15 Rules Celebs Must Follow When They Buy A Lamborghini (5 That Broke The Rules)

Few cars command as much attention as Lamborghinis do. Their signature styling and curves make it easy to spot one in a crowded street. It’s no wonder celebs gravitate towards these cars. The rich and famous want a car that fits their tastes, speaks volumes visually and has something in common with themselves.

There are plenty of parallels to draw between a Lamborghini and a celebrity. People will recognize them in public wherever they go; they’re worth a lot of money; they choose high fashion over practicality; they have an "Ego mode.” It’s true—the Aventador S model, in fact, has an Ego mode.

When someone rolls around in a Lamborghini, it doesn’t matter if the owner is in debt, whether it's really rented, or if they stole it—it means they’ve "made it.” A Lamborghini epitomizes success, affluence, and automobile hedonism. That makes it the perfect go-to vehicle for celebs whose image is everything.

Yet when celebs throw down their money on a Lamborghini, we guarantee they aren't considering all the rules that come along with it. They're in a rush to get rolling out in their new supercar. While these guidelines are more unofficial, there does exist a set of unspoken guidelines even society’s top stars have to follow.

While there are strict rules Lamborghini owners must follow, celebrity owners have completely different expectations placed upon them. One could argue they’re even stricter rules than the ones a regular Lamborghini owner has to follow.

We’re going to look at rules even celebs have to follow when they finally get their hands on a Lamborghini, along with five who dared to defy them.

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20 Broke The Rules: Wilfried Zaha Modified The Exhaust System

via TheWikiHow

Wilfried Zaha may not be as well-known over here in the states, but he’s a star on the other side of the pond. Known for playing football in the Premier League for Chelsea, he has the Lamborghini Aventador to back up his success. He also has an Aventador, which further supports the rule that athletes like this model best. There’s a problem though.

While Zaha manages to fulfill one rule, he broke another. Motor1 reports that Zaha had a number of lavish mods done to it, one being a starlight headliner. While there’s nothing wrong with that, he did modify the exhaust system, which is tampering with the car’s inner parts.

19 Broke The Rules: Nicki Minaj Painted Her Aventador Pink For Brand Tie-In

via Pinterest

Nicki Minaj has gotten a lot of flak for painting her Lambo hot pink. It’s not exactly what many would consider “cool.” As much as we don’t agree with it though, it’s a subjective matter. What isn’t as defensible, however, is the fact that she did it with other motives in mind.

According to Cheat Sheet, Minaj had it done as a brand tie-in, which one can imagine she got compensated for. There’s a YouTube video uploaded by RealRev that shows the pink Lambo in all its glory and—as keen observers will notice—bears stickers and license plates promoting Forgiato, a custom wheel design shop.

18 Rappers Go For The Murcielago Model

via Reddit user thejess656; CNBC

This isn’t based on science or any thorough research, but by what we see. There seems to be a particular Lamborghini model that rappers fall for and it’s the Murcielago. We’re happy to provide examples, because what good would this rule be without a little evidence?

As Complex reveals in a piece showing off celebrities and their Lamborghinis, Murcielago owners include Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, and Curren$y. We’d also like to add that NBA player and fellow Murcielago owner Ron Artest—also known as Metta World Peace—has had a rap career on the side, including his hit "Champions."

17 Have To Get Spotted In Public With It (Race Tracks Don’t Count)

via JustJared Jr

Good luck finding photos of celebs and their Lambos in a private setting. Although photos exist of them with their rides on private properties, it’s more the exception than it is the rule. Instead, many photos of them cruising around in their Lambos occur in public where people flock around them.

Therefore, it’s something of an assumed rule that when a celeb buys a Lambo, they have to get spotted in one. After all, what good is it owning one if the public doesn’t know about it? And they’ll never know about it unless they see it in person. Here’s a case where the paparazzi comes in handy for celebs.

16 Actors Go For The Gallardo Model

via Closer Weekly; Wikimedia Commons

It isn’t the case for every actor who buys one, but there seems to be a trend with what Lamborghini model they prefer. If a glance at the celebrities and their Lamborghinis over at Complex reveals anything, it's that actors like the Gallardo model. It doesn’t matter if they’re an A-lister or a C-lister—they go for the Gallardo.

Reality star Vinny Guadagnino has a white one, which he posed next to with his arms crossed in sunglasses. On the other side of the spectrum, when it comes to fame, James Bond himself owns one: Pierce Brosnan. His is silver. Jeremy Piven, best known for his turn as a wisecracking agent to Vincent Chase from Entourage, owns one too.

15 Arrange A Photoshoot With It

via DUB Magazine

As addressed earlier, there are plenty of candid photos of celebs showing off their Lambos in public. Those aren’t the only photos they’re expected to take with their supercar though. When a celeb buys a Lambo, they’re like a child who wants to bring his favorite toy to show and tell.

In this case, though, social media and the internet replaces the classroom. Yet to do their Lambo justice in showing it off, they have to set up a proper photoshoot. They need someone to take professional photos, to capture their Lambo at the right angle while they strike a pose. If they don’t, they’re obviously not taking their Lambo seriously, or holding it in high esteem.

14 Athletes Go For The Aventador Model

via Money; Czeshop.info

Athletes can afford Lamborghinis, so what model do they like best? Well, if photos of athletes with their Lamborghinis is any indication, then we’d have to say the Aventador model. In photos of celebs with their Lamborghinis on Complex, we see plenty of athletes and their Aventadors.

Juwan Howard is a former NBA player for the Miami Heat who has one; he was gracious enough to snap a photo in front of his with a friend. Then there are some of the highest paid athletes in the world, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a black one, and Floyd Mayweather, who has a white one.

13 The Doors Must Be Open In Photos

via Celebrity Cars Blog

Celebs don’t really have much control over the photos bystanders take with their camera phones or even that the paparazzi take. They do, however, have control over the personal photos they take it with it. They call the shots, so it stands to reason most people in their aura will follow their wishes. As minor as it sounds, a celeb has to be sure their Lambo doors are open in photos.

Those scissor doors that open up vertically are a huge reason people like Lambos, as superficial as it sounds. Only a select few car enthusiasts can appreciate a Lambo’s performance, so it’s important that it fulfill aesthetic criteria when photographed—one of those being that the doors have to be open.

12 Have To Actually Drive It

via Pinterest

British Actor Rowan Atkinson, who’s best known for his role as Mr. Bean, once said concerning cars, “I’m not a collector. I don’t like the toy cupboard syndrome that causes so many good cars to evaporate.” There’s a reason Atkinson crashed his McLaren, which ended up costing him hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix—he doesn't believe cars should collect dust.

The same idea applies to celebs and their Lambos. The Lamborghini legacy entails that performance is just as important as style. That means cars don’t belong in a nice garage or underground where they never see the light of day. Celebs need to take them out, and at most, make them daily drivers. (The Telegraph)

11 Don’t Ruin It, But Show Respect

via CBS News

It pains us to see celebs flaunt their wealth. What’s even harder is when they ruin the vehicles we can only dream of owning. That’s why we painfully covered 13 celebs who ruined their Lambos. Whether it’s covering the Lambo in an ugly wrap or treating it like a mere Matchbox toy, these cars deserve better.

Making minor mods, ensuring there's routine maintenance, and attending to the Lambo’s needs are just some of the basic criteria celebs have to follow when buying one. If they can afford to buy one in the first place, they shouldn’t have trouble paying extra to take care of it either.

10 Broke The Rules: Chris Brown Is Guilty Of Ruining Multiple Lambos With Bad Wraps

via Pinterest; San Francisco Examiner

Chris Brown made our list of celebs who had no business modifying their cars, and for good reason. While we can appreciate his loyalty and obsession with Lamborghinis, what we can’t condone are his taste in wraps. They are on a whole new level, and not exactly one that elevates the brand.

What makes it all so difficult though is that he’s broken this rule of ruining Lamborghinis not once, but many many times. It’s as if he’s punishing Lamborghinis with questionable and unappealing paint jobs. Someone needs to rescue these Lamborghinis from and set them free into the wild.

9 Incorporate The Lambo Into Movies Or Music Videos

One Ton Photopgraphy

Lamborghinis have nothing in common with modesty. These cars are expensive, lavish, loud, attractive, and demand public attention. When celebs aren’t taking their supercar out for a drive, they’re usually working. Whether it’s shooting a movie or writing a song, their Lamborghini is important enough to deserve some recognition.

Complex notes that celebs do it all the time. If anything, it would only benefit their image to include it in a scene from their latest movie, or throughout a music video. Even athletes need to be sure to take it to the field or court where they practice in preparation for their next big game. If the Lamborghini doesn’t become a part of their star-studded lives, they may not deserve one.

8 Buy A Lambo As Revenge If Other Automakers Turn You Down

via Twitter user @ mallikasherawat

Here’s an interesting rule celebs follow if they want to teach other brands a lesson. According to Times of India, Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat sought to buy a Rolls-Royce, but didn't get the green light. Even though she can afford one, they decided to pass her up when she requested one of their models.

That forced her, as CarDekho reports, to turn around and go with a Lamborghini instead. She picked an Aventador SV, which doesn’t seem like such a bad way to go. If a celeb gets rejected from buying a Ferrari, for example, they ought to go with a Lamborghini to get even.

7 Get Rid Of Ferraris And Don’t Buy Any

via CNBC

This rule is hard for some celebs to follow, especially for the ones who have more money than others. It’s well known that Lamborghini’s rival is Ferrari and that owning models from both sides is something of a contradiction. Even Jay Leno, who has some of the sickest cars in his garage, has picked a side. He’s been a fan of Lamborghinis for a long time, and according to CarBuzz, doesn’t own a Ferrari.

He can still like Ferraris, just doesn’t have one as part of his lavish collection. Celebs may be a big deal, but they’re not bigger than automaker rivalries stretching back decades.

6 Broke The Rules: Kim and Kanye Own Ferraris and Lamborghinis

via NY Daily News

Not all celebs recognize the rivalry that exists between Lamborghini and Ferrari. All they care about is owning the best cars ever made at the expense of alienating car enthusiasts.

We’ve already covered the expensive cars in Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Garage—one in which includes both Lamborghinis and Ferraris. It really grinds fans’ gears, whether they’re a loyalist for Lamborghini or a loyalist for Ferrari. If there’s one thing both sides can agree on, it’s that Kanye and Kim broke the rules. They’re also some of the biggest celebs in the world, so they likely couldn’t care less.

5 Avoid The Lamborghini Urus and LM002

via SPORTCars

For those who aren’t aware, Lamborghini also offers an SUV and off-road truck. Their SUV model Urus certainly represent luxury and exclusivity with a $200,000 price tag, as per CNBC. Plus, there’s no doubting the immensity and eye-appealing off-roader LM200. Yet these models don’t exactly represent fame and success, at least as much as an Aventador does.

It all depends on what kind of celeb they are and whether they bought a conventional Lamborghini model before delving into these ones. Even then though, we can’t really let celebs got off that easy. They may be rich and talented, but they have to play by the rules.

4 Broke The Rules: Jay Leno Owns A Lamborghini LM002

via Motor Authority

Jay Leno has an extensive and valuable car collection. He loves his cars and has earned the respect of enthusiasts for how much he knows about them all. He seems to have forgotten an important rule as a Lamborghini owner, however. Despite honoring the “no Ferrari” rule—being that Leno is a huge Lamborghini loyalist—he ended up adding an LM002 to his collection, according to Motor Authority.

Granted, who wouldn’t want this monstrous V12 off-roading truck as part of their collection? Leno ought to get a pass, but still, he’s technically breaking one of the rules. At least he owns a red 1986 Lamborghini Countach too, which Money Inc reports is worth $215,000.

3 Go To Professionals For Mods (Not A Friend Who Hooks It Up)

via Motoring Research

Celebs have a penchant for breaking our hearts when it comes to modding cars. That’s why we couldn’t resist highlighting bad celebrity cars that were modded. There’s nothing wrong with modding a Lambo—even though many would argue they’re perfect as is once they roll off the production line.

The problem lies, however, in the quality of the mod itself. As Jalopnik points out, when Chris Brown got his modded Lambo he dubbed “Tupac Lyrics,” the shop even forgot to take some of the painter's tape off. If celebs are going to get their Lambos tricked out, at least go to the professionals.

2 Leave Mechanics Under The Hood Untouched

via WheelsAge.org

We get it—Lambo seats aren’t up to a celeb’s comfort level, so they swap them out. Maybe they want a new stereo they can bump their music on? Whatever the case is, most Lambo mods are acceptable and even justifiable. These are more frivolous features intended to make a Lambo cushy; one could argue they don’t really have an impact on the car's performance.

When a celeb starts messing around with the working parts underneath, however, then it becomes a problem. That includes the engine, transmission, and even the exhaust system. When celebs let their shops go to work on these parts, it tends to go awry.

1 Can’t Mod The Car For Financially Motivated Reasons

via celebretainment.com

Most celebs aren’t going to leave their Lambo untouched—they’re more than likely going to mod it. No one’s going to stop them either. Yet they might lose car enthusiasts' respect if they do so purely to make more money. Celebs have always endorsed brands and products. It’s part of how they make money.

The Lambo should never be a part of those endorsements, however. If they put advertising on their car or mod it out to showcase a new product—one in which they’re getting paid to promote—then they're breaking a rule and losing fans in the process.

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