These 15 Celebs Recently Bought New Cars

Every day, celebrities across the globe are spotted in a new car, only to be photographed again the following week in yet another brand new beauty.

The old saying stipulates that "dogs are a man's best friend" but we all know that cars really are the best friends in the world. Cars are loved all over the world, with people both rich and poor enjoying the benefits of their beautiful and beloved machines. Sadly, only a select group of people are able to truly enjoy the world's best automobiles, with celebrities able to purchase just about anything.

That's right, A-listers across the globe are often snapped by the paparazzi while in the front seat of a fancy car, driving at rapid speeds and showing off their wealth in all its glory. In fact, those lucky celebrities somehow seem to buy new vehicles on a regular basis. Yes, every day, celebrities across the globe are spotted in a new car, only to be photographed again the following week in yet another brand new beauty. Yet, despite such sickening wealth, the general public is seemingly still obsessed with the motor vehicles of the rich and famous.

Not only are fame and money extremely enticing but also, unfortunately, they make the world go round. Therefore, being able to look and view such expensive and exotic vehicles can often persuade or convince regular folk to save up and do the same. So, let's take a look at 20 celebs who just bought new cars.

15 Kanye West: Lamborghini Urus

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Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, have too many cars as it is. In fact, the most famous couple in the world has over 50 cars between them, with some of them extremely expensive and even more exotic. Therefore, it is no surprise to see Kanye adding another one to his collection, with the Lamborghini Urus a fine supercar to have in the garage of a multi-millionaire. That's right, Kanye was spotted getting his hands on the pricey SUV earlier this year. Plus, just to add insult to injury, the car was also customized, with a cream-colored matte vinyl wrap and deep dish monoblock wheels.

14 David Beckham: Aston Martin Vanquish

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David Beckham is known for his love of motor vehicles, motorbikes, and just about anything that has wheels. Therefore, it is no surprise to see the soccer superstar with one of the nicest cars on the market, an Aston Martin. Yes, Beckham often claims how Aston Martin is his favorite brand of car, especially due to the James Bond connotations. However, Beckham also owns a number of other ridiculously expensive automobiles, including a $200,000 Jaguar sports, a $150,000 Audi, and a $300,000 Ferrari 612, as well as a Cadillac Escalade and a Jeep Wrangler. Yes, Beckham really has it all.

13 Kim Kardashian: Mercedes-Benz G 550 


Kim Kardashian is known for her expensive taste, especially when comes to automobiles. Yes, much like her husband, rapper and superstar Kanye West, Kim is prone to pricey cars and even pricier customizations. For instance, all you need to do is look at the latest vehicle to adorn the floors of the Kardashian-West garage, no other than the Mercedes-Benz G 550 4×4, known as the G-Wagen. That's right, the vehicle was gifted to Kim from husband Kanye, who bought the car as a nod to her favorite color, neon green. Obviously, Kim was ecstatic and immediately uploaded a variety of pictures on social media. Of course she did!

12 Priyanka Chopra: Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Sedan

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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are one of the most famous couples in the world, especially with regards to their extravagant weddings (plural). Yes, Nick and Priyanka continue to fascinate fans across the globe, therefore it is no surprise to see one of them pop up on the list. That's right, Nick Jonas wanted to prove once again just how amazing he actually is when he was spotted gifting his new wife one of the nicest cars in the world. The car was the fancy Mercedes-Maybach S 650, with Priyanka certainly pleased later writing, "I love you baby!! Yaay! Best husband ever." You got that right!

11 Cristiano Ronaldo: Rolls-Royce Cullinan

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Cristiano Ronaldo, who originally hails from Portugal, is one of the most celebrated soccer players in the world. In fact, Ronaldo is often presented as the best soccer player to have ever kicked a ball, with rival Lionel Messi also a contender. Ronaldo is also one of the richest sportspeople around and has a number of cars, houses, and other expensive items to prove it. That's right, Ronaldo is the third best-paid athlete in the world, so it comes as no surprise to see Ronaldo recently repping one of the most expensive cars in the world, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Fancy!

10 Paul Pogba: Ferrari 812 Superfast

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Manchester United is one of the most famous soccer clubs in the world, not to mention successful. The team (although not as good as they used to be) have a number of star players on their team, one of which is superstar Paul Pogba. It is no secret that soccer players are paid extremely well, with Pogba being no exception. Therefore, just to prove how rich he actually is, Pogba was recently spotted with the latest high-powered Ferrari 812 superfast, worth a whopping $350,000. However, that's not the only exotic sportscar in Pogba's possession, with the soccer player also owning a Rolls-Royce Wraith.

9 Ben Affleck: Range Rover

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Ben Affleck always seems to be in the news in some form or another; whether it is his relationship issues, work issues, or personal life, Affleck is the press corps' dream. However, it doesn't seem to stop him from making outlandish purchases, with his new car one such example. That's right, Affleck was recently spotted with the latest Range Rover, and boy, did he look pleased. Yes, Affleck bought the car as a gift to himself for his 46th birthday and seemingly couldn't wipe the smile off his face. Furthermore, the car is a firm favorite among the Hollywood elite, with a variety of superstars owning the automobile.

8 Nicki Minaj: Rolls-Royce Cullinan

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Nicki Minaj is one of the most successful rappers in the world and is also extremely rich as a result. Therefore, Minaj is often spotted spending her earnings, with her car collection becoming one of her most expensive hobbies. That's right, over the years, Minaj has purchased a Bentley Continental GT, a Range Rover, and a pink Lamborghini Aventador. However, Minaj's recent purchase is a sleek Rolls-Royce Cullinan, a car that certainly ups her status in the world of celebrity car enthusiasts. In fact, the car cost a whopping $500,000 and is decked out in the latest high-end modifications.

7 Iggy Azalea: Range Rover Vogue

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Iggy Azalea (otherwise known as Amethyst Amelia Kelly) is a rapper and singer-songwriter from Australia. Azalea has made a name for herself over the years and has become extremely successful with regards to her rapping career. As a result, Azalea has made quite a bit of money and is often pictured spending her earnings on lavish items. One such item was a brand new Range Rover, which Azalea immediately flaunted all over social media. That's right, the rapper bought the gift as a present to herself for her birthday, and captioned the photo, "birthday month, every month".

6 Anthony Joshua: Range Rover

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Anthony Joshua is a professional boxer from the UK and is one of the most successful boxers in the world. Plus, Joshua is actually quite a nice guy and regularly comes off well in interviews and post-match discussions. As a result of his success, Joshua is also extremely wealthy, with the majority of his money going to his mother who raised him—see, he is a nice guy! However, Joshua manages to save a little for himself and was recently spotted purchasing a brand new custom-made Range Rover. Sadly, the car was later lifted, with Joshua claiming that he had made it his mission to find those who had taken it.

5 Drake: Mercedes-Maybach G 650

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Drake is one of the most famous rappers in the world and regularly sells out arena tours across the globe. As a result of his success, Drake has managed to rack up a healthy bank account, some of which goes on expensive vehicles. That's right, Drake is no stranger to flaunting his wealth online and often uploads pictures of his latest purchases. However, Drake recently stepped up his car game when it was revealed that he had bought the latest Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet, a car with only 99 examples to its name. The car is decked out with a number of outlandish features, from heated seats to advanced stereo systems, and cupholders that either chill or heat drinks. Nice!

4 Simon Cowell: Lamborghini Urus

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Simon Cowell is probably one of the most famous Brits in the United States and is no stranger to purchasing expensive vehicles and exotic models. In fact, Cowell has a number of cars in his garage, from Ferraris to Aston Martins and a couple of high-end Range Rovers. However, Cowell was recently spotted with the Lamborghini Urus SUV, which was lavishly delivered to the front door of his London home. Cowell wasted no time in taking the beauty for a spin and was snapped whizzing around the UK's capital with a delighted smile on his face.

3 Khloé Kardashian: Toy Bentley

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The Kardashians are one of the most famous families in the entire world, not to mention one of the richest. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see Khloé Kardashian treating her young daughter to her first ever car at just 8 months old. That's right, Khloé's daughter, True, was recently gifted a baby Bentley car, much to the annoyance of fans everywhere. Yes, Khloé was accused of wasting money and flaunting her wealth, with the Bentley toy car almost as expensive as a real-life automobile. However, the car is still rather cute, especially with the personalized "True" license plate.

2 Kriti Sanon: Audi Q7

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Kriti Sanon might not be that well known in the United States but in India, she is certainly making waves. That's right, Sanon, who originally hails from New Delhi, India, is one of the most famous Bollywood actresses in the world and has won a number of awards to prove it. Due to her success, Sanon decided to treat herself with a brand new Audi Q7. The car, which comes with wireless charging, a panoramic sunroof, smartphone integration, and fancy leather seats, is one of the most popular cars in the world, for those who can afford it, anyway.

1 Justin Timberlake: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

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Justin Timberlake sure likes his automobiles and is often spotted picking out a new mean machine at his local dealership. In fact, Timberlake's newest ride certainly wowed car enthusiasts across the globe, with Timberlake now the proud owner of a blacked-out Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. That's right, Timberlake has somehow managed to look even cooler, with the car one of the hippest vehicles around. And Timberlake isn't the only superstar to favor the car, with Hollywood A-lister, Chris Evans also spotted zipping around Los Angeles in the coolest vehicle around.

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