25 Things That Really Happened On Street Outlaws

Every car reality show has its mysteries, and the cast members have their issues. Such kind of bitter-sweet state offers a great balance for the show. Such kind of a situation is always desired in most reality car shows these days, and one such show is Street Outlaws.

A lot of controversies have surrounded the Street Outlaws show, some of which we will be mentioning in this list, but how did it all start?

When the show first kicked off, many automotive fans loved it, even though the producers and cast were still trying to figure everything out. Eventually, the producers and crew of the reality show grew their newly found love. What’s interesting is that the crew never thought the show would become a big hit from the onset.

The idea of the show was quite straightforward. A running group of 10 racers compete in a street race. A lower-ranked contender can fling down a gauntlet to the higher-up. You have to defeat the last contender to get on the list.

Most of the drivers competing in the race lose the impulse control that makes them stay in check while driving. Thus, it became evident that some of the riders made all sorts of bad decisions on set.

For this reason, and many more that you will read here, it’s not surprising that the Street Outlaws show and its crew members have a ton of harsh stories hanging around them. We will be listing 25 things that happened on the show. Check it out.

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25 The First Episode Of The Show Was Rickety

Via Discovery

As they say, “It’s always hard the first time.” The Street Outlaws show faced the same fate at the beginning. The first episode ended up being weak. Thus, it’s clear that someone saw the show’s potentials or perhaps it was a fluke that it happened.

Whatever the case, it’s important that the show was not judged by the first episode and canceled. Left to the first episode alone, you’d not be watching the show anymore. However, a lot of improvement has been seen ever since.

24 The Show Had No Sponsors (Until Now)

Via YouTube

The producers and crew of the Street Outlaws show never expected it to be this successful. The guys were so taken back by its success because the show has gotten a large amount of fame among many car lovers around the world. Also, the show’s popularity has equally led to increasing challenges as fame increases.

The only one thing that hasn’t happened for the show is sponsorship. The show seems to get everything almost right, but this area isn’t met yet. The show makes money from selling T-shirts, banners, and stickers.

23 JJ Da Boss Once Fell Asleep At The Wheel

Via Showbiz Post

Many racers on the show have experienced different motor crashes. Some were minor, while some have led to hospitalization. The common thing is that all these crashes happened during racing. One of such crashes was the auto crash that involved JJ Da Boss.

According to ScreenRant, JJ was driving home at night after competing for a late-night race. Suddenly, he fell asleep, and he lost control of the vehicle. He ran into a concrete culvert, near Newport, Arkansas.

22 Joe Woods Assumed That The Producers Were Undercover Cops

Via eCelebrityFacts

The first time some of the drivers were approached for the show, they were kind of suspicious. Joe was one of the drivers that felt the producers were undercover cops who were working relentlessly on a sting operation.

If you feel that this sounds a bit paranoid, you may have to wear Joe’s shoes to know how it pinches. The truth is if you imagine doing something illegal and a crew came out of nowhere with cameras saying that they like your activities, they want to film it, and air it on TV to make you a big star, you’d have suspicions.

21 The Big Chief Loves Muscle Cars

Via Legendary List

The Big Chief has a thing for muscle cars built in the USA, especially the old ones. The reason for this is clear – according to Streetoutlawsokc, good old Big Chief was born in an era where the only famous car was the RWD V* muscle car. Thus, his fondness for the cars started from his High school days. He always saw F-Body Camaros, Monte Carlo G-Bodies, LT-1s, and Fox-Body Mustangs, which increased his love for them.

20 The Street Outlaws Series Started With A Website

Via Dragzine

According to tvovermind.com, in 2002, Justin Shearer, who is also known as Big Chief, created a website which was a platform to publish work for "The List." There were only 60 people involved at that time. These people comprised of car lovers and friends who were considered the best street racers in the country.

Today, the website has grown to become a hit show that's aired on Discovery Channel every week with the number of viewers increasing exponentially. It does show that diligence and consistency pay off.

19 The Biggest Prize In “Street Outlaws” Was Slated To Be Awarded In Season 11

Via Return Dates

After ten successful seasons, the street outlaws have continued to grow under the umbrella of the Discovery Channel. In February this year, the eleventh Season of the Automotive show was debuted. Every season, all the drivers that appeared on the show contested for prize money for the street race competition.

However, the 11th season was slated to have the biggest prize money since the start of the show. According to ScreenRant, there will be 32 drivers and cars participating in a drag race which will be hosted in the reputable Bristol Dragway. The top four drivers from the competition will share the prize money of $100,000.

18 The World Of Street Racing In Oklahoma Is Ruled By “The List”

Via Street Outlaws

The shooting of the show “Street Outlaws” takes place in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City is best-suited for the automotive show because it's known for having the most competitive and fastest street racers in the whole of North America.

According to arkofgears, the drivers and cars that hold the prestigious titles are all found on Justin shearer's "The List." The platform has grown to become a big household name for many car enthusiasts in the US.

17 The Producers Never Believed It Would Succeed

Via Street outlaws Memphis

Street Outlaws is one of those shows that kicked off because it seemed like a great idea, but nobody involved in it thought it would be quite successful. According to ScreenRant, Big Chief stated that he and his friends decided to mess around, racing. The race made smaller independent crews take an interest. When this happened, people had access to the footage, and it gained viewers.

He also stated that 1320 Video – a particular company– uploaded some clips of the races online, and helped them get the big break. When they did this, Discovery Channel saw the videos and thought it'd be great to turn it into a show.

16 Some Stars In The Show Passed On Early

Via Epic Speed

When you hear that some stars in Street Outlaws passed on early, it’s only normal for you to assume that it was as a result of a car accident from driving rough. This assumption is far from what happened. Tyler “Flip” and Butch DeMoss passed on in different ways that had nothing to do with the show.

Tyler passed on at the age of 31, and when the incident happened, stories started circulating that he ended his own life. However, there’s no official statement to back this up (to this date). Butch’s passing happened when he was 43. He was found unconscious in his home, and the cause of his demise is unknown.

15  “Daddy D” Had An Incident With His Car

Via YouTube

When a no-prep night (rubbers removed from the tracks, and no traction compound is sprayed on it) occurred at the Amarillo Dragway, Daddy D had a minor incident. The good thing is that he survived it despite the injuries. Jalopnik reported that the drag strip’s crew responded quickly and transported Dave via an ambulance to an Amarillo-area hospital.

The incident made fans and friends scared, but Cassi, Dave’s wife, cleared the air when she stated that her husband sustained some injuries but he was in a good state. She also added that he couldn’t remember what happened and thanked everyone for their concern.

14 Derek Travis Got Sacked

Via Dragzine

When Derek Travis had his job, he had some good times. But all this came to an end when he got let go. Afterward, he went to Capital Sports – a website where he reported that his job had its downfalls. He also explained that he was doing something illegal when he got on the show for the first time.

According to Discovery, Derek also went ahead to state that he lost his job because of the show. However, he seems happy where he is right now.

13 Rivalry Between The Original Series And The New Orleans Franchise

Via Dragzine

The New Orleans franchise of Street Outlaws was created by the producers because of the increasing number of viewers. This ensured that more car lovers in New Orleans could learn about street racers in their area. Thus, Kelley, in the original Street Outlaws series, was moved to the New Orleans series.

Kelley’s new relocation made a large number of viewers abandon the old series for the New Orleans franchise. It happened because most of the viewers wanted to watch the career development of Kelley. This action raised a lot of dust and caused a fall out between some racers and fans of the two shows.

12 The Car Show Is Legal

Via Street Outlaws Monza

No doubt, the name of the show “Street Outlaw” could be misleading coupled with the fact that the guys play that they’re doing something illegal on the show. According to Discovery, everything that airs on the show is legal. Before racing in any city, they get permits.

Sometimes, we see that roads are shut down which was made possible since they applied for permits and cops are usually at the scene to ensure that everything goes as it should. Truth be told, the guys on this show are as far from outlaws as can be.

11 The NHRA Isn’t A Fan Of The Show

Via Dragzine

It appears that NHRA doesn’t like the show in any way. The reason why NHRA doesn’t like the show is that according to them, it’s quite difficult for them to honor competition licenses to those that take part in the Street Outlaws show.

According to ScreenRant, NHRA went as far as issuing letters to some racers that appear on the show weekly. In the letter, NHRA warned racers about being ineligible to participate in future racing at NHRA events if they continue appearing on the show.

10  The Show First Kicked Off In Oklahoma City

Via eCelebrityFacts

As long as you aren’t Russell Westbrook who thinks that Oklahoma isn’t a fun place to be, this is where it all started for Street Outlaws.

If you give this a second thought, you’d agree that Oklahoma is a good city for the show because it’s a place with the least amount of things to do for an average Joe. I’m pretty sure that people living in busy places like Los Angeles have other things to think about and street racing isn’t one of them.

9 The Guys In Street Outlaws Are Highly Competitive

Via Street Outlaws

The racers in the show are quite competitive. These guys don’t mess around when it comes to winning. Every contender wants to win on the show, so they go to any length to do so. No doubt, they could get along with each other and help each other sometimes. It’s a different ball game, however when it gets down to the competition.

The popularity of the show has equally increased the quest for these drivers to win every competition because with that, the boys have bragging rights across the globe.

8 Most of Them Are Inexperienced

Via YouTube

It will shock you to know that a ton of racers from the season shot in New Orleans lack any form of racing experience. Funny enough, the first show shot in Oklahoma City influenced a lot of the drivers. Now, the number of street racers in the country has significantly increased because of the show’s success.

The show has sprung up a ton of fresh and young street racers, who are getting their experience from the business. After all, isn’t it the goal of the car show?

7 The Street Racers In The Show Are Part Of A Community

Via Bristol Herald Courier

Would you be surprised to know that the street racers that take part in the show are part of a community? No one understands what the community represents. One thing is certain; the racers all have a different honor system and a different set of values.

No doubt, some of us fans get confused sometimes about the way these racers live their lives. Other fans may see it all from a different picture and wish that they were part of the racer's group. One thing is for sure; the show captures the world of street racing well, and the fans aren’t complaining.

6 The Wife Of Derek Travis Initially Got Him To Race

Via Street Muscle Magazine

As they say “birds of a feather flock together.” That’s the case of Derek Travis and his wife. Initially, Derek was a simple person who had no experience whatsoever in racing, talk less of street racing. He was in a relationship with his then girlfriend, who is now his wife. That relationship is what brought him into street racing.

Before then, the father and brother of his wife used to race. Thus, they convinced Derek Travis into joining the game, and it didn’t stop there. They also helped Derek with the first car he drove.

5  The Show Attracts Discontent

Via Fireball Camaro

The same way that the show is receiving a ton of accolades from car lovers across the globe, it’s also receiving all sorts of criticism from a lot of people. A good example is the NHRA. They detest the show. A few other big names in the automotive industry also dislike the show alike or with a little bit more venom.

According to Discovery, some people hate the show so much that they are appealing to the Discovery Channel, asking for the show to be canceled.

4 One Of The Racers Was 'Not All There' During A Race

Via Screen Rant

From the name of the show, you shouldn’t be surprised that some of the racers may do something that can attract the cops. Well, you’re right! One of the members of the cast was contesting in a race with another individual, and he got caught. ScreenRant reported that the competition happened in Dallas Forth Worth, and the stakes were high as the two contenders were competing for prize money of $15K.

Unfortunately, the cops cut the fun short. The strobe of white lights showed as soon as the race started.

3 Everything In The Show Is Staged

Via DailyMotion

Yes, the Street Outlaws show is scripted. This is according to Arkofgears.

It’s not possible for you to run the street race of that kind without disturbing the peace of the local residents, especially when it’s done on an actual street.

Unless you decide to find a location in the middle of nowhere, you will constitute a nuisance. That’s why the crew members of the show get approval from the local authorities and get the cops to close the roads from the two ends.

2 They Actually Race Before They Shoot

Via FordNXT

From the above point, we know now that the show is scripted and staged. Nothing that seems real is as real as you think. It doesn’t make the car racers fake anyways. The car racers on the show are as real as you think.

The only catch is that the real car racing occurs before we see it on the show. The racers always go the night before a particular shoot, and they race all night.

1 Big Chief And Chucky Collided Once

Via YouTube

Even though the show is scripted, it doesn’t mean the show is free from risk.

In 2015, something risky happened on the Street Outlaws show while the show was filming. Chucky was competing with the Big Chief when, according to ScreenRant, Big Chief’s car slipped to hit the back of Chuck’s Mustang. It resulted in serious injuries that saw Big Chief and Chucky having a broken collarbone, spinal cord injuries, and pulmonary contusion.

The duo eventually received treatment at a hospital and got better.

Sources: Screenrant, tvovermind, Discovery

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