20 Things Jeep Owners Do That The Rest Of Us Can't Stand

Jeep is one of the most standout vehicles in motor history and is also one of the most popular brands of car in the world. The vehicle mostly consists of sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, 4x4 roadsters, and pickup trucks and is credited for its unique range of automobiles. So where did it all begin?

The jeep as a concept was first created in 1940, with the now-iconic Willys Quad reaching the mainstream. Over the years, the form has changed dramatically and is continuously praised for its versatility and ability to change, especially when it comes to new technology and design. These days, the car is a firm favorite among the Hollywood elite, with superstars across the globe desperate for the latest and innovative model.

However, the brand's iconic designs do have their setbacks, with its attitude towards the environment not exactly being the best in the world. That's right, Jeeps are known gas guzzlers and along with Hummers are some of the world's worst vehicles when it comes to dirty carbon emissions. In addition, stereotypes have occurred with regards to those who drive them. From arrogant playboys to overconfident imbeciles, the Jeep has attracted a whole host of negative publicity when it comes to their drivers.

So, let's take a look at where these stereotypes have come from. Here are 20 things Jeep owners do that the rest of us can't stand.

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20 Silly Modifications 

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The modification industry has been alive and well since the beginning of the car itself. In fact, since the 4x4 world took off fully in 1941, mods have been all the rage. However, that's not to say that this is a positive thing. That's right, drivers have been modifying these classic automobiles into laughingstocks, with the majority of them plastered on social media for all to see. Yes, from flamingo-themed Jeeps to thin silver rims that look like they belong on a 1920s horse cart, Jeep mods are some of the most ridiculous in the world. And, if that wasn't enough, drivers are now trying to modify their Jeeps in an attempt to give it a "Monster Truck" image. But why not just buy one of those instead?

19 Bad Paint Jobs

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Giving your car a new paint job is always a risky undertaking but some Jeep drivers have taken this act into a whole new nightmarish level. For instance, a number of car enthusiasts across the globe have turned their Jeeps into jokes with army style designs, neon purple, and just about anything else that will attract the wrong kind of attention. Furthermore, it seems that chrome finishes are somewhat in fashion, with a number of Jeepers turning their cars into a questionable form of silver. To make matters worse, most of these paint jobs do nothing but decrease the value of the automobile.

18 Loud Music

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Everybody knows that Jeep owners think they are pretty cool, with their stupid codes, daft waves, and extreme arrogance. However, why do Jeep drivers insist on playing exceptionally loud music whenever they drive? Yes, for some reason, Jeep owners across the globe love to blast out their terrible music, with their cheap bass and valueless subs. In fact, just to make it that little bit worse, Jeep drivers also like to make sure that everybody else around them can "enjoy" their awful musicm too. That's right, whatever the weather, Jeep owners will constantly have the top down and the windows open just so you can hear it.

17 Jeep Pictures

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For some reason, Jeep drivers love to take photographs of their cars, plaster them all over social media, and wait for adoring comments or reviews from their friends. Yes, like a real-life parent to a child, Jeep owners regard their cars as their babies, and document everything from their first day, first drive in the mud, first off-road experience, and just about everything else you could ever think of. However, although it might seem rather cute to them, it is actually extremely annoying to everyone else. So, to all those Jeep drivers out there: nobody wants to see pictures of your car and nobody actually cares about your car, stop doing it.

16 The Jeep Waves

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Jeep waves are probably one of the most annoying things in the world or at least, most annoying attributes of a Jeep owner anyway. That's right, Jeep waves are an inside code between Jeep drivers who make sure they wave to one another when passing. So where does it come from? Apparently, the wave has been a common occurrence for over 20 years and is seen as a form of camaraderie. In fact, the Jeep wave is actually an honor and portrayed as an unspoken gesture of intelligence, superiority, and class. However, the rest of the world thinks it is the most arrogant thing on the planet, not to mention nerdy.

15 They All Park Together

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Any reasonable person would prefer to park as close to the supermarket entrance as possible, with the idea that you don't have to drag your shopping over a half a mile back to your vehicle. However, Jeep owners are not your average car owners and much prefer to make things extremely difficult. That's right, Jeep owners are known to often park together, no matter the difficulties that this might ensure. Yes, Jeep drivers are obsessed with parking next to one another, even if it takes them longer to get to their destination. So, next time you go to a parking lot, have a quick look and see if all the Jeeps are next to each other. We guarantee they will be.

14 Gas Guzzlers

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True Jeeps, unlike the knock-off wanna-be ones, are true gas guzzlers. Jeeps are not designed to be fuel efficient; it's their off-road ability and classic road image that keeps people purchasing them year on year. Their heavy and non-aerodynamic style ensures they guzzle down the gas quicker than any driver would want. Furthermore, if you don't use your Jeep that often, the engine gets sad and guzzles the gas even quicker, costing even more money. However, although they might be awful for the environment it doesn't stop people buying them, with the Jeep remaining one of the most popular cars on the planet.

13 Jump Curbs

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Not only are Jeep owners arrogant but they are also silly. For some reason, Jeep drivers think that they can do whatever they want on the roads, especially with curbs. That's right, Jeep owners are known for jumping curbs whenever they possibly can, with the drivers usually blaming it on the size of their vehicle rather than their lack of ability to respect other drivers and the road. Furthermore, Jeep drivers just tend to whatever they want with regards to anything on the road, from speeding, U-turns and taking over other cars in the slow lane. Yes, if a car is breaking the law, it is most likely to be a Jeep with an annoying Jeep driver behind the wheel.

12 They Think They Can Fix Everything

via Jeepwranglerforum

Jeep owners think they can do anything, from going over the speed limit, jumping off curbs, and going off-roading whenever they want to. However, they also seem to think that they are high-end mechanics, often claiming that they can fix just about anything. Yes, if you have a leaking oil tank, a broken electric window, or a smashed hood, just take your automobile to a Jeep owner and they'll be able to fix it within an instance. That's right, Jeep lover know how to fix absolutely anything, no matter the model, car or part. Sadly, this is all a lie, with the Jeep owner somewhat living in their own fantasy world.

11 Hat And Sunglasses

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There are a number of awful things about Jeep owners. However, one of the worst things is the Jeep uniform, a costume that comprises of just a hat and a pair of sunglasses. That's right, Jeep owners seem to morph into the same kind of person, each owning a baseball hat (usually sport-themed) and a pair of expensive sunglasses that still manage to look cheap. Furthermore, Jeep drivers also sound annoying. Yes, for some reason, Jeep owners tend to disguise their mostly middle-class accents with tough street accents in order to sound cool and hip. Sadly, this does not work and instead sounds strange, weird, and embarrassing.

10 A Jeep Thing (You Wouldn't Understand)

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"It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand..." Ever heard a Jeep owner say this to you? If you haven't, then you will eventually. That's right, Jeep drivers love to talk down to just about anyone; more so, if it is about their pride and joy. Jeep owners tend to believe that every other driver in the world is insignificant, especially when it comes to driving cars and understanding the engineering that goes into them. Yes, no matter what car you drive, you will never truly understand the power of the Jeep, not to mention the mechanicals. Sorry guys, it really is just a Jeep thing...

9 The Jeep Commando

via classiccars

The Jeepster Commando was first released in 1966 and came in four different models: a pickup, a convertible, a roadster, and a wagon. However, a little after its release, AMC, who bought Jeep, changed the commando to the Jeep Commando, a car that is now known as one of the worst Jeeps in history. That's right, AMC basically destroyed the vehicle by making it longer and adding ridiculous modifications that it did not need. As a result, the Commando went from being one of the coolest cars around to a pile of junk. Sadly, Jeep owners seem to be in denial and still avidly praise the car to this day.

8 Jeep Clubs

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What is worse than a Jeep owner? A club full of them, of course! That's right, not only do Jeep clubs exist but they are also extremely common and can be found all over the world. So, what exactly goes on in a Jeep club? From talking about how amazing Jeeps are, to discussing the ins and outs of sublime Jeep engineering, Jeep drivers are also known to moon over one another's Jeep mods. Seriously, could you imagine anything worst? Plus, these guys love to travel and often go on lengthy excursions where they take out their Jeeps and parade them around small towns and villages.

7 They Drive Over Everything

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Most people agree that Jeep drivers are the worst of the worst, especially when it comes to their driving. That's right, Jeep owners usually think that off-road driving is just parking, and often leave half of their car on the sidewalk. Yes, sidewalks, bus stops, private parking spaces, are all open to Jeeps, or at least they think so anyway. Furthermore, Jeep drivers somewhat believe that the roads belong to them as if all highways and streets have been created for them to drive on. As a result of this false belief, Jeep drivers tend to drive over everything and anything, or at least anything that gets in their way.

6 Leave The Snow On The Roof

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Jeeps are famed for being great and sturdy in most weather conditions, with the Jeep able to withstand the worst of the worst. However, although the vehicle might be good in extreme weather, the driver is on a different planet. That's right, for some reason, Jeep drivers feel that it is not their responsibility to remove snow from the top of their car, a move that can be extremely dangerous. Next time it snows, have a look around and see which cars have removed their snow and which cars have happily left theirs on with no regards for those who are driving around them. It'll be a Jeep, we guarantee it!

5 Use Selfie Sticks When Driving

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It is no surprise to see Jeep drivers using selfie sticks, with the invention being perfect for those who love themselves. That's right, Jeep owners are often spotted taking photographs of themselves either with their Jeep, on their Jeep, and, in some cases, driving their Jeep. However, taking photographs while driving is extremely dangerous and can be a punishable offense in some states. Sadly, this doesn't seem to stop Jeep drivers from taking photographs, no matter the danger it could lead to with drivers more focused on getting the perfect shot of their beloved vehicle rather than taking care of themselves and the drivers around them.

4 Silly Bumper Stickers

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Jeep drivers have a number of infuriating habits, most of which have been mentioned in this article. However, one of the most annoying traits that a Jeep owner possesses is their love for ridiculous and uneducated bumper stickers. Yes, bumper stickers are a big deal in the Jeep world and can range from political alliances to favorite fast food joints. These days, cars are just not the place to show off your likes and dislikes and can actually be rather distracting for other drivers. Furthermore, antagonizing bumper stickers have been known to cause road rage, which is the last thing you want.

3 Limited Clothes

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Jeep owners tend to abide by a uniform—sunglasses and a baseball cap—but what about the rest of their bodies? For some reason, Jeep drivers feel the need to let it all hang free, with clothes seemingly not important for those who get behind the wheel. In fact, the rule goes for everybody whoever comes into contact with a Jeep, be it the driver or even the passengers. That's right, limited clothing is the ideal Jeep uniform, which although it might be free and airy for the person in the Jeep,  can be a somewhat distraction for those on the outside.

2 Dirty Cars

via reddit

We all know that Jeep drivers are strange but what is stranger is their attitude to their vehicles. That's right, on one hand, Jeep owners love to photograph their pride and joy, capture its beauty in the best light, and upload its sensual body onto various forms of social media. However, on the other hand, Jeep drivers love nothing more than destroying their most prized object, getting it super dirty, and then leaving it to rot and rust. Yes, time and time again, Jeeps are photographed looking a little worse for wear, with their owners obviously putting them through the mill off-road.

1 They Think They Are The Best

via washingtontimes

Jeep owners think that Jeeps are the best cars in the whole wide world and although this might have some truth in it, the arrogance is certainly not warranted. That's right, Jeep drivers live, breathe, and ooze arrogance, so much so that the adjective "arrogant" is synonymous with those who drive Jeeps. That's right, Jeep drivers have now conjured up the stereotype (through no fault of their own) of an arrogant city slicker with a healthy pay scale and an unhealthy moral code. However, it is also important to remember that stereotypes are stereotypes and should not be taken seriously—even if they did stem from some kind of truth...

Sources: Hemmings, Wikipedia, and Four Wheeler.

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