise colored wheels looked as if they were jacked from some type of steamboat that was minding its own business, docked on the mighty Mississippi River. Can you imagine what would happen if you were to attempt to ride over even the mildest of potholes in this thing?

3 Wrap It Real Good - The Game’s Porsche Panamera

via madwhips

When you make your car up to look like a gold bar, you better be able to take the flak. Enter the rapper known as The Game. Similar to the car above, he had his Panamera wrapped in this gold vinyl for reasons only he would know. The car was originally a beautifully stunning ultra-white with custom red wheels before this terrible transformation. Now he’s even painted the wheels black. Luckily, the car is fast and powerful, so people won’t have to see much of it as The Game flies down the road with 550 horsepower underneath the hood. Unfortunately, the ugly will stay etched in our minds for a long time after he's gone.

2 We Have No Words - Lebron James’ Lamborghini Aventador

via netdna

Why, oh why, do you lose quite a bit of your mind when you get to be stinking rich? Case in point is the rather putrid wrap going around what could have been a very nice Lamborghini Aventador. Lebron James is to blame for this...this thing on wheels. Why did he choose this design? Because he wanted a car that matched his signature Nike shoes. That’s why. No other reason. Lebron really had some nerve thrusting this nausea-inducing Lamborghini on the world. I just hope he had a loudspeaker attached to the car, warning innocent people on the street in advance that the car was coming down the road so they could at least get their airsick bags ready, just in case.

1 Eye Of The ‘Stang - Sylvester Stallone’s Ford Mustang

via speednik

It went for $77,000. That’s what the Mustang that was owned by Sylvester Stallone sold for at auction at the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson event in 2011. We’re not certain who purchased the eyesore, but they must have been wearing some pretty high-density sunglasses at the time. Does it really matter if the car had a 4.6-liter supercharged engine? No. Or even that said engine produced around 550 horsepower? Still nope—it still wouldn’t justify the fact that the car had an absolutely disgusting design of flames and blades that probably couldn’t be looked at directly. StangTV mentions that Stallone even was proud enough to have his initials added to the seats and floor mats. Now, that’s true love.

Sources: StangTV, Motor1, and Wikipedia

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