20 Things Old Car Guys Should Learn From The Kids (And 5 They Should Just Forget)

Here are 20 things that old car guys can learn from the youngins, and 5 they should forget.

Old car guys are the original car gurus. They invented some of the greatest trends and car techniques known to date. However, with the advancement of technology, youngins have taken over the car game. These youngins have developed great trends and the car technology to take cars to the next level. Some of these trends include style, speed, and technological advancements.

It is important to remember that old car guys are the original car enthusiasts in order to continue the process of advancing vehicles—while keeping the respect of the knowledge of the past. Youngins today have combined the knowledge of old car guys along with their technology to make some of the greatest advancements in car technology known to man. These youngins have used modern day engineering to take the driving process to the next level.

On the other hand, some of these youngins have made the driving process worse by exploring horrible trends and driving techniques. These techniques must soon be forgotten, and some of them may even present danger. Youngins are inexperienced and may have made some bad decisions in automotive advancement. This is where old car guys can spread their knowledge to help find the balance between the youngin’s technological advancements.

In the end, we can learn a lot from both the old car guys and the youngins. However, there may be more to learn from the youngins due to technological advancements. Here are 20 things that old car guys can learn from the youngins, and 5 they should forget.

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25 Online Videos & Internet Resources

via mobilemechanicdenveerco.com

Before the internet, old car guys would have to rely on old books and knowledge from others to get work done in the mechanic shop. They could learn a thing or two from the youngins who watch online videos. The internet has a lot of resources to get work done in the auto shop. Aside from videos, millions of resources are tossed on the internet to provide solutions to car problems, even offering step-by-step walkthroughs. Additionally, a simple Google search can help with most car problems.

24 Hybrid Mechanics

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Hybrid mechanics are a youngin's game. The newly invented product requires years of schooling, and old-school mechanics cannot transfer their knowledge onto hybrid cars. Older mechanics are not willing to leave their current mechanic shops to go to school. According to The Washington Post, 67-year-old auto mechanic Craig Batenburg claims that hybrid mechanics could wipe out auto mechanics because hybrid cars require less work and have no need for oil changes. Regardless of hybrid cars, older mechanics could cling onto their mechanic game. However, they will eventually have to adjust to future hybrid technology.

23 Video Games in Cars

via fortune.com

Youngins love their video games. So much so that they install them into their cars. Old car guys know all about TVs and DVD players in cars, but youngins took it to the next level when they began placing Playstations and Xbox into their cars. The fad first became popular when rappers and other celebrities began putting Playstations and other video game consoles into their cars, both in the front and rear seats. O’Reilly reports that the feat is harder than imagined due to car and console connection issues.

22 Tablets for Mechanics

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Technology is going to advance the auto mechanic field by a large margin. Before the advancement of technology, mechanics used to depends on hand tools and handwritten expertise. However, young mechanics have made auto work easier than ever. A new technological product that youngins use is the tablet. Mechanics can use tablets for many facets of auto mechanics. MRO Networks reports that line mechanics have been “untethered from paper manuals and desktop computers." Although desktop computers were a good tool for mechanics, they are not as mobile as tablets are, thus making tablets the future of auto mechanic logging information, even for old car guys.

21 Self-Driving Cars

via fortune.com

Self-driving cars have been dreamed about by the technology generation. The youngins at Google have made it happen through a project called Waymo. Waymo is a self-driving car project that is ever expanding. As Forbes puts it, Waymo will gain more stability as the self-driving cars collect data and experience. However, we have a long way to go before these youngins make the self-driving car work. Daily Mail reports that in Arizona, a self-driving car ran over a person. Old car guys can learn about self-driving cars from the youngins and they may need to add their own experienced touch to make the project work.

20 V2i Technologies

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V2i technologies, much similar to ADAS systems, are the future of automobile safety and technology and were designed by youngins. In the past, old car guys used to depend on their own expertise to make driving decisions. In the near future, V2i technologies will allow computers to track vehicle traffic data wirelessly. According to Tech Target, V2i technologies work by recording street lights and traffic data, which allows them to better predict the traffic process. V2i technology is an intelligent transportation system that will allow drivers to take faster and more accurate routes to their destination. V2i technologies are the future of traffic control and directions to destinations.

19 Scissor & Lambo doors

via carid.com

Scissor doors were first manufactured in cars in the first half of the 20th century and Lambo doors came only on Lamborghinis. However, old car guys can learn from these youngins as the youngins are putting these doors on all kinds of cars. With a little help from body shops, youngins can even put these doors on everyday cars. According to Carid, there are special kits that can enable scissor or Lambo doors on almost any car. These doors are especially unique and creative because of the appealing look they give off when they open. Urban and pop culture has been the center of scissor doors and Lambo doors.

18 Big Rims

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Large rims were introduced by the urban community and solidified through hip hop music videos. Flashy cars with large rims displayed on every music channel flooded the TV screens of every household. Autotrader states that the fad began in the mid-2000s. Old car guys know a thing or two about rims, but the youngins cemented the style of 20-inch rims. Large rims are a young man's game, as you will rarely see an old car guy with oversized rims. There is a good reason why old car guys avoid large rims, and that reason is that large rims make a car heavier and less aerodynamic, leading to more fuel intake.

17 Body Kits

via superstreetonline.com

Back in the day, body kits did not exist and old car guys had to accept a vehicle the way it was. Today, youngins modify the looks of cars to fit their needs. Almost every new car has a body kit adjustment option. Most body kits are put on fast cars to fit the looks of The Fast and the Furious, which thrived on the looks of body kits. Body kits are shunned by old car guys because they make a car less aerodynamic, although the sleek looks might suggest otherwise. Carid reports that most body kits are “for show and not go."

16 Fancy Interior

via mercedes-benz.com

A new trend among youngins is customized interiors. Although an old car guy might prefer the classical leather or cloth, this new trend pushes interior to the next level. Some drivers even have Gucci or Versace cloth installed into their interiors. This trend is not only appealing to car admirers, but the running cost could be out of this world. Auto News tells us that there are currently seven new innovations for interior work. These unique types of interior customizations could raise a car's value or decrease it, depending on style and type. Regardless, interior work is a unique take on cars that youngins have developed.

15 Sound System

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Sound systems were appealing to old car guys. However, youngins have taken sound systems to the next level. With upgraded sub-woofers and amps, youngins today can bump music so loud you can hear it in your house from the street. Car pictures are sprawled across the internet of trunks filled with speakers the size of ice coolers. These speakers really get the job done. The feat is not easy though. Road and Track says that creating the perfect sound system can be difficult and could be compared to serious engineering. These sound systems will only be taken to the next level as time goes on.

14 NOS

via seriouswheels.com

NOS is remembered best in The Fast and the Furious movie series. When old car guys were growing up, the biggest boost they could get was throwing heavy things out of the car. Nowadays, these youngins use nitrous oxide to boost themselves to higher speeds. NOS is nitrous oxide used to run the engine of a car quicker by burning faster and increasing the process of the vehicle's engine. How Stuff Works tells us that this is possible when heat splits nitrous oxide into oxygen and nitrogen. The increase of oxygen allows more fuel to be inserted into a car and makes it accelerate faster.

13 LED Lights & Light Kits

via carid.com

Like many other fads made famous by the youngins on The Fast and the Furious, LED lights and light kits are growing in popularity. LED light kits light up the bottom of a car which makes it more appealing to observers. The light is useless and does not light up anything beneficial. Street Directory reports that the installation is quite easy. In addition, the website points out how LED undercar lights are an “extension of one’s personality." Serving no beneficial purpose, LED undercar lights iare clearly for show and nothing else. Light kits can also turn a regular car into a show car.

12 Hydraulics

via lowrider.com

Hydraulics, much like large rims, were made popular by the urban community. Many young rap stars and rap music videos included the bouncing cars in their midst. There is much more to hydraulic cars than appears to the eye. Bouncing cars are made possible by pumps that are activated with a button. The cost for hydraulics is no laughing matter. Daily Mail reports that the cost for hydraulics can go as high as $200,000. However, most setups cost less. Although old car guys were around during the invention of bouncing hydraulic cars, the style was made popular by the youngins.

11 Lowriders & Highriders

via ucatx.cat

Last but not least in the urban community comes the lowrider. On the other side, suburban communities drive the highrider. Youngins have made this style popular through their impulsive decisions to take things to the next level. Be wary of lowriders, though. The lowriders tend to scratch against pavements on driveways, which is probably why old car guys don’t go for it. Highriders also present problems as they are hard to climb into. Vision Launch tells us that lowriders ride low to the ground because of the hydraulic system in the vehicle. On the other hand, highriders copy the look of monster trucks.

10 Dual Exhausts

via golfmkv.com

Dual exhausts may come as a stock option on cars, but youngins have made modifications to put dual exhausts on any car—and we mean any car. Sometimes, you could even find dual exhausts on a third-generation Toyota Cressida. Most modifications can be made to most cars and dual exhausts are no exception. The custom dual exhaust can sometimes provide no beneficial aspects to the car and is mostly for looks. However, How Stuff Works tells us that some dual exhausts may make certain sports cars faster. Either way, they look great on a car, and old car guys can put them on their old school cars.

9 Drifting

via en.wikipedia.org

Drifting was made popular by the racing community in Japan in the 2000s, though it had existed before. Old car guys know all about fishtails and donuts but drifting is a trend created by the youngins. Drifting is a style of racing where a car skids throughout the track to better enhance turning and performance. It sounds simple, but there is much more that goes into drifting. Drift Work reports that drifters use all aspects of the vehicle while drifting such as throttle, clutch, brakes, gear shifting, and steering. Drifting was first done in the late 1970s but was made popular by the youngins.

8 Usage-Based Insurance

via firstbaldwininsurance.com

Back in the day, old car guys used to have to buy insurance for a one-rate price. No matter how much they drove, they would have to pay the same price. Today, these youngins have invented usage-based insurance. Usage-based insurance allows drivers to pay for the amount they drive. The less they drive, the less they pay. According to Deloitte, the feat is accomplished by insurance companies tracking vehicles to see the amount a driver may drive. Usage-based insurance may be the future of auto insurance and will allow millions of drivers to pay the correct rate for their auto insurance.

7 ADAS Systems

via jabil.com

Technological advances in auto engineering is a youngin's game and the old car guys can learn a lot from them. ADAS systems are the future of automobiles. ADAS systems help drivers in the driving process by increasing car safety. This is done by a system that alerts a driver when danger is in their midst. This allows drivers to make the right decisions when an issue may appear on the road. Mobile Eye states that ADAS systems function in a passive and active process, correctly determining which warning is allowed for a given situation. ADAS systems are the future of driving safety.

6 Tinted Windows

via snappytint.com

When old car guys tried to be incognito in their cars, they used to cover their windshield with a sun-blocker. These days, youngins apply window tints to their car. Window tints are dark films that make it impossible to see into a car. However, tints come in different shades, with some being darker than others. It is important to remember that window tints are not legal in all states. CNET says to check with your local and state laws to see what shade is allowed. Additionally, see which windows are allowed to be tinted because some states do not allow front window tints.

5 Forget: Ads on Cars

via commons.wikimedia.org

Youngins may have invented many great car trends, but there are some that should be easily forgotten. Nowadays, youngins drive around with ads on their cars, earning about $500-700 a month. There are a few reasons why this is ridiculous. For one, your car will never look nice again. Lastly, if you want to go on a date, you will definitely look unappealing. There may one real good reason why this is a bad idea. Consumer Affairs reports that ads on cars is an “old form of fraud." Most ads on cars deals are scams and rarely lead to a monthly payment.

4 Forget: High Wings

via total911.com

Youngins and their car trends have served the car community well. However, one of those trends that should be forgotten is the high wing. The high wing is beyond obnoxious, and provides no benefical aerodynamic stability to a vehicle. It is purely for show and a bad show at that. Road and Track adds that some of these wings can even make a car handle worse. This pushes the limits of rationality because the high wing both makes the car looks ridiculous and lowers performance, making this an incredibly forgettable trend done by the youngins for the old car guys to chime in on.

3 Forget: Spinners

via youtube.com

Large rims are acceptable but youngins pushed them to an obviously unbearable level when they invented spinners. Spinners are rims that keep spinning once the car stops. Spinners, also called Sprewells, were made famous by former basketball play Latrell Sprewell. According to Reference, the original spinner was invented by David Fowlkes Jr. as part of a college project. He should have picked a different college project because the spinner trend set off a series of obnoxious people who would rub their spinning rims in everyone's faces. The public reacted with disgusted toward the new trend and the trend faded away.

2 Forget: Playing Chicken

via roadarch.com

Perhaps the most dangerous car trend started by the youngins (which the old car guys should not follow) is the game of chicken. The game of chicken is when two cars drive towards each other at full speed and whoever pulls aside is the chicken. A truly despicable display of teenage mentality can lead to bad influences being spread in movies. CT Post reports a real life story of chicken in which two cars crashed head-on. The catch here is that there was no chicken, just two cars destroyed beyond recognition and two possibly severely injured individuals.

1 Forget: Obnoxious Car Stickers

via amazon.com

Bumper stickers were an old car guy’s game. However, youngins have ruined the trend of stickers on cars by introducing some of the worst stickers of all time. One of these is the Calvin sticker. The Calvin sticker shows a young man performing unspeakable acts on a rival car. For example, a Ford driver has Calvin doing it to a Chevy symbol. Another horrible trend is a Michael Jordan sticker on the back windshield of a truck which makes it impossible for drivers to see behind them. In-Depth Outdoors states that officers might look the other way but technically, these back window stickers are against the law.

Sources: Washingtonpost, Forbes, Carid, Autotrader, Autonews

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