10 Things To Expect From The 2020 Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra is being released in the United States for the first time since 1998. People have been anticipating its release for literally decades and now the wait is over because we finally have the Toyota Supra within our grasp. This car is legendary, and it is now a reasonable goal for you to shred the roadways in a brand new model of this supercar.

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We have compiled a list of things you should expect from this amazing vehicle. It not only understands speed, but it has loads of other features that make this a good purchase. Keep reading to learn the ten things to suspect from the 2020 Toyota Supra!

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10 There is a Limited Launch Edition Model

Toyota has decided to release a limited edition model of this renewed Toyota Supra. They are only releasing 1,500 units and has some standard features that will take your breath away. The mirrors come with red caps and the wheels are covered with matte-black. These cars also all contain a singular carbon-fiber badge that indicates its spot in production.

The seats are contoured as well, and who could forget the steering wheel when it was created with grips perfect for any size hand. The lower models won't be released until these are all sold, but number one is already taken as it sold at auction for $2.1 million back in January.

9 Awesome Standard Features

This car comes equipped with something called Supra Connect, which includes automatic emergency calls, traffic alerts, and low battery warnings sent directly to your email. They have even released an iPhone app that will allow you to lock or unlock doors, as well as ventilate the vehicle.

It comes standard with an 8.8-inch touch screen, as well as wireless charging so you can ditch the wires for good. This supercar also comes with plenty of safety features, as well as a driver assist package and parking sensors that you can add on for extra safety.

8 It Shares a Platform With the 2019 BMW Z4

This vehicle was created through a partnership with BMW which is why it has the same chassis as the 2019 BMW Z4. They are quite different though when you take a closer look at these two vehicles. The Supra comes with a hardtop, while the Z4 is just a soft-top convertible.

The Supra also has a six-cylinder engine, compared the Z4's four-cylinder, but they both come in at about the same price. If you are looking for power then the Supra is your car, but better fuel economy comes with the Z4.

7 Two Packages to Choose From

When the Launch Edition models have finally sold out, then Toyota will move on to selling the Supra 3.0 and Supra 3.0 Premium. The Launch Edition starts at $55,250, while the Supra 3.0 can save you quite a bit of cash at only $49,990.

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They all achieve about the same fuel economy, but the features and design of the higher models knock the Supra 3.0 out of the park. The sound is better, as well as the tech features, which is why anyone who can afford it should spend the few extra dollars and go with the Supra 3.0 Premium or the Launch Edition.

6 3.0-Liter, Turbocharged Straight-Six Powering With an Eight-Speed Automatic Transmission

This engine will blow your mind and its purr on the roadway will have everyone staring. It also gives the driver 335-horsepower to play with and consumers have the option to purchase Brembo brakes for optimal stopping power.

The brakes are made for performance driving, and if you plan on racing your Toyota Supra around town, then it is probably worth the cost. The top speed is 155 mph and the engines in each of the models are the same, so no matter what you are getting the sports car of your dreams.

5 Electronically Controlled Rear Differential

This might not matter to you, but anyone who plans on pushing their car to the limit knows this is necessary for success. They use a combination of hydraulics and electronics to ensure each wheel is receiving the correct amount of torque. It helps with any slipping and makes the drive that much more incredible.

You can handle curves like a champ and not have to worry about any mishaps because your electronic rear differential has your back. This was a great addition by Toyota and we can't wait to see what they come up with next.

4 It is Fuel Efficient

The BMW Z4 might be more fuel-efficient, but that doesn't mean this vehicle doesn't have a great fuel economy. This vehicle is able to achieve a combined 26 mpg, with a 24 city mpg and 31 highway mpg.

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These numbers are at the top of fuel efficiency for luxury sports cars, which is all anyone can ask for. You won't get as many miles as you would in your little sedan, but that car also wouldn't give you a ride as fun as one in a Toyota Supra.

3 Zero to Sixty in 4.1 Seconds

We know this car has some speed behind it, but did you know it can reach 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds? Well, now you do, and that time is anything but slow. The 2019 Corvette and McLaren might have better times, but this offers enough time for you to merge safely onto the highway.

It will throw you back in your seat and give you a kick in the pants every time your foot presses down on the gas pedal. You will shred the roadways and be the envy of your friends as you beat their lame cars to the end of the block every time.

2 Balanced Design

Toyota wanted to make a vehicle that was balanced in more ways than one. This car is beautiful to look at, and the interior is even better. Its look isn't the only thing at play here as the car was created to equally distribute its weight to the areas that need it the most.

The engine and transmission were placed lower to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. They also made sure the center of mass was kept at the center of the vehicle, rather than toward the front or rear as many models have claimed to do in the past.

1 Only Two Driving Modes

Many sports cars like to confuse drivers by throwing in several different driving modes, but Toyota decided to keep it simple. They have a normal and sport mode, which are each used for their designated purpose.

The normal mode is perfect for any daily commute as the driver experiences a smooth and relaxing ride to their job or wherever else they need to go. Sport mode, on the other hand, was made to dominate and strives to be noticed. It ramps up the sound of the exhaust and makes the vehicles response times faster to help you take the ride of your life.

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