10 Things You Didn't Know About Red Bull's F1 Team

We take a look at some fun facts and interesting details about Red Bull's team, which is well known on the Formula 1 track.

Red Bull's team is well-known on the Formula 1 track, as they continue to break records and standards in the racing world. They have fans all over the world, but many of them are unaware of the facts behind their rise to power. This company has its own secrets, but any great team that has found its way to victory would claim the same.

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We have compiled a list of facts that Red Bull Racing fans probably didn't know. These will help supporters understand the history behind the brand and increase their intrigue with the racing world. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn't know about Red Bull's F1 team!

10 They Were Accused of Cheating

This team was accused of cheating to win a race back in 2013 after Sebastian Vettel won a race with about a thirty-two second lead on his competitors. This is unheard of in the racing world and the other teams sought to catch him on a technicality.

They accused the driver of using traction control during the race, which is against the rules and has been since 2008. Red Bull Racing obviously denied the charges and no other action was taken but it is still one to go down in the history books.

9 The Term "Shoey" Was Established by a Red Bull F1 Driver

The tradition of the "shoey" began back in 2017 under the direction of Red Bull's very own Daniel Ricciardo in 2016. When he was on the podium he chose to take his shoe off, fill it with champagne, and drink it.

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He then proceeded to pass it along to the other drivers who had managed to make it onto the podium, and although skeptical, they all went ahead and drank from his disgusting shoe. It doesn't seem sanitary, but it is a tradition that Red Bull can claim as its own.

8 They Have Won Four World Championships

Red Bull might be a newer team on the circuit, but that doesn't mean they haven't won their fair share of victories. This phenomenal team has won four double world championships in a row, and on top of that, they can say that their drivers have reached the podium 165 times.

This might have been done before, but understanding their history makes it even more impressive. They have managed to make a name for themselves in record time, literally and figuratively, as they gain supporters all across the globe.

7 Red Bull Actually Owns a Second Team Called Toro Rosso

Toro Rosso is also owned by Red Bull and was created in 2006. Their stats are not nearly as good as the Red Bull Racing F1 team, but their drivers use this as practice before moving up to the other team. It is considered their junior team in the racing world, where they train up and coming drivers to take over for their more prominent racing team.

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Toro Rosso should not be confused with their junior team that was established in 2001 and was created to find young drivers between the ages of fourteen and twenty years of age.

6 Volkswagen Almost Partnered With Red Bull's F1 Team

The papers were all signed and ready to go back in 2015 until Volkswagen's scandal was revealed. This company had apparently been installing devices on their diesel vehicles to cheat the emission tests so they would pass.

They ended up owing an $18 billion fine and lost out on the deal for rights to make engines for this Formula 1 team. Red Bull could see no other option as they didn't want to take any heat for supporting them after the scandal.

5 Many of Their Drivers Come from Their Junior Team

Red Bull had a junior team for those between the ages of fourteen to twenty already established before they bought the Formula 1 team.

This junior league was designed to help discover drivers at an early age, and work to mold them into the top racers of today's day and age. There have been several racers for the Red Bull team to come from this program including Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, and Daniel Kyvat.

4 Their Full Name is Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

This team is generally called Red Bull Racing, but what many people don't realize is that their full name is Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. This began in 2018 when Red Bull made a deal with the car manufacturer, but it is more of a sponsorship than anything.

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It partners their engineers and designers to come up with cars for Formula 1, as well as for Aston Martin's private line of vehicles. It has helped both parties financially and with their vehicles as they work together to make their dream a reality.

3 The Team Was Originally Known as Jaguar Racing

The team we now know as Red Bull Racing was formally known as Jaguar Racing before their sale was drawn up in 2004. According to BBC Sport, This team was originally owned by Ford, and they ended up selling the team for one dollar, but there was a catch.

The new owner was required to invest $400 million into the team over the next three Grand Prix seasons. Red Bull decided to take a chance, and it has paid off as their team manages to make it to the podium time and time again.

2 A Limited Edition Red Bull Drink Can Featured Dan Ricciardo's Face

Dan Ricciardo was plastered to the front of a special batch of Red Bull drink cans back in 2018. Fans were instructed to scan the code on Snapchat, which would unlock a special "smile like dan" filter for fans to use. They were then instructed to send in a creative photo or video and a panel of judges would choose a winner.

According to Red Bull's website, the winner received two premium grandstand tickets, two airplane tickets, accommodations for two, $500 of drinks and food, a meet and greet with dan himself, and more.

1 Guests can now view the cars at their factories

The Red Bull factory is located in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom. It is not open to the public, but guests of those who are invited to come and visit the factory can now see the cars on full display. They do have a factory tour you can attend on September 5, 2019, for the low price of €250. It is possible for us to have a look on the inside as well through a video they produced that is available on their website.

You are granted a closer look at the drawing board, as well as all of the amenities they offer to their workers such as a workout room and a pastry shop. It is interesting to see the work that goes into the creation of these racecars, and we can all agree that the virtual simulation is something we all want to try.

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