17 Rules Justin Bieber’s People Must Follow While He’s On The Road

Pop sensation Justin Bieber has grown up in the glare of public scrutiny - and that can only affect the way that someone behaves when they are an adult! In Bieber’s case, getting anything and everything he wants from a young age has led to an adult who thinks he can make outrageous demands whenever he is on tour.

Bieber, who was only 14 when he signed to record label RBMG, releasing his first EP My World a year later, becoming the first artist to have seven Billboard Top 100 singles from a debut album in the process. Throughout his chart success, Bieber has also been a hot favorite with the gossip press, and the singer even accidentally injured a photographer who had been trying to get a picture of the young star as he left a Beverly Hill church service.

He first dated fellow teen star Selena Gomez, before being romantically linked with a host of famous faces, including Victoria’s Secret models Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima, Kendall Jenner and British singer Rita Ora. However, it seems that Bieber has finally settled down, revealing that he married actress Hailey Baldwin in 2018.

His private life may no longer be front page news, but the global superstar is still a pretty big deal. Which explains how he can get away with such ridiculous demands for his tour riders, like those on the list below.

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17 Ten Luxury Sedans

via IG

The Beliebers, as his fans refer to themselves, got a glimpse behind the scenes of a Bieber tour in 2017, when the rider for his five-day visit to India was leaked. The trip was part of his Purpose World Tour, and though he was in the country for a few days he only played one show in Mumbai, at the 56,000-capacity DY Patil Stadium.

Despite only playing one concert, Bieber’s tour rider was very demanding, with the local promoter expected to provide ten luxury sedans, to be placed at the disposal of Bieber and his team for the duration of their visit.

16 Two Volvo Buses

Via paigeronelle.wordpress.com

As well as the ten luxury sedans, Bieber’s management also insisted on having two large Volvo buses at their disposal, to ensure that the concert crew, and the singer’s entourage, could get around Mumbai. It used to be that music stars did all their touring on buses, but 21st-century music stars will only stomach a short bus ride, preferring to travel longer distances in luxurious private jets.

Nevertheless, Bieber obviously takes good care of his people, as the buses had to be fully kitted out with all mod-cons and supplied with drinks and snacks to ensure his team was on top of their game.

15 A Personal Rolls Royce

via IG

When it came to how Bieber himself was going to travel around India while he was visiting the country, he decided to go for the classy, if rather demanding, the option of asking for the concert promoters to provide him with his very own Rolls Royce.

Tour riders, the name given to the list of requirements that artists make of venues, usually consists of favorite food and drinks, not classic British motor cars, but it seems that Bieber has got very used to getting his own way throughout his career. If you can get people to provide you with a Rolls Royce, then why not ask for it?

14 A Private Jet

Via gotceleb.com

Cars and buses aren’t the only form of transport which Bieber often demands when he is on tour. Tour promoters may also be required to provide a private jet for the singer if he is going to be traveling long distances between cities. No matter how luxurious your tour bus, or how expensive the Rolls Royce your team has managed to procure for you, both pale in comparison to short but opulent flight in a private jet.

And when it comes to traveling between countries, Bieber doesn’t fly with the rest of us mortals; he insists on a private jet or flies first class if he does decide to set foot on a scheduled airline.

13 And A Helicopter For Performances

Via pinterest.ca

And when it comes to the shows themselves, Bieber clearly likes to make an entrance, as he always insists on having a helicopter on hand to get him to the venue. This may seem like an ostentatious affectation, but there are some practical reasons for using a chopper to get to the gig.

It allows Bieber to stay in his hotel or villa for as long as possible before the show, and it also means that he doesn’t get caught up in any of the traffic jams caused by his own concert. He clearly doesn’t want to make his fans wait for the show to start.

12 Ping Pong Table

via IG

Not all of the Baby singer’s demands were as outrageous and outlandish, however. It seems that despite his reputation for some pretty wild behavior, Bieber is also a fan of much more wholesome pursuits and always likes to make sure that there is a ping pong table at his tour HQ so that he can unwind before or after the show with a few games of table tennis.

And if there is any risk at all that local promoters might not be able to source a ping pong table, then Bieber has the cash to fly one to anywhere in the world!

11 A Hoverboard For Backstage

Via fortune.com

While the rest of us might be perfectly happy to walk to where we need to get to, it seems that Bieber prefers not to wear out his shoe leather. One item on his very long rider for his visit to India was a hoverboard, which he apparently uses to get around backstage.

Granted, the size of his concerts does mean that some of these venues are on the large side, but there are many less ostentatious ways to get around than on a hoverboard – although the fact that he can ride one at all is a pretty impressive skill.

10 Yoga Equipment

via IG

It isn’t just a ping pong which helps the Love Yourself singer to relax while he is getting ready to go on stage. Bieber is also a big fitness fanatic, and as well as hitting the gym for some serious cardio and weights sessions, he also enjoys practicing yoga.

Which means that wherever he travels also has to have yoga kit for him to use, including everything from a brand new mat to incense sticks and essential oils to help the star to chill out – and there’s no better place to find your zen than in India, the home of yoga.

9 His Own Washing Machine

via IG

All that exercising produces a lot of dirty, sweaty clothes though. And Bieber has some pretty strict rules for his team when it comes to washing his wardrobe. His outfits are not to be put through the laundry at the hotel, no matter how high-end the establishment; instead the singer reportedly insists on having access to his very own washing machine while he is on the road, and his rider for the Indian leg of the tour insisted that a new model be specially flown in for his visit.

Bieber obviously didn’t trust local washing machines to get his whites white.

8 Cordon Off Three Floors Of A Hotel

via IG

Bieber and his team usually prefer to stay at a private house or villa when they travel, but that isn’t always possible, and sometimes the Never Say Never singer sometimes has to settle for a five-star luxury hotel instead. It’s a hard life…

Of course, this means that the hotel also gets a list of demands from the Bieber team about their requirements, some of which will be difficult and expensive to provide. For example, the Bieber crew insist that when their man stays at a hotel, the management cordons off three whole floors, to guarantee the star’s privacy.

7 His Own Elevator

Via vanityfair.com

And hotels aren’t just expected to set aside a whole three floors if they want to enjoy Justin Bieber’s patronage. His security team obviously want to minimize the chance of him spending any time in the company of regular members of the public, which means that hotels also need to assign one elevator solely for the use of the singer and his team.

Not only is this inconvenient for the hotel, but it is probably also a source of annoyance to the other guests, most of whom will have paid a small fortune to stay at these places.

6 100 Coat Hangers

via IG

He may be a singer star, but Bieber isn’t exactly known for his fashion sense. He dresses more like a teenager now than he did when he was a teenager, with baggy pants and outsize t-shirts. Still, you can bet that even those baggy pants and outsize t-shirts only comes from the most expensive designer stores, which means that someone needs to take good care of the Bieber wardrobe when he is on the road.

As well as flying his own washing machine to some parts of the world, any hotel or villa where Bieber stays has to provide the star with a minimum of 100 coat hangers for his outfits.

5 Thirteen Green Rooms For His Entourage

Via usatoday.com

Green rooms are legendary in showbiz as the place to hang out before and after the show. In the old days, rock groupies would try to talk their way into the green room to meet the stars, but any Beliebers who managed to get backstage would have a hard time tracking down their hero, as the Bieber crew always asks for an astonishing thirteen green rooms to be provided at his venues, to cater for all his cast, crew and entourage.

Not every venue has that kind of space, so it is a good job that Bieber is able to headline such massive concerts – for now, anyway.

4 But Only White Drapes In His Dressing Room

Via newslocker.com

When it comes to Bieber’s very private dressing room, the One Less Lonely Girl singer has some very specific demands with regards to the décor. White is very much the theme – perhaps to fit with the zen-like calm he has achieved from all that yoga practice? – and his dressing room must be fitted with white drapes, as well as being supplied with a white refrigerator (stocked, of course) and 12 white handkerchiefs.

Probably best not to ask what those are for, although an enterprising venue owner could sell them for a fortune on eBay after the show!

3 Bubble Gum In Various Flavours

via Just Jared

Not everything on Bieber’s demanding rider costs a lot of money, but the star is clearly a detail-oriented guy, judging by how much of the backstage supplies are micromanaged. For example, Bieber is a big fan of bubble gum, and like to be sure that there is always going to be gum supplies on hand at every venue.

However, he also has some specific requests when it comes to flavors, and any local promoter has to be sure that they can source his favorite flavors and his favorite makes of gum, no matter where in the world they happen to be based.

2 Fresh Flowers - But No Lilies

Via thecut.com

For all he likes to play up the press as a bit of hard man, it is obvious from his tour rider that Bieber is actually a buy that is in touch with his feminine side. Along with the very chilled white décor in his dressing room, the singer also asks for fresh flowers to be placed in every room at the venue and at the hotel.

However, woe betide any member of staff who accidentally puts a few lilies in the flower arrangement, as Bieber has a deep dislike for this particular flower, and they are banned from his home and anywhere he travels.

1 Vanilla Room Fresheners

Via usmagazine.com

Despite the fact that all these fresh flowers must create some wonderful scents in Bieber’s hotel rooms and dressing room, that isn’t enough for the Sorry singer, who also requires that any rooms he will be using while traveling is also fitted with vanilla scented – and only vanilla scented – room fresheners.

Scented candles are also no the shopping list for anyone fitting out Bieber’s accommodations, as well as healthy and organic snacks to keep the room, and the singer himself, as clean and pure as possible. Anyone working on making sure that Bieber feels welcome at a hotel is going to have to do a lot of stocking up on some unusual items!

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