20 Things Supercar Owners Do That The Rest Of Us Can't Stand

Owning a supercar is one of the greatest things in the world, yet it's something only an incredibly small percentage of people get to do, with most people's experiences of the incredible vehicles coming through TV or movies.

Every once in a while though, a supercar is spotted on the road. While most of the time everyone else is in awe of what they are witnessing, there are times when people must stop and question what's happening out of something annoying another driver is doing.

The truth is, even though they might own some of the best cars in the world, supercar drivers can be just as frustrating as everyone else. They break simple rules of the road, and in turn, make other drivers incredibly annoyed.

These issues, whether small or major, are often intensified in the eyes of everyone else due to jealousy, with people seeing them in a car they would like to drive, making them even more angry at whatever it is they're doing wrong.

While every driver inevitably makes mistakes, it seems that supercar owners believe they are in a law of their own at times, simply due to the car they're driving; this often rubs other people the wrong way.

With this list we're going to take a look at covers 20 things supercar owners do that the rest of us simply can't stand, from huge mistakes on the road to small unwritten rules they seem unable—or unwilling—to follow.

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20 Weaving Through Traffic

Photo: carthrottle.com

One poor habit that people who drive supercars tend to have is weaving in and out of traffic on more congested roads in order to get to their final destination as soon as possible, despite the traffic.

When someone buys a supercar, they want to be able to drive around at top speeds. That's normally the main reason for the purchase, but bobbing in and out of traffic simply because the car is fast enough to do so only annoys other drivers.

Mainly, this is because the other drivers can't do the same since their cars aren't fast enough to weave in between traffic. Plus, it makes things tougher on the road for other drivers, increasing the chances of an accident occurring.

19 Poor Parking

Photo: richmondfreepress.co.uk

Poor parking is an annoying situation no matter if it's an old banger or a brand new supercar. When the situation becomes the latter, it can be more frustrating simply due to how jealous people become over the car in question.

Supercar owners tend to be, rightfully, very protective of their vehicles, which makes sense considering how much they're worth. When they starting taking up two, or even three spaces though, in order to protect their vehicle, it can get on other's nerves.

It might make sense in the owner's mind, avoiding any possibility of a scratch from taking place, when really, all it does is frustrate other people, making life more difficult for them simply because the owner thinks they're more important.

18 Failing To Thank Other Drivers

Photo: YouTube.com

Is there anything more frustrating than allowing another car to move in during traffic only to have them neglect to thank you for doing so? It doesn't matter what car is involved, it's incredibly rude and bad mannered.

However, when the car is a supercar and the owner is clearly someone who's wealthy and may even hold a prominent job, it becomes even more annoying for the other driver involved. They don't feel as lucky as the supercar owner.

While it isn't technically breaking any form of official rules of the highway code, it's something drivers are often taught to do during their lessons and is one of the unwritten laws of the road that motorists should always obey.

17 Not Turning On Red (When Allowed)

Photo: 1zoom.net

This is a problem that only certain countries have to deal with, as many do not allow turns on red lights in any circumstances. However, in some countries, turning on red lights is allowed in certain situations, but that doesn't always mean the driver does it.

Of course, some drivers might be tourists and not fully understand that turning on a red light can be allowed on some occasions. When that isn't the case though, and a car simply sits there holding up everyone else for no reason, it can be very annoying.

People don't like sitting and waiting when there is no reason for them to do so, especially when they're sitting still in a major supercar, which one would expect to traditionally try to get around as fast as possible.

16 Flirting From The Driver's Seat

Photo: Your Tango

Is there anything more cringe-inducing than seeing a driver try to chat someone up while sitting in the driver's seat of their car? Whether it's someone sitting in traffic or while they're pulled over having a chat, it just looks very annoying.

This is something that can be quite common with those who own supercars, mainly because they believe that people will be more interested in talking to them since they're in posh cars.

However, in reality, everyone else is just sitting there looking at them like they're a jerk, with nobody thinking they look cool, despite how great the car might seem.

15 Tailgating

Photo: english.alarabiya.net

Is there anything more frustrating than when a car drives as close as possible behind you? It constantly puts you on edge while driving and seriously increases the risk of an accident if a problem arises ahead.

This is even more annoying when the car doing it happens to be a supercar, which has the power and speed to simply overtake cars without worry or concern. If supercar drivers become bothered by the speed of cars in front of them, they should just go around.

Whether it's a result of the driver's ego, trying to bully the other driver out of the way because they have a flashy car or simply poor driving ability isn’t clear, but it's a very annoying habit.

14 Driving Slowly

Photo: YouTube.com

It seems incredibly redundant for someone driving a supercar to drive slowly, but the fact is it's sometimes the case. More often than not, supercar owners speed around too fast, but on the rare occasion, some of them can drive far too slow.

It makes absolutely no sense to own a supercar and not use the car to its maximum ability (within the law). After all, the whole purpose of the vehicles is the speed at which they can drive and the power they have at their fingertips.

When someone is stuck behind a car driving slowly, it's frustrating enough. Yet when that car happens to be a supercar that should be going much faster, it becomes even more annoying.

13 Partying In The Car

Photo: autoTrader.ca

One of the annoying things supercar owners do is to have parties in and around their cars, mainly as a way of bragging and showing off the fact that they own such an expensive and impressive vehicle.

Supercars were not invented and made for people to drink in, however, nor is for driving around as a venue for partying fun. They were made for incredible speeds and for driving around on some of the best roads in the world.

Sadly, many owners of supercars choose to do this, wasting a great car for activities that's more suited to take place in nightclubs and bars, not in the best cars ever made.

12 Blasting Music

Photo: YouTube.com

In a similar situation to when people are partying in and around their supercars, those who simply park their car up somewhere and blast out music (usually terrible music) are equally as annoying and frustrating.

It's always done as an attention ploy in order to make people look at them and try to become jealous due to the fact they have incredible cars. Major supercars though are not made for this reason.

Seeing a supercar in real life, for the average person, is very rare, and when the moment comes, most would rather see them driving around on the road. That's what they were made to do, not simply exist as an expensive radio.

11 Speeding Up When Others Try Overtake

Photo: The Telegram

Some drivers decide to go too slow, as we just mentioned. When that happens, other people on the road become frustrated. With everyone rushing around, people have their own places to be as they get from point A to point B as soon as possible nowadays.

Despite the fact that they might be in a car capable of much less, people still try to overtake a supercar if they're going too slowly—which they're well within their rights to do. One trait, however, that supercars owners tend to have is that they stop that from happening.

They do this by speeding up when another car attempts to overtake them, not wanting to be shown up by a car that's deemed not as good, refusing to be embarrassed and instead causing issues on the road.

10 Applying Makeup While Driving

Photo: Al Arabiya

It's crucial that drivers focus on what's happening on the road at all times. Some drivers, however, decide simply not to do that, opting to do anything else instead, no matter how dangerous it might be.

One thing that some drivers decide is safe and normal to do is apply makeup in the car. They use the car's mirrors as if they're at home in their bedroom. This can range from just a quick bit of lipstick to the full ordeal, but either way, that isn't what cars are intended for.

Especially supercars, there is nothing worse than seeing someone sitting behind the wheel of a powerful car, yet decide to waste it by getting glammed up for an upcoming night out.

9 Not Signalling

Photo: wikipedia.org

Supercar owners seem to think that the basic rules simply don't apply to them for some reason. Many simple things drivers must do on the road become forgotten about for supercar owners.

One of those things is simply signalling before turning or pulling over. By not informing the cars behind and in front of their decision to make a move, it can put other cars in danger.

It's important for drivers to alert everyone when they're set to turn on the road, so failing to signal can be a major mistake and is something that supercar owners often forget about.

8 Pulling Out In Front Of Someone

via Gaskings

Another dangerous thing that many supercar owners seem to do is pulling out in front of others, often at the last minute. This issue can cause serious crashes if everyone involved isn't incredibly quick to react and lucky.

For some reason, just because their cars can accelerate at incredible speeds, the drivers of supercars seem to think they can quickly nip out in front of another car and there will be no issues or ramifications because of the cars speed.

However, when it comes to pulling out, this situation normally occurs at the very last minute, meaning that the other driver doesn't have much time to react, putting everyone at risk, for no real reason.

7 Littering

Photo: The Sun

Another very annoying thing that supercar owners do is litter. This is a bad habit that, sadly, many drivers pick up, with people happily tossing various bits of trash out of their cars and onto the road.

While it's understandable that people do not want their cars to become a mess inside, especially if you own an incredible supercar, that doesn't excuse anyone from throwing trash items out of their window and onto the ground.

Not only is it terrible for the environment, but depending on the item. it could potentially become a hazard on the road. However, the main reason it annoys people is simply that it's lazy.

6 Sitting On A Green Light

Photo: Mclaren

Earlier on in this list, one of the examples was drivers not going on red lights (when allowed). However, one thing that's even more annoying is when drivers sit and do nothing on green lights.

While you can possibly make an excuse for drivers not going on red lights, there's no reason for sitting on a green light. It frustrates everyone else on the road when the person sits waiting and can cause issues for everyone involved.

Whether it's due to the driver daydreaming or focusing on something else, there's no reason to sit at a green light. When that happens, the rest of the people on the road are left feeling very annoyed, especially if that person is driving an incredible supercar, which should be getting about the roads much faster.

5 Talking On Phones

Photo: Lowyat.com

This is an incredibly dangerous trait that, sadly, many drivers have. It's something that's a problem with drivers of any car and not just supercars. With the driver's focus being on their phone conversation and not on the road, the chances of an accident occurring are significantly higher when the driver is on their phone.

However, it becomes an even riskier situation when someone drives an incredibly fast and powerful car that can pick up speeds many people don't even think about, which is why it becomes even more of a problem.

One crash is enough to totally write off a supercar and talking on phones is distracting enough that the drivers are no longer in control. Whether it's texting, phone calls or social media, it isn't something that should ever be done.

4 Wrecking Them

Photo: Carbuzz.com

As mentioned above, because of the speed and lightweight nature of most supercars, it doesn't take much contact for them to become seriously damaged, with drivers finding it difficult to stop them once any form of collision takes place.

Very few people actually get to be lucky enough to own a supercar in their lifetime and therefore many people are jealous of those who get to own a supercar, which is why it frustrates and annoys people to see careless drivers wreck them.

Of course, a car wreckage is never a good thing and is something that nobody wants to see. If the situation is created due to poor driving on the supercar owner's behalf, however, then it's very annoying to see an incredible machine be destroyed.

3 Honking At The Public

Photo: drivingclub.com

This is something that's incredibly annoying, especially to the people who have the displeasure of being honked at, despite the fact they're supposed to be the lucky ones (at least in the view of the driver).

For some reason, people driving flashy cars seem to think the world loves them just because of the car they're driving. They instantly think that honking at people—who are usually attractive—on the streets is an acceptable thing to do.

The owners tend to think that the public will be pleased to be honked at, yet in reality, it's incredibly rude and disrespectful, no matter how expensive or impressive the car you're driving might be.

2 Dangerous Overtaking

Photo: Jalopnik

Supercars are fast, that much is known. Due to how fast the cars are, the owners of them like to drive them at top speeds. This makes sense, but when it comes to driving safely at high speeds, that doesn't always happen.

Every driver overtakes, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes it's necessary, but it's a move that has to be thought about very carefully, as one wrong move during an overtake can lead to a grave circumstance.

Owners of supercars often tend to elevate overtaking to a dangerous level as they believe they can get past any car, no matter the distance, which means they often decide to do risky moves that can lead to problems on the road.

1 Breaking The Speed Limit

Photo: The Independent

Okay, we get it, you have an incredibly fast supercar and can zoom off within mere seconds while the rest of us trudge along. Driving in the dust, our cars slowly pick up speed, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to respect the rules of the law.

Speed limits are in place for a reason and they're there for everybody, regardless of what car you're driving. That includes people who drive supercars. Despite how quick the car goes, if there's a speed limit, you have to drive at that speed for the safety of others.

More often than not, supercar drivers tend to ignore any signposts about the speed limit, taking the law into their own hands simply because their car can go much faster and they feel frustrated at driving it slowly.

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