20 Things Clients Say That Drive Mechanics Crazy

Mechanics are often driven to the brink after having to hear these foolish things their customers say.

Everyone who owns a car is familiar with having unexpected repairs and needing regular maintenance for their vehicle. Things can go wrong anytime when you're driving from accidents to potholes or just normal wear and tear. on your car. There is a time that will need to go to a car mechanic. Even when you know how to do some of your work on your car there are times you need to bring it into a shop for warranties, getting parts or you might not have the right tools to fix things. It is always a good idea to find a car mechanic you like and trust.

Being a mechanic isn't always an easy job. It is a lot of hard work fixing cars and it could be time-consuming trying to figure out what exactly the problem is. Most garages and repair shops have steady clients who set up appointments to come in, and they understand the place is busy. They understand some repairs take time especially if you need parts ordered and have to wait. Many mechanics have a good relationship with their clients but there are times some customers can get on any mechanics nerves. Here is a list of the 20 things clients say that drive mechanics crazy.


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Now any person who has ever owned a car knows that repairs can be costly. Regardless if its routine care or something unexpected you already know that it can be expensive. Between the cost of labor and the price of parts most people want to keep the cost down as low as possible but sometimes you can't and car repairs are one of those times.

As a client, try speaking to the mechanic about any concerns, but don't argue.

According to Winworks, mechanics get very upset over this. It causes them to lose money on cars they working on and cars that are scheduled to fix. They are paid based on labor and if they aren't working on cars they don't get paid.


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Most repair shops and mechanics have a steady flow of clients. Every day they have cars to work on. In the garage, cars lined one after another to work on and are worked on till a car is finished. At times as busy as a mechanic is there can be emergencies that do happen or emergencies that a client thinks they have. Some clients will just run to a garage without calling ahead and expect the mechanic to drop what they are doing and go outside with them to take a look. No matter how busy they are or even in bad weather.


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There are times when a client is curious about what is being done to their car. Sometimes a client might just want to genuinely learn about their car because they know nothing about it, other times they are just being nosey. No matter what the reasoning is mechanics do not like being hovered over.

Having someone looking over their shoulder can be annoying for anyone and for a mechanic, it can be even less fun.

This can cause a mechanic to lose concentration on what they are working on. The mechanic also has to pay attention to the client so they don't get hurt in the repair area. Many places that do car repairs regardless of being a dealer or privately owned repair shop do not allow clients in the repair areas. Clients are not covered under insurance if they get hurt in restricted areas.


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Do you know what you're doing? This is something that mechanics do hear sometimes from their clients. Of course, the mechanic knows what they are doing, that's why they have been doing their job for many years. They have been trained to make repairs to all types of vehicles. If you're bringing your car to a reliable place for repairs or have done business with a place for years then there isn't a reason to make them crazy by asking. They do have required the licenses to work on cars. Don't make you mechanic feel incompetent. You don't need to worry about it and insult your mechanic about it.


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Telling a mechanic their wrong is another pet peeve mechanics have. Yes, there are times when a person knows what is wrong with their car. There are also times a person doesn't have a clue but just knows there is something wrong with their vehicle.

People bring their cars in for diagnostic testing and sometimes also look themselves to see what's wrong.

Once the problem is found, it is the job of the mechanic to tell the client what is wrong and give an estimated price of the costs. This is the time some people will tell the mechanic that they are wrong and don't know what they are talking about. Let's face it, if we knew how to work on cars and do repairs we wouldn't need a mechanic to tell us what is wrong. They are the experts and we are not.


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Saying it’s something else is another thing that many car mechanics come across. Many times people bring their cars in insisting they know what is wrong and they really don't. Just because a car makes a noise or you notice something it doesn't mean your always right. Sometimes this can lead to funny situations. According to Popular Mechanics, one day a client came into a repair shop, concerned about their car. The client had noticed that there was smoke coming up from the hood and they could smell something burning when they were driving. The owner insisted that there was something wrong with the engine. Once back in the repair shop the mechanic opened up the hood to look around. What the client was seeing and smelling were marshmallows that had been left on the engine. It seems someone had used the engine to roast marshmallows and forgot they left them there.


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Asking if you can call about your car can make a mechanic crazy. They are busy working on cars, ordering parts and dealing with customers waiting inside for their cars. Having a phone ringing on and on stops a mechanic from working on the cars. They cannot fix cars in a timely manner if they have to stop every few minutes to answer questions about how the repairs are going to be or if they are done yet. The mechanic will call you as soon as they know what is wrong and give you an estimated price. They can not do repairs with an owners authorization. So you can relax a little and wait patiently till they give you a call.


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There are times when there are delays in getting your car fixed and it could take longer than expected. People want things when they want it and life does not always work that way. Delays can be caused by different problems and not all the time is it the mechanic's fault.

Sometimes a car might need certain parts that have to be ordered and that can take  time, or more extensive repairs might be needed.

Getting upset and yelling won't make it get done any faster. Mechanics don't like having to keep stop working it can cause some of the delays a client is complaining about.


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Sometimes a mechanic can run into an issue with being blamed for repairs they didn't do. There are many do yourself mechanics, and sometimes people forget when and where they had their car fixed. They will bring their cars in and blame the repair shop, even if they don't keep up with regular maintenance. According to Jalopnik, mechanics can be blamed for a wide array of things. Sometimes after a repair is done a few days later something else goes wrong and they blame the mechanic even if its a new issue. Clients have also blamed mechanics, instead of themselves for not maintaining their car. Lack of maintenance can cause major issues.


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Expecting someone to drop everything they are doing can be annoying to anyone. It is no different when you go into any place of business and have to wait. What we think is urgent in our minds might not be as important in someone else's. It is no different for a car mechanic at work. They are aware you're there waiting but you can't just expect them to stop doing what they are doing because you say so. That might slow the worker down and make you wait longer, just because they are annoyed. Unless it's a medical emergency there is no reason to be rude and demanding.


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There is an old saying that the customer is always right but that certainly not always true. Being rude is being rude and no one likes being told what to do unless it's your boss. Some people actually think that others are at their beckon call and that they are the only person that matters, which isn't the case.

A mechanic is there to help out, repair a car and get people back on the road.

They are not there to be your servant or to listen to someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. You have to trust what your mechanic is doing and how.


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Asking questions when you don't know about something is a very normal thing to do. Most people don't mind explaining things so you can learn and understand whats going on. What becomes a problem is when a person repeatedly asks the same questions over and over again. That can get to the best of us especially if your busy and have to stop. This interferes with getting the job done. You really can't expect a mechanic to give you every single detail as they go along if they did that no work would ever be done. If you have extra questions wait till they come to you.


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Once you bring your car in for repairs it's a mechanics responsible to make sure the car is in working condition before its back on the road. Yes, some repairs can be minor and can wait but there are times when they can't wait. Some repairs have to be done immediately and asking if they need to be done is silly. You wouldn't be in the repair shop if it didn't to be done. The idea is to keep your car working properly and keeping you and other drivers safe on the road. So if a mechanic says you need important repairs to heed their warning.


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Now it is ok to bring your own parts for a mechanic to use to repair your car. It can save you time waiting for repairs in some cases but do not ask your mechanic to pick the parts up themselves.

They are not a delivery service nor will they take time out of their busy day to run around looking for parts.

Repair shops and garages order the parts needed, saving themselves time and convenience. They are there to work on your car and explain things, not to do extras on their own time. Most people understand it but there are a few people who think they should.


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Asking a mechanic if they will work late on your car isn't really something that you should say or ask. Maybe if you have a good friend who is a mechanic they will but in general, regular mechanics will not. There are reasons why automotive mechanics have set hours that they work, just like everyone else usually does. A lot of mechanics get paid on hourly wages working for a garage or repair shop. You have to remember that their bosses don't want to pay anymore over time then they have to. So don't expect a mechanic to work late just for you. It just won't happen.


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Mechanics try very hard to determine what is wrong with a car when its brought into the shop. They use diagnostic testing and actually will go over the car if they don't know. They really do try and problem solves to find what is exactly going on. After all, they are in the business to make money. Sometimes they can't find anything wrong and tell their clients just that. That's when sometimes a client gets upset, thinking there is something seriously wrong when there isn't. Sometimes it could just be the way the car is. Making the mechanic crazy isn't going to change the outcome.


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Now, this might sound like a funny thing to say to a mechanic, asking if there are different holes to put fluid in a car but it does happen. You would think that if a person owns any vehicle they would know the basic things to do but that's not always the case. According to Motor Junkie, a mechanic did run into this. It seems that there was a woman who knew nothing about cars and began to notice her car making noises and brought it in to be checked. The mechanic examined the car to determine what was causing it and couldn't find the reason.

As he checked the fluids, the women approached him telling him she didn't know about all the places to put the fluid in.

Apparently, the women knew the car needed fluid but had no clue as to where to put them so she added all of them into the same hole. Yes, there are different places for the fluids a car needs.


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Even though the Prius has been on the market since 2001, many owners do not know about their car.  The Prius is a full hybrid electric automobile and is rated one of the best clean emissions cars in the U.S. As the car has grown in popularity many owners are still unaware about regular maintenance for this car. Just because it's a hybrid electric car doesn't mean that it doesn't need maintenance. According to Jalopnik, one client thought just that. There was a woman who owned a Prius and complained that the car wasn't working correctly and of course brought it in. The mechanic started working on the car and quickly found out there was no oil in the car. As the mechanic spoke to her and he found out the women never put oil into the car. She had assumed the car had no engine at all. After not adding oil to her car ever she really didn't have an engine anymore, she blew it.


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Every person who has driven a car has experienced getting a flat tire. Cars usually come with a spare tire in case you need to change a tire. The spare is just a temporary fix to get to a mechanic to replace the tire, it's not meant for long distances. If you don't know how to replace a tire or have spare the best to do is call for a tow truck. Asking a mechanic is you can drive on the rims just really isn't using common sense. It can cause a lot of needless damage. To mechanic this just something everyone should know, like when you need gas.


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Repair shops and garages have set hours for a reason. You can't expect a mechanic to look at your car or make repairs a few minutes before they close. It is no different than any other business closing for an evening. The workers have had a long day between working on cars and dealing with clients. The best thing to do is arrive in the morning before they open so that they aren't busy. You might be able to get someone to take a look before their day starts or better yet call ahead. This can save time and aggravation.

Sources: PopularMechanics.com, WinWorks.com, Jalopnik.com

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