30 Things That General Motors Employees Aren't Allowed To Do At Work

When it comes to large automotive conglomerates, General Motors is about as big as you can get, and the company will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. It used to be that General Motors was one of the most highly sought after employers in the nation, because even a person with a mediocre education could get a job at one of the GM factories and receive on-the-job training, which would result in a relatively high paying job for this income bracket. Although the company has been downsizing factories in recent years and even announced the planned exit of the passenger car market, the company continues to remain a very viable employer for many people who want to work long term and build up a pension.

General Motors employees are a lot different than a good deal of other sectors in the automotive industry and that's because they're regulated by the UAW (United Auto Workers) Union. This means that there are a lot of things that General Motors employees are not allowed to do, and this is part of the drawback of working for the company as well. Still, there are also many benefits to working for the large company as well such as the employee pricing plus and other long term benefits employees receive. Truly, there are benefits to working for one of the largest automakers in the world and there are also drawbacks as well. We're going to look at all the positives and negatives.

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30 Take Photos Inside Of GM Headquarters Without Permission

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For years, GM has been very secretive when it comes to their day to day operations, especially when it comes to the internals of their headquarters. So, naturally, the automaker is increasingly secretive when it comes to the taking of photos inside of their company. No employee is permitted to take photos inside of the building, and especially not when it comes to the secret projects such as future and concept cars that are meant to be going to certain automotive shows and trade publications. (Indeed)

29 Take Photos Of The Production Line Without Permission

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The same photographic rules are in place for the GM factory as well, where employees are strictly prohibited from taking photographs inside of the operation for any reason. This is for company privacy as well as employee safety in the long run, as they need the factories to run as smooth and accident-free as possible to keep up with the smooth production. The UAW also monitors a lot when it comes to what is going on in the factories and what certain employees can and can’t do. (Indeed)

28 Talk About The Company Pay Rates Without Permission

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Nothing is worse than that one employee who boasts about their pay all the time, and this has become a problem in more places than just GM. The company is very strict on employees speaking about their pay rates, even with fellow employees because this can hurt morale and cause workplace friction. There have been employees who have been reprimanded for publicly complaining about their pay, and or talking badly about certain people in management who might have caused issues. (Indeed)

27 Talk Negatively On Social Media About The Company

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There is a common myth that everyone who works at GM drives a GM branded car, and while the discount is great for employees there are still many members of the company who do not prefer to drive GM vehicles. In fact, many of the people who work at the GM factories are die-hard Ford and Chrysler drivers but they were only able to get a job at GM. The company wants employees to refrain from speaking negatively about the companies products, even on automotive enthusiast forums. (Indeed)

26 Bring Visitors To The Factory Without Permission

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When you work at GM through the UAW, it's a pretty intensive affair, and the company is very specific about their employment policies and how they want them followed. Nevertheless, the company doesn't encourage employees to bring people to work and allow them to loiter around the premises. In fact, this is a quick way to get fired on the spot. The factories especially are very dangerous, especially for someone who has not been trained to operate the heavy machinery and such. (Indeed)

25 Buy a GM Car On An Employee Discount And Selling The Vehicle

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There are opportunists around every corner, and when it comes to the automotive industry it's no different. The GM employee discount is a great deal in a couple of different aspects that make it noteworthy to consumers. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can buy a GM branded car on a discount, then turn around and sell it. The company is strictly against this practice and prohibits it, thus you must hang onto your new GM car for at least a year before turning around and selling or trading it in. (Motor Trend)

24 Pose In Front Of Interior Parts Of GM Headquarters For Social Media

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Again, when it comes to internal photography, the company is very strict when it comes to using a camera inside of the premises. This is just one of the things that will get you banned from a GM facility relatively quickly and could cost you a job. Even something as simple and mundane as a selfie with a co-worker that was taken in the wrong area could result in trouble if it's posted to social media, and GM does this to protect the quality of the plants as well as for the safety of the workers. (Indeed)

23 Take Leftover Auto-Parts Home From The Factory

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Working in an automotive factory is always going to be a way for employees to take parts home that they shouldn’t, whether it's to sell for a quick profit or to borrow. This is one of the more strict rules that GM has put into place in their factory level employees, and this is to protect the consumers and the employees at the same time. Nothing is worse than purchasing an inferior part, or a part that was meant for recycling and might not be safe to use. This is just one of the many reasons for this strict set of rules. (Indeed)

22 Post About Inner-Workings Of The Company On Indeed

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The popular consumer job posting web site has become a source of contention for many large companies as angry employees will get on there and post just about anything negative about a company, and many can do so by using an anonymous identity. The company greatly frowns upon this type of action and in the long run, it can be detrimental to the overall operation of the company, which is why many major companies have begun to observe what is going on with their indeed profiles. (Indeed)

21 Work Outside Of The UAW

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There's no denying the power that a union has, especially the UAW, which has been regulating the automotive industry for years now. The UAW controls every aspect of working on GM, and when it comes to the general work aesthetic there are certain rules that employees must follow. The first of which is performing work outside of the UAW, even side work is prohibited for the most part and an employee can get in serious trouble. The same goes for not following through with a Union oriented strike, which is meant to boost morale. (Indeed)

20 Leak Photos Of Pre-Production Vehicles

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With the advent of popular social media platforms, such as Instagram and Tumblr, it can be all too common for younger employees to snap photos of themselves at work and during new projects that are in development. This is a huge no-no though. One of the biggest rules when it comes to working at General Motors is the prohibition of taking photos while on a project, especially if you are part of a certain developmental team who might be working on something significant such as a new concept car or the next generation of a popular model such as the Silverado. (Indeed)

19 Leak Photos Of Concept Vehicles Before An Auto Show

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The same strict rules come to leaking a photo before a major auto show unveiling as well, this can not only be a major way to get fired but to also get blackballed from the entire industry. One of the most important aspects of the automotive industry and the automotive press publications, in general, are the automotive trade shows which follow around the country and reveal the next generations of new vehicles that are going to be hitting the market. Thus, leaking even the smallest picture to the press can be detrimental to the entire show. (AP)

18 Leak Information From Internal Meetings

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Since GM is split up between so many different brands and departments, there's a lot that goes into each and every team meeting. There are good deals of important information that is shared within the company and between employees, and this has made an important focus on keeping information within the team. GM is very strict when it comes to leaking information from its internal meetings, and this will carry on for much of the foreseeable future as well with the brand going forward into the next decade. (AP)

17 Talk With The Press About UAW Happenings

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GM and the UAW are very much against employees speaking to the public about UAW happenings without first consulting the company, and this is for a variety of reasons many of which include developments within the union. The UAW will reprimand employees of the GM brands who speak to the press without first getting the proper written consent of the UAW union representative first. This is to protect the union and the company in general from the negative press that it can receive from poor employee relations. (AP)

16 Give Away Unauthorized Discounts

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During the economic recession of 2008, GM introduced a new program to bolster sales and this was the GM Employee Pricing Plus program. This was intended to give consumers the same discount that a traditional GM employee would receive around the year, and this helped sales so well that GM decided to bring it back year after year. However, GM employees are strictly prohibited from giving away exclusive discounts and other perks to friends and family without express permission and this is to protect the integrity of sales. (Indeed)

15 Lead Customers To Believe They're Going To Receive A Better Discount

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Let's face it, sales is a dirty game. GM is strict about prohibited predatory sales practices though when it comes to giving consumers false information, even by way of advertisement. In fact, this is most true when it comes down to the dealership level, with many lesser known dealerships becoming defunct during the recession due to lackluster sales and negative consumer press when it came to predatory sales and repair practices. The company has come a long way when it comes to honoring warranty parts, as well as providing a much more satisfactory sales experience to consumers. (Indeed)

14 Mislead Dealership Lending Practices With GMAC

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In addition to protecting consumers from the pitfalls of predatory sales techniques, the company has also worked to innovate its financial sector as well. GMAC is strict about letting employees use predatory lending practices and lie to consumers when it comes to financing new vehicles from various GM brands. The company is very strict when it comes to determining the lending practices that it wants the employees to follow, and this is only going to get more detailed as time goes on. (Indeed)

13 Unfairly Price Gouge Hot Selling Models Such As The Camaro

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When the next generation Camaro hit the market in 2010, dealerships were swamped with excited consumers who wanted to purchase the new retro-themed vehicle, and there were quite a few dealerships that got in trouble for price gouging. GM has created stricter rules for dealerships who are caught price gouging and the company has made great strides to offer dealers more incentives to sell their vehicles. Still, there will always be greedy salesmen who will get caught in the act. (Indeed)

12 Lie To Local Press About Dealership Sales

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GM is more secretive when it comes to keeping information from the press, and the company doesn’t like it when salesmen speak to the press about what might be going on with the company. This is also true when it comes to inflating the dealership sales as well as certain promotions that might be happening to get people into the dealership lots. The local press is generally the first to cover certain issues so it's only natural that the company might want to keep issues from coming to the light. (AP)

11 Work In The Production Line Without Proper Certification

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There's no doubt that getting a GM factory job can be a good thing, especially in areas where the economic picture is not too good. But, there are also some drawbacks such as people trying to compete for jobs who might not otherwise be qualified. This has happened more than once and GM has implemented many measures to make sure that employees are actually qualified to operate the equipment which makes up the factories. This is one of the most important aspects of becoming a GM factory worker. (Indeed)

10 Cheat On A GM Warranty

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Obviously working at a GM factory is a great way to learn the ins and outs of every model, especially the ones that you are responsible for putting together. Learning tricks like switching the odometer might seem appealing but GM is hip to these tactics and will act accordingly. Employees are scrutinized much harder when it comes to the various warranty plans and this is to stop any type of fraud that might be going on or about to go on. This is just one of the ways that GM prevents damage control on their vehicles. (Motor Trend)

9 Take Advantage Of Employee Perks For Personal Gain

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We're going to say it again that, when it comes to the perks of working for GM, the company is very strict about not being played. This means no abusing the Employee Discount system and other benefits that might come from working at a certain production plant. The GM corporate structure is very hip to this practice, and there have been various blocks put into place to stop employees from abusing this system. If GM employees want to hang on to their jobs, they have to think twice about doing anything that would upset their employer. (Indeed)

8 Badger Fellow Employees

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Even in light of the recent allegations in the media, GM has long been a proponent of employee relations and the company prides itself on the ethical treatment of its employees. GM strives to also be a safe workplace when it comes to women, and many of the people in high positions at GM have been women. The company will continue to make strides in this department into the future, with positive marks for employment placement and relations when it comes to discrimination. (Indeed)

7 Use A Superior Title To Unfairly One-Up A Fellow Employee

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Becoming a manager at one of the GM plants is not necessarily a one up against other employees, and the company looks down upon actions like this. Especially when it comes to employees who might take advantage of a promotion to make their schedule to their own liking and put the employees under them last when it comes to deciding a schedule. This is just one of the many ways that a newly promoted employee can treat their counterparts in a bad manner when compared to how GM wants this handled. (Indeed)

6 Use The Company's Networks For Fraudulent Activity

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This should come without question as most companies are starting to monitor the activity that goes on in their data networks, and GM is no exception. The company has a no holds barred policy when it comes to their corporate internet connections. For example, employees are prohibited from downloading torrents and other non-kosher content into the network. GM has been very strict about keeping their company out of the spotlight from data breaches, and it is no wonder that the company continues to do well. (Indeed)

5 Unfairly Place High-Demand Vehicles In A Preferred Dealer

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GM has long been a proponent of dealerships pricing faulty sales methods, and the company will continue to be a vocal proponent for some time. The reason for this is the fact that the company has worked to achieve an overall matching price structure, and thus the company tries to prevent certain dealerships from hogging inventory of a hot model such as the new Camaro or a brand new model that needs to be pre-ordered. This means that if a dealership is caught hoarding a certain make the operation will be in trouble with corporate. (Indeed)

4 Offer The Employee Discount To Non-Employees

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The same thing goes for internal selling, offering discounts to friends and people that you know on a personal level. No one should be able to get the employee pricing except for an actual employee of General Motors unless the promotion is going, so naturally, the company has been working to change this. Whether it's by doing a more thorough check of the person who is buying the car, or just by regulating the employee pricing plus program, the company is making great strides to prevent this problem. (Indeed)

3 Release Company Bonus Information

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GM is very secretive when it comes to company bonus information, and the company works hard to keep each individual's bonus secret to that employee. This is done to prevent friction between the employees. It's also meant to stop the company from looking poorly in the press from various news outlets that might report the company is giving away unfair bonuses to certain employees who are favorited. Image is important for GM, who has to maintain a positive face for the public if they want to avoid scrutiny. (Indeed)

2 Release Company Sales Numbers To The Public

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The same goes for releasing company sales information without permission; it's downright prohibited for any employee to do this. Not only is it detrimental to employee morale, but it also could be a catastrophe to the company stock price as well. There have been many different sites, such as Wikileaks, that leak this information out. Many times it can be one of the most damaging events a company can go through, especially if the numbers look downright bad for a quarter. (Indeed)

1 Release Company Memos To The Public

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Another thing that GM is very strict about is releasing company memos out into the public no matter where the document might come from. When the company has their famous management meetings, most of this information is meant to stay between the managers in the company who run hundreds of different departments. Releasing this information about how the company operates can be a tricky piece of business and land certain employees in hot water, to say the least. (Indeed)

Sources: Motor Trend, Indeed

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