These 16 WWE Stars Recently Bought New Rides

Working for WWE is a dream job. Performing in the front of thousands in attendance and millions watching at home must be a big-time thrill. What also makes it that much greater is the money attached to the gig. WWE contracts usually range in the six to seven figures depending on one’s experience and popularity. Not to mention that bonuses can be made off merchandise along with the guaranteed contract money.

With that being the case, WWE stars can splurge on some of the finer things that life has to offer. Sure, some might spend a little more on a rental car but at the end of the day, lots of WWE employees go all out when it comes to the cars they own back at home.

Take John Cena as an example, Cena has a garage that kind of resembles a car dealership. This is also the case with lots of other WWE stars as you’ll see in this article including the legendary Undertaker and Braun Strowman. These two continue to add to their collections with new fabulous rides. The likes of Mandy Rose are also gaining popularity meaning, she has money splurge, like say on a new car (scroll down to find out which one).

Enjoy the article folks as we take a look at 16 new rides recently purchased by WWE stars. Don’t tell the boss Vince cause he might cut that salaries down in half. Though with the FOX merger coming soon, that’s less than likely! Let’s get started.

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16 Mandy Rose – Mercedes AMG C43 Coupe

via IG

Ultimately, things worked out pretty darn well for Mandy Rose. She lost the Tough Enough competition, though nonetheless, she was offered a WWE deal. The winner of the show was gone within a couple of months while Mandy constantly climbed the ranks – she’s now a main act over on SmackDown Live in the Women’s Championship picture. It seems to be going just as well off camera. Rose recently purchased a stunning Mercedes AMG Coupe. She took to IG discussing her newest toy;

“New whip. Thanks to the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Maitland, Florida for really making my overall experience so awesome & easy! You guys are the best!”

15 Braun Strowman – Toyota Supra 2Jz MKIV

via IG

For those that are wondering what Strowman spends his money on outside of the ring, the answer seems to be hunting gear and cars. One of Braun’s most recent purchases was a modified Toyota Supra. I know what everyone is wondering, how in the heck does he fit in it? Surprisingly, he does fit in the ride though when he’s inside it kind of resembles a toy car.

Nonetheless, Strowman is a huge fan of this ride calling it his favorite ride of the bunch. Braun has also put additional dollars into this ride with various modifications.

14 Mustafa Ali – Kawasaki Ninja

via IG

Wrestling on the indie circuit since 2003, Ali making it in the WWE seemed quite slim years ago. He was undersized, though blessed with so much talent. Ali proved all the naysayers wrong not only thriving with 205 Live but he’s now a main act on SmackDown Live feuding with the likes of Daniel Bryan.

Bryan mocked Ali for driving an SUV during an earlier episode. However, it should also be noted that Ali also has a pretty great motorcycle ride, a Kawasaki Ninja. When he’s not taking the kids for a ride to school in his SUV, he’s taking his new bike out for a spin.

13 Kevin Owens – Dodge Challenger SRT

via IG

An injury is a tough pill to swallow for any WWE Superstar - that works double for someone like Kevin Owens who loves the business dearly. While recovering from his recent injury, KO decided to spoil himself. His wife Karina Elias posted a photo of Owens alongside his newest muscle car, a Dodge Challenger SRT;

“I feel like I post a picture like this every year. Nothing better to cheer him up when he’s injured than a new car.” Now that he’s back on the road, he might be enjoying the car a little less but we’re pretty sure he’s okay with that.

12 Tyson Kidd & Natalya – BMW i8

via Twitter

If any couple deserves a glamorous new ride, it’s Natalya and Tyson Kidd. Nattie is the leader of the women’s locker room behind the scenes and she continues to thrive a decade later. As for Kidd, he underwent a career-ending injury, though he continues to serve a role as one of the best agents behind the scenes.

Together, the two kicked things up a notch behind the scenes. Nattie posted a pic of the couple’s new ride, a stunning BMW i8, a dream car for a lot of car enthusiasts. Given everything they’ve been through in the last couple of years, they definitely deserve this expensive ride.

11 Stone Cold Steve Austin - 1974 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28

via IG

He isn’t stunning his opponents on the regular like he used to. However, Austin’s still keeping busy on his ranch. Steve has a bunch of rides in his garage, some of the A-list variety while some are definitely classified as B-List beaters like his 2003 Ford Focus.

What isn’t a beater is his new Chevrolet Camaro Z-28. Austin completely restored the ride and it now looks brand-spankin' new. Austin detailed the project visa his IG account; “Just outside of Edna Texas, at the Broken Skull R&D Center, the 1974 Camaro Z-28 project is underway. Chief engineer, master mechanic, and World Champion, @suprsonix is making things happen.”

10 Corey Graves – ’68 Mercury Cougar

via IG

Given all the latest controversy surrounding Graves, we have reason to believe that he’s doing a bit of soul searching in his stunning new ride, a ’68 Mercury Cougar. The ride definitely isn’t short on style. Graves wrote about his new ride via IG; “Sitting in my new baby, parked in front of my baby's new baby. So many metaphorical babies.”

Graves also has other rides in his collection including a couple of bikes and other muscle cars like a black Mustang. However, this Cougar likely has a special place in his heart given the rarity of the ride.

9 Rey Mysterio – New Wrap On Audi R8 (F-150 Raptor From His Wife)

via IG

Life really isn’t too shabby for Rey Mysterio at the moment. He’s back with the WWE and somehow, in his 40s he seems to be producing just as well as he did in his 20s. Rey truly is a timeless talent.

Out of the ring, his garage seems to be getting better and better as well. Just this past summer, Rey completely modified his Audi R8 with a stunning new black and gold wrap. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also gifted a new Ford F-150 Raptor from his wife. She surprised him at the airport with the new ride.

8 Seth Rollins – Tesla

via WWE/via IG

Life is pretty hectic for Seth Rollins at the moment. He’s slated to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 in what should be the biggest match of his career. Due to recent injuries, he’s being kept off television for the time being in a wrestling role.

What he’s likely doing instead is working on some drills back home at his wrestling school. How does he arrive at the school you ask? Well, in his new Tesla that he purchased just a couple of years back. According to Sheamus, Seth’s a big advocate for Tesla telling a lot of his peers to purchase the ride as well.

7 Rusev & Lana – Blacked-Out BMW

via IG

Rusev and Lana is another power WWE couple both in and out of the ring. Out of the ring, the couple has some noteworthy rides. Just a couple of years back, Lana was photographed in a Maserati. Most recently, Rusev posted a photo of Lana posing in front of their new BMW. It should also be noted that Rusev and Lana even purchased a new car for Lana’s dad, as shown on Total Divas.

Just a couple of weeks back, Rusev was spotted driving a new Nissan SUV. Now we can’t say that he owns the ride, in all likelihood, it might have been a rental he used while on the road with the WWE.

6 Baron Corbin - Lincoln Continental ‘64

via IG

Corbin has a similar garage to Corey Graves. This makes a lot of sense given that the two are actually quite close behind the scenes.

Corbin’s favorite ride is a classic car from the past, a Lincoln Continental ’64, which he calls Charlie. The car appears to be in mint condition and it’s one of those cars that Corbin keeps a close eye on and one that we hope he takes out sporadically. It definitely isn’t an everyday type of car. He’s enjoying the ride out in Florida. Ironically, the car is stashed in a garage previously used by both The Undertaker and Big Show.

5 Braun Strowman – Buick Grand National

via IG

It only makes sense to close off the article with Braun Strowman. This is the fourth ride that was recently added to his garage, another classic muscle car. You won’t see Strowman riding around in a Smart car too often, though hilariously enough he did use one while he was riding on the road as a rental.

Braun also used a small Kia as well in the past. Let’s just say those days are now behind him as he’s enjoying some of the finer cars and Jeeps that life has to offer. Who knows if he’ll add a fifth to the collection – at this rate, he should in just a couple of weeks.

4 The Undertaker – Ford Raptor F-150

via IG

That's right, The Undertaker isn’t riding around on a hearse or speeding down the highway with his old school WWE bike. Instead, Taker is a pickup and Jeep kind of guy behind the scenes. Most recently his wife Michelle McCool put up a photo of a brand new Ford Raptor. Seems like Undertaker’s cashing in his WrestleMania paychecks these days.

McCool also posted a photo of the cars that are sitting outside of the garage which includes another Ford pickup along with a Jeep Wrangler. Without a doubt, he's enjoying those rides a lot more these days given his limited WWE schedule.

3 Braun Strowman – White Corvette

via IG

Yes, another ride recently added to Strowman’s collection and this isn’t the last time the big fellow will appear in this article. Braun blames his recent purchase on Titan Motorsports.

He bought both these rides from the car company. Arguably, depending on one’s opinion, the white Corvette might be the best of the bunch with a clean white color along with black mags. We can understand why Strowman fell into the trap and how he had to purchase this one as well. Surely, he won’t be flipping this new ride over as we’ve seen a bunch of times already on WWE programming.

2 Miz & Maryse– Mercedes SUV

via WWE/via IG

Although Maryse seems to be off WWE television at the moment, she’s adjusting to life as a mom pretty easily. In fact, she even bought herself a new Mercedes SUV most recently, she posted the ride to her IG account;

“There’s a new soccer mom in town!!!” The couple already has a beautiful Wrangler and pretty top notch Audi, this just adds to their collection. Given their wealth amassed with WWE and now with their new reality show Miz and Mrs, they can definitely afford the finer things in life. They really are the A-List couple both in and out of the ring.

1 Braun Strowman – Jeep SRT8

via IG

Who needs two cars when you can have three? Maybe even four... Strowman felt the need to add another ride to his collection, a stunning Jeep SRT8 which is also fully customized thanks to the team at Titan Motor Sports. Unlike his Corvette and Supra, this is a ride Strowman can easily take off the road for hunting or his other adventures. In all likelihood, that might be the reason why he bought this ride.

When he’s out of the ring, Braun spends most of his time outdoors either working on his rides or going off the path into the woods.

Sources - IG, Twitter & YouTube

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