25 Revealing Things About The WWE Plane

Find out just what goes into the thinking behind WWE owning such a great asset.

The private WWE plane is one of the coolest things purchased by WWE to become part of the company. Traveling is a huge part of the job for WWE in just about every role. Wrestlers specifically travel more than the average person. They usually wrestle in three or four different cities every weekend as part of their normal life.

Other people in the company do a lot of traveling as well between the shows they must attend for their specific jobs along with business meetings. WWE is trying their best to continue expanding as a global brand as strong as almost all others in the general entertainment industry. The plane was purchased as another option for special occasions to fly easier.

Everyone in WWE spends a lot of time in the air and it made perfect sense for the company to have access to a private plane when needed. There is a bit of mystery associated with the plane since it’s not something we see on WWE television or that is talked about as frequently as other things in the company.

We will look at some of the details to get shared about the WWE airplane throughout different mediums. A few stories have been shared via wrestlers or wrestling personalities via outlets like wrestling documentaries, podcasts, interviews, and other public forums. Find out just what goes into the thinking behind WWE owning such a great asset. These are twenty-five revealing things you likely did not know about the WWE plane.

25 Current jet purchased in 2013

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The most recent upgrade for WWE with the airplane came in 2013. Vince McMahon decided it was time to get a better plane to commit to using for the foreseeable future. The plane is a Bombardier Global 5000 Jet that is still being used by the company as of early 2019.

This is one of the top private jets one can have and WWE certainly loved their purchase. There is no official scale as to when WWE chooses to upgrade, but they may be due for a new one soon. Until then, the Bombardier Global 5000 Jet is still a great option as the company gets a great bang for their buck with it.

24 WWE pays for it with loans

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WWE has great annual earnings reports for most years with the company doing extremely well in general. However, they still try to make wise financial decisions that require budgetary moments. Vince McMahon does not like to just pay one figure when getting a new plane.

The company takes out a loan to pay for the plane and pays back the loan in quarterly payments. Forbes reports this recent airplane purchase featured the company paying a loan of over $400,000 each quarter. WWE is still paying this off as the loan goes for seven years. McMahon could easily afford it in one payment, but this makes it a simpler process.

23 Valued over $30 million

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The price of the WWE airplane is extremely expensive when looking at the set price. A new Bombardier Global 5000 Jet goes for $50 million on the market. Even a used one will be a high price at the lowest figure of $30 million on the market.

This is the main reason that WWE decides to pay with a loan service rather than just taking it all out of Vince McMahon’s bank account in one payment. WWE’s earnings make it easier to just take a smaller fraction out each quarter. Private jets are not easy to purchase and the price for the WWE airplane shows why.

22 Vince dreamed of WWE logo on the plane

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Many stories about Vince McMahon have been shared throughout the years. These tales portray him in different lights, but his drive is definitely one of the most positive sides to him. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter shared that McMahon always wanted to reach the point where WWE was big enough to have and afford its own private jet.

Other top people in the company laughed at the idea at the time, but WWE started to grow into a global phenomenon. McMahon’s desire to have the WWE logo on a private jet became a reality when he got the private airplane. Anyone to see the WWE airplane at any point will find the logo.

21 Must have fewer than 20 people on board

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The biggest rule for the WWE plane features a set capacity that should never be passed. Every plane only allows a certain number of people before issues could come from it. WWE’s private jet is no different and has a shorter capacity than most fans would guess.

No more than 19 people are allowed on the WWE plane at one time. The pilot and any potential service employees on board factor into this limit. WWE only allows a handful of wrestlers to use it at a time to refrain from getting anywhere near the capacity. The private jet is not one that can be used recreationally.

20 Kitchen on plane

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There is a personal kitchen located on the airplane if a meal is desired. The kitchen contains a preparation area and a microwave for quick meals. Any wrestlers boarding the plane likely will decide to bring their own meals on board or wait until landing since the limitations are there for a flight meal.

However, the kitchen existing at all is still a huge perk as not all private jets will have such an area. WWE decided to go this route and ensure they have at least the option to use the microwave and prep station for potential entrees on the flight.

19 Personal office inside of plane

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Another perk to the private airplane is that there is a personal office located there for anyone to use. This helps get business done during the time in the air. Triple H, Stephanie, and Vince all likely have spent their fair share of time using the office to take care of their duties in the air before landing.

It is hard to envision New Day or Roman Reigns using the office when traveling for promotional work. This feature is for anyone using it that works in the office in addition to the on-screen product. The plane is a business expense and the office area factor into it.

18 Plane stays in Westchester

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The obvious guess for the home of the airplane would be Connecticut due to it being the home of WWE. Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H all live in Stamford, Connecticut along with the WWE headquarters. However, WWE decided to keep the plane in Westchester, New York.

The Westchester County Airport will be where the private jet is located most of the time. This is a cheaper airport to keep the plane without shelling out too much money. WWE saves money on a potentially high cost and the trip from Connecticut is easy for the McMahon family. Westchester is the surprising home of the WWE jet.

17 Wrestlers have revealed awkward moments on plane

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Many wrestling stars have shared personal stories about their time interacting with Vince McMahon and other important people in WWE. Chris Jericho specifically stands out for having a lot of stories between his four books and his weekly podcast talk show.

The stories from Jericho about the WWE airplane features awkward moments between those on the flight. Jericho stated that there’s usually little to no conversation if wrestlers are on there with executives or non-talent employees. Not many wrestlers have had to fly with Vince or the business employees, but it certainly appears as a situation that isn’t ideal for a private flight.

16 Used mostly for promotion tours

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Fans rarely see the WWE jet as it’s mostly used for the overseas promotional tours. The WWE road trucks are visible outside of every venue since it carries the ring and various production equipment as part of the touring brand. The plane is not easily found like this as WWE picks and chooses special uses for it.

Most instances of wrestlers using the WWE airplane features them going to various countries with the plan of promotion the company on different shows and events there. WWE wants to have talent appearing at these events consistently throughout the year with new television deals coming.

15 Once used it in a storyline

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There was one standout moment on WWE television that featured the WWE airplane being visible. Triple H and Shawn Michaels forming a D-Generation X reunion in the mid-2000s featured the duo delivering elaborate pranks on Vince McMahon.

The moment in question would see Michaels and Triple H spray paint the letters DX in the classic green color to upset McMahon. WWE has shown this visual in the recent highlight video packages that showcase the best moments of DX for the upcoming induction into the Hall of Fame. This is a rare time you will see any footage of the WWE airplane on WWE television.

14 No longer allowed to use it in storylines

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The idea of using it in storylines or moments like the D-Generation X instance no longer is allowed today. WWE made the call to start treating everything more professionally in terms of being a publicly traded company. The airplane is now restricted from being used as part of the television product.

It is meant to be a purely business tool to help the company with certain trips. WWE does not want to represent something like this as a joke in the way it came off in the DX moment. Don’t expect Dean Ambrose to vandalize it as part of a storyline any time soon. Those days are long gone.

13 Most of the roster will never ride it

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WWE talent does have the luxury of riding the airplane, but it will only be allowed in special moments. The previously mentioned trips to the international press tours do not feature just any wrestler. WWE specifically picks the ideal wrestlers for certain markets or the best representatives for the brand.

Most of the roster will never have access to riding the airplane since only the select names make sense for the ideas in mind. There are certain instances of wrestlers getting to ride it as a perk, but those are usually only the top stars. Lower card wrestlers have basically no chance of being on the plane.

12 Plane purchased as business expense

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The WWE airplane has been purchased under the category of a business expense. Vince McMahon and company want the tax breaks as much as the next person. This led to the plane being purchased as an item necessary for the business end of the WWE world.

That is another reason why the company does not want to have the airplane used in storylines or comical moments anymore after the DX segment. It could risk the description of a business expense getting put into question. WWE has made a stronger effort over the past decade to keep the business and on-screen product separate as both must exist for the company to thrive.

11 WWE sometimes writes shows on the plane

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Bruce Prichard has revealed on his wrestling podcast that the WWE plane has been home to a few important moments. A select group of the writing team has been on board with Vince McMahon when the company was traveling from Raw to SmackDown during an important week during WrestleMania season.

The team was tasked with writing the show on the airplane with Vince as he wanted them to interact with him while putting together ideas. Many assume the private plane is a fun aspect of working for WWE, but it can be a stressful environment where the work schedule continues in the air.

10 No relaxing if Vince is on the plane

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The relaxing experience of riding on a private jet will go away if Vince McMahon is on board. McMahon has an internal clock that never stops working and the same is expected from his employees. Any non-relatives to fly with Vince will usually have the task of continuing the tough job of working for him.

McMahon has a few bizarre pet peeves that lead to a tough time for his employees. There are unwritten rules that no one can sneeze in the same area of Vince since he considers it a weakness. Former writers have revealed that eating near him is also a mistake as he will turn on someone for eating foods he dislikes.

9 Wrestlers responsible for own flight when not using the plane

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Wrestling reporters assumed WWE looking into purchasing a private plane in the early stages was going to be a charter jet for the talent to use to fly from city to city for each show. However, the plane is a private jet used for business purposes and nothing has changed for the wrestlers.

Most fans are surprised to realize that WWE wrestlers must take care of their own flights and hotels as part of the independent contractor label. The wrestlers fly commercially and make all those flying decisions. WWE only lets a select few wrestlers use the private plane for special trips.

8 New Day most recently used it

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The New Day are the most recent instance of wrestlers getting access to the WWE private jet. According to PW Insider, the trio traveled to India to take part in a promotional tour for the company. SmackDown showed a segment of Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E enjoying their time in a new place.

The trio likely took separate flights to get to the East Coast where WWE’s airplane is located. New Day then flew from there to India as the long trip was more ideal on WWE’s plane. The unique instance of an important business branding trip and a long flight made it a wise decision for the private jet to be used here.

7 WWE still pays for Brock Lesnar's private jet use

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There have been many different reports about Brock Lesnar’s deal with WWE. Forbes would get access to the contract along with the perks that Lesnar would get that differed from the rest of the roster. The obvious things were that Brock would make the most money and work the reduced schedule of a handful of matches per year.

Lesnar also requests access to use a private jet since he dislikes traveling and getting approached at airports. WWE does not let Brock use their plane, but they do fund the private flights for him to get to the shows. Lesnar has his own private jet with WWE responsible for the money he spends on it.

6 Infamous plane ride led to rules about private plane

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One of the reasons WWE is strict about their use of the private plane is that there have been past issues with wrestlers flying. WWE once endured a lot of problems during an infamous plane ride during a tour in the United Kingdom in 2002.

Many wrestlers engaged in fighting, pranking each other, getting into loud arguments and general bad behavior. WWE released a few wrestlers after this flight to send a message that such actions would not be tolerated. The wrestlers are more professional today, but there are rules in place whenever the few talents get access to the WWE plane.

5 WWE updates the plane model

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WWE likes to upgrade the plane they use every few years. The current plane used by the company is not the first or only one to ever have such a role for WWE. Vince McMahon and others made the call to get a better airplane every few years.

The idea is that a more recent plane will be an ideal one with upgraded features and equipment. A company as big and successful as WWE has the funds to make these purchases. They typically sell back their old plane and purchase a new one every few years to keep up with the aircraft times.

4 Fans once paid to use it

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WWE has offered the fans a chance to ride on the airplane. Fans in the New York area were offered the chance to get a flight from NY to New Orleans for WrestleMania 34. Various legends would be on the flight as well interacting with fans and answering questions.

The price listed for the unique experience by WWE was $9,175. It is unknown how WWE felt about the experience. Either way, this is a rare thing WWE would not offer typically. Overexposure to the jet would become a bad thing that hurt the perception of it. WWE, however, did prove that they are willing to have fans use it for a special experience.

3 Triple H and Stephanie use it most

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the people that most use the private jet for their business trips. The couple not only plays a huge role on the screen and putting together the show, but they travel all over the world for important meetings.

Stephanie is the biggest spokesperson that attends quite a few important events for the branding of the company. Triple H also goes to international events to promote the company. They have the easiest access to the airplane and will use it when needed. Triple H used it in 2017 to replace Kevin Owens on a show in Chile when the latter had a family issue to deal with.

2 Vince McMahon rarely uses it anymore

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Vince McMahon used to be the person that most used the WWE airplane when it was first added to the company expenses. The days of McMahon taking trips all over the world to promote WWE and attend business meetings are over due to his older age.

McMahon still does show up most weeks for Raw, Smackdown and PPVs, but he spends the rest of his time in the Connecticut office. There are even the weeks where he decides to skip Raw and SmackDown when he isn’t feeling up to it. McMahon no longer can attend the big meetings which leads to Triple H and Stephanie handling those responsibilities.

1 Wrestlers used it right after WM

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The most high-profile instance of wrestlers getting to use the WWE airplane featured the winners of WrestleMania main events flying in it as a perk. Seth Rollins used the jet to travel from New Orleans to New York and back to appear on the Today Show after winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

Another instance featured Charlotte Flair and Roman Reigns using the jet to get to the Today Show as the Women’s Champion and WWE Champion following WrestleMania 32. The business use was obvious as the Today Show is huge exposure for WWE, but it was also viewed as a reward for the wrestlers having the biggest night of their lives.

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