20 Things That Honda Employees Aren't Allowed To Do While Working

When it comes to the notoriety of being one of the most well-known automakers in the world, Honda is among the most visible when we think of influential cars. Just the Civic alone is one of the most popular vehicles in the world, taking Honda from an obscure heavy equipment manufacturer to one of the most progressive and successful automotive companies around. Honda is known for its precision build quality, as well as the ability to offer a product that is known for its reliability and one of a kind design. Honda has come a long way in terms of design and their products have continued to evolve over the last few decades from simply being economical value oriented vehicles, to some of the most advanced products in the automotive industry.

Honda is a company that has pioneered everything from the modern day hybrid vehicle to the compact SUV when the company released the original CR-V. In more recent years, Honda has also made advances in the supercar market with the Acura NSX, becoming one of the most iconic sports cars to ever hit the road. Honda has pioneered the foreign luxury car business with their Acura brand, offering a one of a kind combination of luxury and comfort that many vehicles cannot even fathom. This is just one of the many benefits to the luxury brand, and the company will continue to be one of the top performing automakers in the world thanks to superior value and quality that has become a hallmark for the company.

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20 Take Selfies Inside Of The Factory

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Just because Honda isn’t run by the union doesn’t mean that there are no rules when it comes to working there. One of the most important rules to follow is keeping the smartphone off of the production floor. The company is very strict about selfies being taken on the production floor, and this can become quite a problem if there is important information and/or a dangerous working portion that the company doesn’t want to be leaked out. Plus, if you are operating heavy machinery, you don’t want this to happen anyway; the results could not be very pleasant. (Indeed)

19 Operate A Machine Without The Proper Certification

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Not being regulated by a union, the Honda production factory is a little different than a GM factory. When it comes to obtaining a job there, it's important to make sure that you are getting the proper certifications. The company is very strict on employees being able to adapt to the strict quality standards that go into every new Honda, and when it comes to the production of the vehicles the company has certain machines in place. Honda has been revered for their advanced production facilities, so naturally, it's important to know how to operate the machinery in a proper manner. (Indeed)

18 Take Leftover Parts From The Work Floor

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The same thing goes for Honda that you would come across at any other automotive manufacturer when it comes to taking items off of the production floor. Workers have done this all the time at automotive factories, many times to get mementos or pieces of history. However, Honda strictly forbids this and any type of salvaging from the factory as it can be detrimental to the safety of the workers as well as a shrink problem when it comes to the inventory that the factory has for each vehicle, and this is how the company has managed to keep employee morale up and healthy. (Indeed)

17 Give Unauthorized Discounts To Customers

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When it comes to Honda salesmen, the company doesn’t offer an employee discount program to customers like GM and Ford have been doing. That's partly because Honda has no problem keeping up with demand for their vehicles. However, the company is very strict on employees offering unauthorized discounts to consumers who have no relationship with the company and really have no business getting such a deep discount on a new car. This is a quick way to get fired from the company and get a bad name in the car sales business which has happened to quit a few car dealerships. (Indeed)

16 Price Gouge New Models Such As The Passport

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It's no mystery that many times a car dealership will mark-up the prices of vehicles that are in hot demand, such as the new Honda Passport. However, this is a quick way to get on bad terms with Honda corporate—and quick. Honda is pretty straight forward when it comes to pricing their vehicles and keeping a one of a kind pricing structure, which has made Honda a household name for having affordable pricing and reliable vehicles that will last for a good deal of time, and this is what has made Honda vehicles such a high mark for quality (Indeed)

15 Try To Control Inventory Of Hot Models Such As The SI

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There have been more than a few notable Honda dealerships that have tried to hold onto inventory such as the hot-selling Honda Civic SI, and this is a problem that Honda has tried to prevent as it can cause the pricing of hot-selling vehicles to fluctuate. This is a practice that prevents other dealerships in the Honda network from hogging inventory that would otherwise be ordered on the official Honda website once the customer chooses certain options and paint to build the specific car that they wanted, and this has helped to bolster sales over the past few decades. (Indeed)

14 Offer Employee Benefits To A Customer To Make A Sale

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Honda is also against employees using a carrot and stick method to sell vehicles, and this is one way employees could offer the employee discount to customers. Yet, in the long run, the company is against customers receiving the employee only discount. Nevertheless, there have been employees that would try and do this, and this is something that the company is against for multiple reasons including the fact that the company is pretty straightforward when it comes to pricing. Honda has built itself on a straightforward sales force, and quality products which are known for reliability and value. (Motor Trend)

13 Share Management Information

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Managers of the Honda Motor Company are very specific when it comes to releasing information to the public, and the company is very strict about keeping developments private and within the company. The management of the company is trained to keep a leash on information, and this brings an issue to many employees who are using social media and tend to post to their accounts. Honda does not want this information being released to the public and this is for the sake of the company. Honda is very straightforward with its managers about the privacy policy, and this has helped the company tremendously. (Motor Trend)

12 Post Negative Thoughts To Social Media About Honda

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With the advent of social media accounts and the new age of the Internet in general, more companies are monitoring what employees post about the company. The company is constantly monitoring certain accounts to see what kind of press is being said about the company, and if an employee is talking negatively about another employee or the employer there will be negative repercussions. The company does this to protect the image, as well as make sure that the current employees are being respectful. This culture of respect and company values has helped Honda to grow into the organization that it is today. (Indeed)

11 Take Certain Artifacts From The Honda Museum

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When it comes to the legendary Honda Museum, there is just about every rare Honda that has ever hit the market, and this was the one thing that the company manages to keep improving. However,, the company also has a high-security presence at the Museum because there are so many rare cars and artifacts, which have been responsible for building the brand over the last few decades. It's not uncommon for employees of an automotive company to try and take certain artifacts for their own garages, but this is a big no-no at Honda and Acura car dealerships altogether. (Indeed)

10 Sell Insider Information On Honda Stock

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One of the most detrimental things that anyone can do when it comes to a large company is releasing insider stock information, and this is why Honda is so strict about employees releasing viable company information to the public. This is also the case when it comes to the company stock, as the company is very protective of keeping the information private and only releasing it at the shareholder meetings or investor relations. Still, there are always going to be employees that try to manipulate the stock, this is what has made some of the biggest companies in the world fall. (Indeed)

9 Release Photos Of A Developmental Model

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One of the things that Honda is very particular about is one of a kind concept cars that the company releases to specific automotive shows. Like with any automaker the company is very secretive when it comes to releasing information about their future models, and this has prevented the company from experiencing any major types of leakage. Honda is working on developing all kinds of different cars, and this technology is becoming more and more major which is why the company is protective. Honda is looking to become one of the pioneering companies when it comes to technology and reliability. (Motor Trend)

8 Release Photos Of A Developmental Concept

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The same thing goes for concept cars as well, the company is very specific about releasing them to the public because it can damage the company as well as the company stock price. Honda develops a new concept car for different automotive shows every few years, and many of the fuel cell concepts have been very popular. This one of a kind developmental aspect of the company is something that Honda really keeps private, and many of the major automotive publications really look forward to the Honda concepts. Honda has managed to increase their presence in the automotive show circuit, as well as designing quality products. (Motor Trend)

7 Release Salary Information To Another Worker

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As with any other major company when it comes to employees discussing their salary, this is something that the companies want to prevent as much as possible, and Honda is no different. The company is strict on this policy to protect employees and because this can cause friction in the workplace if there are differences in between employees, and this is something that the company has been pretty good at protecting for some time now. This is something that most companies want to keep under wraps, which also protects the company from unwanted lawsuits and inquiries that might damage it. (Indeed)

6 Cause A Conflict In The Production Factory

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Similar to how the company wants to prevent conflict between employees, the company also wants to keep the production factory running smooth. When it comes to the production of the company Honda is very strict about the factory and what makes it run smooth, and employee relations are among the top of the list for the company. There should be no conflicts inside of the production factory, and naturally, the company has worked very hard to maintain this kind of workplace lifestyle. Honda has worked hard to create this one of a kind environment that still stands strong to this day. (Indeed)

5 Use Predatory Sales Practices On Vulnerable Consumers

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Honda is also well known for their transparent sales practices, and the company has worked hard to build this up over the past few years. The use of predatory sales on vulnerable consumers is outright banned at Honda, and the company continues to build on its friendly reputation for no-haggle pricing and the kind of cars that keep consumers coming back for more and more with every passing vehicle generation. Honda has built on its reputation and done most of the things that other car companies have done wrong, right. The transparent sales processes have helped the company to continue growing into the 21st century. (Indeed)

4 Taking Selfies In-Front Of Consumers

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Honda is very strict about its sales force maintaining an utmost and professional manner, and this is especially true when it comes to the test driving experience. Honda has built on the fantastic test drive experience that it offers its customers, which is far beyond what you would come to expect out of a car company. Honda requires its sales force to be professional, as well as fully knowledgeable on every aspect of what the car has to offer and what it can do while the vehicle is in motion, and this has made Honda some serious salesmen. (Motor Trend)

3 Test Drive The Vehicles In A Careless Manner

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Honda is also very strict about employees trashing the merchandise, and the company works hard to make sure that the test drive vehicles are driven with respect. This is the case especially with fun to drive cars like the Honda SI, which can be tempting to take out on the road and open up. However, in reality, the company needs its employees to retain the high standards that Honda is known for, and this includes presenting a calming and well-driving car to consumers so that they can see what the company is all about, thus improving the reputation of the company and its salesmen. (Motor Trend)

2 Work In A Union

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Perhaps the most notable thing that separates the Honda brand from the domestic automakers is the fact that the company is not regulated by the automotive union. This means that Honda controls how their company treats employees and how the company grows, whereas the domestic automakers have to rely on the UAW to make decisions when it comes to what happens with their employees and the various plants that the company is responsible for operating around the country in all facets of design and production. The lack of union involvement in the Honda Corporation has helped the company to grow and prosper. (Indeed)

1 Share Design And Trade Secrets

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Honda is big when it comes to research and development, and the company is constantly trying to improve on their products. With this being said, it's pretty much one of the worst offenses that you can do to release Honda design information into the public, especially on a future product that the company is working on. Honda takes its new designs very seriously, and this is how the company has managed to innovate in many different sectors of the automotive industry over the past couple of years. The designs of Honda concept and production vehicles are generally far ahead of the curve, and that's why the company is so protective. (Indeed)

Sources: Indeed, Motor Trend

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