13 Things GM Employees Aren’t Allowed To Do (And 7 They Are)

There are a number of things that employees of GM are not allowed to do, and the line is boldly drawn at the crest of these regulations.

We're likely to spend more time at work than we do at home, so we should be comfortable with our work environment. It goes without saying that there are some common workplace rules that are pretty much standard, across the board. For example, we all know to make ourselves presentable, arrive on time or even a few minutes early, conduct ourselves with a certain "workplace appropriate" demeanor. However, some organizations implement rules and regulations that stand out as being quite different from the obvious ones we're accustomed to.

The good folks that work at General Motors are faced with some very interesting rules and regulations that they must strictly adhere to. Not only does this manufacturing giant lay out the rules prior to employment, but they strictly implement them, and they REALLY mean business. You can test the theory if you'd like, but before you do, be very sure you don't need this job!

There are a number of things that employees of GM are not allowed to do, and the line is boldly drawn at the crest of these regulations. Some of their rules seem very stifling and quite different from the average ones we've been accustomed to as we evolve in our careers. Let's take a look at the top 13 things GM employees are NOT permitted to do and off-set them with 7 cool things they ARE permitted to do that will leave you feeling envious...

20 Not Allowed: Discussing Pay Rates

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Don’t plan on discussing your pay rate with your colleagues if you’re taking a job with General Motors. This one is a strict no-no. We’re not entirely sure why this is the case though. Typically, there is a general sense of what the pay rates are within any type of organization. There can’t possibly be issues with the hierarchy or unfair pay, could there?

Most people safeguard their financial details and information pertaining to their income, by choice. Being strictly told not to share this information feels like a quirky, yet seemingly important rule.

19 Not Allowed: Leaking Images of Concept Cars

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This one seems more like common sense than a regulatory standard. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a good idea not to leak information that your company is safeguarding, at least not if you value your job. This is an obvious one that is easily one we can both appreciate and understand. As you approach a trade show or concept car launch, it is always good practice to keep quiet about any inside information you may have about the launch and the car’s details.

As an employee of GM, you’re bound to be privy to information that the general public is not aware of, and it’s your duty to keep this information under wraps.

18 Not Allowed: Purchasing Base Models With Your Discount

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Considering you’re getting a discount on the vehicle itself, GM has decided that the discount only applies to the higher model vehicles. Does that still count? Ultimately, you’re still saving money, but it seems incredibly restrictive for a company to tell you that you can’t purchase the base model; especially if that’s the model you’re interested in.

This begs the question – if you’re forced to spend a few thousand more in order to save a few thousand, are you saving anything at all? We aren’t sure about this one, but rules are rules!

17 Not Allowed: Bringing Guests To Work

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It’s really great when you love your job enough to think you have bragging rights, and to feel that sense of pride that you really want to showcase your work to someone you love. Unfortunately, GM is not the company that will embrace this philosophy. If you are an employee of GM, part of the rule-book addresses the fact that you cannot simply bring in someone to “visit” your job site.

Huge on confidentiality and privacy, General Motors is not the corporation that will embrace this mode of thinking. Sorry folks, no guests are allowed while on the job.

16 Not Allowed: Using the Word Unstable

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The word “unstable” is among many that nobody wants to associate with their vehicles. It’s no wonder that this is one of the 69 words that GM Motors bans their workers from using. This word carries so many negative associations that you certainly would not want it tied to your brand if you were in their shoes.

If you are an employee of GM, you have to make peace with the fact that the vocabulary you use when speaking about your job and position within the company, is critically important and highly evaluated!

15 Not Allowed: Re-selling A Vehicle Purchased With A Discount

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While GM workers are able to access hefty discounts on the cars they purchase, GM makes it very clear that these vehicles are personally purchased and cannot be resold. If your plan is to purchase a discounted car from GM and reap the benefits of your employee discount, don’t plan on selling that car anytime soon to turn over a profit.

They’re smarter than that, and upon purchase, you are contractually committing to owning that car for at least one year. This makes sense, as this is a gesture of thanks to employees, and is not designed for profit-making.

14 Not Allowed: Lending Employee Discounts To Others

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It’s always good practice to respect the discount you’re given. If you’re saving money on a new car purchase GM’s mandate is that it’s really NOT ok for you to pass along this savings to someone else. You’ve put in the work equity to warrant this discount, but it really is frowned upon for you to extend this discount to an undeserving citizen who has not earned the same right.

As much as we understand that people may want to find a way around this regulation, we respect it and appreciate that this is an exclusive offer to those who have earned it, and not one to be passed around as a popularity contest.

13 Not Allowed: Releasing Images or Information To The Media

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The media is always trying to obtain cutting-edge information that can somehow be exploited as “breaking news” in any major new reporting category. As tempting as it may be to engage in your ability to share exclusive information with the media and other resources, it’s important to re-evaluate and come up with the reasons why this would be a good idea vs a bad idea.

Sharing confidential information with media sources can cost you your job if you’re part of the GM network. There are reps of GM that are responsible for gearing this conversation - it’s not in the hands of the employees or the general public to make all this information publicly known. The wise will safeguard their positions by not participating in this information leak.

12 Not Allowed: Investing In Companies Related To/In Competition With GM


It goes without saying, that if you’re a representative of General Motors, you would certainly not go in direct competition with them. As a direct result of this philosophy, if you’re an employee of GM you’ll have to be aware that you can only invest in companies that are in no way, shape, or form, connected to, or associated with GM.

Those working for GM and making stock investments should be aware of the fact that they will be immediately forced to undergo change, should this ever become an issue. Simply put, your investment stance has to be in line with GM at all times.

11 Not Allowed: Photos Of The Workplace

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Along the same lines as selfies being taken at work, GM strictly frowns upon any one of their employees who decides to take photos of their work environment. It is simply not acceptable for someone to snap photos of the job site, the staff, or the inner workings of General Motors as a whole.

We respect this rule and can clearly define its value and justify the reasoning. There are so many things that happen on the assembly line, and in production in general, that the public should really not be made aware of. Like any other job, confidentiality is key.

10 Not Allowed: Speaking Ill of GM On Social Media

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If you’re trashing the company you work for, you’re probably working for the wrong company in the first place. Albeit an infringement of personal space and freedom of speech to a certain extent, GM strictly bans negative talk by employees on social media outlets. They insist that all of its employees are aware of their social media presence. If you have something negative to say on social media, GM wants you to know that it will also have a negative impact on your job and your job security, in general.

While this is not usually closely monitored, we can easily see the relevance of such situations. It may be wise to withhold your social media rants about GM if you work there – just a small word of advice, they’re watching you!

9 Not Allowed: Releasing Company Info To Others

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Releasing company information to the general public is always a no-no. If you are privy to confidential information, then confidential it shall remain. As an employee of any company, it's your requirement to safeguard all their proprietary information and it is no different in this scenario.

When exposed to confidential client information, the expectation is that you’ll ensure nobody else is aware of these details. It becomes your duty, your job on the –line, and your personal liability if you opt to break this rule or go against the grain on it in any way. Trade secrets should be safely kept among all staff at GM!

8 Not Allowed: Working With Bare Hands

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This one is obvious, yet worthy of mentioning. There is no way you can adequately do this job without gloves. For the sake of clean hands, fingerprint oil-transfer, and the general safety risks that exist, workers of all GM plants are told they need to wear gloves at all times.

No gloves, no work, it is really as simple as that! The gloves ensure a safe, clean working environment and prevent the spread of the common cold as well. Put them on, or don’t bother coming in to work at all – GM is incredibly particular about this rule!

7 Allowed: Sponsor Family For Discounts

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If you are a relative of an employee of GM, this means your family is eligible for discounts as well! Yes, that’s right. They, too, can obtain discounted rates to drive and own GM cars. The main components of each purchase are directly associated with your seniority and dedication to your job. This is not something a GM worker will want to publicize, but rest assured that this corporate Giant takes family and friends into account.

With a goal to keep their employees on a long-term basis, we find it easy to see the many perks that this job has to offer for drivers as well as their families.

6 Allowed: Engage Non-Family Discounts Via Friends Programs

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Do you have a very special, VIP friend or extended family member that you’d love to extend a special promotional offer to? We do too, we get it! People cannot always accommodate discounts for friends and relatives of GM workers, but if you’re careful about how you approach this, you can absolutely reap the benefits, without a doubt.

Friends programs and rewards exist and are there for the taking if you qualify! As with most GM policies, just be sure to read the fine print on this one to make sure you’re approaching management the right way!

5 Allowed: Take Advantage of A Discounted Parts Program

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Car ownership comes with a hefty price tag, and the cost of car repairs contributes to that stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to alleviate that stress with discounts on the car parts that you so badly need to fix your vehicle? Well, if you work at GM that is always an option!

Employees of GM reap the benefits of significantly discounted rates when they need to pick up some parts. Of course, this is subject to it being for their personal cars only, and this discounted rate opportunity cannot be passed on to friends and family, but it’s still worth it to save a few bucks along the way!

4 Allowed: Access The GM Marketplace

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We’d like to think that employees of GM are proud of the company they work for. Now they can carry that branding experience a little bit further, as GM offers discounted rates on a wide variety of merchandise and GM products to all its employees. Workers are able to access the GM marketplace for items such as clothing, mugs, water bottles, hoodies, and so much more.

It’s great to have a little company swag, and it’s even better when you don’t have to pay full price for it! We would all appreciate this type of access – this is definitely one of the better job perks we’ve come across!

3 Allowed: Take Advantage of Special Lease Offers

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Yes, yes, yes! We’re all over this one. Special rates on lease offers equates to huge financial savings! Chances are, if you work for GM, you like GM vehicles, and now you can not only purchase that branded hoodie bearing the GM label, but you can also sport it in your brand new car! Obtaining exclusive discounted rates to leased vehicles is one of the most significant perks this company has to offer.

General Motors employees may very well have to adhere to some strange and sometimes rigid regulations, but access to rates like this definitely helps to make it a worthy sacrifice!

2 Allowed: Obtain Reduced Rates On System Items

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Now that we’ve established you can save some big bucks on the lease rates, why not take a look at enhancing your brand new car? If a General Motors employee is in the market for a remote starter, or onboard experiences such as navigation, satellite access, and vehicular tracking, they are able to access these features at reduced rates as well.

Let’s face it, adding any type of features to your new car can be expensive enough to make you take pause and evaluate whether or not it’s worth it. In this case, GM makes it easier to fully load your car without regret or hesitation!

1 Allowed: Reap Benefits of Insurance & Medical Plans

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For those with a more practical mindset, the value of a job is often assessed by the type of benefit plan that is offered. The employee insurance coverage offered by GM is definitely a strong and valuable one. Complete medical coverage, life insurance, competitive drug plans, and solid retirement options are among the several features that are widely available to GM workers.

This company definitely takes care of its people on a long-term basis, offering their employees and their families alike, a very thorough safety net. Credit is due to them here, as benefits like these ones are not widely offered in other organizations.

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