20 Facts Behind Hugh Hefner's Eccentric Car Collection

Hugh Hefner was a very successful man who lived his life to the fullest every day in the exact ways that he wanted to. And he was not only successful throughout his life. He was also just successful with life itself. He lived to be 91, passing only just two years ago. To some, he seemed like a man concerned with only objectifying women, but to many women, he was the man to go to who had the means to help support this cause or that.

In fact, Hefner would help out many of his Playmates with all manner of causes, even including crazy causes like Jenny McCarthy's anti-vaccine movement (maybe he wasn't as smart as we'd like to think). The funniest cause though was saving land near the Hollywood Sign for preservation which saw the naming of a rabbit after him...perhaps just too on the nose considering all of the bunnies he already had hopping around his mansion.

But, the Bunnies were not the only fast and exciting attractions at the mansion. Oh, no. Hefner loved cars too. He loved to drive, he loved to be driven about and he even loved to share cars with his Playmates so that they could fall in love the same way. He didn't give a car away every year to a Playmate for nothing! So, pop on those bunny ears and let's hop about the mansion to see what sweet machines Hefner kept on the grounds at one point or another.

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20 Dodge Charger - $3,000


Can anyone here imagine paying only $3,000 for a brand new Dodge Charger? We can't either but that is exactly what this car cost Hefner when he gifted it to Playmate of the Year Allison Parks back in 1965. Sure, that was a long time ago and that $3,000 now translates to about $30,000 if one does not go for all of the bells and whistles (which Hef surely would have done). All we can say is that those Playmates definitely got some great payment for their hard work.

19 Sunbeam Tiger - 1/633


So, it is important that we clarify that not all of these cars were specifically Hefner's alone. But they were certainly cars that heavily featured at the mansion. The Playmate of the Year would get a car like this Sunbeam Tiger. This is a special edition car made in part by the famous Carroll Shelby. How special is this edition? Let's put it this way: there were only ever 633 of these cars made. Some may say that the Playmates had it rough...but it looks like they were well rewarded for their work!

18 Shelby GT500 - The Lighter Shade Of Pink


Speaking of Shelby, there are few cars out there from the U.S. that we could think might top the darling Eleanor. For those who have seen the remake of Gone In Sixty Seconds, this car will be quite popular. Apparently, just over 1,500 of this GT500 edition were made. But there is something even rarer about this beauty...and it's not the beautiful Playmate standing next to it. No, it is something as simple as the paint job. Of all 1,500 plus cars in this edition, this model has a lighter shade of pink.

17 Porsche 911S - Marilyn Lange


We have to be straight up here, this is not the same car that Marilyn Lange was gifted back in the 70s. It still is a Porsche 911, but not the particular 911S she was sent away with. Photos of her and this car are not up to snuff when it comes to image quality (though all other qualities are just right). Regardless, it seemed that Hefner spared no expense when it came to the cars he would buy. And while many might scoff at the pink paint job...he certainly knows how to make a car model (and the model driving it) stand out.

16 Plymouth Barracuda - 225 Or 383 cu in.


This is an interesting one. The Plymouth Barracuda was certainly a popular car in its day and, as it turns out, this particular one is somewhat of a rarity. Not for the color this time. And not really for the body shape. No, it has to do with the fact that there were two engine options here (and the fact that this model was only produced more heavily after Lisa Baker was given the car that Hefner commissioned. Either way, this car could come with a 225 or a perhaps more preferred 383. We think it's safe to assume just which one Baker ended up with.

15 Ford Mustang - $2,814


The Ford Mustang is certainly one of our favorite cars. How could it not be? U.S. born and bred (aside from that little bit of help from the U.K. when things really got going), and always ready to show off, the Mustang has been at the forefront of HC for some time. Here is Donna Michelle with her new pink Mustang. Anyone who read the header will know the very interesting fact here. Back in the 60s, this car cost only $2,814! If only that were the price today...

14 Mini Roadster - Wait...It Isn't Pink!?


Well, we're not exactly sure what it is that Kennedy Summers did wrong when she won Playmate of the Year but she ended up with a Mini Roadster. But that is not even that strange thing about this whole situation. Hefner, for whatever reason, also decided to make this among the first of the Playmate cars to not be at all painted pink. There is no trace of pink on this thing. Just a black coat with a flare of red racing through it. Not only a bizarre car choice but also a bizarre color as compared to all previous Playmate-mobiles.

13 Mercedes Benz 300SL - Over $1 Million


Alright now, here is a personal car of Hugh Hefner's. He did not gift this one away to a Playmate at the end of a year. This is one of his personal $1 million cars. The interesting thing about this car is that it may look pretty...but that is all Hefner paid that $1 million for. Beyond the looks, there is not much going for this machine. Sure, some had racing specs, but considering the horsepower never went over 240 and the top speed never broke 162 mph, Hef could have had a car that would at least double both of these for less than $1 million!

12 Lambo Gallardo - Boosting The Speed


Now, speaking of cars that go fast for under $1 million, the Lambo Gallardo is a car that Hef bought because of his love for speed (not the substance, by the way). This machine kicks off with a V10, the power of 562 horses and a top speed of 204 mph. That all being said, this was not quite good enough for Hefner. He actually bought his Lambo and then immediately brought it in to see what could be done to make this mean machine even faster!

11 Lambo Countach - Something To Do With O.J.


Here is a car that has made history, hands down. And given that the Playmate who won the car had testified at the O.J. trial, she plays a part in history as well...though we have to be honest, the Countach has probably turned more heads than O.J. Simpson. Either way, India Allen originally wanted nothing to do with Hef's publication, until she met a Playmate of the Year on a film set. They became friends, she went to the mansion, and then she won Playmate of the Year and perhaps one of the greatest car giveaways that Hefner has ever made!

10 Jeep Wrangler - Out Of Character


Here is a car that is certainly out of character when it comes to the gifting of a car to the Playmate of the Year. Typically, Hefner would buy a luxury car or a sports car, paint all pretty in pink and then hand the keys over to his favorite Bunny. Instead, in 1996, Stacy Sanches was gifted a fire engine red Jeep Wrangler. This is likely the only car gifted by Hef that would perform at all off-road...and maybe that is something he knew Sanches wanted?

9 Jaguar F-Type - Raquel Pomplun


Well, isn't Raquel Pomplun one lucky and happy Playmate of the Year. Let's be honest here...who here would not like to have a Jaguar F-Type kicking around for their own personal pleasure. It is no surprise that this is one of the cars that Hef chose for a Playmate. After all, it pretty well screams luxury. One might notice that this is yet another car off the mansion lot that is not adorned in pink paint. And we're pretty sure that's ok when it comes to this car. Pomplun seems more than fine with it.

8 Hummer H2 Limo - Bunny Mobile


Here is a bit of classic-meets-unfortunate-modernity. We have the classic black and white coloring and logo from the company on a rather unfortunate stretch Hummer H2. We may as well call it the Bunny Mobile. Why? Well, we are reasonably sure that Hugh Hefner would go nowhere in this contraption if he did not definitely have at least 10 gorgeous, bunny-dressed women crowded around him. To say crowded is probably the wrong word considering just how much space there must be in this thing.

7 Chevy Corvette C4 - Donna Edmondson


Considering that we are well enough beyond the Corvette C4 today, this may not be all that impressive to some, but back in the 80s, Donna Edmondson was surely more than happy to be gifted this brand new C4. And with Edmondson behind the wheel, this car was surely just as explosive as C4. This was a new look for Corvette at the time and considering that this machine cost near as much as a current Dodge Charger does today (at about $30,000), we think it is safe to say that no one drove this car home disappointed.

6 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible - First Love


Here is the car that really got Hugh Hefner into cars in the first place. This car from 1955 was perhaps one of the most exciting and luxurious at the time. It even had automatic windshield wipers. that might seems strange to say but...it was 1955. Beyond that, this car could plod from 0-60 mph in a breath-holding 17.3 seconds. This is certainly nothing like Hef's Lambo Gallardo. But He had the money to flaunt his life of luxury, and he used it.

5 BMW S1000 RR - Hope Dworaczyk


Hope Dworaczyk was a lucky (and apparently nutty) Playmate of the Year. We're willing to bet she already knew how to ride considering that she was gifted not only $100,000 but also a $20,000 BMW bike that rode with the power of 205 horses and topped out at a nutty speed of 190 mph. that sounds like something we would never want to do on a bike. But this 25-year-old model up at the mansion was more than happy to receive her gift from Hef.

4 BMW 3.0 CS-E9 - The Batmobile...?


This BMW from the 70s was actually sold in the Bay Area in 2014 for only $17,000. It was certainly the car that was previously owned by Hef, so we were surprised to see such a low price tag on it. Either way, that does not change the history of the car. And while Hef's may have gone for pennies, it should be noted that Sean Connery owned one of these mean machines as well. This car, at least when it came with racing specs, was nicknamed the "Batmobile" because of the sharp lines etches along it. We don't think it quite resembles the Batmobile but we don't have the money to say otherwise anyway.

3 1973 Volvo P1800ES - Special Wagon From Sweden


Well, Marilyn Cole was a lucky Playmate...if she liked the wagon look of her car, at least. That being said, she had better have liked it because the Volvo P1800ES was not even available in the U.S. when Hefner went out of his way to buy one. He brought it straight in from Sweden. And in addition to that, the wagon look of this car was not the original look either. Hef ordered the car to be made especially to have the wagon look. We're not quite sure why, but there it is.

2 1972 De Tomaso Pantera 330hp = $10,000


Aside from sharing the name of a pretty sweet band, the Pantera is one of the sweetest cars that Hef ever bought for his Playmates of the Year. This masterfully-crafter car could ride with the power of 330 horses, could go from 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds and topped out with a speed of about 160 mph. Considering that this machine was worth $10,000 back in the 70s, we think that Liv Lindeland was gifted something pretty special. Especially since these cars are selling for about $100,000 today.

1 1969 Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman Limo...'Nuff Said


Well, we are pretty sure that everyone has guessed this is no car that Hef just gave away to a Playmate. This is one of his own cars that he could lounge about in while being driven from A to B. This model today is selling for anywhere between $100,000 and $450,000. With the Hefner name attached to this one, we can only imagine a higher-end sale, for sure. Riding with the power of 300 horses and topping out at 127 mph, it is actually impressive that this car can make 0-60 mph in 9.7 seconds.

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