These 23 Photoshopped Cars Are Better Than The Original

What do you get when you cross a Volkswagen Beetle with a Bugatti?

Photoshop is a photo editing software that has made it super easy for people to learn how to edit photos and videos. YouTube and other online blogs have made it easy for anyone to become a self-taught photoshop expert.

According to Creative Bloq, Photoshop was made with the intention to be used by both a commercial audience and the mass-market. Adobe was able to put out an affordable product, that was much more user-friendly than the competition that was out at the time.

Photoshop made its debut all the way back in the late 80s when most people didn’t even own a personal computer. Since then, Adobe has expanded the Photoshop line and now offers a bunch of different applications, some that you can even use on your smartphone, and is now more affordable than ever!

Photoshop uses different tools for cropping, retouching and adding different layers to a photo to make images that only the mind could create. Some people have gotten so good at using photoshop that sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. Here are 23 photoshopped cars that are even better than the originals.

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23 Widebody Ford GT

Via Fromupnorth.com

Ford is known for their trucks and Mustangs, but in the world of supercars, Ford isn’t necessarily the most popular contender.

According to Forbes, Ford built the GT to compete in the iconic 24 Hour of LeMans race, and it successfully took the title in 1966 and the following couple of years. It wasn’t until 2016 that the GT would make another appearance at the LeMans, and once again took the title from Ferrari, but Aston Martin was the top dog this time around.

22 Foxy Fox Body

Via Artstation

The Fox Body Mustang was the second generation of Mustangs, that some say will be a collector’s item one of these days.

According to Road and Track, the iconic 5.0-liter made its return with the debut of the Fox Body back in 1982. The sad 5.0 made just 157 hp and 240 lb/ft of torque, but at the time it was a glimpse of hope for the return of muscle cars. By 1987 the 5.0 was making a more respectable 225 hp and 300 lb/ft of torque.

21 Bumble Bee Truck

Via Pinterst.com

This Chevy S10 looks like it could possibly transform into Bumblebee from the hit movie “Transformers.” According to CJ Pony Parts, the S10 made its debut all the way back in 1982 as a light utility vehicle, and in its first year didn’t even come with four-wheel drive. The S10 came in a plethora of different options and was even made into an electric vehicle that was once used as a fleet vehicle.

The S10 was sadly discontinued in 2004, being replaced by the mid-sized Colorado.

20 Viper Benz

Via Autoemo.com

The Viper may be gone, but it might be making a return earlier than expected. According to Car and Driver, the Viper was sadly discontinued in 2017 but there are rumors that the Viper could make a return as early as 2020!

According to Motor Trend, the massive 8.0-liter V10 Viper engine is what put Viper on the map. Rumors are that the new Viper will eventually come with the option to add a supercharger, although Hennessey Performance beat them to the punch and already offers a performance package for the Viper.

19 2 Days Or Less

Via Carthrottle.com

This photoshopped FedEx van is way nicer than any FedEx vehicle ever seen on the streets. According to their official website, FedEx is the world’s largest express transportation company. FedEx currently delivers in over 220 countries and stands behind its guaranteed ship dates, and if they aren’t able to make their deadline, will happily refund your money.

FedEx continues to make improvements to their vehicles, and the van shown here uses 35% less fuel than the traditional FedEx truck.

18 A More Modern DeLorean

Via Lukedowding.com

The DeLorean is an iconic car that was made famous by “Back to the Future” where a modified version of one was a time machine that flew.

According to Road and Track, the DeLorean DMC-12 looked a lot faster than it was, needing 10.5 seconds just to get to sixty, and almost 18 for a quarter mile. Unfortunately, the DeLorean was just a bit too ahead of its time, and far too expensive for most people to afford, so it was eventually discontinued.

17 Apocalypse Super Snake

Via Fromupnorth.com

The Mustang Super Snake is a special edition Mustang that has been around for decades. According to The Drive, the Super Snake now comes stocked with a supercharged 5.0-liter, making the serpent good for 710 hp. Considering the Super Snake costs well over 100k, Ford really skimped out on the additional upgrades.

While the Super Snake comes with upgraded trim pieces, wheels, and brakes, it should be a bit more special considering it’s something that is honoring legend Carol Shelby.

16 Simple Silvia

Via cbnb.artstation.com

The Silvia was one of those great JDM vehicles that the States didn’t get the chance to experience first hand. People from Japan are known for keeping good things to themselves and the Silvia is a perfect example of just that. According to Hemmings, the Silvia never made its way to the States due to its headlights not meeting regulations and instead received the watered down version that we know as the 240sx.

It’s safe to say that Nissan enthusiasts are counting down the days until Silvias can be imported into the States.

15 Pretty Woman

Via Artstation.com

The Lotus Esprit was made famous after Julia Roberts banged through its gears in the iconic movie “Pretty Woman.”

According to Car Throttle, the actual car that was used in the film was up for sale a while back. The car included documents that proved it was the actual car that was featured in the movie and was listed for $54,998 which is more than twice as much as what you would expect to pay for an Esprit from 1990!

14 Bad Beetle

Via GoodFon.com

This photoshop of an old Volkswagen Beetle as a resto-mod is just plain awesome.

According to Forbes, the Beetle will sadly be discontinued in 2019. The iconic car was first debuted back in the 30s. The original Beetle was discontinued in the 70s, but a new and updated version made its debut in 1998. Since its debut in the 90s, the sales have been consistently getting worse and ultimately will be discontinued for a second time.

13 Beefed Up Bean

Via yasiddesign.tumblr.com

“Mr. Bean” was a hilarious TV show that came out in the 90s. It was about an awkward man that drove a Mini Cooper. Coincidentally the man who plays Mr. Bean, once owned a McLaren F1 in real life that he crashed on more than one occasion.

This photoshopped Mini Cooper looks like it would be a lot faster than the stock model, which wouldn’t be hard to do. According to Mini’s official website, the little cooper is only good for 134 hp and 162 lb/ft of torque.

12 BUGatti

Via Driving.ca

What do you get when you cross a Volkswagen Beetle with a Bugatti? This odd looking vehicle! The front of a Bugatti does look a bit like a Beetle, but this artist has done an amazing job making the Beetle's body lines work nicely with the Bugatti body style. Sadly, the iconic Volkswagen Beetle will be discontinued in 2019.

According to Car and Driver, very little changed as far as the Beetle’s design. It wasn’t until 1998 when the Beetle was redesigned, and it received the modern touches it needed.

11  Lexus Lemon

Via drive2.ru

This photoshopped Lexus LC isn’t as unattainable as some of the cars that are featured on this list, and could very well be a real car if someone wanted to build it. According to Car and Driver, the LC can come stocked with a 5.0-liter V8 that is good for 471 hp and 398 lb/ft of torque or opt for the hybrid option. The hybrid is a combination of an ion battery, a 3.5-liter V6 and a couple of electric motors.

10 Mini Veyron

Via pinxcars.com

Making cars into miniature versions was a fad that was popular on social media a few years back. This miniature Bugatti Veyron has been compacted down to be a fraction of its original size, but let’s just hope they didn’t downsize the engine in the process.

According to their official website, the Veyron has a massive 16-cylinder engine that is good for 1,200 hp and 1500 lb/ft of torque, making it capable of getting to sixty in just 2.5 seconds.

9 Mixed Up McLaren

Via drive2.ru

The McLaren is one of those super cars that don’t get enough credit, nor do we see enough of them. Being rare is something that McLaren likes, and most of their cars were built in very limited batches, which is why they remain so valuable.

According to Road and Track, a few years ago, a McLaren P1 GTR was listed in the Netherlands for 4.36 million dollars! Mr. Bean sold his 1997 McLaren F1 for over 12 million dollars, after he crashed it, twice!

8 Pretty Porsche

Via Pinterest.com

The Porsche 911 made its debut to the world all the way back in 1963 and was built with the intentions to simply make a more practical vehicle. According to Top Gear, the 911 was larger than the 356 and came with an additional row of seats in the rear.

The Porsche didn’t receive the power it deserved until much later in the game, as the early models came stocked with 2.0-liter engines that were only good for 130 hp on a good day.

7 Rad RS

Via Fromupnorth.com

Ford built their RS to compete with Subaru, Volkswagen and Honda and it's safe to say that it can hold its own against the bunch.

According to a comparison test conducted by Motor Trend, the RS was significantly faster across the board in an acceleration test, and as it should be, as it makes the most horsepower and torque out of the pack. It wasn’t until 0-70 that the Honda Civic Type R was able to catch up to the RS.

6 Supra Bunny

Via Imgur.com

The “Rocket Bunny” body kit is widely popular in the tuner scene that, like most trends, started overseas in Japan by a man by the name of Kei Miura. According to their official website, Greddy kits are not mass produced and that is why the quality remains so high. Companies have made countless knock-off versions of the infamous “Rocket Bunny” kit.

Greddy makes their kits out of the highest quality material that is laser cut, and that's why they remain the best on the market.

5 Rocket Miata

Via Fromupnorth.com

The Mazda Miata made its debut to the world all the way back in 1990, and since then not a whole lot has changed to its look aside from getting past the pop up headlights.

According to Auto Trader, the Miata didn’t receive the forced induction it needed until its second generation, and even with a turbo the 1.8-liter was only good for 178 hp; the Miata still needed well over 7 seconds just to chug to sixty. Let's hope the artist behind this masterpiece photoshopped a bigger engine into this Miata.

4 JDM Benz

Via Pagebd.com

If it’s one thing that you don’t see every day, it’s a JDM styled Mercedes Benz SLS. According to Auto Trader, the SLS was a super luxury car, that is known for its Gullwing doors, that was only produced from 2011 to 2015. Surprisingly the SLS’s value hasn’t depreciated at all. The SLS back in 2011 was sold brand new for $183,000 and just last year there was one listed on the website for $182,000!

Auto Trader defends the reason why saying the SLS is a complete package and well worth the money.

3  Widebody i8

Via file.army.com

The i8 is a weird looking car that was designed by BMW to break into both the supercar and the hybrid market. According to Car and Driver, the i8 fell a bit short in the performance department, bringing just 369 hp to the table. In addition, the i8 could only travel a measly 18 miles on just electric before needing to recharge. With a price tag of almost 150k, the i8 looks cheap and is all around unimpressive. Let’s just hope the updated version next year brings more to the party.

2 M Series Mashup

Via Fromupnorth.com

The BMW M6 is an iconic car that made its debut back in the late 80s. According to Car and Driver, the M is short for Motorsport, and is what indicates that there is something special under the hood.

Greatness came with a price and a steep one at that. The BMW M6 back in 1987 cost almost 60k, which is more than what most people paid for their houses in that day and time. The BMW was discontinued before the 90s hit, but luckily made a return in the new millennium.

1 Awesome Aveo

Via Pinterest.ca

The Aveo was an entry-level car that was sold by Ford for just a few short years. According to The Drive, the Aveo was less than impressive on basically all levels. The Aveo was slow, cheap and was just plain weird looking. One of the only good features about the Aveo was the fact that it was so inexpensive, fuel-efficient and despite its small size had a roomy interior.

With that being said, the sad little Aveo only received a one-star rating.

Sources: Car and Driver, Motor Trend, Road and Track, The Drive

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