22 Things About Lamborghini Ownership We Never Knew Until Now

Here are 22 things about Lamborghini ownership we never knew until now.

Chances are you have probably seen a flamboyant and extravagant supercar at least on the telly. That thing that caught your eye might have well been a Lamborghini or as some people might call it, a Raging Bull.

There is so much to talk about Lamborghini and how they push the boundaries of automobile design or how they redefine the term “supercar” and all that jazz. Every car in Lamborghini’s line up is just oozing with luxury and screams that there is no other way to drive a Lambo except to drive it like you stole it. Even just one glance at a Lamborghini product will certainly pique anybody’s interest unless of course, a particular person has been around cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for quite some time now.

Many people look at buying a Lamborghini for themselves as a goal to really say that they’ve made it. However, there are a few things one must consider before even thinking about making a commitment to a mechanical masterpiece such as a supercar.

The level of care, effort, and thought one has to make in order to have an enjoyable Lamborghini ownership might not be for just anyone off the street – or as those in Italy might call it, “la strada.”

People come to the decision of buying a Lamborghini in very different ways but nevertheless, we hope they are thinking about enjoying the car for what it’s really worth and not just because they want to show off or something along those lines.

22 Lamborghini Winter Driving Academy

via Lamborghini Calgary

If one dreams of being a professional race car driver for Lamborghini or any team for that matter, it would be quite a long shot but with deep pockets, one can actually be professionally trained on the snowy mountains under legendary drivers who have big names in motorsports.

Skidding around the snow in an expensive supercar would make for a great day indeed but it’s all fun and games until someone actually bumps into something. They are there to learn how to drive in the snow after all.

21 They’re Technically From Volkswagen

via Fortune

As Jeremy Clarkson says, “Porsches are nothing more than glorified Volkswagen Beetles”. Would he say the same thing for Lamborghinis though? Volkswagen has been acquiring car companies left and right, front and center through the years and one of their most notable acquisitions is Lamborghini.

Would it be blasphemy to put Lamborghini and Volkswagen in the same league? Probably, we still can’t deny though that without the VW and its financial expertise, the supercar company’s future would be murky and bleak, to say the least.

20 Buttocks Will Be Bruised

via autoweek

Seats are an important part of any car, Lamborghinis included. Our bodies are in contact with the seats every moment in the ride and they keep us bolstered in through tight corners. Compared to luxury cars geared for ultimate comfort, Lambo seats beg to differ.

Although they are not as uncomfortable as FIA certified bucket seats fit for the track, some owners do have a bit of a problem when they ride for hours on end on a road trip. Pros and cons, the sports car package comes with a price.

19 Graceful Entry And Exit

via Hotcars

Lamborghinis are lower than the average car and getting in or out of it without embarrassing ourselves will take an ample amount of dexterity and flexibility. We can actually find 2-minute tutorials on how to enter supercars on YouTube; it definitely is a tight squeeze.

Without the right techniques and moves, people are prone to tearing a muscle or their pants while doing something only a contortionist can do. Owners better take their time to learn this if they want to look cool getting out of their supercars.

18 Cup Holder Situation

via Super Street

People are absolutely obsessed with cup holders in their cars and car manufacturers actually put more cup holders in than they actually should but it seems that Lamborghini did not get the memo at all. Some aftermarket parts brands have actually made clip-on cup holders designed for cars such as Lamborghini which people do buy for one reason or another although we really don’t know why would anyone want boring old cup holders in supercars.

We don’t agree with Doug DeMuro a lot but he is on point with his thoughts on supercar cup holders.

17 Speed Boat Engine Swap

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One can actually buy a speed boat powered by a pair of Lamborghini engines and you would be right to assume that this Lambo powered speed boat can go a lot faster than most cars on the road today, even some respectable sports cars.

They don’t play around – no, no. Perfection in everything they lay their golden hands on, we bet that if Lamborghini was to manufacture electronics then by God they will do it in style too and probably beat Apple while they are in the game.

16 Not A Typical Automatic

via Automobile Magazine

That shifter in the middle of the cockpit has been the same old shifter people used even before the start of the millennium so it’s about time someone took a jab at redesigning it. Park, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive, these are the common stuff that’s in regular cars but not in Lamborghinis – no, no.

The thing missing is Drive; to make a Lamborghini moving, a little pull on the upshift paddle will do the trick. This little tidbit of info will keep you from making a fool of yourself when you find yourself inside a Lambo.

15 Law Enforcement Will Be Keeping A Close Eye

via 90.5 WESA

Not only is a Lamborghini ridiculously fast, but they also look properly fast as well. They are well over the threshold of what cops might perceive as a fast car; this ain’t no Nissan Sentra with body kits and an absurd rear spoiler, buddy.

With that said, the boys in blue will give you some special attention and will probably jump at the first opportunity to hand a Lamborghini driver a traffic violation. Owners cry about it all they want but consider it as an ownership hazard.

14 Keeping A Lambo Clean Will Take A Lot Of Cash

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Buying a car worth an apartment in New York will come with its own challenges such as keeping the paint as pristine as possible and preserving its factory finish as much as possible. Wraps are a viable choice for paint protection but if the original color is what it’s about then a nice clear bra will do the trick!

Beware of bird droppings, rock chips on the highway, pet claws, door dings, and worst of all – envious, miserable poor excuses for human beings that deliberately want to ruin the car’s paint.

13 Limited Storage Space

via Canadian Auto Review

Supercars and their frunks (a play on words between “front” and “trunk”) are becoming more and more cramped up as manufacturers like Lamborghini try to maximize everything else from squeezing out more juice from the engine to making the interior bigger for comfort.

A Lamborghini’s frunk might be able to hold nothing bigger than a duffle bag of 3 to 4 days’ worth of clothes or a small carry-on bag. This could be a huge drawback for potential customers and owners know this ordeal too well.

12 Parking Will Always Be An Issue

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If you do not look at your parked car while walking away from it, you have the wrong car. This might be true for many gear heads such as ourselves but Lambo owners look back at their car for another reason; that is to make sure it is in a safe environment with ample lighting and the area is free from hooligans or people who might mean their precious car harm.

Other people are attracted to Lamborghinis as well however their attention might be.

11 Bull Fighting Prowess

via Motoring Research

Most models coming from Lamborghini is actually named after a fighting bull as our dear friend, Mr. Ferruccio, was incredibly enthusiastic about. Bullfighting was something the founder was known to enjoy in his spare time while on a break from running a car manufacturing company.

The very first model from Lamborghini to bear the name of a fighting bull was actually the Miura; after which of course, was the not as well-known Espada but equally exciting to behold as a driver and a mere observer.

10 The Raging Bull Was From Ferruccio Lamborghini’s Astrology Obsession

via Tomohito Oguni

Ferruccio’s birthday falls on April 28 which makes him a Taurus and as the astrology chart might have it, the symbol for Taurus is a bull; hence, The Raging Bull emblem. This might come as a pleasant surprise to some but a man like Ferruccio Lamborghini has certain eccentricities that a lot of us would not understand even in a million years.

We are thankful for his uniqueness though, without his creativity we would not have these amazing supercars that make normies like us strive for something more.

9 V8, V10, or V12

via Luxervind

A Lamborghini wouldn’t be a Lamborghini if it did not have a V8, a V10, or a V12. The all-new Urus luxury SUV is powered by a bi-turbo V8 while the Huracan has a V10 and the Aventador is hiding a V12 beast of an engine under the bonnet. With that information out there, we wouldn’t say that Lamborghinis are the most fuel-efficient cars in the market.

But who cares? You’re driving a Lamborghini, drive it like you stole it and unleash hundreds of buff horses at the press of the gas pedal.

8 Fighter Jet Design Language

via wallpapersoy

It is absolutely no secret that Lamborghinis have the slickest lines in a vehicle reminiscent of fighter jets. Both actually need those sleek, seamless lines along the body to cut through the air and reduce wind drag while accelerating to breakneck speeds.

Another purpose is just pure aesthetics for the bystander’s eyes to feast on. Though Lamborghini is not the only car company to take inspiration from the design of another mode of transportation but they do it arguably better than the other brands who do it as well.

7 Pirelli All The Way

via Tire Stickers

Pirelli has an agreement with Lamborghini that every single car they make would have Pirelli tires. This pact is very fitting considering that both companies have roots in Italy, history in motorsports, and are well-renowned.

Lamborghini wheels have to be wrapped with sticky tires to put down the power on the ground and what better way to do that than with Pirelli rubber? Recently, some investors have a good chunk of Pirelli on their hands but we don’t think this will be of consequence in the quality of their product.

6 Photo Op Magnets

via Australian Cinematorgraphers Society

One of the most annoying moments in a Lamborghini owner’s existence is when a seemingly endless mob of people flock to his car to get pictures and would even ask him if they can sit inside.

Now, this isn’t to say that the owner should deny these people of such an experience just because of petty whims but the majority of these people aren’t careful around the expensive supercar and have a high chance of scratching the paint or something along those lines. This remains to be quite a dilemma among supercar owners.

5 Hydraulic Nose-Lift Option

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Although this “Option” is technically an add-on, any Lamborghini owner in the right mind would never be caught dead without a hydraulic nose-lift. A 2-inch increase in the ride height would mean the difference between a repair bill amounting to thousands of dollars to fix a Lamborghini bumper and a happy Lamborghini driver who just passed a speed bump as high as a Coca Cola tin can.

If you’re planning to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a supercar, might as well throw in an extra few thousand to get a hydraulic nose-lift.

4 Prepare A Pair Of Ear Plugs

via vfe1

High-powered engines tend to make an insane amount of noise, the kind of noise that blows out our eardrums but we’d let our eardrums bleed happily while listening to the sound of a V8, V10, or V12 engine reaching the red line.

However, for the more subtle drivers out there who would rather enjoy the sound of the road, Lamborghinis might not be for them. It is true that earplugs will be of some help but where is the fun in that? Part of the experience is the sound of the engine anyway.

3 Maintenance Can Be A Pain

via Individual Specialist Cars

One wouldn’t buy a Lamborghini for the same amount of money as a house in the suburbs if they were not capable of keeping it running. Maintenance costs wouldn’t be as cheap as a Toyota’s and that is the price they pay for a large hand-built piece of machinery.

Even a simple oil change will take a huge chunk cash and not to mention possible major repairs that will eventually sprout up after a few years of use that will take a small fortune to get done properly.

2 Environmentalists Won’t Be Too Happy

via The New York Times

We are all about saving the Earth but these pesky environmentalists sometimes are too upfront and personal with their agenda. It’s not like Lamborghini owners drive their supercars on a daily basis and do away with gallons of gasoline for a 10-minute drive.

Maybe it’s best for everyone to just chill and pop a cold one with them boys, right? Gas-guzzling supercars have their purpose just like how electric vehicles and hybrids have theirs but nobody can go 200 miles per hour on a Prius.

1 It’s All Worth It

via lamborghini miami

No matter how you look at it, some people will never understand the value of Lamborghinis or other supercars for that matter. They question why anybody would spend a huge amount of money for a car. We don’t give a flying squirrel for their opinion though; a Lamborghini is a Lamborghini so any argument is invalid.

Every single penny is worth the purchase, nothing can match the excitement and frenzy of being behind the wheel of an absolute monster of a car brought to us by an unconventional revolutionary.

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