20 Things Every Car Fan Needs To Know About Supercar Blondie

Here are 20 things fans should know about Supercar Blondie.

Alex Hirschi, aka Supercar Blondie, knows first-hand that there are plenty of other social media pages out there that are dedicated to highlighting various supercars. But that might make a lot of sense, as you can imagine that a career that would be centered around promoting and driving around in different supercars is something that would probably be pretty fun. But while Hirschi might technically have plenty of competition when it comes to this field, there are also plenty of reasons as to why she is able to stand out from her competition and become one of the biggest stars on social media.

Hirschi already has millions of followers on social media and hundreds of photos where she gives her followers insight on what her daily life looks like. And thankfully for Hirschi, because of her popularity, a day of work often seems to include taking photos in front of gorgeous cars. But if you think Hirschi has an easy life, you might want to think again. Hailing from Australia, Hirschi worked hard to build a name for herself in Dubai and has used her skills to help her travel all around the world and I am sure would say she works even harder to try and keep her popularity going in an upwards direction. But you can rest assured that wherever she goes, an amazing supercar is likely to follow.

These are 20 things fans should know about Supercar Blondie.

20 She Is Well Traveled 

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One of the best ways to get experience with different cultures is to be fortunate enough to visit them. For Alex Hirschi, her traveling experiences include moving from Australia to Dubai, but she has not stopped there. Hirschi has also been to Mexico, a trip that she highlighted on Instagram with the caption:

"I’m having an amazing time in Mexico City!! Thank you for having me, you guys are so friendly and welcoming!!"

I am sure that as her page continues to get bigger the opportunities to travel to different countries (and drive supercars there!) are surely going to increase for Hirschi in 2019.

19 What She Drives In Her Spare Time Now

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Another entry on this list talks about how the first vehicle that Alex Hirschi drove around in was a Mitsubishi Lancer. But that is not the vehicle that she is driving around in on a regular basis now. When quizzed about what car she picked to drive around in now, Hirschi stated:

"I spent about a year deciding. I love to drive so many of these cars that this was a hard decision! However, when I first stepped into the BMW i8, there was something special about it, so it was always one of the ones at the top of my list."

18 She Never Expected Her Brand To Get This Big

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While Alex Hirschi is definitely able to make a living at the moment off of her social media page now, she admitted that it was something that she did not start out with the aspirations of turning it into a career.

“I started my social media accounts in early 2016 just for fun, but when [my] following started to grow, I worked on them pretty much every hour after work and on the weekends," said Hirschi. Which also means that she should get a lot of credit for being able to ride the positive momentum her page was getting and get even bigger.

17 One Of The Biggest Reasons For Her Success Is Living In Dubai

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There are many different social media pages out there that are featured around vehicles. But for Alex Hirschi, she has admitted that one of the reasons as to why she is able to stand out from the pack is because she lives in Dubai.

“I have used the opportunity of living in Dubai to create an account like this [Supercar Blondie]. It is amazing to live in a city where supercars are seen on a daily basis. I realized if I loved seeing them, then there must be people elsewhere who’d love to see them as well, so I started documenting it.”

16 Why She Thinks She Stands Out From Other Car Social Media Accounts

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Along with living in Dubai, Alex Hirschi believes that how she goes about creating her videos is one of the reasons as to why she is able to help stand out from her competitors to build her brand.

“Instead of reviewing a car, I upload my experience of that car, from a layman’s point of view. I am not an automotive journalist. I provide insight into the supercar culture and what it’s like to drive these incredible cars in a light, fun way," said Alex Hirschi when describing her success. I am sure that the more success she finds, the more fun she is surely going to have making different posts to social media!

15 She’s Admitted Finding New Ideas Is Hard

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As Alex Hirschi's brand continues to grow, the amount of pressure might also build for her to be able to produce content that is interesting and above all else, original.

And while she has definitely managed to find a lot of success at doing this so far, she has also admitted in the past that it is definitely a process that is not something that comes easily to her.

“The most difficult thing is to constantly come up with new ideas and interesting content," said Hirschi. Which means she also probably does not mind when a brand sends her a product to promote as well as suggesting how she does it!

14 Social Media Isn’t The Only Reason She’s Grown

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There might be many different reasons as to why Alex Hirschi has managed to find success, including her ability to utilize social media to her advantage. But living in Dubai also means that Alex Hirschi has built her brand in other ways as well.

“Brands advertise on radio stations, TV channels to reach viewers, it’s the same thing on social media as well. But the Middle East still has some catching up to do when it comes reaching various demographic groups using social media."

We are sure that no matter what medium it is that Hirschi gets to promote herself on that it is sure to have a positive impact on how many people become aware of her brand.

13 What Made Her Do This For a Living

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If you are fortunate enough to do what you love for a career, there might be one distinct moment where you realized that you are doing what you would like to be doing for the foreseeable future. Alex Hirschi spoke in a recent interview about the moment when she realized that she needed to get involved with the automobile industry for a career.

“I met up with 60 other supercar owners near UAE-Saudi Arabia border, and we were escorted by Dubai Police Supercars – with a LaFerrari leading our convoy— and a helicopter throughout our trip. It was incredible, and that’s the moment I decided to quit my job on the radio, and go full-time with my social media," said Hirschi.

12 She Does Receive Some Haters

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This is definitely a list that is done with the intention of offering some praise and support to Alex Hirschi. But there is no denying that Alex Hirschi has a fair share of people online who have made it abundantly clear that they would rather her not find success.

But thankfully for Hirschi, she has admitted that dealing with the haters is something she is getting better at.

"Social media can often take over your life. I wasn’t prepared for the amount of [angry comments] I would get from keyboard warriors. I’m learning how to turn away from those who make it their mission to bring me down," revealed Hirschi.

11 She Stepped Out Of Her Comfort Zone To Succeed

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It can definitely be scary to step outside of your comfort zone, but that is why it is called stepping out of your comfort zone. And when Alex Hirschi looks back at the success she has attained in her career, she can live comfortably in the knowledge that it is because she was willing to take that leap of faith. Something that was all the easier to take however because of the love and support she has in her life.

“I’m really lucky to have people who understand what I’m doing. This wasn’t handed to me on a platter, I stepped out of my comfort zone and figured out a way to get to where I am.”

10 She Received a Ferrari For Valentine's Day

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It is very understandable that even if you are in a relationship you might not be a huge fan of Valentine's Day. But Alex Hirschi is definitely always going to have at least one special attachment to the day.

One of her most memorable videos was centered around Valentine's Day when she was filmed receiving a Ferrari as a gift from her husband.

It came complete with close to a thousand roses, because what is Valentine's Day without having some flowers involved? Though it may also be a lot of pressure for her husband to try and top that for next year.

9 She Had Always Wanted To Visit Dubai

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Alex Hirschi is one of the biggest social media influencers in the middle east, but she is originally from Australia. She decided to make the move to Dubai back in 2008, though she did admit that even prior to moving there that it was always a city that interested her.

"I always wanted to at least visit Dubai – it was a city that I loved to watch on the Discovery Channel. It had the world's biggest everything and clearly had a vision to stand out," said Hirschi. After landing in Dubai, Hirschi worked on a radio station from 2008 until 2017.

8 She Started Getting Brand Attention After 60,000 Followers

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One of the biggest ways for Alex Hirschi's career to grow is to pair up with different brands who want to try and promote their product through her social media pages. When discussing the matter and how it started coming together for her, Hirschi revealed:

"Brands started to recognize my reach and came to me. It's like the radio, if you have enough listeners, brands will want to advertise," as well as saying that marketing through social media can be even more beneficial for brands as they get a more clear target at who is looking at the pages versus something like television.

7 She Drove With The Stig From Top Gear

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The identity of The Stig on the television show Top Gear has been revealed in the past to be Perry McCarthy and also Ben Collins. But nobody knows the identity of the current Stig who has been in the role since 2010. This includes Alex Hirschi who got the opportunity to meet and drive with him.

"He was here to film one of their episodes. He really doesn't say anything ever, and you have to put your phones outside, just in case you film him from the side and his identity is revealed. There are a lot of procedures in place to make sure he stays unknown."

6 Her Parents Influenced Her Love Of Driving

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It is very possible that what you choose to do for a living is influenced by what your parents have done for work. This is absolutely the case for Alex Hirschi who revealed more about her upbringing in a past interview.

"I'm not sure why that is [the passion for cars], but I think it comes down to two things - coming from a driving culture and having parents who love to drive. We would go on 12-hour road trips into the country, so I spent a lot of time in cars."

You can imagine she must have many fond memories from all of her time in the car with her family!

5 Her Thoughts On Being Included With The Rich Kids Of Dubai

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One of the most popular social media pages that is based in Dubai is the Rich Kids of Dubai page which often shows people promoting lavish purchases in Dubai. Due to her living there and the several moments of Alex Hirschi with supercars, Hirschi has found herself making an appearance on the social media page.

But when talking about how it made her feel, Hirschi was quick to defend herself.

'The page is about people who have luxurious lives, but as you can see some things can be misleading. I am on the page, but I'm not just some rich kid who's been given everything, I'm a country girl from Queensland who has worked hard to get to where I am."

4 What She’s Driven

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If you had the opportunity to drive around in a supercar you might jump at that chance, regardless of what brand of car it is that you are driving. But if you had the chance to ask Alex Hirschi about what her opinion on supercars is, she is fortunate enough to have driven around in several which means she is well-versed in the area.

“I’ve driven Ferrari 488 GTB, the 488 Spider, the Mclaren 570s and 540c, the Bentley GT3R, GT Speed and V8s, Mercedes AMG GTs, Lamborghini Huracan, and many others," admitted Hirschi when asked about what cars she has had the opportunity to drive.

3 What Her Favorite Thing About Driving Supercars Is

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For some people, their favorite thing about supercars might be the overall aesthetic of the vehicle, as they might not be as knowledgeable about the different materials under the hood that lead to such an amazing performance. But if you have had the good fortune of being able to drive one, then you might find yourself agreeing with Alex Hirschi's opinion on what the best thing about getting to drive around in a supercar is:

“The best thing about driving supercars is the way it makes me feel. It’s so much fun that I often find myself laughing behind the wheel," said Hirschi.

2 She Has Over 6 Million Social Media Followers

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If you are sitting there and wondering who on earth cares about what it is that Alex Hirschi does on a regular basis, the answer is a lot of people.

Because looking at Alex Hirschi on social media will give you the insight that over 6 million people have chosen to follow her.

And while looking at her different social media channels might not be as much fun as to actually getting to drive around in the cars that she is promoting, following her page is a good way to make sure she continues being able to put out amazing content on a regular basis!

1 What She Drove Before She Drove Supercars

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For Alex Hirschi, she definitely knows that she has a passion for driving in general, not just a passion for getting to drive around in some amazing supercars. When she was asked in an interview about what some of her earliest driving experiences were, she recalled her admiration for the first ever car that she took on the road - and no - it was not something extravagant!

“I’ve always loved driving, even when I was driving my very first car — a Mitsubishi Lancer.”

While there is nothing wrong with driving around in a Mitsubishi Lancer, nobody would blame her if she is happy that it is no longer her car of choice.

Sources: Forbes.com, dailymail.co.uk

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