Here Are 19 Things Lamborghini Owners Shouldn't Do

The perception is that once you get a Lamborghini, there are no downsides to ownership. The world becomes one’s oyster and they have one of the finest supercars on the planet to do whatever they can imagine. As surprising as it sounds though, many of the things they could do in a regular car before are no longer possible with a Lamborghini.

Whether it’s driving on a road that’s not conducive to its low stance, going to places where a supercar isn’t welcome or overstepping bounds when it comes to others' Lambos, there are things owners aren't free to do. Regular car owners can generally do all the things on this list, while Lamborghini owners, on the other hand, can’t once they get one. Many thought there were only upshots to having a Lambo.

Owning a Lamborghini then becomes something of a paradox. While no one has a good excuse to turn down owning one, few regard the things they take for granted with a regular car that they’re unable to do with a Lambo. Lambo owners might find themselves in an odd predicament, feeling like they’ve taken their previous clunker for granted.

We’re going to look at all the unexpected things people lose out on in a Lamborghini, either because car circles discourage them or there are some things that are downright impossible. Once Lamborghini owners find out the hard way, it’s a rough process of learning to accept it.

Speaking of Lamborghinis, have you seen Kanye West’s ugly Lamborghini Urus? It’s a head-scratcher that’s hard to resist taking a peek at.

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19 Fill Up At Gas Stations

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Think a Lamborghini can go places regular cars do? Think again. Even places like a gas station, where a Lamborghini has to go in order to fill up is a risk. The world is tough out there for a Lamborghini and it’s up to the owner to reprogram their driving habits.

According to River Front Times, a blue Lamborghini worth $275,000 erupted in flames at a gas station. Apparently, the owner of a minivan close by forgot to remove the nozzle from their car, which led to an explosion. It’s hard to accept, but Lamborghini owners might just have to fill up gas cans and take them home if it means keeping their Lambo intact.

18 Race A Tesla

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For all its horsepower, a Lamborghini doesn’t have what it takes to beat a Tesla. Don’t believe it? You can read all about the Lamborghini Aventador S vs Tesla Model S drag race if you’re still unconvinced. Then again, a Tesla sounds nothing like a rip-roaring Lamborghini, so there isn’t really a question about which car makes the better impression.

Plus the Lambo’s style is far superior anyway. As wild as it sounds, Lambo owners better watch out who they call out while driving around, or they might get shamed in a race. If a Tesla can do it, so can plenty of others.

17 Take It Through An Automatic Car Wash

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An owner becomes more sensitive about the dirt that collects on their shiny new Lamborghini. Any speck of dust stands out like an eyesore, prompting them to keep it clean. They may even have to wash it more often than one would their regular car. Automatic car washes are easy and fast ways to clean cars. One risks something happening though when they put theirs through a wash, especially if it isn't built to accommodate a car that low to the ground.

The other consideration is whether an automatic wash even does a good enough job, or it might end up leaving splotches behind that make it look lousy.

16 Tinker Underneath The Hood

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Not everyone’s this way, but some like to pop open the hoods of their cars and pry around. These gearheads feel comfortable getting their hands dirty, check the fluids, and even some will make modifications. They have knowledge about parts and feel confident enough to swap things out on their own. A Lamborghini doesn’t really encourage this kind of toying around though.

While there are message boards online of owners showing hard-to-reach spaces in their Lambos and how to access hidden parts, it's a tougher learning curve than a regular car. It’s a little wild that a gearhead, who’s the most qualified to enjoy the performance of a Lambo, isn’t really encouraged to explore its parts.

15 Store It Near The Ocean

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There’s a debate about how extensive the harm can be to a car that’s stored near the ocean. Many who live by the beach and own cars don’t mind leaving their cars outside to soak up sun and salt air. For a Lambo owner though, these considerations ought to be enough to make one rethink storing it in such an environment.

For those vacations and long trips to the beach house, they’re better off leaving the Lambo at home, even if it’s unimaginable to part with it. Otherwise, they’re knowingly harming the paint job and could even cause, what All-State notes, corrosion on critical parts.

14 Change The Oil Themselves

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This next entry assumes Lambo owners take good care of their supercars, putting air regularly in the tires and changing the oil when it needs it. What many find as soon as they hit their first oil change, for those who do it themselves, is that it’s not as simple as it was changing it on their regular cars. Even if they didn’t do it before, they discover that their longtime mechanic may not be able to change a Lambo’s oil or threaten to charge extra for it.

Whatever the case may be, as Jalopnik points out, Royalty Exotic Cars claims it can take over four hours just to change the oil in a Huracan.

13 Drive Another Person’s Lambo

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Behind every Lamborghini is a possessive owner. No one blames them for being that way—a Lamborghini is liable to turn anyone into a selfish driver who isn’t willing to share it. In turn, these owners have to acknowledge this notion in fellow Lamborghini owners. Let’s say, for example, that their Lambo is in the shop for some work.

Maybe they have a date coming up though and want to roll up in a Lamborghini to impress, they just don’t have theirs to do it in. It sounds kooky, but owners aren’t really allowed to swap Lamborghinis, especially when many look at theirs as an extension of themselves.

12 Drive Over Speed Bumps

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Lamborghini owners drive into parking lots at their own peril. Many major lots install speed bumps to keep drivers from going too fast around storefronts where there's a lot of pedestrian traffic. Lamborghinis aren’t really built for slowing down though. These performance machines, as Business Insider points out, stand low to the ground for aerodynamics.

Driving over speed bumps is one of the worse things a Lambo driver could do to their ride. That rules out most parking lots, which aren’t made to accommodate low Lambos. This may be hard to imagine for regular drivers, but it’s one benefit they have over Lambos.

11 Make Drastic Mods With Aftermarket Parts

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There are some who just don’t have restraint when it comes to their vehicles. They have to cross the line in modifying it. While we can understand wanting to make a car unique and personalized, it’s the taste in mods that can end up ruining the car altogether. No Lamborghini deserves this.

A Lamborghini with a new exhaust or upgrades for the manufacturer is welcome. When someone gets an ugly paint job, a tall spoiler and has flame shooting out the back, then they’ve crossed over into a wild realm that most people in car communities are going to frown upon.

10 Drink Coffee While Driving

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People do everything in their cars. That all goes out the window in a Lambo though. Luxuries like drinking coffee while on the way to work are no longer an option. According to WTOP, the Aventador S doesn’t even come with cupholders and costs more for those who want to add it. That’s because these cars aren’t meant to be daily drivers or taking it to work.

They offer a lavish interior where coffee has no place being. If a driver spills coffee all over their seat, the steering wheel, the console—they’re going to regret it and literally pay the price.

9 Avoiding The Pricey Maintenance

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Maintenance for a regular car may seem like a drag, but a Lamborghini is much worse. Let’s break down all the costs of the Murcielago model. According to Secret Entourage, something as simple as an oil change costs $2,000. That largely has to do with how long it takes to do the job, which we reveal later on. It’s as if driving a Lamborghini only increases one’s expenses that goes well beyond just its depreciation.

So if someone gets a Lamborghini, not only do they say bye to their bank account, but any chance of actually saving up money ever again.

8 Drive It On Dirt Roads

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Looks like the Lamborghini’s list of places it can live is slim. That largely has to do with the quality of roads. With paved roads, an owner risks potholes while rural America has its share of dirt roads to navigate in reaching certain areas. A Lambo won’t survive a dirt road unless the owner decides to get theirs modified into an off-roader (or owns a Urus).

If given a choice on which one is the better environment for a Lambo, the city wins. It’s crazy to suggest, but a Lambo doesn’t have a chance on dirt roads, or else its owner is just irresponsible.

7 Entrust It With Valet

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Similar to an earlier entry about leaving the car alone, Lambo owners can’t really trust the car with anyone else. It’s as if everyone in the owner’s life suddenly becomes suspect of a poor driving record. They can’t trust anyone with their car and will only drive others in it instead of letting them take the wheel.

As Business Insider notes, not even the valet is trustworthy. Look no further than Ferris Bueller to see what a valet does with a Ferrari. Valet service in real life is just as likely to do the same thing with a Lamborghini.

6 Rack Up Mileage

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It’s rare to find Lamborghinis with high mileage. Owners tend to drive them for fun and will leave the errands and road trips to their other vehicles. That seems to be the kind of Lambo owning lifestyle that car enthusiasts and the public deems appropriate. When someone sees a Lamborghini with too many miles on it, then eyebrows start to raise out of judgment towards that owner.

According to Car and Driver, they found a Lamborghini Murcielago with 258,000 miles on it as of April 2017. While we acknowledge earlier that owners have to hang on long-term to theirs, they can’t run theirs into the ground, and hitting six digits seems excessive.

5 Drive Around With Dings Or Broken Parts

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When a supercar gets a scratch or one of its parts isn’t working properly, it becomes a shadow of its former self. Things like that stand out to an owner and all who look upon it. Half the experience of owning a supercar is looking good, so anything that throws off its immaculate aesthetics is going to put a damper on things.

As soon as something happens to the Lamborghini, owners have to get it fixed right away. There’s no way they can drive around with a dent, or no one will take them seriously. While regular cars have the freedom to drive around in bad shape, Lamborghinis don’t have this luxury.

4 Lease One

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People have different opinions about leasing cars. It tends to be beneficial for those who go through a lot of cars. Who really wants to get a Lambo and get rid of it though? For many, the idea of leasing a supercar is hard to comprehend. While it does give some the ability to at least have a Lamborghini for a short time, they’re really just investing a lot of money into borrowing something long-term.

In the end, their money isn’t really going into keeping it, which means we can’t really consider them owners when it comes down to it.

3 Buy A Ferrari

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As long as someone owns a Lamborghini, there are other brands they have to steer clear of buying. In a sense, buying a Lambo closes off at least one other brand of cars they can’t add to their collection. Out of all Lamborghini’s competitors, their fiercest rivalry yet is Ferrari.

It all started, as the site, KissFromItaly notes when Ferruccio Lamborghini said some unkind things about his Ferrari. This is especially hard for owners who have the itch to keep buying expensive cars and aren’t content with their Lambos. Owning the two brands at the same time is something of sacrilege among car enthusiasts.

2 Buy One They Don't Fit In

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As a kid, we all wanted to go on that ride but couldn’t due to height restrictions. We remember that moment of disappointment standing next to the sign saying how tall we had to be and missing the dotted line by a hair. With a Lambo, it’s as if an opposite metric exists. There’s a sign that says “must be no taller than this” to drive a Lambo.

While we don’t believe Lamborghini is prejudice against tall drivers, we think it’s an unfortunate drawback to owning one. It’s crazy that money isn’t the only thing preventing some from owning a Lamborghini, but their height as well.

1 Leave The Car Alone

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Not only does this apply to Lambos, but any expensive supercar as well. When someone puts down their hard-earned money on a beautiful Lambo, they’re getting more than just a car; they're also getting an expensive target. For many, having others stare in wide-eyed wonder while passing by is one of the perks to owning a Lambo.

While owners may have a nice spot reserved in the garage for theirs, taking it out for a spin is another matter. If they leave it parked somewhere, they risk a passerby taking photos with it or worse, leaving a nice key mark along the side.

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